Emma’s Journey

It was young Emma’s first time abroad and the first time
she had made any journey beyond her hometown without at
least one of her parents for company.

Now she felt jet-lagged and quite unsure of herself,
although the excitement of the adventure still tingled
in her mind. She had flown into New York, changed planes
in Paris, caught a bus at Istanbul airport and was now
boarding the boat for the last stage of her journey.

It was hot and sticky and she was worn out by the
traveling. Over 30 hours since she had slept in a proper
bed. She had managed to take advantage of a shower at
the airport about an hour ago but her body had already
forgotten. She could see a few beads of perspiration on
the upper swell of her breasts.

Only a few more hours until she was reunited with Beil,
her boyfriend. She was traveling to an island off the
coast of Turkey where Beil’s family lived. Beil had
returned home for the summer to work with his father –
learn the business and all that. She would spend the
summer working as his father’s secretary so she could
earn some money and become fluent in Greek, which was
her major at University. Oh, and maybe, just maybe, she
could get Beil to fall in love with her.

He had confessed his love for her but she knew she had
to keep him beyond the length of his lust for his love
to be proved real. For that reason she had only let him
taste her body once over the spring. After that first
time she had had a struggle not succumbing to her body’s
desires such was Beil’s charms. But was it true love? He
was a catch; handsome but clever too and his father was
rich – stinky rich. Rich enough to have his own island.
Getting away from the horrors of life with her parents
was another blessing.

She had decided this was going to be her perfect
holiday. A whole summer on a Mediterranean island away
from her usual inhibitions. She could feel herself relax
as the inhibitions instilled by her parents slowly
slipped away the further she got from home.

She had been daydreaming throughout the journey –
imagining her perfect holiday. She imagined the hot sun
on her back and Beil’s lips on hers. Yes, maybe she
would give herself to him over the summer. Away from her
parents she would let him win her over and then they
could make love all summer. He would come to truly love
her and maybe they would get married.


He was a good lover. Once had shown her that. It was in
his Mediterranean blood. She remembered what he was like
inside her. On the plane she had pulled a blanket over
her and tried to relieve that tension – her hand rubbing
her clitoris. But the children in the next seat woke up
and she only succeeded in increasing the desire, which
ran through her limbs.

Beil had arranged her tickets and, at the harbour, she
had been expecting a commercial ferry of some sort. What
she found was a private cruiser – a Gin Palace – she
thought and a little vulgar – but the hostess who
greeted her at the gangplank was professional enough,
apart from her rather skimpy attire. She learnt that
there was no regular ferry to the island so Mr. Vycanos
(Beil’s dad), had sent his boat for her. The stewardess
took her to a small lounge, which felt quiet cozy, and
it was to one of the four chairs that the young and
pretty stewardess led the spaced out Emma. “Your very
young to traveling alone.”

Emma was actually 20 but looked a lot younger and
feeling piqued, told the stewardess her age.

“I’m sorry, it’s just that you look so beautiful. I hope
you have a pleasant journey. I’ll bring you an anti-
sickness tablet, which will also help you sleep. We will
arrive at about 5 in the morning.”

“OK, thanks.”

They communicated no more after this apart from an
exchange of smiles.

Emma, in her tiredness, just wanted to collapse.

The lounge and chair were smoothly enveloping and gave a
feeling of privacy.

She sank into the depth of her chair while the
stewardess stowed her luggage in an overhead locker. As
she reached up, standing right in front of her, Emma
could not help but notice her long slender legs and
silky thighs as they disappeared under her short skirt.
Her short blouse had ridden up showing her flat tanned
stomach and looking up Emma saw the under swelling of
the stewardess’s naked breasts which were unconstrained
beneath her blouse. Emma could clearly see their shape
and the nipples where they strained against the

Shortly afterwards the stewardess returned with the
medicine dissolved in some water and once again Emma was
slightly shocked by the movement of her breasts. She
swallowed the medicine without thinking as she watched
the gentle motion of nipples through cotton. Doesn’t she
mind that everyone can see, she wondered? Or maybe she
is unaware how thin her blouse really is. Cotton can be
deceptive sometimes.

