Debbie at the Magic Kingdom

Debbie Benson made her way quickly down the stone
stairway under the sign marked WOMEN near the border
between the French and the Spanish “lands” at
Florida’s Magic Kingdom theme park and was thrilled
that she seemed to have the facility all to herself.

On this day, like most for the frisky fourteen-year-
old, Debbie found the pressures that slowly built
within her trim young belly once again driving her to
do what normally would have been unthinkable to the
otherwise quite proper young lady.

Only a year ago the thought that she’d ever even
consider the possibility of masturbating herself to
orgasm in a public rest room would have been totally
beyond belief to the cute little minx. But oh, what a
difference a chance encounter between an innocent
finger and a fresh virgin clit in a hot, soapy bubble
bath could make for a girl!

The feeling of that single slick digit against her
own suddenly erect and twitching clit had first
intrigued Debbie, then a few moments later had sent
her lithe teenage body bucking up from the steamy
waters of her bath as she erupted with the very first
orgasm of her young life.

For a healthy girl of Debbie’s age the hunger is
quickly ignited, and from that day forth for the year
that followed scarcely a twenty-four-hour period went
by without a sweet, wrenching girl-cum at her own
increasingly nimble fingers.

On this hot July day, however, due to uncontrollable
circumstances — and some bad planning — Debbie
Benson had not been able to give herself her daily
dose of solitary sex thrills.

She had known very well the night before that her
parents would be taking her to the Magic Kingdom for
a day of boring kiddie rides — for which Debbie
considered herself now much too mature — and she had
given herself three or four sweaty orgasms in a row
before allowing herself to fall asleep in the
tangled, dampened sheets of her bed the night before,
hoping that with another quick frig in the morning
before breakfast she’d be capable of getting through
the long day without her loins getting too achy with
the need for more.

But her parents had awakened Debbie a full hour
earlier than she’d had planned, announcing that
they’d all have breakfast together once they had
reached the park itself. So an early morning cum had
been out of the question, and she’d had only enough
time for a quick shower — with no frig time in there
either — before she was hustled into the family
station wagon and the day’s activities had begun.

There had followed the expected boring itinerary of
ride after ride, most of which seemed to move at the
thrilling speed of about three miles per hour! It was
nearly unendurable for the cute young girl. And that
was before Debbie Benson’s young teenage sex had
begun to pulse, beginning to demanding the attentions
it had now become so expectantly accustomed to.

That had been at about two in the afternoon. Debbie
had been standing between her parents at the curb of
the park’s “Main Street U.S.A.”, watching as the
daily parade of loud marching bands, colorful floats
and a menagerie of costumed “cartoon” characters made
its way by to the delight of the roaring crowd, when
suddenly the feeling hit her.

It was like a small, insistent itch down there in the
musky sweetness of her little virgin snatch, an itch
that Debbie knew very well would soon begin to grow
and that would not be going away unless chased away
by her own little fingers.

Debbie began to shift about uncomfortably on her
feet, making her small, taut young behind, clad in a
girlish pair of clingy satin hot-pants, hitch first
to one side, then the other in a subtle dance that a
careful observer might well had noticed even in the
sanitary innocence of the fairy tale world of the
Magic Kingdom.

She could feel the swelling of the sensitive tissues
down there as well, the twin sets of labia flushing
no doubt to a rich, ripe pinkness beneath the
snugness of the tight-fitting silk panties beneath.

Debbie suddenly wished she’d chosen cotton panties
instead of silk when she’d hurriedly dressed that
morning; when her pussy arousal finally reached the
moistening point, there would be very little lying
between her and her drippy hot flesh and the thin
satin of her shorts. She’d wet herself down there in
less than a minute.

And as if this thought itself had been enough to
trigger exactly what had been worrying her, Debbie
Benson now felt the slow, subtle separation of her
inner pussy lips and with it the warm flow of
lubrication began to seep down from the excited young
portal they guarded.

Debbie knew she had to act fast, and only one idea
presented itself. Everyone in the park was out here
watching the parade. It was the high point of the
day, apart from the late night fireworks display at
closing time, and surely no one would miss it by
taking a rest room break. So Debbie was reasonably
certain she’d have about fifteen minutes or so with a
ladies’ rest room to herself. And from the way her
little teenage sex was now percolating, fifteen
minutes of finger-time was all she’d need.

