Manager and pizza delivery driver start an affair

Delivering pizza is a job you can make a living from…
if you have room mates, and as long as the tips hold
out. You need to have a beater that you can repair
yourself that also gets decent mileage. It can’t be too
nice looking and the side that faces the customer’s
house or apartment has to show that. Some people won’t
tip if your car looks too nice.

The evenings are the best shifts because they are the
busiest times and tips are generally bigger due to the
bigger orders. Late night orders slow down but you are
more likely to get the drunks who tip real big because
they can’t do math anymore. These choice hours are owned
by the drivers with seniority. So, to get enough hours
the drivers who aren’t noobs but aren’t lifers take the
day shifts. That’s me.

The day shift in the city is probably pretty good. Lots
of people, and businesses to place orders. In suburbia
though, it gets slow. There are two drivers and the day
manager. The only reason there are two drivers is just
in case we get two orders at once for different ends of
the delivery zone. The manager has to cook the pizza,
place the ingredient stock orders, etc. After folding
500 or so boxes there isn’t much to do between lunch and
dinner. So you talk.

Brian, the other driver, and I are sitting at the order
station waiting for orders to come in and chatting,
while Mikayla, the manager, is sitting in the back
getting all the paperwork done. I say “the back” but it
is a desk about halfway through the space that can see
most of the store so, she can see us laughing and waving
our hands in the air.

Brian is telling me, “I really like Jenna Jameson.”

“You’re old school.”

“Hey, nothing wrong with the old stuff! She was hot!”

“Watcha guys talkin about?” Mikayla says from behind us.
Brian actually jumps a little. She spoke a little too
soon to hear any of the conversation as she is still
about 20 feet away. She closes the distance to us with
an easy smile on her face but, she knows something
strange is going on because Brian is just recovering
from being startled. She lifts her eyebrow as she looks
at us.

Grinning at her I say, “Brian was just telling me about
his favorite porn star.” He wasn’t expecting me to say
that and he gets uncomfortable again. I can see him
wanting to disengage. The excess movement. The nervous
smile. I am kinda laughing inside watching him squirm.

Mikayla snorts a laugh and says, “No wonder you guys
look so guilty!” She decides she isn’t going to let the
guy talk scare her away. Turning her head toward Brian,
“So who is it?”

Brian says, “She’s not my favorite, I just saw a movie
recently! I can’t talk about this with you!”

I tell her, “Jenna Jameson. And it was more like 3

Mikayla is grinning now herself and taking some
satisfaction in Brian’s lack of composure. “Wow! So,
which of her movies did you watch?”

A pie just comes out of the oven. When business is this
slow we take turns running the pizzas. It’s Brian’s turn
to deliver and he jumps on the opportunity to leave the
conversation. “I gotta deliver this, bye.” We laugh as
he dashes out of the store.

Mikayla moves up to lean on the counter and looks at me.
“Damn that was funny! I doubt, however, that you were
only listening to his side of the story. Who is your

I’m not sure if she is thinking she can get me flustered
also. It won’t work on me though. I can own my opinions.
Now that the initial shock has worn off we start talking
at a normal volume. “You know… I like Jenna. She’s
good. Nothing wrong with a classic. But, I like the
newer amateur stuff a better. The acting isn’t great but
the sex scenes seem more natural.”

“Right… you don’t want the super model.”

“Well sure I do, but I have broad tastes and I like a
lot of women. I happen to really like the seduction and
I feel the amateur videos have more of that feel.”

“Geez, how much do you watch?”

“Not much really. I watch it when my girlfriend is in
the mood, or when she wants to get in the mood. I don’t
see a lot of point in watching it by yourself.” I wait a
moment and say, “What about you? Do you and your husband
ever watch it?”

“No. He doesn’t bring it up, either. It’s not like we’re
prudes or anything. I am sure that he’s just afraid to
ask me. Which is okay. A lot of it seems to be really
degrading to women.”

“Yeah, it is. We often don’t finish a movie because it
doesn’t appeal. We have a couple that we’ll fall back on
so we don’t lose the mood though. Sometimes all it takes
is one of the things that gets you going. It doesn’t
have to be that long. If you are curious, bring it up to

“I wouldn’t know where to go. How do you keep from
getting a virus?”

“Go to an adult store instead of the internet.”

