Interracial sex story

John, Jenna and Nicole had been classmates at Excelsior Academy, a prep school north of the city. John had a huge crush on both girls going back years, but he never let either girl know: their social circles didn’t exactly overlap. John was with the supernerds, while Jenna and Nicole were two of the most popular girls in the entire school. John also figured that if he ever tried to ask either one of them out, they’d turn him down. He was surprised they even let him into their dorm room; he couldn’t imagine that happening a year ago.

As John looked at Jenna and Nicole, he marveled at their beauty. Jenna had long, golden-blonde hair, hazel eyes, a smattering of freckles and a lightly tanned complexion; her cheeks were adorable and full, and John imagined kissing them. Nicole was an even more striking beauty: long dark-brown hair, green eyes, alabaster-pale skin and an upturned, regal nose.

John was a skinny, soft-spoken black kid with curly hair and chocolate eyes; his hands were filled with energy. He was nicknamed ‘Michael’ by some of the kids at Excelsior because of his resemblance to a teenage Michael Jackson; John hated the nickname until he heard through the grapevine that some of the white girls liked him because of his resemblance to the singer. John never found out if that rumor was true; he was way too nervous, way too scared of rejection, way too cautious about what would happen.

Jenna and Nicole couldn’t get over the vast differences between senior year at Excelsior and freshman year at Sutton College. John told the girls he was also struck by those differences-though he didn’t want to say that he thought the girls here weren’t as hot as the girls at Excelsior…especially the two girls right next to him.

John looked over at Room 806. The walls were covered in liquor ads pulled from magazines; Jenna and Nicole were still 19, two years away from the legal drinking age, but they both joked that they were ‘looking forward to it!’ John looked at their clothes scattered over the floor, including their underwear; he imagined himself sniffing their panties. Then he saw a familiar blue book.

‘Is that the yearbook?’

‘For Excelsior? Sure!’ Jenna replied.

John walked over to retrieve it. He had destroyed his own yearbook; he couldn’t bear to see the faces of all the cute white girls he could never work up the courage to approach.

‘Let me see it,’ Nicole said, and both girls placed the book on Jenna’s bed.

‘Boy, I missed that school, don’t you?’ Jenna asked.


‘Betcha really missed the girls, too,’ Nicole responded, prompting all three to laugh. ‘Which girls did you like?’

Oh God, John thought, don’t ask me that question.

‘Well, uh…’

‘Come on, Johnny, out with it,’ Jenna replied.


‘Come on!’ said Nicole.

‘Oh, wow…’ John sighed. ‘Well, let me see…’

Jenna and Nicole giggled. Why are they doing that, John thought.

John scanned the photos. ‘I liked…I liked Madison, uh…McKayla…’

‘Yeah, all the Ms,’ Nicole replied.


‘Wow, you liked Allison?’ Jenna replied, looking at the photo of the gorgeous redhead.

‘Yeah…let’s see…Zoe, Taryn, Cynthia, Trish, Melinda, Caity, Sophia…’

‘Go on,’ said Jenna, ‘I’m impressed by your list!’

‘Uh, Annie, Tracy, Hannah…uh…’

John paused. He couldn’t go on.

‘Who else?’ said Jenna.

Goddamn it, John thought. I can’t lie to them.

‘Go on, who else?’ said Nicole.

‘Uh…uh…Jenna and Nicole.’

Jenna and Nicole’s eyes flashed. ‘See, I told you,’ Jenna said, giving Nicole a friendly elbow. The two girls laughed.

‘Uh…’ John was extremely nervous and embarrassed. ‘Uh…you know, maybe I should leave now.’ His dorm, Turner Hall, was just a block away; maybe I could masturbate my embarrassment away, he thought.

‘Maybe you shouldn’t,’ Jenna replied, smiling, her cheeks more beautiful than ever.

‘We always knew you liked white girls,’ Nicole replied.

‘How did you know?’ asked John.

‘Let’s say it was obvious,’ Nicole giggled.

‘You mean…’

‘Your pants,’ Jenna replied. ‘Every time we saw you around a white girl-Nicky and me included-we’d see your big thing sticking through your pants.’

‘Oh boy,’ said John, feeling super-embarrassed now.

‘How come you never approached any of them?’ said Jenna. ‘A lot of those girls thought you were cute.’

