Maggie’s adventures exploring her sexuality in Brazil

Maggie peered at her reflection in the mirror in the
lift on her way down for breakfast. Her skin was glowing
from the sun the day before, but the shadows under her
eyes confirmed her lack of sleep the previous night. She
hadn’t woken up in her own bed and had had to sneak back
to her hotel room in the early morning. Embarrassingly,
she hadn’t been able to find her bra. This was normally
not a problem but her lacy top was completely see-
through. The elderly couple she had shared her lift with
on the way to her room had been polite though. The
gentleman had simply wished her breasts a “very good

As she ate, Maggie perused through her travel guide, and
eventually made the decision to spend a day at a highly
recommended beach. According to the guide, she would
need to take a bus over the mountains. It all sounded
good. She finished her poached eggs on toast and left
the dining room with the book under her arm. As she
turned the corner back into the hotel lobby she came
face to face with her mysterious red headed friend.

“Good morning,” he leaned towards her and kissed her on
the cheek. Maggie was flustered. She blushed as she
started to gabble about the weather, how she was going
to the beach, would he like to join her? It all came out
of her mouth in one long stream. Seeing him standing in
front of her in the ordinariness of the hotel reception
was disconcerting. Maggie was embarrassed recalling
their last ‘encounter’ a few hours ago.

“Would love to, but I can’t come now. Can I join you
later?” He asked.

“Of course, let me write the name of the beach down for

Maggie moved to the concierge desk and borrowed a pen.
She opened her notebook, wrote down a single word;
Guaruja, then tore out the page and handed it to him. He
pocketed the paper and smiled his goodbye.

As she watched him enter the lift it occurred to Maggie
that she still didn’t know his name.

“Wait!,” she called as she moved quickly to the lift but
it was too late, the door had closed.

Maggie clarified directions to the bus station with the
concierge and made her way back to her hotel room to
grab a bag with some things for the day. She changed
into a multi coloured bikini and pulled a white sundress
over the top. Her hair was getting lighter. Bleached a
fairer honey colour from the sun. Maggie attempted to
tie it up into a neater style. It was still curly from
the shower with Anna the night before. As she brushed
her teeth and finished getting ready, Maggie thought
back over the previous night’s encounter.

“With another woman?! Holy fuck! I can’t believe I did
that!” Although she certainly enjoyed it, she also
enjoyed that Felipe, Anna’s husband had joined in. She
could recall vividly the feeling of his beautiful cock
spreading her lips as she slid down on him.

Maggie’s pussy involuntarily moistened. It had been an
incredible experience.

“Right, you horny bitch,” Maggie said to herself in the
mirror. “Let’s go out and have some more fun.”

As Maggie made her way to the lobby she suddenly had a
thought; recalling last night, she wondered whether Anna
and Felipe would be free to come to the beach too.
Felipe would probably be working but you never know.

Maggie scribbled the directions and the name of the
beach in her notebook, ripped out the page and gave it
to the concierge to post to Anna and Felipe’s suite.
They’d both been fast asleep when Maggie had made her
exit a few hours earlier.

Sliding her sunglasses down from her hair, Maggie
skipped out of the hotel and hailed a taxi to the bus

The bus to the beach was almost full and Maggie had to
negotiate the aisle as the bus pulled out of the
station. Squeezing between bags and legs she managed to
find an empty seat right at the back next to the window.
Apologising and climbing over the elderly Brazilian
woman next to her Maggie settled herself down.

As the bus made its way through the suburbs of S�o Paulo
Maggie started to drift off. The bus stopped a couple of
times and Maggie was vaguely aware of people coming and
going as she dozed. She hadn’t had much sleep the night
before. Maggie wondered whether Anna and Felipe
regularly picked up women for her to play with. Well for
Anna to play with and for Felipe to join in. Maggie
wondered if she had been ‘played’ herself.

Recalling the couples amazing bodies Maggie felt herself
getting aroused. Felipe’s skin was so dark, so tanned
and firm. Maggie wished she had spent more time paying
more attention to his body. His cock was his most
outstanding feature, begging to be licked, sucked and

The moment she had slid her pussy down his rock hard
shaft had been electric, although it had been his wife,
the beautiful Anna, that had her so turned on even
before Felipe had showed up. Anna with her amazingly
round Brazilian bottom. So firm. Her breasts with her
dark nipples. Such a beautiful woman.

“I can’t believe I kissed and stroked another woman.”
Maggie smiled at the memory. How soft another woman’s
lips were, are. How Anna had teased her, stroked her,
kissed her. Maggie could feel her breath quickening, she
crossed and uncrossed her legs in an effort to subside
her thoughts.

Her sundress was pulled up to her thighs and Maggie
toyed with the idea of surreptitiously playing with
herself. She knew that she was already wet at the memory
of last night. When Anna had poured the oil over her
back down her ass cheeks in the shower… Heavenly.

