High School Sex

Tommy woke up with a raging hard-on.

God, it was so hard it hurt!

He opened the fly of his pajamas and took a look. His
dick was huge, purple and swollen.

It was so heavy it would not even stand up straight.

Boy, it looks really big, he thought. I wonder how big?

It was Saturday, so he did not have to get up and go to
school. His mom didn’t even call him to breakfast.

He went over to his bureau, opened a drawer and rummaged
around until he found a measuring tape.

He wrapped the tape around his erection. Six inches
around, he read.

Then he stretched the tape from the base of his penis to
the tip. It was eight inches.

Eight inches! He gasped. It had never measured that long

He gazed at his huge purple erection in astonishment. It
had been a long time since he measured himself. He
thought of his dick as being around 6 inches long and
about 5 around — a normal guy.

Was there something wrong with his eyes? He must have
made a mistake. He measured again, and a third time. It
came out the same. Eight inches long, and six around.

An eight incher, he thought. Wow! I have a big dick!

He couldn’t believe it.

Tommy needed to pee really bad. He had drunk nearly a
quart of Mountain Dew staying up late on his computer.
But he didn’t want to lose this erection. His penis was
as stiff as a rock.

He found his camera and took a picture of it. Then he
took a couple more.
Can this be for real? he thought. I must be dreaming! It
was never this big before.

He remembered Cindy telling him he had a thick penis, a
few months back, but he had thought she was just
flattering him. Or maybe she was just inexperienced —
she was only just 15, after all, like he was.

Six inches around was fairly thick, he knew. And eight
long — that was a real pussy stretcher! Betty Ann had
told him he was banging her in the cervix, that time,
but she had a tight little pussy and he hadn’t thought
anything of it.

Betty Ann liked his dick — she just asked him to be
careful and not thrust so deep. He liked Betty Ann —
for a 16 year old she had a pretty big set of melons.

Cindy had told him his dick hurt — “but it’s a nice
hurt”, she said. That wasn’t why she broke up with him.
He made the mistake of admitting that he was still in
love with Betty Ann, and then Cindy called him and said
she didn’t want to see him any more.

And then Betty Ann had dumped him. So he didn’t have
either of them, and he hadn’t gone out on a date in

God, this is big, he thought. Some girl is going to be
really impressed with this!

He wondered who the next girl he screwed was going to
be. Marla? She was pretty but kind of chunky. She
definitely had the hots for him. He was pretty sure
Marla was a virgin and he thought he’d probably kill her
if he put this big erection inside her.

Susan? Susan was about the prettiest blonde in the
school. And way out of Tommy’s league. She dated older
rich boys with sports cars.

Lucy? Lucy would probably screw him. She was shy and
nerdy and had glasses. Lucy would want him to be her
steady boyfriend, if he took her out, and she was kinda
plain and dorky — and she had pimples.

And then there was Miss Abernathy. Miss Abernathy was
the prettiest English teacher in the school, and she
knew it. She was only 25 and had beautiful round curves,
from her ripe swinging ass to her big bouncing boobs.
She had long wavy brunette hair and a smile that would
melt you. And she was single. Miss Abernathy was a

Miss Abernathy was his number one masturbation fantasy.

She’d never go out with a 15 year old kid, though. Not
in a million years.

He looked at his big purple dick. I bet Miss Abernathy
has never even seen one this big! he thought proudly.

I must be getting a growth spurt, he thought.

I have a big dick, I have a big dick! he chanted to
himself in a singsong voice like a little kid.

He had to show this to somebody and impress her. But

“Tommy, are you coming down for lunch?” his mother
yelled from the foot of the stairs.

“Coming, Mother,” he shouted.

He had to go to the bathroom and pee first. He went to
the bathroom and his dick was swollen so hard he could
not pee at first, but finally it came.

He emptied out his bladder and his penis softened and
shrunk. He sighed with relief — it didn’t hurt any

His soft penis hung down thick and soft between his
legs. When did it get so big? he wondered.

It had been a while, since his dick had been in a girl.
His growth spurt must have crept up on him. He knew he
had gained a couple of inches in height and 20 pounds
weight sometime in the last few months.

I am well-hung! he exulted. WELL-ENDOWED!! I, Tommy
Holden, have a goddamn great big huge pussy-stretching
monster of a penis!

He shouted a rebel yell in joy. “YEEE-HAW!”

“Tommy, is something the matter?” his mom shouted from
the dining room.

“No Mom,” he shouted back down the stairs, “I feel
great! Just great!”


“God, you have a big cucumber,” Marla said when he
showed it to her.

He pulled his underwear down and showed himself off
proudly. His pants were around his ankles.

“I’ve never seen one THAT big,” Marla said.

He was surprised she had seen any. Who knew Marla wasn’t
a virgin?

“You’ve seen guys’ dicks before?” he asked, surprised.