Despite the evening, it was hot, and for some reason the
image of the stewardesses breasts would not leave her.
The luscious, generous bounce as she walked and her
smooth curves demonstrating the firmness of her flesh.
The protrusion of her nipples through the thin cotton
remained a powerful images within Emma’s mind, which
confused and distracted her. Emma envied the stewardess
her freedom and decided to go to the toilet and remove
her own bra for the night. The freedom would be
wonderful after such a hot day.

Her blouse was also fine and translucent but it wouldn’t
matter, as she was about to settle down for the night
and would cover herself with a blanket. She was so taken
by the images turning in her sleepy mind that it was
some time before she stood to go to the ladies room. It
was only then she realized how spacey she felt. It
reminded her a little of the one time she had tried some

Whilst taking her time in the toilet she felt the
engines start and with much shouting and clattering the
boat eased away from the wharf. When she left the ladies
room, her bra shoved into her toilet bag, the harbour
looked small astern. The door to another lounge was open
and she saw a couple of guys being served drinks by the
stewardess. They wore shorts and tight sleeveless t-
shirts showing off their tanned muscular physique.

One was blonde and the other had long dark hair and to
her they seemed like statues of Apollo – only in flesh
and blood. They were talking to the stewardess but
immediately turned their attention to Emma as she walked
past. She could hear their comments and quickly turned
away embarrassed. She felt their eyes on her young body
as she ducked into her own lounge and shut the door.

Some minutes later the stewardess came back, and
muttering an apology, stood right in front of her again
to reach into overhead locker. Her skirt rose higher up
her soft skinned thighs until Emma feared she would
expose her underwear. Her blouse rose leaving a bare
expanse of narrow waist and her full breasts pressed
against the cotton revealed their perfection to Emma’s
gaze. The breasts seem to hang there, right in front of
her for ages so she could take in every curve and every
luscious bounce.

She got the urge to touch them and she had to hold her
hands down to stop herself. She wanted to unbutton the
blouse so the breasts would tumble out. She would cup
them with her hands and move the nipples to her lips so
she could kiss them. They’re like my breasts thought
Emma and even leant forwards ever so slightly as if to
make her fantasy real, but the stewardess had moved away
– her breasts bouncing gently against her slim body.

Emma lay back in her seat and tried to rest. Oh, she was
tired, but her mind would not let her sleep. Slowly the
images of the stewardess and two men rose in her mind.
She recalled the men’s lean torsos and imagined then
sitting there casually naked. They were two Apollo’s she
decided. Greek Apollo’s. She saw their penises draped
softly over their muscular thighs.

She played with the image and then introduced the
stewardess, leaning over the blonde one to adjust his
seat. The top few buttons of her blouse were undone and
he could see down the smooth flesh of her cleavage. The
breasts where so wonderful the naked Apollo could not
stop himself from softly undoing a few more buttons.

The image delighted Emma so much she played with the
scene in her mind. The stewardess was leaning forward
and her breasts accidentally brushing the man’s cheek.
The nipple is already erect and he cannot hold back. He
lets his lips rub against the nipple. Then his hands
move smoothly and in one unhurried movement her blouse
is undone and her breasts bounce free. He holds them
tenderly and brings them to his lips.

At first the stewardess cannot do anything because she
is leaning so far over. She is about to shout in anger
and outrage but the touch of his lips on her breasts –
so tender yet full of passion – takes her breath away
and she pauses to savior the moment.

Her firm orbs hang heavy as he kisses them – his hands
lifting the weight – and she stifles a moan. Trembling
she tries to push herself away but he is holding her
hands and forces her to kneel between his knees.

He gently pulls her blouse down over her shoulder and
returns his attention to her breasts which are now
aching with desire. Her hands grab his legs for support
and only then does she realizes he is naked and his
penis is quickly swelling in front of her. Soon it is
proudly erect and he is big.

She cannot stop herself from grasping it in both hands
where it seems to throb and pulsate against her palms.
She is so absorbed by its weight and strength that she
does not feel the long haired Apollo get up until she
feels him undoing her skirt.

At this point in her reverie Emma reflects that it is
her nipples that are aching, her quim that is damp and
her flesh which is dying to be caressed.