“What?! No, I don’t think so. I’d be too embarrassed to
do that. Plus if my ex found out he probably give me
problems in court.”

“I tell you what, I can give you an old computer. That
way you don’t have to worry about getting a virus on it.
You can just burn it down and reload it. You just need
to keep it off the same network as your good computer.”

“Maybe. I’ll think about it. I better go find something
to do before Brian gets back so he doesn’t think we’ve
been talking about porn the whole time.”

She walked back to the walk-in cooler to start pulling
dough to proof for the night shift. I watched her ass as
she left. She glanced back and saw me looking at her and
gave me a questioning look? I pulled another order as it
came in and started getting it ready. Brian was happy
that the conversation didn’t start back up when he got

The few days later Mikayla tells me, “I brought the porn
movie question up to my husband. He seemed interested.”

“Wow. Who’d have thought, huh?” I said while giving her
an ‘I told you so’ kind of look.

“He was more interested in why I brought it up.”

“What did you tell him?”

“I told him that I had caught the drivers talking about
porn movies at work and that you said you watched them
with your girlfriend.”

“A straight forward approach seems good. What did he

“He bought it. I think he is wondering if we always talk
about sex now.”

“We don’t. I guess we could though.” I said with my best
thoughtful expression. Trying to be silly I said, “Hey,
do you wanna? C’mon. It’ll be fun!”

She laughed, “No! Not when anyone else is here anyway. I
feel like I can talk to you since the other day. You
acted like it was totally normal to talk about it. And
you didn’t get creepy. Not very creepy anyway. I can see
having a few more conversations about it with you.”

“What do you mean ‘not very creepy’?”

“I saw you look at my ass when I walked away.”

“Sorry. I’ll try to be more subtle in the future.”

She was surprised, “You really were checking out my

“Damn. If I knew you were fishing, I would have denied
it.” I quickly added, “What is so surprising about a guy
checking out your ass?”

“I dunno. I’m 30 and I guess it’s surprising to me that
a guy in his early 20’s is giving me the gaze.”

“I don’t see why. You probably don’t notice when it
happens so you think it doesn’t. Or, you’ve decided it
doesn’t happen so you don’t notice it.”

“I’ve had a kid and put on weight.”

“You might be giving that more importance than you

She finished out the next pizza and put it on the
conveyor. Later on she asked me to help her move the
evening dough out of the cooler and into the proofing
cabinets up front. I picked up the 2nd stack of trays
and walked up to the front.

The proofing cabinets are under the work surface for
making the pizzas so, she was on her knees and pushing
the trays into the proofers while bent over at the
waist. I knew that she was intentionally showing me her
ass because she usually just knelt down and slide the
trays in. This maneuver was unnecessary. I openly
enjoyed the view.

As she slide the last tray in Mikayla looked back at me
and said, “Thanks for the help. I thought you were going
to be subtle.”

“Brian is out delivering, I didn’t think I had to be.”

She gave me a couple more opportunities to ogle her
butt. Once when Brian was around even so I really had to
be subtle. I decided to see how far Mikayla would go.

When we change into and out of our uniforms we all have
to use the same bathroom. It is a single occupancy
bathroom with a locking door. The night crew checks in
completely before the day crew leaves. I stay through
the dinner rush but Mikayla heads home. This means she
is the last one to change at switch over. I found an
excuse to talk to her and walked back to the bathroom
with her. We were still talking when she walked in. She
stood in the bathroom and I stood outside of it. The
door was still open.

She said, “I have to change now.”

I smiled and said, “I know.”

“Are you going to close the door?”


She realized this was a game of chicken. She smiled and
pulled her shirt over her head. Just standing there in
her dress pants and beige bra. Yes. I want to see how
much further she will go.

One of the cooks was coming back to get something out of
the pantry, which was right across from the bathroom. I
tried to quickly but nonchalantly say, “Okay, I’ll see
you tomorrow.” and close the bathroom door. The cook was
either busy enough that they didn’t notice, or I pulled
off the act. I helped them carry a few #10 cans of pizza
sauce to the front. I couldn’t wait for the next day.

She walked in the next day and says to me in passing, “I
guess you missed out.”

“Damn. Will there be a second chance?” I ask hopefully.

“I don’t think so, while it was fun that was too risky.
Too many people.”