“Yeah. I’m not a virgin — what did you think?”

He had thought she was a virgin — as did most of his

“Nah, I’ve done it lots of times. I’ve been screwing
since I was 13. Want me to give you a blowjob?”

“Sure,” Tommy said. Wow! Marla was giving him a blowjob!

Marla kneeled before his big engorged prick and sucked
the head of it into her mouth. Her cheeks bulged like a

She couldn’t get any more of it into her mouth. Just the
head of his dick.
She sucked on the first inch of his dick.

Marla looked up at him and smiled.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I can only get a little bit of
it into my mouth. My mouth is too small.”

“That’s okay,” Tommy said. “Show me your tits, Marla.

Marla stood up, smiled, and unbuttoned her blouse.

Underneath it was a frilly white bra.

Marla unhooked her bra straps and tugged down her bra.

Two nice pink breasts popped out of her bra cups. Her
tits were cupcake-sized, with nice pink puffy nipples.

Her nipples were standing out stiff in excitement.

“Nice rack,” Tommy said.

“Thank you.”

Tommy put out his hands and felt Marla’s boobs. They
felt nice. Warm, soft, and smooth.

“You should see how they’ve grown lately, Tommy. I was
in an A cup bra when I went away to camp this summer,
and now I am a B cup!”

Marla thrust her chest out in pride.

I know how you feel, Tommy thought.

“Want to play “milk the cow”?” Tommy asked.

“What’s that?”

“You get down on all fours like a cow, and I lie down
with my head under you and milk your tits into my mouth,
like a cow.”

Marla assumed the position and Tommy lay under her, with
her soft tits hanging down into his face. He cupped one
of her boobs with his hands and milked it gently with
her excited nipple in his mouth.

Her swaying boobs stroked her hard nipple back and forth
across his tongue.
“This is nice,” Marla said. “That feels good.”

Tommy sighed in contentment as he sucked on her tit.

“You’re the first boy that’s sucked on them since they
got so big,” Marla said. “Are they nice?”

“They feel incredible,” Tommy said. He stroked the soft
flesh of her pendulous tit with his hands. “So full!
They are really firm. And your skin is so smooth.” He
licked it with his tongue.

“Thank you,” Marla said. “Do you really like them?”

“I think you are really stacked in the chest department,
Marla. These are the kind men like.”

Marla sighed happily.

Tommy was such a smooth talker! Listening to him, she
just knew it was true. She did have a nice chest. The
kind men like!

“I want to get you inside me now, Tommy!”

Marla rolled over on her back and pulled her pants down.
Her white underpants came down next.

Marla spread her thighs.

“Put it in me now, Tommy! I can’t wait!”

Tommy hoisted himself over her and positioned his
powerful dick at the entrance to her vagina.

He slid his big dick up and down in the wet puffy slit
between her legs to get it wet.

Then he inserted the huge tip in her tight little
opening and pushed.

“Unh!” Marla whimpered.

He pushed some more.

“I can feel you stretching me! I have never had one this
big before Tommy — be gentle!”

He pushed in farther.

“Omigod! Omigod omigod omigod! Wow — I can feel that
all over my body — it’s like you’re splitting me

Tommy was not even halfway in. He started sliding his
dick back and forth in her wet box.

Pretty soon Marla sighed and relaxed.

“It feels better now. You can go deeper,” she said.

Tommy pushed his dick in deeper.

“Am I really tight, Tommy?”

“You are super tight, Marla. I can feel your pussy

“Yes, you are stretching me good. I have never had a boy
who was as big as you before. You have got a really big

“Do you like having a big cucumber inside you?”

“I don’t know yet. Put it in some more — I can take it

Tommy stretched her pussy even farther as he thrust in
another inch or two.

“Oh. My. God. I am really full. I feel really, really,
really full.”

“Your cunt is squeezing me like a vise, Marla.”

“Yeah, I’m really tight, aren’t I! I wasn’t that tight
with the last guy I did it with. It’s you. I have not
been stretched like this since I was a virgin!”

“So Marla, who got your cherry?”

“I’m not telling. It’s someone you know, though.”

“Ted Armstrong?”

“Him? I’m not telling.”

“I wanta know who I’ve got a bigger dick than.”

“It doesn’t matter. You’ve got a bigger dick than any of
the guys in our class.”

“What? How do you know?”

“Girls talk, you know.”

“So who am I bigger than?”

“All of them! You are bigger than Ted, Billy, Wazzy,
Fred, George, Jimmy-Dog…”

“Jimmy-Dog! You slept with Jimmy-Dog? I don’t believe

“Of course not! I wouldn’t touch him to save my life.
Another girl did. Like I said, girls talk.”

“Jesus. He’s like an animal — only scuzzier. Who slept
with him?”

“Oh, you’d be surprised.”

