Viewing Lisa’s Heavenly Body

I continued my voyeurism in the Air Force, picking up a
telescope while I was in the barracks and looking at any
gal who forgot to close the curtains. Then Lisa came into


My voyeur eyes had been well trained long before I went
overseas with the Air Force. Once I got to Japan, the
viewing was regular and outstanding almost every night!

The barracks we lived in ran parallel and barely 20 yards
apart, so any open curtain was easy to see. Also, I was
on the third floor of four so I could see straight into
the same floor and all of the second and first floors of
the next building.

One of my favorites was the room on the end of the second
floor. The two gals who lived there would race after
every shift they worked to see who got the shower first.
They NEVER closed their curtains, so I got strips and
nude young ladies almost any time I wanted. They were
very attractive with lean, athletic bodies and perky
nipples. One night one of the gals had a guy over and
they were obviously going to go all the way. I kicked
back to watch the show when the guy got up and closed the
curtains! DAMN…

They weren’t the only ones who normally failed to close
their curtains, but things got really good when I took an
astronomy class and bought a telescope for it. It only
took a night or two before I realized just how much you
can see through a small opening in a curtain or the
detail you can see when the curtains are open!

I never hid the scope, figured hiding it in plain sight
would put people more at ease. Talking to some of the
gals at work, I found out word had spread of someone with
a scope in the next building over. I laughed and said it
was me and talked to her about my astronomy class. As I
was known as an All-American guy, sexually naive and the
oldest virgin on flight (or so they thought), she assumed
I was only looking at stars and planets and told the
others in the dorm as much. They didn’t know how many
heavenly bodies I was seeing almost every night!

One night I was gazing at the Great Nebula of Orion (yes,
I really did star gazing too), I noticed a light come on,
on the first floor and took a glance without the scope to
see what was up. It was one of the gals from the unit
known for putting out with almost any guy she went out
with. Well, here was Lisa wearing a micro-mini skirt
walking right up to the curtains and closing them
quickly. The curtains kind of opened back from the recoil
as she had closed them so hard.

She had already turned around and was undoing the wide
belt she was wearing, then unzipped the mini and stepped
out of it. No bra, only bikini panties that were next to
hit the floor. Whoever the guy was, stepped up and put
his arms around her then and they went into a liplock. By
this time I had the scope zoomed in, my pants unzipped
and my dick was in my hand. Lisa dropped to her knees,
pulled out his dick and started giving him a blowjob as
he pulled off his shirt, then ran his hands through her
long dark hair.

She pulled him down on top of her on the futon and they
slipped almost out of my field of view. I could only see
his back and butt for a while, but her hands were moving
all over his back. Then they changed to her on top and I
had a great view of Lisa’s tight body as she started
riding him.

They were so close to the window then that she hit the
curtains with her shoulder and opened the curtain a bit
more. She rode him for a while, then she climbed off and
got on all fours. He got in behind her and they started
doing it doggie. From my angle, I could see from her mid-
section back past her ass and him as he slid his dick in
and out of her (didn’t look real long, but it was really
thick). I’d heard Lisa was enthusiastic, now I got to see
just how much. WOW!

Then they stopped for a few seconds and he pulled out.
Then he aimed a little higher and put his dick up to her
ass and moved the tip around. She reached back and held
it where she wanted it, then pushed back with her hips
until he was in her ass.

From the look on his face, I don’t think he believed he
was actually going to get to fuck her ass! Then she
started moving back and forth so he knew she really
wanted him to do it. Well, bright boy got the clue and
did her ass good. Eventually he came and pulled out of
her ass. Then they both got up and went out of view.

About 15 minutes later (I was waiting since the light
hadn’t gone out), there they were back on the futon with
wet hair and she proceeded to suck his dick until it was
hard again.

Then she climbed on him again and rode him until she laid
down on him, apparently exhausted.

I went looking for other windows then as I figured they
were done for the night. A little while later, there was
Lisa walking between that dorm and ours (she lived 6
doors down from me).

I casually walked down to the dayroom, bought a candy bar
and just happened to be walking past her room as she was
walking up to her door. Let’s say she didn’t seem to be
walking quite normally.

“Too much dancing at the club?” I asked innocently (Lisa
knew of my reputation for naivety and “virgin”).

“No… (deep sigh) Other things.” she said with a
satisfied smile on her face.

“Worth it?”

“Some day you’ll find out.” she said with a wink and went
into her room and closed the door.

I walked back to my room slowly, listening as two
different couples were going at it in different rooms.
Ann & Bob in one room, Walt & Fluff in another. You could
hear them most nights since barracks doors aren’t any
thicker than dorm doors. Walt & Fluff were in the shower
that night and she must have been feeling really good
with all the “ah ahh ahhhhs” I was hearing.

I went back to the scope and started looking again. It’s
too easy to get caught listening at a door, but it’s
nearly impossible to get caught looking with a scope!