With some difficulty she managed to get her mom’s
attention, and shouted in her ear above the crowd
noise and music from a passing marching band playing
a song about a “small world” of some kind that she
had to make a bathroom run.

And so here she now was, slipping shakily into a
stall at the rest room’s far end, locking herself in,
and almost tearing at the buttons of her red satin

The girl was practically whimpering with need by
then, as she peeled shorts and panties down her
tanned, coltish teenage thighs. The red satin and
wisp of blue silk puddled about her sneakered feet as
she sat down, knees fanning wide and two hands going
instantly to the little brown patch of close-trimmed
fur and the wetly pulsing pink slit that lay nestled

“Mmmmmmm,” she moaned low, as she began the quick,
sweet ritual circling of finger around clit, circles
that would run faster and faster until she felt her
belly explode in orgasm.

But at that moment a sound made Debbie freeze the
motion on her hand. Someone else had entered the rest
room. “Dammit,” Debbie thought silently, guessing
that her plans for relief were about to be spoiled.

Debbie tried to hold her previously panting breath as
she heard the stranger enter the stall right next to
her own, close the door and flip down the latch.
“Well, maybe whoever it is will be quick, and I can
get on with business after they’re gone,” she thought
to herself. “There might still be time.”

She could hear down through the stone passageway that
the parade was still going strong in the streets up
above, so perhaps there was still some hope. Her poor
little pussy was practically crying with girl-cream,
wet, slippery tears of disappointment and longing for
the promised orgasmic release.

The next sound Debbie heard from the neighboring
cubicle made all these thoughts scatter from her head
instantly. Quite clearly from the next stall Debbie
Benson began to hear the unmistakable sounds of
girlish masturbation!

There was the rapid snicking sound of wet fingers
whipping up an equally wet clit, soon accompanied by
the high, whining, whimpering keen of a girl
beginning the long climb toward orgasm.

Time seemed to stand still now for Debbie as she
listened intently as the girl next door frigged
herself faster and faster, her little moans soon
punctuated by sharp gasps of excitement as her
passions began to threaten at an almost painful
breaking point.

And something amazing began to happen. Debbie Benson
began to do likewise. There was something undeniably
insistent in the erotic voyeurism of this moment, and
Debbie simply could not restrain herself. There was
no thought involved. She simply could not listen to
this other unknown female bring herself the orgasm
that Debbie herself so painfully craved without
sharing the moment by masturbating herself as well.

No doubt the stranger next door was now aware that
she, too, was not in there alone, but apparently it
was too late for her to withdraw now as well.

Within a moment or two, both females were gasping and
crying quite openly as they began their final rush
towards bliss.

Then, finally, two high female voices joined in a
sharp, primal, harmonious, echoing cry — nearly a
scream — as both felt the exquisite rush of a
wrenching, whirling, devastating orgasm, two bare
behinds wriggling and twisting on their seats as
their clits pulsed and their pussies gushed against
fingers that continued to whip on the sweet,
incredible, dizzying feeling for all they were worth.

Then… all was silent.

Young Debbie sat gasping and panting, tears of
pleasure trickling from her eyes. She heard much the
same from her sister female in the neighboring stall.

Then she heard the soft rustle of clothing, followed
by the unlatching and opening of the stall’s door.
The other girl was leaving.

Suddenly, Debbie simply had to see the girl who had
just shared her most intimate pleasures, and visa-
versa. She quickly wiped away the rich residue of her
passions, yanked up her shorts and panties and swung
open to door to her own stall in time to catch the
unknown stranger while she was still busy at one of
the wash stands.

Debbie was astounded to meet the frightened, still
cum-dazed crystal blue eyes of a girl even younger
than herself. Twelve or thirteen, she estimated.

The girl looked at Debbie with those wide, faun-like
eyes for a long moment. Then the eyes dropped and the
girl was hurrying out through the rest room door, her
golden blonde ponytail abounce and her small, tight-
looking behind wriggling attractively beneath the
pair of short blue culottes she wore.

Debbie, now alone again, stepped to the wash stands
herself, thinking of the mysteries of young
womanhood, common to all of her sex and tender age,
wondering how may of her sisters out across the world
had been working loose the sweet, primal thrills of a
private, self-induced orgasm at the very same moment
she and the little blue-eyed blonde had done.

She also wondered if there was a way she could slip
away from her parents and back to the ladies’ rest
room when the Magic Kingdom’s fireworks display began
that night, and whether she’d see the little blonde
again there as well.