Desk Clerk’s Distraction

I am handling a customer complaint when you come up
behind me, looking stern in your bun hairdo and glasses.
The woman in front of me barely gives you a second
glance as she goes on about the problems in her room. I
manage to look interested and reserved at the same time
while I pull out a notepad and begin writing out a

I feel your hands around my waist, moving down sinuously
to my belt. You start to unfasten my belt and your
fingers deftly slide the zipper down quietly. If this
woman could see behind the desk she would be shocked at
my unprofessional appearance! Your hands slip down my
stomach into my shorts and I stifle a sudden urge to
choke, scream and run. You can’t be serious…

Your cool hands find my shaft, already half-hard, and
you stroke the sensitive head with your fingers. I’m
finding it more and more difficult to pay attention to
the whining woman in front of me, and the hand caressing
my balls doesn’t help at all. I mumble something in
response to the woman. My handwriting is getting harder
and harder to read…

Your hands move faster, the left hand gently gripping my
shaft and moving up and down, your thumb flicking the
head of my cock on each stroke. With your other hand you
are playing with my balls, rolling them from side to
side. Your nails occasionally scrape deliciously against
my inner thighs, and my cock is throbbing painfully. I
want to move my hips, but that would alert the customer
that something peculiar is going on. “Young man, are you
listening to me?” she snaps…

I mollify her and ask her to wait while I finish writing
up the incident report. Thankfully, I feel your hands
move with more purpose now as you stroke me over the
edge, cumming shamelessly into your palms, the excess
dripping down over my balls and in my shorts. You rub
the creamy flow into my balls, wipe your hands on my ass
and pull my shorts and pants back up.

I take a few deep breaths, make sure my professional
smile is back in shape, and raise my head to finish
taking care of the woman in front of me as you raise my
zipper and fasten my belt. I apologize to the woman for
her troubles, and remind her we always want to have
satisfied customers. I hear a snicker behind me and turn
to see you walking back to your office, sucking on one