“I’m surprised anyone would. I would have bet he’d still
be a virgin when he’s 30.”

“Oh, you are very wrong. Girls do find him kind of
attractive, in his own way. He has a sort of animal

“I believe the animal part.”

“Anyway, HE thinks he has a big one, but guess what.
You’re bigger.”


“I told you. I think you have the biggest one in our
class. I’ll have to ask Susie. Can I measure you?”

“Susie? You mean Susan Crawford? Our Susan Crawford?”

“Little Miss Perfect? Yeah, she has all you guys fooled,
doesn’t she.

She’s slept with a lot more guys than I have.”

“Our Susie? A slut? You can’t be serious.”

“She really has you all fooled. That sweet “I’m just a
minister’s daughter who sings in the choir” act. She is
like a total slut, believe me.”

Tommy thrust in another inch.

“Wow! God you’re big. I can’t wait to tell Susie my new
boyfriend is bigger than any of hers!”

Boyfriend?! Tommy thought. Uh, waitaminute, hold on

“Now fuck my ass off with your big cock, you well-
endowed stud!” Marla whooped gleefully.


Two days later Susan Crawford actually walked up to him
in the hall at school and smiled. She had a twinkle in
her eye.

“Hey Tommy — would you like to come over to my house
and hang out after school? We have a pool.”

“Uh, sure.”

“Great! Meet me after school and you can ride home with
me on the bus.”

I can’t believe Susie just asked me to come hang out
with her, Tommy thought as she walked away. She is one
of the prettiest girls in our school! She’ll probably
be the homecoming queen in a few years. I thought she
was only interested in older guys.

Susie gave her pert ass a little wiggle as she walked
away. Her long blonde hair flounced.

I wonder if Marla would be mad if she found out, he
thought. Should I tell Susie that Marla thinks I’m her
boyfriend? God, she probably already knows. They’re

Maybe Marla will be there at Susie’s after school. Maybe
we’re all going to hang out together.

Well, if being Marla’s boyfriend means I get to hang out
with Susie, great. Susie is really popular — I’ll be
hanging out with the “social elite” instead of dining
with the nerds at the Dungeons and Dragons table at


“So who else is coming?” Tommy asked Susie as they rode
home together on the school bus.

“Whoever shows up, I guess,” Susie smiled. She gave
Tommy’s hand a little squeeze. “Don’t worry, it’ll be
fun, I promise you.”

When they arrived at Susie’s block they got off with a
bunch of younger kids and walked into her home.

“Anyone home?” Susie shouted. There was no answer.

“I guess we’re alone,” she said. “Wanna go out back and
jump in the pool?”

“Sure,” Tommy said. “But I don’t have a swimsuit.”

“You can use one of my dad’s.”

She went away and came back with a swimsuit that was
several sizes too big.

“Can you wear this?”

“I don’t think so,” Tommy said. “You’re dad must be a
lot bigger than me.”

“Well, try it on anyway. Maybe you can cinch it up.”

She pointed him into a bathroom and he went in and
undressed. Her father’s bathing suit was way too big.

He tried to cinch it with the drawstring but it would
not cinch tight enough. He had to hold it up with one

When he came out of the bathroom Susie had already
changed into her bikini.
It was a tiny string bikini that left nothing to the

Tommy’s eyes practically popped out of his head. Two
little triangles of cloth failed to cover all of her
round breasts.

Her tits were full, ripe and tanned.

A little triangle of cloth between her legs barely
covered her golden pussy.

When she turned around, Tommy’s heart almost stopped. A
skimpy little thong in her butt crack left her entire
ass naked.

From her dainty little feet to her swanlike neck Susie
had a perfectly rounded, gorgeous, pneumatic little 15
year old figure.

Her curves couldn’t help popping out of her bikini.

He followed her out to the backyard deck and they
splashed into the pool.

“Wow, this water feels cool,” Tommy said. It was a hot

“Yeah, isn’t it great?”

They splashed around for a few minutes and then Tommy
discovered he had lost his bathing trunks. They had
slipped right off while he was horsing around.

“Uh, don’t look now, but I think I lost my trunks,”
Tommy said with a blush. “Those things are way too big
for me, I think they slipped off.”

“They they are at the bottom of the pool,” Susie said.
“But don’t bother getting them. We usually skinny dip

Susie pulled off her bikini and let it drop to the
bottom of the pool.

Susie was naked in the pool with him. And he was naked

“There now, that’s much better,” she said. “I don’t want
to get a tan line anyway.”

She splashed a wave of water at Tommy that soaked him,
and giggled.

Tommy splashed her back, and they had a water fight.

Then they had a race to see who could swim 10 laps the
fastest, and Susie won, by two laps.

“I’m all out of breath,” she said. “Let’s rest on the

Tommy wondered if she would put her suit back on before
getting out of the pool. She didn’t.

