Ted’s transsexuals

I have a hunger for shemales. I had always just satisfied this by
staring at images, in magazines or on web sites, trying to imagine what
being with one in the flesh would be like while earnestly masturbating.
One day I decided to try to do better. I had no idea where to find a
live shemale, but obviously the hosts of my web sites did and that’s
where I started.

One of the hottest sites was “Ted’s transsexuals”, and it had an email
address and a phone number in my area code. I sent an email:
“Ted: I am a devoted fan of your site, and am very
grateful to you for bringing us such wonderful material. I would like
to become more closely involved with it and am hoping that you might
have use for an assistant. I am good with computers, electronics and
cameras and would cheerfully work with you for free. Please call me at
xxx if I could be of any use to you.”

To my delighted suprise “Ted” did call a couple days later. After
verifying my identity he asked quite a few questions. He wanted to know
my age, height and weight, ethnicity and skin color, health, and finally
what I thought I could do for him and I told him, “Practically

“I do have a kind of special requirement,” he said, “but it’s not
technical. For my photos the girls have to show real erect pricks.
They have to look excited. Some times they are at the beginning but as
the shoot continues they die down. I need to keep them stimulated for
a while. Do you understand?”

“Oh, yes,” I answered.

“That’s where I could use help,” he said, “I can’t do it myself and take
my photos, too. And the stimulation has to be pretty direct. The best
way is to use your mouth. I’m saying I need someone to suck my girls’

“I could do that,” I told him. “In fact, that’s what I imagine when I
look at your pictures.” I didn’t tell him that I jacked off to them.

“Great!” he said. “Let’s get together. Could you come to my studio

The address he gave me was not far from my place and it turned out to be
that of a large, well kept house. I pressed the doorbell button, and
Ted’s voice interrrogatd me. He buzzed the door open and, as
instructed, I entered and walked down a long corridor to his studio.

It was a very large room with white walls and ceiling and a light, soft,
thick carpet. One end was full of equipment: tripods, light standards,
a long bench spporting video monitors, cameras, an lots of little stuff.
The rest of the room hald background for photographs. There was a big
bed, a couple sofas, several chairs and benches.

I even recognised one item: an armchair with a distinctive pattern. I
had seen it on his show a couple day ago. A very pretty naked shemale
had been sitting in it, her legs hooked over the chair’s arms. That
gave a fine view of her asshole and the balls above surmounted by a
beautiful long hard prick.

Mounted in the ceiling were three pulleys with cords looped through
them. One of the cords suspended a broad leather belt. I had no idea
what these were for but expected to see them used some time. I was sure
of one thing: they wouldn’t cause pain. There was no bdsm on Ted’s

Ted told me, “Sherri’s going to be here in a few minutes, your first
assignment. She’s a beauty, and very outspoken. She’ll tell you what
she wants. I hope you fiind it nice. Meanwhile, you could warm up by
looking at some of my favorites here.” He pointed at a monitor that
had a great picture of two shemales in 69 on it. “Just hit the space
bar to move through the file.”

That’s what I did, and was getting seriously aroused when the doorbell
rang. Ted checked and admitted the visitor who clicked down the
passageway and entered the room. She was great. She looked totally
feminine. Long black hair framing a heart-shaped face, luscious lips;
wearing a thin dress that showed a really curvy form. Ted introduced us
and told her that I would do anything she wanted.

“That’s lovely,” she said, in a low, mellow voice, and came right to
where I was standing, put her arms around me, and said, “kiss me.” I
did. Her tongue thrust into my mouth and I sucked on it and massaged it
with my own. She pulled back with a nice smile.

“O.K.,” she said, “take off your clothes.” I was surprised, and looked
at Ted. He nodded a “yes”, so I undressed — removed shoes, pants,
shirt, and finally shorts. The undressing itself was exciting, and I
ended with a prominent hardon. Sherri looked at it and said “Nice!”

“Now undress me,” she ordered, and held up her arms. I came to
her, found the straps over her shoulders, and worked the thin
dress up off her body, trying not to ruffle her hair. Now we saw the
almost transparent brassiere holding her big breasts and showing their
pink nipples, and pink panties covering a large bulge. I went behind
her to unclasp the brassiere and remove it, and found that it had not
been giving support — those big hemispheres stood right out on their
own. I could not resist cupping them in my hands and tweaking their
large nipples with my fingers. She seemed to enjoy that. Then I knelt
before her, grasped the panties and pulled them down.