So in her dreams she smoothly swaps places the
stewardess. So now it is she who has her blouse open and
she who is having her breasts caressed by the blonde

She is standing up, leaning over him, with her hands
holding the back of his chair. He is kissing her aching
breasts and she is arching her body to press them
against him. The moment goes on forever, as the
sensations flow over her body and she swoons
uncontrollably. His hands go to her hips and pulls her
closer towards him.

She is right over him now and his hands slip easily
under her skirt and suddenly he is stroking her quim
though her knickers. She moans out loud and her knees
give way but the man holds her to stop her falling. She
is still recovering from the overwhelming sensations
when his hands go to the waistband of her knickers and
starts to pull them down.

In a moment they have been pulled down over her buttocks
and are halfway down her thighs. Such are the tremors
and passions running through her she is unable to
respond. The Apollo will have his way. Then her blouse
is lifted off her body and her skirt removed. It is the
second Apollo who’s removed her clothing and now she is
naked before them. They are both naked their erections
large and obvious.

Emma pauses again to reflect on her dream. She wondered
about involving the longhaired Apollo in her fantasy.
She would never let anything so wanton happen in real
life – but in her dream? If she were out of control, her
arousal being all-consuming, then would she be able to
prevent a second man from participating as well? Would
its forbidden nature stir more arousal in her?

She returned to her fantasy.

When she imagined the man freeing her breasts she gasped
and felt the sensation as if it were real. As he pulled
her knickers down it was as if she felt them stick on
the curve of her buttocks and his hand had to slip round
to lift the waistband off. And as she imagined him
starting to caress her sex she felt as if it were not a
dream at all, such was the intensity of her feeling.

Suddenly the man was Beil and it was his friend removing
her skirt. She tried to whirl round but Beil pulled her
on to his lap, pinning her arms to her side and feeling
her hot naked breasts from behind. The second man bent,
removed her knickers from the floor and then gently
parted her legs.

Her boyfriends’ naked cock felt hard beneath her. Now
pressing, flesh on flesh. Oh my God, he was moving so
his cock pressed against her sex.

He lifted her a fraction and he was slipping inside her.
Emma cried out. At the same time she knew something was
wrong. It wasn’t right that this most treasured of acts
be witnessed. She had to stop it.

She opened her eyes and coming out of her dream was
surprised to see a man looking down at her. Who was he?
Was he real? How had he entered the lounge so silently?
Her legs were parted and with her short skirt he was
seeing all of her long legs and golden thighs.

“Excuse me.”

His voice was gentle but had strength. “It seems we are
to be traveling companions. My seat is next to yours.”

She sat up slowly, in a daze. It must be the anti-
sickness tablets she thought. It felt like she was still
in her dream. She was looking at the man through a haze.
He wore a T-shirt under his smart linen jacket. With a
Panama on his head he looked quite a dashing middle-aged

“Welcome aboard,” she giggled at her humor. “I’m afraid
I’m a bit spaced out. Sleeping tablets you see.”

His clothing was Italian although he looked vaguely
Greek and his voice when he spoke was clear American
with a slight Manhattan twang. “Sure. You go ahead and
sleep. What’s your name pretty girl?”

“I’m Emma. How do you do.”

To Emma he seemed a strong reassuring presence. Maybe it
was his American accent – a sense of shared nationality
so far from home. Somehow he taped into something deep
within Emma’s core and she found herself quickly relaxed
to his presence. He chatted for a while but she couldn’t
listen, her body was worn out even if her mind was
racing. She closed her eyes while the man settled down
next to her.

She could feel him looking her up and down. Her legs,
thighs, flat stomach and firm breasts. She knew he would
notice the shape of her breasts through the blouse which
would be highlighted by her erect nipples. Somehow she
didn’t seem to mind even though she knew she should
cover up.

What the heck, it’s a hot night, she thought – if she
thought anything that clearly. She guessed he was
imagining her totally naked and wondered if her had an
erection. She started imagining his erection but pushed
her fantasies back down and eventually slipped into a
restless sleep full of sex and lust. … And sleep.

* * * * *

Emma’s brain was playing with abstract images in tune
with her heavenly vibrations. The images were
disconnected at first but enough to moisten her sex and
gently arch her back. Slowly, wave after wave of pulsing
sensation rose through her body. It caressed her skin
and slowly brought her to a state of arousal.

