The night shook with fury and the rain thrashed against
the roof. The storm windows sounded like they were going
to fly off their hinges. It was dark and cold outside as
she looked out the front windows, waiting… Paula had
not come home yet and was several hours passed due. Tina
passed again, in front of the windows, holding her
breath… maybe the next set of lights would be… But
they weren’t. Paula had not yet arrived.

Tina was still so upset from their stormy argument just
hours ago. Tina found herself blameless for what
occurred, but it was bound to happen. Tina had been with
Paula for almost 5 years. It was her first serious
lesbian relationship. She had toyed with being a lesbian
while she was in college, but never really took it
seriously. Her first fling had been with her roommate.

One night her roommate came home, unsatisfied by her
current boyfriend. She’d crawled into Tina’s bed, naked,
and had spread her legs, taking Tina’s hand in hers to
stroke her hot wet lips.

Something about the moment had turned Tina on. She was
unable to really respond, due to her uncertainty of the
situation. But for several nights after that encounter,
she had dreamt about the feel of her roommate’s pussy.
They eventually got it on and were caught by their
housemother. A pact was made, and every Friday night
after that, when most of the girls were out partying,
Tina, her roommate and the housemother got it on.

Yes, College had been an enjoyable experience.

After college, Tina had fell in love and out of love with
a string of men. She enjoyed having a cock between her
legs. There just was no substitute. She had tried almost
every rubber or plastic dildo known to mankind, but none
of them compared to having a hard cock. There was just
something about having the real thing.

The men she slept with were turned on when they found out
she swung both ways. Tina was a jealous lover and was
unable to be with two people simultaneously, until…
that is… today.

She had come home as usual. A new couple had moved in
next door. The wife was so cute. She was a petite women
with a size 3 waist and small firm looking tits. Tina
liked the little doll-like women. Tina was 5’7″ with long
blonde hair that reached her behind. She kept her hair
swept out of her piercing blue eyes and could easily pass
for a model and had been told that for several years.

Tina had always been attracted to petite women and large
dark haired men. Her current love interest was neither of
those. Paula was a pure dike, a large big-boned Hungarian
with blonde hair. They had met through some mutual
friends and had just clicked. Tina liked Paula, but
didn’t love her. She was comfortable with the
relationship and the sex was okay. Paula took very good
care of Tina, and that was the primary reason she stayed.
She liked being pampered and taken care of. When she was
sick, Paula would tuck her in to bed. When she was short
on cash, Paula would hand her a wad of hundred dollar


The Morgans, the new young couple that had moved in next
door, were moving some furniture into their place and
Tina went over to offer help. She immediately felt
comfortable with them. They soon became friends and then
more than just friends.

Their offer hadn’t surprised Tina in the least. She was
willing to be a threesome. That first time they went into
the couple’s front room and quickly undressed. Mr.
Morgan’s cock was hard and ready. Mrs. Morgan helped a
nervous Tina get undress.

They came at Tina from both sides, as she was sandwiched
in between them. Tina eagerly spread her legs and
accepted Mr. Morgan’s cock as it penetrated her deeply.
Spread out of the floor, Tina was able to plunge her
tongue between Mrs. Morgan’s legs and started sucking her
sweet pussy.

Tina sucked on her neighbor’s sweet pussy, she groaned
with pleasure. It had been a long time since she’d had a
real hard cock deep inside her pussy. This was the best
of both worlds for her. She thoroughly enjoyed fucking
both a man and a women simultaneously. She was not
jealous about the attention Mr. Morgan was paying to his
wife and visa versa.

Then they shifted, Mr. Morgan pulled his dripping cock
from Tina and plunged it into his wife’s glistening hole.
She held him tight, accepting each of his thrusts,
grunting in rhythm with his efforts.

Tina looked on, fingering her own pussy, when the
Morgan’s reached out to her, and pulled her into their
arms. Mrs. Morgan crawled between Tina’s legs and started
sucking on her pussy as Mr. Morgan dangled his hard cock
in front of her face.

Eagerly Tina sucked Mr. Morgan’s cock into her mouth. She
slid her tongue all over his shaft and gently chewed the
tip, teasing him to further hardness. She massaged his
balls with her slime-coated fingers as she continued

As Tina sucked his cock, while Mr. Morgan played with her
tits causing her nipples to stand out hard. His wife
looked up from Tina’s pussy, with pussy juice smeared all
over her chin.

Then she pulled away and knelt between Tina’s spread wide
legs and began to strap on a dildo. Soon she was
preparing to penetrate Tina’s pussy. Tina had the
strangest urge just then. As she lay there looking up at
her neighbor she knew then and there that she wanted to
be gang fucked. That thought in mind, she maneuvered Mrs.
Morgan’s dildo into her tight ass and she encouraged Mr.
Morgan to penetrate her pussy from underneath. Together
the Morgan’s began to ride their pretty and willing
neighbor until all three came in the throws of passion.

None of them had noticed their visitor. Not until it was
too late. They looked up from their shared afterglow just
in time to see Paula charge from the house. How long she
had been there, the three lovers had no idea. But surely
she had seen enough to know about Tina’s transgressions.

Tina was not overly concerned at first. She was still
consumed with her pent up sexual hunger, as she pulled
Mrs. Morgan back into her arms. She held Mrs. Morgan,
sucking on her tits, running her hands between her hot
wet legs. Mr. Morgan wrapped his arms around Tina, and
with a grunt of satisfaction he penetrated her from
behind. Tina met each one of his eager thrusts as she
continued finger fucking his wife.

Mrs. Morgan squirmed with pleasure as she started to cum
once again. Wanting to reciprocate the pleasure, her
mouth found Tina’s tits and started sucking on them. Once
again, all three bodies shook with the spasms of pleasure
at almost the same time.

For a while they laid in each other’s arms, enjoying the
after glow of their second intense lovemaking. Slowly it
dawned on Tina the consequences of her actions. Paula
would surely leave her. Tina didn’t have a job and the
house was in Paula’s name.

The Morgans offering her their spare room.

Tina returned her house, finding Paula in a rage. She
gave Tina an ultimatum… Tina was puzzled as to what she
had seen in this women. Paula’s love making was rough…
The lovemaking with the Morgan’s reminded her what was
missing in their relationship… there was no love.

Tina closed her eyes, remembering the lovemaking she had
just shared with the Morgans. She compared that moment
with corresponding moments with Paula. She slowly started
packing her stuff. Paula raged from the house, calling
Tina vicious names.

That had been hours ago. The Morgan’s sat across the room
watching Tina pace. They knew she didn’t love Paula, but
felt responsible anyway. Tina would never be able to live
with the guilt if something happened with Paula…

The shrill of the phone, shattered the silence. A smile
spread over Mr. Morgan’s features. The local sheriff had
Paula in their custody. She had been picked up for
drunken driving and disorderly conduct. Mr. Morgan led
his women to bed. As they laid together, in each other’s
arms… one last thought passed before his mind…
tomorrow they needed to get a bigger bed!