Tommy climbed out of the pool naked and stood beside her
on the deck.

Susie’s bare wet body gleamed as the water ran off her.
Tommy checked out her perfect breasts and tried not to

Susie checked him out.

“So there’s that big weenie of yours Marla was telling
us about,” Susie giggled. She pointed. “It looks like it
didn’t shrink much in the water.”

She stood face to face with Tommy with her breasts
pressing against his chest, and put her soft little
manicured hand down and cupped his dick in her hand.

“Marla says you’re bigger than my boyfriend down there.
Can I see?”

She squeezed his dick with her hand.

“I just want to see how big it is. I know you’re Marla’s
boyfriend so don’t get any ideas! I wouldn’t do that to
her. I just want to see if she’s telling the truth about
how “well-endowed” you are. Are you?”

“I guess.”

“You guess? Aren’t you sure?” she teased.

“I’m sure.”


“I’m hung like a bull.”

“I’ve never seen a bull. Are you a bull down here?”

“Yeah, I am.”

“We’ll see. Marla bet me ten dollars — ”

“She bet you?!”

“– that you had the biggest weenie I’ve ever seen.”

“I can’t believe you and Marla are such a pair of
sluts,” Tommy said.

“We aren’t sluts. I am a very nice girl. I get straight
“A”s and I have perfect posture. And I go to church
twice a week. I say grace before every meal.”

She knelt on the deck, clasped her hands together, and

“Thank you Lord for the bounty we are about to receive.”

She looked up at him with a mischievous smile. Tommy
thought she looked like a naughty angel.

She knelt at his feet and took his penis into her mouth.
She closed her eyes and a rapturous expression spread
over her face as she sucked his cock.

“Ummmm,” she said, “I can feel it getting bigger.”

Tommy’s soft penis swelled to rock hardness in her

“It’s getting bigger!” she said.

Soon it was too big for Susie to fit in her mouth any
more. It slipped out.

“You’re rock hard now,” she said.

She looked at his hard, swollen dick.

“Oh, you are very big,” she said. “Very big.”

Susie stared at his erect manhood for a long minute.

She stroked it gently with her fingertips.

“I can’t be sure, but I think Marla may have won our
bet,” she said.

“It’s eight inches long,” Tommy said. “Want to measure

“I can see how big it is. I don’t need to measure. I
measure with my eyes. And I have one other way I can
measure you, if you want to.”

“How is that?”

“You could put it inside me, you know.”

“Do you want me to?”

“Yes, but can you get me ready first? I am going to need
to be lubricated before you try to put that fat thing in


The finest girl in school was begging him to screw her!
Tommy was on top of the world.

Tommy lay down next to Susie on the deck and kissed her.
Her felt her breasts, and he could feel the hard
pinpoints of her nipples pressing into his palm.

He felt between her legs. She was damp, and she sighed
when he found her love button.

Susie pumped his cock up and down with her fist. She
could not get her hand all the way around it.

“I think you have a big one alright,” she said. “I won’t
know if it’s the biggest I’ve ever seen until I feel it
inside me.”

“So you like big dicks,” he said.

“I like boys. I like all their dicks. The big ones are
very nice. I come very easily, you know. Sometimes I
have multiple orgasms. I like boys a lot. Especially a
nice boy like you, Tommy. You know a girl could really
fall for you hard.”

Susie started making little moaning noises in her throat
as he stroked her labia.

He could feel how damp and open and needy her pussy was.
It was like kneading dough as he fondled her between her

“Oh, god, I need you now, Tommy. Try to put it in!”

Tommy got on top of her and put his big dick into her
vagina. He found the wet, throbbing hole quickly.

She cried out as he entered her, with a loud gasp!

“Oh Tommy it’s big!”

He slid into her soft, yielding cunt.

“Oh Jesus you are stretching me out. Oh Tommy, yes you
are well-hung alright. Oh, good, come on now, enter me,
please. Go deeper.”

Her hot wet pussy was throbbing like a racing engine
around his cock.

He slid his cock deeper inside her.

Susie made little gasping noises.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!”

Tommy kept thrusting into her until he couldn’t go any

“No farther!” she gasped. Her soft brown eyes were round
in excitement.

“You’re hitting me in the cervix now! No deeper, it

She brought her soft, ruby red lips up close to his and
he felt her hot breath in his nostrils as they kissed.

Underneath him, her luxurious golden hips rolled under
him as she raised her hungering pussy eagerly to meet
every thrust.

“You’re the biggest,” she whispered in his ear. “The
biggest I’ve ever had! You’ve won Marla’s bet!”

He kept thrusting. His muscles gleamed with sweat under
the hot sun as he pumped in and out of her.

