Mature on the bus

It was the summer of 1983. I was going on a cross country bus trip to see my aunt in California. This was my first time traveling alone. As a teenager, I felt great to be having an adventure of my own. I was always horny, and after a few hours, my cock was getting hard, for no apparent reason. I looked around and figured I could stroke one out under the blanket I had with me.

I brought the blanket up over my shoulders, and below my knees, creating a tented area for my stroking. I pulled my gym shorts down to get my cock out. All the time thinking I had it all figured out. I had just began stroking my cock, when I noticed a lady across the aisle from me, who was glancing at me. She had caught on to my plan. She was very nice looking, a blonde with a great rack. She looked to be late 30’s, and obviously a mother. Her son was asleep in the window seat. He looked about 10.

I continued to stroke my cock under the blanket as she smiled, and soon stopped looking away. She nodded at me, as if to suggest that I take the blanket away. I lifted the blanket and let her see my cock, as I stroked slowly. She looked at her sleeping son, and got up and moved to the seat next to me. She pulled the blanket over her too, and grabbed my cock, and took over the stroking. She whispered in my ear, “Nice fucking cock baby! I’ll take over.”

She stroked my cock for a few minutes using both hands. Then she looked around and ducked under the blanket. My cock was in her warm mouth and she was sucking me deep. I just sat there enjoying the random woman. I was in no hurry to cum, and knew I could hold out a long time. I reached down and found her dress and pulled it up. As I moved my hand towards her cunt, she spread her legs to give me access. When I got to her cunt I found a neatly trimmed mound, and a shaved cunt. I pressed my fingers into her soaked cunt and slid them up to rub her clit. She moaned around my cock. I rubbed it back and forth and she stiffened and clamped her mouth on my cock. She grunted for a minute repeatedly.

As I slowed my fingers on her clit, she came up for air. Her face was flushed red when she came from under the blanket. She glanced around, pushed the button to lay my seat back, and climbed on top of me. She guided my cock into her cunt, and lowered herself down. There were only a few people on the bus, so we were fairly safe from being seen. She groaned as she hit bottom. She whispered again. “You are twice as big as my husband. I love your cock! Don’t tell me your name, I just want you to fuck me. Cum deep in my cunt when you are ready. I… I… I… I’m cumming already! Ohhh fuuuuuuuuck! You are so fucking big compared to my husband! Feels so fucking good! Ooohh God yeeeeessssss!!! So fucking deeeeeeep!!! Oh hell yeah!!! I’m cuuuuuuming again! You… fuuuuuucking…. big … dicked…. mother fucker!!!”

I was loving her nasty talk. We continued fucking for a few minutes with her cumming several times and soaking the seat below us. I grabbed her ass and started pounding into her. I let go and pumped her full of my teenage cum. She threw her head back and groaned softly. Her cunt was flooded as my seed sprayed her womb.

We slowed down and she smiled at me. “That was so fucking incredible! I have never had multiple orgasms before. You are the best! I wish you were my neighbor!” I grinned and said, Are you on the pill?” She winked at me as she got up. “Nope.” She moved back to her seat. She lit a cigarette and smiled at me. “Thanks hon. That was the hottest fuck of my life!”

Her and her son got off the bus about an hour later. Damn what a hottie!