Later she asks me to help her with the dough trays
again. I lug the second stack of trays forward as she is
putting the first stack away. She is kneeling on the
floor pushing the trays back again. I am enjoying how
the dress slacks stretched around her butt.

It takes me a moment to realize that her shirt isn’t
tucked in and what that might mean. I kneel down behind
her. The shirt hanging down and revealing her breasts.
She had taken her bra off. I drew a slow breath in
trying to control my excitement. I can see her left
nipple in profile from the bottom. I move closer,
keeping my head low so I won’t lose the view.

“Anything I can help you with?” I say.

Mikayla looks back at me and knows that I am seeing
everything she had wants me to. “No, I got it. Thanks.”

A moment later I can smell her arousal. She does too I
think. She extricates herself from the cabinet.

“Actually, could you finish that for me. I need to get

“Uh, sure.”

She gets up and goes to the back. When she comes back
out she has her bra on again and shirt tucked in.

“Thank you. Really.”

She gives me a smile that acknowledges that maybe she
went a little too far.

“I’m glad you liked it.”

Before I had been regarding her ass as a thing of art.
Appreciating the size and curvature. Now that I had her
scent though my thoughts conjure imagined views of her

She stops teasing me for awhile. We continue to talk but
it is more business-like now. While Brian is out, I take
my chance to ask her about it.

“Are you mad at me?” I ask.

“No,” she said.

“Okay. I just want you to know that we can still be
friends without the shenanigans. We don’t have to flirt
when we drop the formality.”

“I am glad to hear you say that. I don’t mind the
flirting and shenanigans.

I felt I needed to slow down for me though.”

“Okay. I just wanted to make sure you were okay and not
feeling weird around me.”

“Thanks. I didn’t realize how much that was bothering
me.” With that she walks up next to me and hip checks
me. I manage a friendly smile but that hip check sends a
spark through me.

The next day she started flirting with me again. She
even smacks my ass when I am up on the step stool
getting a box of cheese from the top shelf of the
cooler. It is really difficult to keep my hands off her
after that.

The next week we have an emergency near the end of
shift. One of our other stores had a day manager quit.
As a parting shot they didn’t get any dough out to proof
during the day so the store only had green dough and
they don’t figure it out until the night shift arrives.
The owner decides that we will take half of our dough to
them and hope that the other dough can proof enough
during the next two hours to be workable. That will be
about all the time ours can carry them.

Of course, we are now in the same position as they are,
trying to get more dough proofed in a couple hours.
Since the night shift is coming on and getting busy the
owner asks Mikayla and me to load the dough and make the

On the way over we talk.

“I’ve been telling my husband about us flirting. It’s
lead to a lot of intense sex.”

“That’s a good thing, right? I don’t need to worry about
him coming over to the store to shoot me, do I?”

“Yeah. It’s good. He gets a thrill out of it. He is
surprised that I would act like that. We’ve had a few
fantasies about going to the clubs and having me find
some guy to flirt with there.”

“Really? Have you done that yet?”

“Sorta, I’ve gone out without wearing any panties.”

“How short was the skirt?”

“Oh, I haven’t shown anybody yet, and I only dance with
him so far. But just doing that has gotten us going. He
tried to lift my dress once to flash my ass but I didn’t
let him. I am not ready for that yet.”

“Too bad. I’d make a trip to the club for that.”

“Yeah. I believe you would.” She continues, “I’m glad I
have that effect on you. It makes me feel good. Sexy.”

“Good. You should feel that way because you are. Just
thinking about seeing your bare ass is causing me a
problem.” I reached in my pants and moved my cock to a
position where it couldn’t get hard enough to stick out
too much.

Mikayla saw my hand and asked, “What’re you doing? Don’t
masturbate in the truck!”

“I’m not! I’m just doing some prevention to make sure I
don’t get an erection I can’t hide. I don’t want to walk
into the store sporting an obvious boner.”

“Ya know, I’ve been teasing you but you never show me
anything in return.”

“And I’m not going to right now for sure, or you will be
dropping the dough off without my help. I wouldn’t be
able to hide him.”