Opening her eyes Maggie noticed that the bus was now
almost empty. Travelling over the mountains, the view
outside was breathtaking. The seat next to her was
empty, but across the aisle was a young man who kept
staring at her, intently. He could only have been in his
mid-twenties, European looking, with dirty blonde hair
and pale blue eyes. Maggie smiled at him, glad at the
fact that he couldn’t read her mind or know what she had
been daydreaming about.

That little smile seemed to be all the encouragement he
needed. He raised a questioning eyebrow and moved across
the aisle to the seat next to Maggie. He started talking
to Maggie in a language she didn’t recognise. He was
smiling a lot but Maggie couldn’t decipher what he was
saying. This carried on for several minutes.

Eventually he stopped talking, leaned forward and kissed
Maggie fully on the mouth. She was too surprised to pull
away and found herself kissing him back. He had slightly
rough lips with a few days of beard growth rubbing away
at her chin. His breath was slightly smokey but not
unattractive. Already turned on from her reminiscing of
the night before, Maggie found herself getting more and
more aroused.

She responded to his kisses by turning her body towards
his. She could feel the hardness of his cock pressing
through his shorts against her leg. Reaching down with
one hand she started to stroke it through the thin
material. It seemed to hit him like he’d been shot.
Galvanised, his kisses became more urgent.

His hands were now all over Maggie. One hand roughly
grasping her breast through the thin cotton of the
sundress. Squeezing and mauling it as if he’d never felt
a breast before. His other hand started to run up
Maggie’s thighs. The dress was already pulled up high so
his fingers were on her bare skin. He used the back of
his hand and fingers to exert pressure to part Maggie’s
legs. His fingers worked their way further between, to
the soft skin at the top of her thighs.

Maggie was so surprised at this that she pulled away. He
smiled and starting kissing her again. His hand on her
breast had worked its way under the bikini top. He was
rolling her nipple with his finger and thumb. As he
tweaked it Maggie involuntarily gasped. He pulled away
just far enough to run his eyes down her entire body.
Maggie looked down to see what he was looking at. The
strap of her dress was pulled down on one side as his
hand and fingers were on her breast. Her tanned legs
were bent up with her feet resting on the edge of the
seat, her thighs parted slightly. His other hand was
between her legs underneath the dress which had risen up
to the top of her legs.

Maggie used this pause to examine his shorts. She wanted
to see how to release his cock from its prison. She
unbuttoned them deftly, keeping an eye towards the front
of the bus to ensure no one was nearby. As she took his
cock out, her young travel companion lurched towards
Maggie, kissing her deeply. The hand between her thighs
moved closer to her pussy.

Maggie started to stroke his cock firmly. It was rock
hard, slim but long; longer than average. He was using
his fingers to work her bikini bottoms to the side.
Maggie shifted her bottom slightly to allow him better
access. She was desperate to be touched there. She knew
she was sopping wet and she needed him to feel that too.

Still kissing her mouth, he teased her other lips with
his fingers, trailing them gently across and ever so
slightly dipping into the moisture inside. It was
driving Maggie mad. She tried to urge him on by stroking
him harder, more firmly, faster. It seemed to have no
effect. She could feel him smiling, sensing her
frustration. It was exactly what he was trying to do. He
was using his thumb delicately on her clit now, so
lightly it made Maggie push her hips up to meet his
touch. It was really driving her crazy.

Teasingly, he allowed one fingertip to dip inside her
pussy, then another. Moving her hips down Maggie
breathed out heavily into his mouth at the feeling of
his fingers inside her. His thumb started rubbing her
clit more definitely now. Using the moisture of her
pussy to lubricate his stroking.

Maggie knew that it wouldn’t take long for her to come.
She could feel the head of his young cock moistening
with pre-cum and used her thumb to spread it over his
head, stroking faster and faster.

His fingers inside her and his thumb on her felt
heavenly. Maggie arched her back facing towards him as
she started to shake. His mouth was still on hers to
absorb her deepening breaths and gasps as she at last
came, shaking violently against his fingers. Her hand
moving up and down his shaft making him come too.

Unable to maintain his concentration, he pulled away
from her mouth. He tried holding her eyes with his own,
but had to close them at the last moment as he spurted
over her leg.

Opening his eyes he smiled sheepishly at the mess.
Laughing, they giggled together like schoolchildren as
Maggie fumbled in her beach bag for a pack of tissues,
and gave him a few. She pulled herself together; dress
down, straps up, breast back in bikini top. Maggie
watched him clean himself and her leg, and put himself

She glanced out the window and realised they were nearly
there. She could see the sea. Turning to smile at him,
he leaned forward and kissed her on the mouth softly. He
gathered his rucksack from the overhead rack and made
his way to the front of the bus. Calling over his
shoulder he said, “Goodbye, have a great day at the

In perfect English.