“Marla was right about you. I am sure you must be bigger
than any other boy in our class. Oh, Tommy, it feels so

Tommy worked his ass like a madman, fucking the
prettiest girl on the school. Susie’s naked body
trembled under him in ecstasy as they writhed together
on the deck.

“Fuck me!” she whispered. “Fuck me good! Keep fucking!
Oh please keep fucking! Your dick feels fantastic inside
me! I feel soooo full!”

Tommy’s big dick was wet with her fragrant juices as he
fucked in and out of Susie’s gorgeous 15 year old body.

“Are you going to come?” he asked her.

“I already have! And I feel another coming! Oh don’t
STOPPPPPPP!!!!!!” Susie screamed in ecstasy.

Tommy tried to cover her mouth. Susie let out another
loud cry.

He wondered if the neighbors could hear.

He placed his mouth over hers and kissed her to make her

Inside their interlocked bodies, Tommy’s painful nut
popped and a river of hot semen flooded Susie’s golden,
shivering body.

“I can feel you coming inside me,” she whispered. “It’s
okay, I am on the pill! Go ahead and come in me, all you

They lay together on the dock, their naked, sweating
bodies entwined.

“Thank you,” she said.

“For what?”

“That was one of the nicest comes I ever had.”

“You are welcome.”

“You know, Tommy, if you and Marla ever break up…”

“Well, actually…”

“No, I can’t do that to Marla. I guess it will just have
to be this once, Tommy. I hope you enjoyed it as much as
I did — if boys can enjoy it that much. You have no
idea what you did to me inside. My insides are all soft
and gooey from being stirred up by your big thing. It’s
nice getting fucked by a big one once in a while.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

Tommy admired the perfect hemispheres of Susie’s breasts
as she lay beneath him.
“Your breasts are magnificent,” he said.

“Thank you! You took longer to say that than any boy
I’ve ever been with.”
“That’s because all of you is magnificent. You have
magnificent toes, magnificent ankles, magnificent
calves, magnificent thighs…”

“Oh, look Tommy, your dick is still hard!”

“Let’s do it again! Want to?”

“Oh yes!”


Miss Abernathy was the prettiest teacher in the school,
and she knew it.
She had beautiful brown hair, sparkling green eyes,
ivory skin, even white teeth, long tapered legs, a firm
round ass, a tight waist and a big round pair of milky
jugs straining under her 36D bra.

She unhooked her bra and let it drop to the floor.

“Do you like what you see?” she said in a soft voice.

She looked at herself in the mirror.

“Yes, not too bad,” she answered herself.

She was only 25 and the Big Ones had not started to
droop yet. Her firm ripe melons stood high on her chest,
capped with big pink nipples that ached to be kissed.

“Why can’t I get a man?” she sighed.

Let’s face it, she told herself. You are pretty good
looking, even if you have to say so yourself. Why isn’t
there a man here with you?

She looked down ruefully at the vibrator on her dresser.

“It’s just you and me, chum,” she said.

Another Saturday night at home alone with a bowl of
chocolate ice cream, a romance novel, and her trusty

Darn it, she though to herself. You’d think with all I
have to offer I could attract a big strong man to come
get in this bed with me. And pleasure me with his big
hard dick until I come screaming.

But where can I find a man like that? And why doesn’t he
find me?

Why do I have to take the initiative all the time?

Miss Abernathy pulled off her panties, turned on the
cable TV and lay back on her bed. The vibrator whirred.


Tommy walked Marla home from school nearly every day.
Sometimes a boy in a red sports car would pick up Susan
and drive her home, and every time he watched her drive
off with the rich boy it hurt like a knife twisting in
his gut.

Tommy wanted to be with Susan. And he knew Susan was
willing to be with him. But Susan was Marla’s friend and
Marla would not let him off the hook. He was trapped
with her.

Why does being 15 feel so painful, he thought. Is it
always going to be like this?

In class, Miss Abernathy had announced the topic of the
mid-term theme. They were to write a 10-page (10 whole
pages!) theme on “Problems of Adolescent Life”, drawing
upon their own personal experiences.

Well, I sure have problems enough, Tommy thought. But I
am sure not going to write a ten page essay about THAT


Miss Abernathy blinked and stared at the student’s mid-
term paper in astonishment.

She had seen some pretty amazing personal things in
student essays before. But this–!

She read the paragraph again.

“I made the mistake of telling my best friend that my
boyfriend is “well-endowed” so now she wants to take him
away from me, and my boyfriend wants to break up with me
to be with her! And he is the only boy I have ever been
with who could give me climaxes.”

Needs to break up that long run-on sentence with a
period, Miss Abernathy thought. And “climaxes” is a poor
word choice.

Who wrote this one? She looked at the title page again.
The paper was young Marla Thornberry’s. Well, that
figures, Miss Abernathy thought. She’s only 15 and she’s
been sprouting up like a weed these last few months, and
her hormones must be driving her crazy.