The heavenly vibrations merged with waves of sensation
that slowly transmuted into phantasms which assailed her
ripe body. Slowly they caressed her breasts until they
swelled and the nipples rubbed like bullets against her
blouse. Her lips became more lustrous and her whole skin
cried out to be touched.

The phantasms assailed her thighs making her sex moist.
At first she kept her legs pressed together but then
gave in and relaxed as the phantasms parted her thighs

Suddenly Emma realized she had moaned aloud and opened
her eyes. The lights were dimmed and it was night. The
man sat still and quiet next to her, his Panama down
over is head and putting his eyes in shadow. The steady
hum and vibration coming up through her seat was the
engines steady beat. She felt the heat in her body and
somehow reassured, she closed her eyes again.

Quickly her mind was enveloped again by her fantasies
again. Now they seemed much stronger and bolder. They
pinned her to her seat and she couldn’t move against
their onslaught. Her thighs were parted wider until her
knee rested against something. She couldn’t open her
eyes and the phantasms forced her legs to stay apart as
they thrust their way to her sex which they parted and
entered her. She felt the thrusts inside her, pumping
gently and rhythmically into the depth of her body.

Again she was torn from her fantasies. This time by the
man next to her, who rose to get a light blanket which
he spread over her aroused body. She wondered if he knew
what phantasms assailed her but was grateful for the
blanket and kindness. The man was clearly taking it upon
himself to look after her because next he gently lowered
the back of her seat into the sleeping position and
removed her shoes before settling himself down for the
long night ahead.

Emma had abandoned herself to his care without opening
her eyes. The complications of interaction while he
assisted her were too difficult and she was grateful for
his confident attention. She felt him settle down and
through her closed eyelids she felt the cabin lights

Slowly, slowly, the phantasms invaded her dreams again.
She tried to control them but having been let in they
softly took control of her body until she was helpless
to their whims. It was clear that orgasm was the only
way to release herself from their grip. She opened her
eyes a fraction to check that the man in the next seat
was asleep and it was dark.

Despite that reassurance she told herself it was madness
to masturbate so close to a stranger. But her body
demanded it and her exhausted spaced out mind had no
ability to think. She just responded to her needs. She
let her fingers inch over her belly and slowly – trying
not to draw attention to it – she slid her hand towards
her pubis.

The thin blanket undulated above her hand as she pulled
up the hem of her short skirt and pressed her fingers
against her sex bud through her knickers. Her bud was
swollen and it was only with some effort that she
stifled a moan. She pressed gently with her middle
finger in a soft motion, which would bring her to
orgasm, but it was not enough.

Her phantasms where demanding direct contact. She paused
for a while then slipped her hand inside her knickers so
her fingers could feel the intimate detail of her sex. A
fine tremor went though her as she pressed against her
clitoris. She felt ready now – ready to relax into a
sexual bliss where she would tease herself and making
the final release so much greater.

Suddenly she felt movement and the man’s hand came down
softly but firmly on hers. Oh my. She stopped breathing,
was it real? Her fantasy’s did not collapse but merely
froze as if on a video, waiting to be set going again.

Nothing happened. She forced herself to breath slowly as
if still asleep.

Maybe he would remove his hand. Maybe the hand was
another part of her fantasy. Was the hand real? He was
not assaulting her. Was he waiting?

If so, what for? His hand felt confident and strong but
was it dream or reality. What? What!

“Oh….” She gasped

Her phantasms where pressing her again. She desperately
controlled her trembling fingers. She knew that the
slightest touch would arouse her. She became aware that
his other hand was lifting the blanket and drawing it to
one side. He took hold of her knee and caressed it,
exploring its hollows and curves, while gently pulling
it towards him – thus opening her thighs wider.

His hand started slowly along her thighs, gently
touching this most tender and delicate part. His hand
rose higher, up under her skirt and approached her own
fingers which still pressed against her sex by the
weight of his left hand. The illicit touch of his hand,
gentle and tender against the upper reaches of her
thighs, was so powerful that she lost the power to do

He held her hand through the blanket, lifted it away
from her sex and swiftly replaced it with his own. As he
touched her there, drawing his fingers along her moist
sex and pressing the cotton of her knickers against her,
she moaned aloud and the phantasms took over her body
and parted her legs to afford him better access.