‘And very sweet, and kind,’ added Nicole.


‘You didn’t think Daddy would like it if their daughter brought a black guy home? That’s what we figured,’ said Nicole.

‘Uh, yes,’ said John. ‘I’ve heard stories…you know…about dads flipping out if their daughter starts dating black guys…’

‘Well, that’s not everyone,’ Jenna replied. ‘Did you know my aunt is married to a black man? They have two daughters, and they look amazing. They could be models.’

‘Wow, no…’

‘And my mom loves Denzel,’ said Nicole. ‘My dad’s a big fan, too. Some people are grown up about that sort of stuff…’

‘I see…’

Jenna and Nicole smiled. ‘You mean,’ Jenna replied, ‘you liked both of us all this time and you never let us know?’


‘Well, we know now,’ Nicole replied. ‘Stand up.’


‘Stand up! Come on.’

‘Oh boy.’

John stood up…and the bulge in his crotch once again gave away how he felt about these two gorgeous girls.

‘Impressive!’ Jenna said.


‘Can we see it?’ Nicole replied.

‘Nicky!’ said Jenna in mock surprise.

‘Seriously,’ Nicole responded. ‘Can we see it? We know you want to fuck us with it.’

‘Oh, my God, Nicky,’ Jenna replied, smiling.

‘Oh boy, uh…’

‘Well, fuck it,’ said Nicole, reaching over to remove John’s belt. He offered no resistance as his pants fell to the floor. Nicole hesitated before removing John’s boxers, however.

‘Watch this,’ said Nicole. ‘This will get him super-hard.’

Nicole removed her shirt and jeans, exposing her lovely pale skin to John. Her breasts were ready to spill right out of her bra, and he could see her brown pubic hair poking out over her panties. Jenna quickly followed suit, and John marveled at Jenna’s gorgeous tanned skin and legs, and the loveliness of her pink lace bra and panties.

Nicole elbowed Jenna, and the two girls reached over to yank down John’s red boxers. His black cock, hard and shiny, sprang out, causing Nicole and Jenna to jump back in delighted shock.

‘Fuck it,’ Jenna screamed. ‘You’ve got a cock like a porn star!’

‘No, I don’t,’ John responded. ‘It’s…it’s…’

‘It’s beautiful,’ said Nicole.

John came closer to both girls, and placed his hands on their waists. ‘Ooh,’ Jenna and Nicole said simultaneously, marvelling at the sight of John’s black hands on their lovely white bodies.

‘We want to suck your cock,’ Jenna and Nicole again said simultaneously.

John nodded, and the two girls kissed him and knelt down.

John was stunned by the energy of his two classmates: how they licked and kissed his cock-head and shaft, how they fondled his balls, how they eagerly took turns sucking him. As they sucked him, John thought of how awesome it would be to have a threesome with Jenna and Nicole, how great it would be to kiss their stomachs and backs, stroke their long hair, and sink his gigantic black cock into their pink pussies and virgin asses. The thought of fucking them made him ever harder, and it wasn’t long before streams of cum piped right out of his cock onto their faces and chests. John liked the sight of his cream landed on their bras; he hoped they would give their bras to him as a souvenir, or keep them as a memento of this night.

‘God, you cum a lot,’ Nicole said, as Jenna scooped some of John’s cream off of her cheeks, placed it into her mouth, and swallowed.

‘Yeah,’ said John, now on his knees as well.

‘Tell you what…’ said Jenna. ‘Nicky and I, we wouldn’t mind having a threesome with you.’

‘Yeah, totally,’ Nicole added.

‘How about if you run across the street to Stark’s, get some condoms-jumbo-sized, obviously-and meet us back here?’

‘Sure!’ said John, quickly putting his boxers and pants back on.

‘We’ll be waiting!’ said Nicole.

As John crossed the street to head over to Stark’s, he looked back at room 806. Jenna and Nicole were staring out the window at him; they had now removed their bras, and John smiled at the sight of their exposed breasts. ‘Don’t be too long!’ yelled Jenna through the window.

John was happy to see that condoms at Stark’s were buy-one-get-one-free this week. He smiled and bought two packages. As he left the store and walked back to Lanner Hall, he grew ever more excited; it wouldn’t be long before his fantasy came true, and his horny black cock pleased their beautiful white pussies.