A Halloween SexStory

I walked into the club and just stood there, looking at
the wide variety of costumes. Dancing girls, Chippendale
men, monsters, vampires, the usual royalty, they were
all there. I myself was what I hoped was a sexy maid.
Seamed stockings, a tiny maid’s costume that almost but
not quite revealed my breasts. And I had to be careful
when I sat down, too.

The guys were all over me, and all over every other
single woman there as well. I was in heaven, trying to
decide if any of my suitors were worth further

I noticed a crowd in a corner, and wandered in that
direction, fending off advances as I went. I peered
through the crowd to see what the commotion was about.

A raven-haired woman sat alone at a table. Her costume
reminded me of that woman on TV called Elvira, a sexy
vampiress. The guys were lined up five and six deep
trying to get her to converse with them, but she just
sat there, smiling softly, sipping her drink, ignoring
them all.

I stared at her. The self-assurance the woman projected
was truly remarkable. One guy put his hands on the back
of an empty chair at her table, and she just raised her
eyes and looked at him. She didn’t frown, she still wore
that same maddening smile. She didn’t say a word. After
a moment, the guy began shifting nervously. He then
removed his hands from the chair and pushed his way out
of the crowd.

The woman’s eyes slowly swept across the gathered males.
They fell silent. A moment later, they started muttering
amongst themselves, and one by one, they walked away.

I found myself alone, still staring at her.

She was staring back at me.

When I realized this, I blinked and looked around. We
were alone in the corner, the crowd had gone off to
attempt other conquests. I looked back at her to find
her still staring at me. Without a word, she motioned to
the chair beside her. Not opposite her, beside her.

Nervously, I sat down, not knowing why. I wasn’t looking
for a woman. I wanted male companionship. I would have
taken about four seconds to choose a guy from the crowd
this woman had had gaping at her. But now I was sitting
alone in a dim corner with her. I shook my head,

She just looked at me, smiling. Her eyes seemed to
glimmer in the dimness, to see right through me. Now I,
too, began shifting nervously, and started to stand up.
This was too weird.

She shook her head. Slowly, I sank back down into my
chair. I was truly nervous now. Her eyes, eyes that I
had thought were dark, now seemed to be a bright, deep,
blue. How was that possible? I blinked again, my eyes
darting away from her, back to the milling crowd in the
club. A crowd that was no longer paying any attention at
all to the stunning woman in the corner. No longer
paying attention to me.

This was weird.

“I am Leslie,” she whispered.

My eyes went back to her. Why do her eyes look green
now? I shook my head, confused.

“Um…Diane,” I mumbled, my face flaring.

She just nodded, still smiling.

“Diane,” she said softly, slowly, seeming to savor the
taste of my name as it rolled easily from her lips.
Bright red lips. Inviting lips.

I shuddered violently. What the hell am I thinking, I
wondered. This is getting to far-out for me. I tried to
stand, but found a strange heaviness creeping through my
body. No, I decided. It’s so much easier to just sit
here with her. I’ll just sit here until I finish my
drink, then get up.

My drink. I looked at it, looked at the clear liquid,
which filled the glass. I reached out, my arm not
wanting to cooperate, and picked the glass up off the
table. It seemed so heavy. With great difficulty, I
raised it to my lips and took a drink. My eyes met hers
as my head tilted back.

I felt my skin begin to crawl. Her eyes now seemed like
wheels of fire, bright red, blazing at me from under
those thick dark lashes.

Without really being aware of it, I lowered my glass
back to the table, my drink untasted. The sounds of the
club seemed distant somehow, and the feeling of
heaviness, of lethargy, was increasingly powerful.

She moved. Her hand came towards me, reaching out to me.
Without thinking, I reached up, my hand moving by
itself, and took hers. She stood, as did I. My body felt
like a lead weight, and yet movement now seemed
effortless. Without a word, she guided me slowly through
the crowd, which parted before her. No one seemed to pay
us any attention as we walked out the door. I was led
unresisting to a car. A large black car.

She opened the back door and pointed. I sat down, not
knowing why, my mind seemingly unable to process
information on its own. She closed the door, got in, and
started driving.

I sat in the back like a statue as she drove. I wondered
where we were going, I wondered why we were going there.
I wondered about her eyes. I could not come up with any
conclusions, it was too hard to even think.

The car stopped. I looked out the window. Trees. Nothing
but trees.

A door opened and closed. Another door opening and
closing, and she was beside me in the back seat.