She laughs. “I think it would be funny to watch you try

We don’t say much for the rest of the drive. It takes
about 20 minutes to drive from store to store. When we
get there the night manager meets us at the door. We get
the dough trays unloaded. We can tell he is relieved to
get the dough. One of the cooks is pounding on a frozen
shredded cheese block with a steel bowl trying to break
it apart enough to make it usable. Evidently, the
exiting manager had decided not to thaw the cheese
either. I wish him good luck and we are back on the

Now on the way back I decide to start the conversation

“So, going to the clubs without your panties, eh? Are
you wearing any now?”

“Yes,” she answers, “going commando in slacks isn’t all
that comfortable.”

“Why would I do that at work anyway?” she says giving me
a knowing glance.

“So you could flash your bare ass to me, what else?”

“I could flash you and still wear panties. It’s not like
they’re glued on.”

“Will you really do that?”

“Maybe. You might mess yourself though.”

“Give me some credit. I saw your nipple without cumming
all over.”

“Yeah. I guess you did.”

We are both quiet for awhile. We are about 5 minutes
away and I know that we are coming up to a new townhouse
development that is still under construction. An idea
hits me but I will have to be fast.

“Do you want to give your husband a charge tonight?” I

“What do you have in mind?”

“Take your top off for me. Including your bra.”

“I’m driving.”

“There’s a new development that will be completely
empty. We could park there. It’s just after the next
light on the right.”


“You could watch my reaction up close without having to
worry about Brian catching us.”

I could see her nipples stiffen up under her shirt and
bra. The bra is thick enough that I can’t see the detail
but it tented the fabric more than it had a moment ago.

“Do you want to see my cock? It seems like the safest
place for that to happen.”

“Okay, deal,” she says.

Moments later she turns the truck into the dark
neighborhood. True to expectation it is empty. It is a
small development with only one way in and out. The
townhouses are like a wall against the outside world.
One long building blocking the view of the heavily
trafficked street that is on the other side. She drives
the truck around the loop until she feels hidden enough.

Pulling the truck over to the side of the road, and
turning off the lights. There is still light coming from
the main street that provides dim illumination. We both
unlatch our seat belts. We both sit there, turned toward
each other, neither moving.

“So, are you going to show me?” I ask.

“Why me first?”

“Because I asked first?” I say with a shrug in my voice.

“Okay, but if you back out I’ll have you washing the
baseboards for the whole store.”

“I won’t back out.” I reach out and tug her shirt just a
little. Not enough to actually move it. I can feel my
breathing getting faster.

“Oh, you want to do it for me do you?”

“I probably would shoot right there if you let me do
that.” It is a wild exaggeration. I hope it sounds

She reaches around her back and unclasps her bra while
still wearing the shirt. Reaching up her sleeves one
after the other she slips the bra straps off her arms
and then pulls the bra out the left sleeve. “It’ll be
sexier this way” She looks at me and shakes her chest
just a little to make her breasts sway under the fabric
to emphasize her point. I just watch. She pulled the hem
of the shirt free

from her slacks and started lifting the shirt up by the
collar and bunching it around her neck. I can see her
hard nipples poking out against the fabric as the shirt
rises. Finally, the edge rises over her nipples
revealing her breasts to me. This is a much better
vantage point than before. I am not aware that I am
holding my breath until I finally let it go.

“Wow, those are gorgeous.” That was smooth, I think to

Her nipples are erect. Her breasts are beautifully
curved. I notice that she is breathing heavy too. Her
face is flushed and her eyes are dilated. She finishes
pulling the shirt over her head and drops it on the seat
beside her next to her bra.

I can smell her again. I love that smell.

“Well, I think that it is your turn now,” she says.

I undo my belt buckle. I look at her and ask, “Do you
want to do it?”

“Yeah, actually I do,” she replies.

I sit back on the seat and let her reach forward to undo
the snap on my slacks and pull the zipper down. When she
leans over to work on my pants I lift my left hand to
her right breast and softly cup her. She either doesn’t
care or doesn’t notice. I raise my hips off of the seat
so she can pull my slacks down. My cock is erect and
straining against the fabric of my underwear. She grabs
the band of my underwear near each hip and lifts it over
my hard on.

I use my right hand to push the back of my waistband
over my ass so she could pull my underwear down my
thighs. I watch her looking at my cock. I am happy to
see that she is so focused on it. She sits up but leaves
her hand on my leg. My hand follows her up still cupping
her chest. I flick my thumb over her nipple.