Was it her body that pushed itself onto his caress? Or
was this rape? But although she might have asked the
question her brain was in no shape to answer as his
fingers teased her clitoris through the cotton of her

She moaned, dimly aware that her body was giving him
consent to continue.

It felt as if her mind was relegated to the sidelines.
His hands withdrew and she was both relieved and
disappointed. But his hands had only paused to reach for
the waistband of her knickers. Deftly, he eased them
over her rump and in one motion pulled them down her
thighs and discarded them at her feet.

Immediately he pressed the palm of one hand against the
smoothness of her flat belly while the other pushed her
knees aside. His leg was between hers so that as he
pushed one knee her thighs opened exposing her now naked
sex. The confidence of his touch seemed to pin her down
and in some way gave a message that she should not

His fingers where slipping inside her. She was wet and
his fingers entered easily. She gasped and moaned as her
hips thrust upwards. His fingers slid smoothly backwards
and forwards as she raced towards orgasm.

But then he slowed and his other hand went to her
blouse. He was undoing the buttons. The cotton fabric
slid away and his hand cupped her swollen breasts.

A dim recess of Emma’s mind realized she had to stop
this assault on her body. With her breasts and cunt
naked to the world she instinctively covered her breasts
with her arms and closed her thighs on the man’s hand as
he continued his slow thrusts inside her.

“No, stop. Please….” she whispered, uncertain of her
right to make such a demand. She was somewhat surprised
when almost at once her withdrew his fingers from her
hot cunt. Then, holding her hands, he was pulling her
from the chair. Only now did she open her eyes but
reality hardly penetrated her dazed eyes. She stood
uncertainly, swayed on her feet and let the man pull her
towards a door off to one side. She hugged her blouse
back around her.

Gently he guided her through the door. It was a bedroom
with a double bed taking up most of the space. She might
have asked how he knew this room was there and why he
was leading her to the bed, but her mind was to dazed.

The front of her legs touched the bed and she felt him
slip her open blouse over her shoulders. Her skirt
swiftly followed and she was naked. Instinctively she
curled up on the bed hoping he would leave her to sleep.
Then, when she was along she could relieve her desire
and sleep. But it was not to be.

She felt his weight on the bed and a hand run over her

“Your very beautiful, my dear.”

“No stop, please leave me,” she pleaded, but as she said
the words she knew the only sound leaving her lips was a
soft moan.

She felt him undressing and kneel beside her on the bed.
She found her voice, soft and hesitant like a naughty
schoolchild. “Please sir, what’s going on?”

The stranger didn’t answer but ran his hands over her
body which was answer enough. She knew what he wanted
and she had no energy to stop him. Indeed her body was
desperate for release and even now responded to his

He explored her body. Softly and slowly. Running his
hands up her thighs.

Caressing her hair, face, breasts, and buttocks. His
skin against hers. She gasped the first time his
hardness pressed against her. Then it was his mouth,
lips, tongue on her. When he found her swollen breasts
she cried out and when he nibbled her nipples she
bunched the sheets in her fist – because she was on her
back now, her body laid out for him.

His swollen member brushed her face. Briefly she opened
her eyes confirming it was what she thought. A fucking
hard erect cock. She gasped at its size, fat and
bloated. The bulbous end poking at her. She closed her
eyes quickly as it brushed her lips. She knew what he
wanted and moved her mouth away.

Then fear invaded her as she wondered what he would do
if she refused him.

She felt so helpless. So she held his hard cock with her
hand and kissed it. Her fingers barely halfway round his

“That’s a good girl.” He praised.

For some reason Emma felt ridiculously pleased by his
praise and kissed him again.

“That’s good, now open your mouth Emma felt him part her
thighs so her sex was exposed and bare before him. Then
his tongue was at her clitoris and she was writhing on
the bed as he pressed his cock at her open lips.

Her hips were writhing uncontrollably as he attacked her
clit with his tongue. She could feel her orgasm build
quickly. She cried out as the first orgasmic waves hit
her and felt him plug her open mouth with his swollen

She nearly choked and tried to open her mouth wider to
breath but it just meant his cock slid further and
deeper into her mouth. And all the while her body was
buffeted by her orgasm. His tongue still at her clit and
her mouth stretched so wide by his cock that it hurt.

