Punished By A Group Of Girls

But at some point he made a girl angry. Her name is Jessica, a tall, athletic girl in her early twenties. Brown wavy hair and astonishing facial features. She was so fed up with his constant scat messages, that she managed to gather some info about Kevin, which he provided by accident. With help of friends (she was quite popular), she managed to find his phone number and the place he studies at.

Jessica checked Kevin’s schedule and visited his college. At the end of his lesson, she was waiting at the door and dialed his phone number. Kevin took out the phone and she noted how he looks like. She followed him home to find out where he lives.

The time of the year was the middle of spring, quite warm weather. One morning, on his way to college, Kevin received a message from the same number that had called him before. While reading it, Kevin turned all red and hot. It said: ‘Come by the lake near the tall willow tree, not far from the Yellow Bridge, at 3pm. If you don’t come, I will tell all of your friends about your dirty fetishes. I know where you live, and how you look like. Don’t worry, nobody is going to kill you.’ Afterwards, Kevin received an MMS with his photo, from the same number.

Both scared and curious, Kevin came to the mentioned place. As he stood by the tree, a girl with a group of 6 other girls approached him. It was Jessica. Her friends were of around the same age as her, all gorgeous and sexy, dressed in clothes made for running. Looks like they have been training before getting here.

Jessica: ‘So you enjoy annoying girls with your fetishes, huh?’

Kevin: ‘H-how did you find me?’ – he was scared and embarrassed.

Jessica: ‘That does not matter, follow us if you want this little secret of yours stay a secret.’

They all went to quite an isolated place where nobody could see them.

Jessica: ‘Tie him up!’ And 4 girls grabbed him, pushed him to the tree while other two tied him up in a way so he was sitting on the ground. He could not run away.

The were two girls with red hair, named Rebeca and Paula, one blond girl named Ashley, the other 3 had dark hair, the names were: Sandra, Katie and Sarah.

Jessica: ‘I’ve got fed up with your dirty messages. Shut up and do as we ask and we will let you go.’

Kevin: ‘But…’ as he received a slap from Jessica.

‘SHUT UP!’ – said Jessica.

Sarah: ‘My ass got itchy after all the running.’ She then took of her pants and rubbed her sweaty butt on Kevin’s face. Other girls laughed and did the same in turns.

Jessica: ‘You have a choice. Since you love scat so much, all of us will shit into this plastic bag and rub it into your face. You will have to go home like that, or, all of us will shit into your mouth and you will have to eat it all. If you fail to do so, we will continue with the option one. Got that?! I will give you a minute to think.’ All of the girls have starting undressing themselves.

Kevin was shocked. Even though he loved scat porn, he would never expect this. His family was at home, so coming back with the whole face covered in shit was not a good idea. Even if he manages to clean it off on the way home, the smell will remain. After a moment, he decided to try eating it.

Jessica: ‘Have you decided, pervert?’

Kevin: ‘I.. I will try to eat it.’

Jessica: ‘Are you sure you can manage that?’

Kevin: ‘How should I know?’

Jessica: ‘We shall find out.’

The girls laughed and then Sarah approached Kevin. He could not concentrate on the girls’ remarks as his head was full of thoughts. He had never tasted shit before. Suddenly Sarah’s ass was a few centimeters from his face. He opened his mouth and closed his eyes. He heard the sound of poop coming out and felt the smell. The solid turd has reached his lips and slowly filled his mouth. Sarah used Kevin’s hand as toilet paper. It wasn’t that bad until he started to chew and was about to swallow. Kevin almost puked.

Jessica: ‘Remember, we will not let you go until we are done with you. Now swallow it!’

After 10 minutes of gagging, Kevin finally did it, his mouth was empty. But that was just the beginning. Another ass was right next to his mouth. This time it was Katie. Her poop was way softer and was easier to swallow because he did not need to chew that much. Despite the ease, it took him another good 10 minutes. Two done, four to go. The taste in the mouth was atrocious. The poop was stuck all over the teeth, but at least his face was clean so far. He thought that he was done with Katie, but by that time she had put her hands on her stomach. Probably had eaten something bad. She pushed her ass into Kevin’s face and some diarrhea went into his mouth. He couldn’t manage the liquid, so he had to spit it out.

Jessica: ‘I think I’ve warned you about failing to eat it all, didn’t I? Katie, give me the plastic bag.’

Jessica took a massive creamy shit into the bag. Her ass was the most beautiful out of all girls. Even though Kevin had this horrible taste and smell in his mouth and was feeling sick, he wanted to put his face into her ass. Just as he had that thought, Jessica decided to wipe her ass using Kevin’s nose. His nose is not covered with poop and the smell is constant. The two remaining girls took a shit in the bag too, the turds all were creamy and sticky. Those would stick to your skin even at light touch. And it would be hard to wash it off.

Jessica took the plastic bag and approached Kevin, while smiling.

Jessica: ‘Are you ready?’

She started to move the bag towards his face. The shit touched his nose and she stopped for a second. He could feel the smell, it was still warm and sticky. As she continued, he could feel it on his lips and then his cheeks. She pushed the bag gently, he could feel the warm stinky mass squeezing all over his face.

‘Mmmmmmm’ – said the girls, ‘Must be tasty for him’, then they all laughed.

Jessica removed the bag and the shit remained on Kevin’s face. Katie started jumping, possibly wanting to pee. She came closer and peed all over Kevin, washing some of the shit away.

Katie: ‘Maybe we should wash him like this, I feel sorry for him, even after his messages to Jessica.’

Jessica: ‘I want to pee too, let me through.’

Kevin could feel a warm stream on his face and chest again. He was all wet. The remaining girls did the same. There was still plenty of warm poop, now mixed with warm piss on his face. The girls were about to untie Kevin and let him go home, but then Jessica has noticed a group of cheerleaders passing by far away. One of the girls could be her friend. She went away, called someone and after some laughs and words which Kevin could not hear, the group started approaching the tall willow tree.

Jessica: ‘My friend and her friends really need to pee and they couldn’t find a toilet. I told her about our little fun time and they will come to join us.’

As Kevin counted, 12 girls came by. They were teens, 18-19 years old. As it turned out later, 5 of them wanted to poop. The girls would just stick their asses into Kevin’s face without touching it because it was all dirty, but close enough so the shit slides all over the face. As they did so, Kevin could see some beautiful butts in a close up. The smelly, warm, creamy turds would squeeze right into his face, leaving a lot of brown marks. As the last girl was about to poop, they decided to make him eat it if he wants his face cleaned. The cheerleaders had bottles of water and apparently one of them had some soft, wet napkins.

As yet another butt appeared next to Kevin’s mouth, he had to cope with another warm turd. They forced him to chew it in a way so that it covers his entire mouth from the inside. To feel the taste fully. After 20 minutes of gagging, Kevin’s mouth was empty.

Jessica untied his hands. Kevin thought they would spill some water and let him clean himself, but no. The girls would pee in his hands and he would need to wash off the shit of his face. All the remaining cheerleaders, in turns, pissed in his hands and watched him clean his face. Then he had to lick them all clean in turns, despite the fact that they had napkins. Finally he got fully untied and the girls went away. When Kevin got up, he got a text from Jessica: ‘It was fun. We should do it again. ;)’