I wonder what young Marla considers “well-endowed” in a
boyfriend, Miss Abernathy thought to herself. A little
smile played over her face and she licked her lips.

She finished grading the paper and moved on to the next.
Hmm, Susan Crawford’s essay, she thought. She’s always

She started reading, red pencil at the ready. By the
time she got down to the second page her eyes were round
in surprise.


“You wanted to see me, Miss Abernathy?”

“Yes, Tommy. I wanted to see you in private about the
mid-term assignment. Can you drop by my place after

“Can’t I see you here?”

“I think it would be best if we discussed this in
private since it involves other students, and I would
not want any of your fellow students to overhear.”

“Honest, Miss Abernathy — I wrote that paper myself. I
didn’t copy it from anyone.”

“I didn’t say you did. We’ll discuss it after school.
Here’s my address.”


Miss Abernathy did not want Tommy to get the wrong idea
so she changed into blue jeans and a baggy denim work
shirt with a heavy minimizer bra flattening her breasts
like a bandage underneath. Then she scrubbed off her
makeup and put her hair up in a bun.

There, she thought, inspecting herself in the mirror. I
look all business. Practically sexless. I hope these
jeans aren’t too tight — I don’t want Tommy checking
out my ass.

The doorbell rang. She pulled off her earrings, made one
final check in the mirror to wipe away a stray residue
of eye-liner, and went to answer the door.
Tommy came in bashfully when she opened the door and
took the chair she offered him. He checked out her digs
— she sure doesn’t live well on a teacher’s pay, he
thought. It was a modest little apartment furnished with
She offered him a soda from the refrigerator.

She sat down in a chair across from him.

“Tommy, two students both wrote about the same thing in
their essay.”
He squirmed.

“Was I one of them?”

“No. They both wrote about you.”


“Yes. Tommy, apparently you have two different girls in
hysterics. They are fighting over you.”

“Over me?”

“I can’t tell you the specifics of what they wrote, but
these two girls used to be good friends and then you
slept with both of them and now they want to kill each

“Me?” Tommy squeaked.

“Yes, you. Tommy, you kids are only 15. Girls that age
are very vulnerable. I should know — I had my heart
broken when I was their age.

“I don’t think you realize the damage you could cause.
Boys your age never do.”
“Miss Abernathy — I…I’m sorry.”

“Why did you have to sleep with your girlfriend’s best

“I didn’t want to — she just grabbed me. And anyway
Marla is not my girlfriend. She just suddenly announced
that I was her boyfriend without asking me.”
Miss Abernathy was bemused.

“I don’t know which of those statements to follow up
first. What do you mean she grabbed you? And what do
you mean she didn’t ask you if she could be your

“Well, you know, I mean, we were like just having sex
and she just blurted out Wait ’til I tell Susie about my
new boyfriend, just like that. And we were only having
sex! I was like — what new boyfriend? Who? Me?”

“Tommy, Tommy, Tommy. You have to understand — to a
girl — to a girl that age, I mean — if you are having
sex that means you are a couple. Because if she was
having sex with you and you weren’t her boyfriend that
would make her a slut.”

“Well, she didn’t tell me that before she took her shirt

“I know. Girls never explain anything. You have to just
know how they feel. That is part of learning to be a

Tommy looked at his shoes shame-facedly.

“Now what about this other girl? What do you mean, she
grabbed you? That’s not what she said in her essay.”

“I mean, she just — oh, Miss Abernathy, please don’t
make me tell you.”

“You can tell me. I won’t repeat it, I promise.”

“She grabbed me — you know — we were skinny-dipping in
her family’s pool — ”

“You were skinny-dipping? And whose idea was that?”

“Hers! It wasn’t my idea. We were just hanging out and
we started skinny-dipping ’cause her father’s swimming
suit wouldn’t fit me, and then she just kinda walked up
to me and put her hand on me, like you know, in a sexual

“You mean she felt your crotch?”

“Yeah, like that, kinda.”

“Tommy, do you have any idea how many times girls have
come to me in tears because somebody, a boy or even a
teacher, grabbed their crotch? Don’t be embarrassed to
tell me. Were you upset?”

“Well it did kinda freak me out, yeah.”

“You weren’t too freaked out to have sex with her.”

“Well, you see, I mean — it was Susan Crawford. Susan

“You mean “Susan Crawford, the prettiest girl in school
and future head cheerleader, class president and
homecoming queen” — that Susan Crawford?”

“Well, yeah. I’ve only had a severe crush on her since
the sixth grade.”

“You and about 40 other boys. So it was Susan Crawford,
your big crush, and she…made a move on you, and you
fell into her arms and let her have her way with you
because you felt all butterflies inside and you couldn’t
open your mouth to say no?”

“You’re making it sound kinda silly.”