There it was — a prick. It was large, swollen, cut, clean, no pubic
hair — wonderful. I was kneeling as if in worhip, which seemed
entirely appropriate. I fondled it with my hand for a minute and
brought it to my lips. I sucked it into my mouth and just held it there
for a while.

That was wonderful. What I had fantasized so often was a reality: I
had a shemale prick in my mouth. I felt that my mouth had become a
super erotic zone and its sensations flowed through my whole body.
That prick tasted sweet.

I went to work on it. I rubbed my tongue on the underside just behind
the glans, then made a tight circle of my lips and moved slowly back and
forth. I soon felt it grow and get really stiff. Sherri said, “I’m
ready now, I don’t want to come. Not yet.” and pulled out of my
disappointed mouth.

Ted took over then, directing. He had Sherri stand with her prick
straight out, then bent over a little, masturbating, then in that
armchair, plain and masturbating, all the while triggering a camera.
He had her lie on the bed, on her back with that fine prick reaching
toward the ceiling then on her side, then kneeling, until she told him
that she was softening.

“O.K., Paul,” he said, “do your thing — I mean, her thing,”

I did. I got on the bed between her spread legs and took her in my
mouth, nicely filling again. I used my lips and tongue with vigor
until she said, “That’s enough! I’ll come later.”

Ted led her through a bunch of poses and finally said, “I think that’s
it. You’re beautiful, and we have some very good photos.”

She said, “Thank you, Ted, and thank you, Paul You have a great mouth.
Now I want you to finish this up. Fuck me. Ted, bring us the fuck
stuff, please.”

I knelt there obediently as Ted handed me a rolled up condom and a small
jar. Sherri took the condom, placed it at the end of my prick and
rolled it down — a nice feeling. “O.K.,” she said, “open that jar and
do the lube job.” I opened it and stuck my finger in its white cream.
She had pulled up her legs to show her asshole and I smeared it on. I
put my finger in her hole and greased the inside, and then put more
cream on my condom-covered prick. I was ready. I crawled up and poised
my prick at her hole and pushed in. It went in easily. I felt the
thrill of moving through her sphincter and thrusting inside and then
moving in and out.

“Deeper,” she ordered, and I pushed farther in. “Oh, that’s the spot,”
she said. “Faster!” I sped up, each stroke radiating more pleasure. I
knew that I was going to come soon as the wonderful feeling mounted and
spread through my body and then I did, ecstatically.

I kept pumping, trying to get more, but soon went limp and slipped out
of that lovely place. Her stiff prick was pressing on my belly, and I
slithered down the bed to take care of it. I took it into my mouth and
went to work on it, my tongue massaging the underside, my lips firmly
around the shaft sliding up and down. Her groans told me that
I was doing well. They came faster and raised in pitch. She was
squealing now, and suddenly my mouth was filling with warm cream. I
swallowed and kept going, got more cream, stayed with it as her prick
finally softened, and sucked out the last drops as it went totally limp.
She was moaning.

When I released her she said, “Come up here.” I did, and she pulled my
head to kiss me. Her tongue came into my mouth and swirled into the
come still there, which she sucked in. When we parted she said, “That
was lovely.”

After a while she sat up. I had dressed and asked her, “Can I help you
dress?” She nodded affirmatively. I found her brassiere and strokingly
put it on her; pulled on her panties after giving her prick aa last rub,
and managed to get her dress back on.

“That was lovely, Paul,” she said. “I want you here whenever I am.” I
assured her that I would be if I could. Ted handed her an envelope
She didn’t even look into it, walking off with a cheery “bye-bye.”

“You were fine,” Ted said, “and I got some good shots of that suckoff
that I want to use on the site. That O.K.?”

“Can I be recognized?” I asked.

“Not very well from the side,” he answered, “and anyway your face is
distorted by that prick in your mouth.”

So I agreed, and he had me sign a model release. That’s how I became
a porn star.