She draws her breath in through clenched teeth and rolls
her eyes for a moment. She focuses her eyes back on me
and grabs my cock with her left hand while her right
hand slides up my abdomen under my shirt.

“Whadya think?” I ask her.

“This is a good trade,” she replies.

I pinch her nipple between my thumb and index finger
while pulling forward just enough to stretch her breast.
She breaths in quickly again. A little pre-cum builds on
the end of my cock head. She wipes it off with her

A strand of sticky pre-cum bridges the gap between her
thumb and my cock. I can hear my labored breath sounding
loud in the enclosed cab. She bends over quickly and
licks the pre-cum from her thumb and my cock at the same
time, in a single lick. Then she slides her mouth over
my cock and down the shaft.

Breathing through my teeth I lift my ass up again.
Pushing my cock up to meet her. Damn her mouth feels
good. She starts a rhythmic pumping of her head on me.
Up on her hands and knees now. I feel her breast
touching my leg. I reach up and grab the handle above
the door and support my weight with that arm as I let my
torso lean over. I stroke her breasts for a while longer
before I slide my hand down her abdomen and over her

My hand is still outside her pants as I cup her pussy,
press my fingers against her yielding lips, and slide my
fingers back towards her navel. She makes a little
humming noise around my cock and rubs herself against my
hand as I do this. I move my hand again. This time under
her waist band and inside her panties. My fingers caress
her lips. She is really wet. It is easy to part her
labia and stroke her clit. She lifts her head long
enough to moan “Yes” and then engulfs my cock again.

I let go of the door and work my body under hers.
Quickly, I unbutton her pants and loosen the zipper.
Reaching around her I grab the waist band and drag it
over her very round butt cheeks. She helps me remove her
slacks by moving her legs around to make it easier to
work them off. I try to pull her pussy to my face but
she is faster than I am in moving it there. I relish her
smell. I love her taste.

Fairly drunk with lust at this point I am licking her
and encouraging her to grind against my tongue. After a
few minutes of this she lifts up off of me completely.
“My jaw hurts.” she says, “I don’t usually go down on
someone that long.” She turns herself around to face me,
swings her left leg over me, and grabs my cock. “I am
sure that this will make up for your disappointment
though.” She puts the tip in and then lowers her hips in
one smooth movement, burying me to the hilt.

Now she starts forcefully fucking me. Bouncing on me so
hard I think I may get a bruise. “God, you feel so
good!” I say. That seems to inflame her and adds a
rocking motion to the movement that grinds her clit
against me on every down stroke. I can’t hold out any
longer. I cum in her pussy. My cocking pulsing. I am
sure that she can feel it. My eyes almost tear up from
the intensity. A feeling similar to looking at the sun.

Luckily, when I am this turned on I don’t go soft after
the first orgasm. I suck and pull on her nipples then
pull her down against me and gently bite her shoulder.
She chants, “Oh god! Oh god! Oh god!” She starts her
orgasm with a groan. Chest turning red. Body shaking.
She breathes with shallow breaths and pants it out
quickly. Both of her hands clutch my shoulders with a
grip like she is trying to keep me from falling off a

Feeling her body relax above me as she allows her weight
to be rest upon me.

It makes me almost giddy. It is a happy feeling that is
hard to describe.

Lifting herself with one arm while sweeping her hair
back over her head with the other she looks down at me.
She says, “I didn’t think I was going to go that far.”

“When did you change your mind?”

“When you touched me through my pants the first time.”

“Really? Then you took your time getting there.”

“I wasn’t in a rush. I knew where that was going and
wanted your tongue in me first.”

After a pause she lifts herself off me and my cock wetly
slaps against stomach. “Well,” she says, “I think we
better get dressed. I’ll drop you off at work but, you
can’t go inside.”

“You think? Tongues may be wagging anyway with as long
as we have been away.

I thought this was going to be a quick flash and we
would be on our way.”

The dinner rush is in full swing when we get back. The
parking lot is essentially empty with all of the drivers
making deliveries. The lights on inside and the sky dark
outside seems to hide the fact that we are even there.

“That was really fun but we can’t do that at work
again,” she says.

“Agreed,” I reply. “I will find a way to be with you
again though. Somehow.”