“I’m sorry — I am laughing at you a little. So stuck-up
little Miss Goody-Goody, who was up there on a pedestal
where nobody could ever attain her, took off all her
clothes and jumped on you. God, you have to be the
luckiest bastard in the school. Excuse my language.”

Miss Abernathy was trying to hard to contain her giggles
that tears came to her eyes. She shook with bottled up

“Yes, I guess I am.”

“And did Miss Crawford tell you why she was doing this
to her best friend’s boyfriend?”

“She uh, she said they had a bet.”

“Yes, I know all about it.”

“You do?”

Neither of the girls had said anything about a bet. But
the minute he said it, she knew. Of course. Marla, the
plain jane who was a little chunky around the hips,
couldn’t resist trying to one-up her glamorous, popular
pal, so she started bragging.

“Yes. They made some sort of stupid bet about your, you

“I know.”

“Your size.”


Miss Abernathy smiled sympathetically.

“What a couple of boneheads. I’d like to knock their
heads together. Now they are both in hysterics, because
you, you teenage knucklehead, couldn’t keep your
swimming trunks on and pass up the opportunity to expose
your impressive manhood to a curious 15 year old girl.”

“I’m sorry.”

“You must be an early bloomer.”

“I guess.”

“So who won the bet?”


“I rather thought so. The way they are fighting over you
— !”

“I didn’t realize. I thought they were still friends.”

“So it’s really true? You are “well-developed” down

“Yeah, I guess I am.”

“You poor boy. What an awful burden to bear!”

“Don’t make fun of me.”

“I am not. I was an “early bloomer” too. I know what it
feels like to be “well-developed” when you are 15.”

“You do?”

“It’s a source of pride, but it is also a burden. I am
strapped into a painfully tight bra right now to flatten
them out because I have a male visitor and I don’t want
him staring me in the chest when he should be looking me
in the eye.”


“When you are a female teacher and you have big ones it
is important to have an arsenal of baggy shirts and
sweaters, and minimizer bras, so your tits don’t become
a distraction to the male students.”

She put her hand to her mouth. “Oops, I said “tits”. I
meant bosom.”

“If you don’t mind my saying so your, uh, bosom is a bit
of a distraction some times. That time you wore the
tight sweater while you were giving us the test.”

“God, I didn’t mean to. That was an accident. That
sweater used to be loose on me, but it must have shrunk
in the wash.”

“I think I would have scored 10 points higher if I
hadn’t been sneaking peaks at you every 30 seconds or

“The boys in the class averaged lower 10 points lower
than the girls on that test. Of course I like to think
that is because girls are smarter.”

“I think they are.”

“Not about you. When it comes to boys they turn into
blithering, infantile idiots. You made an honor student
into a moron. Susie hasn’t been able to think straight
for weeks. And all because you stuck your great big, big
thing in her curious little face. She’s come completely

“I am sorry.”

“And Marla is threatening to lock herself in her room
and go Sylvia Plath on us if you dump her.”

“I am really, really sorry.”

“You teenagers will be the death of me. Grown-up bodies,
minds like children.”

“I’m sorry.”

“You know, I’ve got half a mind to turn you over my knee
and –”


“Nah, just kidding.”

Tommy was disappointed. He’d had fantasies about that.

Miss Abernathy looked thoughtful.

“You know, I wonder,” she said.


“I wonder who’s going to win my bet.”

“You too? What did you bet?”

“I bet another teacher those silly girls were just
making it all up.”

“Making it up?”

“About this incredible over-development of yours. Do you
mind if I just take a peek? I’m kinda curious to see for
myself, now that the topic has come up.”

“Of course,” Tommy said.

Tommy unzipped his pants and lowered them to the floor.

Then he pulled his underpants down.

“Hmmm!” Miss Abernathy said. “Looks like you’ve got a
half-erection there.”


“That’s what I wore these baggy clothes to prevent.
Looks like you are a little hard there anyway.”

“Uh, yeah. I guess.”

“Well, okay, you can zip up now.”


“You can pull your pants up.”

“Ma’am? Didn’t want want to see it completely hard?”

“Oh, I can see how big it will get when it’s completely
hard. That’s all I needed, one quick peek. You can zip
it back up now.”

“But ma’am….”

“But what?”

“I thought you were, I mean we were, I mean…”

“You thought once I got a good look at your big
masculine endowment which belongs on a bull, I’d go all
gooey inside, drop to my knees and worship it, like

“Did she tell you about that? No, I didn’t think that,

Wow, Miss Abernathy thought, I cannot believe that Susie
Tommy looked so disappointed.

“So what about your bet, ma’am?”

“I guess I lost,” she laughed. “You really do have a big
one. If Marla and Susie decided among themselves that
you have the biggest weenie in the class, among all the
boys, I guess they are probably right.”