“You want me,” she said softly.

I stared at her, not really comprehending what she had
said. But I found myself nodding agreement. Her eyes
were still bright points of fire, and I found myself
staring into them, trying to figure out what was going
on. It was impossible to think clearly. I gave up

She reached out again. Her hand was between my breasts,
gently holding the material of my maid’s costume.
Without warning, she pulled violently, and my costume
was ripped from my body.

Startled, I let out a shriek. She laughed, the sound
echoing loudly in the car’s large interior. Feeling as
if I had been released from some dark spell, I suddenly
panicked. I was alone in a car with a crazy woman, out
in the woods somewhere.

Oh, my God.

I screamed as loud as I could as I felt her hands
against my breasts. I struggled as she squeezed my
nipples, as she burrowed her hand between my legs, legs
held tight together by quivering muscles. I was sobbing
as I felt a slender finger probing at my hidden folds.
Folds that were somehow so moist and so hot. Oh, so hot.

Those bright red lips closed around my left nipple. That
slender finger worked its way deep inside my body. I
cried out again, this time with a mixture of panic,
shame, and – pleasure.

Oh, God. This is turning me on. I cried out even harder.

My eyes darted around the darkened interior of the car,
looking for something to distract her, to disable her,
to get her the hell off me. All I could see was the glow
of the dash clock.

11:50 PM.

My head tipped back against the door and I screamed as
Leslie brought me to climax. I was crying like a baby
now, humiliated, and yet so – aroused.

She had asked if I wanted her. I had agreed
unconsciously. Now she was taking me, using me, making
me – cum.

Oh, God.

Her finger pressed against my clit, rubbing furiously.
Her mouth moved from breast to breast, then up my chest,
and her sharp teeth began nibbling at the base of my
neck. Her other hand worked its way behind my head,
pulling me closer to her. I cried out again as yet
another climax rippled through my trembling body.

I was turned on. Lord help me, I was turned on.

There was a stillness. I peered at her, panting,
gasping, wanting her to continue. Those burning eyes
stared up at me, unblinking, unwavering, holding me in
an iron grip.

“You want me,” she whispered again.

I nodded. I knew I was nodding. I said “Yes” in a weak

She laughed, the sound deafening. Her laughter shook the
car, seeming to come from the very depths of the earth
itself. Then she was once more kissing my throat,
fingering my cunt, making me crazy. I gave up all
attempts at resistance as my body responded to her

My wide eyes darted about aimlessly, and I noticed the
dash clock.


Her lips brushed lightly over my throat. I moaned with
pure ecstasy.

A sudden, sharp, burning pain erupted from my neck,
where Leslie’s face pressed against my skin. A warm
feeling, a lightheaded feeling. One more incredible,
blinding orgasm that seemed to erase every last trace of
reality itself as it carried me into the far reaches of
ecstasy. I cried out again, one last shriek of intense
pain and unimaginable pleasure.


I rolled over and looked at the clock radio. Six thirty.
Damn. I must have forgotten to set the alarm again.

Bounding out of bed, I ran into the bathroom. I jumped
in the shower, jumped out, and stood before the mirror
to do my hair.

How odd. There was no reflection.

Puzzled, I reached out and tapped the mirror. Yes, it
was there, as well as the usual reflections of the
bathroom itself.

Where the hell was MY reflection?

Puzzled, a bit nervous, I did my hair as best I could. I
went back into the bedroom and dressed for work.
Outside, I got in my car and tilted the inside mirror to
check my hair. I frowned. No reflection there either.

What the hell was going on?

I looked into the mirror again and my mouth went dry.

A pair of burning red eyes stared back at me. A low,
knowing laugh seemed to echo through my mind.

My unease grew as I drove to work. Once there, I ran
into the bathroom and looked into the mirror.

There was a reflection. I sighed with relief.

My relief turned to horror as my image slowly seemed to
change. I was now staring at a woman who seemed very
familiar. Her name…name…


The party…

Her eyes…

Her car….

The incredible pleasure she had shown me. Pleasure I
somehow knew I would always have at my beck and call,
whenever, wherever I wanted it, and with whoever I
wanted it with. Pleasure undreamed of was mine for the

And as her image faded, with my own image failing to
reappear, I became aware of the price that pleasure
carried. I stared at the mirror, now empty but for her
smoldering eyes.

Those eyes burst into flame and she laughed.

I felt a strange warmth, a sense of release, as I
laughed with her.