Then it was all over and he pulled away, his cock
sliding from her mouth and his head lifting from between
her thighs. She wanted to curl up and recover as the
after shocks of her orgasm ran through her but the man
was only turning round. He spread her knees far apart
and knelt between them.

“No. No more. Please.” She pleaded.

“Oh yes. I’m going to fuck you now. And it’ll be worse
for you if you fight me. So just enjoy it.”

There was something in his voice. She knew it really
would be worse if she resisted so she stopped trying to
close her thighs and just covered her breasts with her

“No, hands above your head please.”

Hesitantly she obeyed and his hand went to her breasts,
pressing and rolling them, this way and that, as he took
his pleasure.

His cock rested on her mound of hair. He slid it back
and down to her hot open cunt. Pushed. Pushed harder,
the bulbous end feeling like it would split her in two.
Pushed harder again and she wailed as she felt him slip
inside her. She gripped the bed as he thrust slowly
deeper in. Never ending until she felt his balls and it
seemed his cock was in her womb.

He started thrusting. Slowly at first, then faster.
Despite herself, Emma could feel her body responding.
She knew he was a good lover. He was building up, taking
his time. Taking his pleasure. Then she knew she was
going to cum again and he was pounding hard into her. He
groaned and his thrusts went berserk as they both came.
His cum pumping out into the depth of her cunt.

* * * * *

When she woke he was gone. She lay on the bed for some
time remembering.

It was dark. She could hear muffled voices and banging.
She realized the engines had stopped. She woke again
with a start some time later when there was a knocking
at the door. The stewardess from last night poked her
face into the room.

“Oh good, you’re awake. Here, I’ve got you a glass of
orange juice and there’s a message for you.”

It was from Beil.

Dearest Emma,

Sorry I can’t be there to meet you. Dad has sent me off
to visit one of his factories. Back in a few days. Dad
will send someone to pick you up from the harbour in the
Jeep. It’s the only yellow car on the island so you
can’t miss it. Please make sure you obey Dad to the
letter, he is rather strict but I hope you learn to love
him. See you in a few days.

Love Beil

Emma was stuck by his choice of words, learning to love
his dad! Did she need to get on with his dad in order
for Beil to propose? She searched the letter for clues
but her head still felt rather dazed. Looking for her
clothes Emma could only find her skirt and blouse. No
bra or knickers, or even shoes. Dressing as best she
could she found the stewardess and asked for her

“Oh that’s gone. It’s waiting for you in the car.”

Sudden panic. She shouldn’t keep the car waiting, but
what about her underwear. And what should she do about
the man from last night? Should she report him to the
police? She needed time to think. But had none.

Up on deck the sunlight dazzled her, but yes, there was
a yellow Jeep under the shade of a tree. The driver
waved at her impatiently and before she knew it they
where bouncing along a dusty track while he garbled in
some Greek dialect. She could only understand one word
in ten. He kept turning to stare at her breasts. In the
harsh sunlight they were clearly visible through the
thin cotton of her blouse. She could feel them bouncing.

She knew what he was seeing. She pulled her skirt tight
round her. So conscious of her naked cunt beneath. A
walled villa appeared and they swept through the gates
to pull up outside a side entrance. With out a pause the
driver whisked her into the house, along a deep-carpeted
corridor and brought her to a large wooden door.

“I knock, you go in.” The driver instructed in slow,
barely understandable English. “The master is waiting.
You kneel on both knees in front of his desk. OK?”

“What, kneel down?”

“Yes, you must kneel or he get mad.”

Emma struggled to make sense of this demand but before
she could retort he knocked and opened the door. Then he
pushed her into the room.

She stumbled into the room which was brightly lit by the
morning sun bouncing off a swimming pool just outside
the far wall which was all glass.

The views over the pool to the sea where stunning but
she was brought up by a voice behind her.

“This way please, my dear.”

She turned and gasped. There, sitting in a deep
armchair, flanked by the two men she had seen on the
boat the previous night was on older man she vaguely
recognized. Then she got it – he was the man who had
fucked her last night. Then her shock deepened – he was
caressing what looked like a large dildo.

“Welcome to my island.” He said, his voice silky smooth,
“I’m looking forward to our summer together, aren’t