“So I tell you what. If you will be a good boy and put
your trousers back on and go home without an argument,
so I don’t have a naked underage boy standing here in my
parlor trying to get me fired from my job, I will give
you a choice.”

“A choice?”

“Yes. You can either put your hand on my rump (for ten
seconds) and get a good feel, or I will take my shirt
off for you and you can get a good look before I throw
you out.”

“Oh, wow, Miss Abernathy….”

“Yes, I know. Which do you choose?”

“Your shirt.”

“Okay. I kinda thought that would be your choice. You
men! Okay, the quicker you get your pants on the longer
I’ll let you look at me.”

Tommy had his pants back on in seconds.

“Okay, now here is the drill. I am going to go into my
bedroom and start changing to go out, since I can not go
out looking like this and I have to drive you into town
and drop you off at the library, where you are going to
study after our helpful little motivational chat about
your schoolwork. I’m glad we had this talk, by the way,
and I hope to see the improvement in your work.

“While I am undressing it is possible that I may forget
to close the door entirely. I am sometimes forgetful and
that door never did shut properly in hot weather. So it
may be open a crack, but if it is, I expect you to be a
gentleman and not peek. Do you understand me?”

“I think I do.”

“Might take me about 5 minutes to change, so I hope you
can amuse yourself in that time and no peeking. In the
meantime, I can’t recall anything we just spoke about —
can you? It is all very hazy in my mind and I am sure I
will have entirely forgotten what we talked about — or
anything else that may have transpired — in a very
short while. By the time we leave, as a matter of fact.
All I can recall is that we talked about your work and
you promised to study harder. Isn’t that it?”

“Uh, yes. That’s all we talked about. Cross my heart.”

“Okay then. Let me run and change before I drive you to
the library.”

Miss Abernathy sashayed out of the room into her bedroom
with an inviting little wiggle in her ass.

When she shut the door to her bedroom she failed to shut
it all the way.
Tommy pressed his eyes to the crack and watched.

“No peeking now — you promised.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Miss Abernathy faced the mirror and took off her shirt.

There was her big black minimizer bra in all its glory.

She studied herself in the mirror for a minute,

Her hands went up behind her back and unhooked the bra.

Her bra came down.

Her tits popped out from under her bra.

Miss Abernathy looked at herself in the mirror. There
they were, her pride and glory, ever since she was a

She put her hands behind her head, arched her back and
thrust them out for all they were worth.

And they were worth a lot. Miss Abernathy had million
dollar tits and she knew it.

Tommy gaped. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He
was looking at Miss Abernathy’s naked breasts!

She smiled in the mirror.

Then she turned around and faced the door.

“Come on in and have a look,” she said.

She pulled her elbows back with her hands clasped behind
her head, posing like a pinup girl in an old calendar
photo, with her back arched and her boobies pushed out
to there, firm and high on her chest.

Tommy walked into the room.

He stared at her breasts.

She pirouetted for him.

“Big, aren’t they?”

Tommy was speechless.

“You like them?”

Tommy nodded his head dumbly.

“Whose do you like best? Susie’s, or Marla’s, or…”

“Yours,” he said.

She smiled.

“Would you mind pulling your pants down again? I am
afraid I lied — I do want to see how big it gets when
it is hard. Is it hard now?”

Tommy nodded.

Tommy pulled down his pants.

His cock sprang out and stood stiffly before him. It
didn’t stand up straight any more — it had gotten so
big and heavy that it stuck out at 90 degrees,
perpendicular to his body, rather than standing up
straight like a flagstaff the way it used to when it
wasn’t so big.

“My,” she said. “You are very big.”

She looked at him thoughtfully.

“I can’t believe two 15 year old girls are fighting over
that big weenie of yours.”

She smiled. He didn’t say anything. They looked at each

She walked over to her dresser, picked something up and
put it in his hand.

“Think you are bigger than this? Because if you are…”
It was her vibrator.

“It’s seven inches long and five around. Are you

He held the vibrator against his cock, parallel. His
cock was an inch longer, and wider around.

She took the vibrator from him and tossed it aside

“Who needs that old thing,” she said. “I guess I won’t
be needing it.”

“Maybe not,” said Tommy, looking at his big fat erection
bashfully, but proudly.

“I hope not,” she said, with a twinkle in her eye.

Miss Abernathy pulled her pants down eagerly, stripped
off her panties, and lay back on her bed.

Tommy could see warm moisture glistening on the ivory
gates between her thighs. His dick was swollen purple
with the veins standing out.

Her nipples were stiff with lust.

“Hurry!” she said.


Monday morning Tommy told Susie and Marla that he wasn’t
going to date either of them any more. He was breaking
up with them both. That would solve the problem.
They begged him and they pleaded with him, but he was

He wouldn’t say why.

“Who is she?” Marla demanded. Tommy shrugged.

They both cried their eyes out for weeks.