Meanwhile, Back in Cutters Creek

“Oh Johnny, Johnny! Faster, please, Johnny! I’m almost

John Finch grinned wickedly as he plowed even harder into
the writhing young woman beneath him. Annie Lynn was a
sight! Her hair was disheveled and matted with
perspiration; the sheet beneath her was sodden from
repeated climaxes and still she was pleading for more!.
John couldn’t believe his luck the first time she’d hit
on him at the diner. She was practically jailbait, just
nineteen, with hooters like a porno queen and an ass that
wouldn’t quit. She’d been wearing the coveralls that all
the girls in the area seemed to favor, but they hadn’t
done much to cover all the girl’s huge tits. He’d been
hard at the first sight of her.

That had been at the diner where the men working on the
town’s new hospital ate lunch. Out of nowhere Annie Lynn
Townley had sat down by him and struck up a conversation.
He was gazing into her blue eyes trying not to be too
obvious about looking down her front at the biggest set
of bare tits he’d ever seen, when he felt her hand on his
prick through his pants. Although he had an average size
or better equipment, comparing himself to the enormous
bulges he noticed on the local men, John had been feeling
embarrassed his small size. Annie Lynn’s hand was making
him feel a lot better about it. By the time lunch was
over he’d come in his pants and she’d invited him to eat
at her place the next day.

If John had been pleased with himself when Annie Lynn had
asked him to eat with her he’d been even happier when
she’d met him at the door of her trailer. She hadn’t been
wearing anything but a smile under that hose coat. John
ate nothing for lunch that day but Annie Lynn’s soft wet
pussy. The girl had lain back and let his tongue bring
her to several screaming orgasms before inviting him to
plunge his prick into her well-prepared snatch. For the
last two weeks he’d been “eating” at Annie Lynn’s every
day. Not only was it great sex, but he was starting to
lose his six pack stomach from all the “working out” he’d
done at her place!

“Oh, Johnny, turn me. I want it doggy style!” Annie Lynn
moaned. John pulled out and considered his cock. It was a
lot longer and thicker than it used to be, maybe from all
the exercise Annie Lynn was giving it. Then again, maybe
it was that Annie Lynn was so much hotter than his wife.
Sure, May was a good woman. She’d born him one beautiful
daughter, although he had hoped for quite a few more, and
she agreed to come with him to this dinky town for a
construction job, but she just wasn’t the best in bed.
After the first few months of marriage, once-a-week sex
was more than enough for her. She had never let him do
her doggy style the whole time they were married and she
thought his desire to eat her pussy was some kind of
perversion. Strangely, in the last few days she had been
warming up to him, but nothing like the insanely
passionate Annie Lynn.

As he re-entered Annie Lynn’s dripping cunt, John briefly
wondered what his wife was doing. Probably just watching
the soaps as usual.


May Finch arched her back in ecstasy then dropped her
head to the bed burrowing in a pillow as she screamed out
another orgasm. She didn’t want the neighbors to hear,
especially that slut next door, Suzie Johnson, the wife
of one of the other construction workers. That horny
bitch was so loud that everyone in the trailer park knew
when she was getting it, at least when it wasn’t from Tim
Johnson. Suzie had all the boys on her son’s football
team on some kind of rotating schedule to come and score
with her. Like Suzie, May never screamed with her
husband, but Freddie Townley was so much bigger that she
simply couldn’t help herself. She had to howl out her
pleasure to the world. “Oh Miz Finch I’m real close!”
Freddie croaked in a husky, breathless tone. May drove
her face deeper into the pillow to bellow again. She
could feel Freddie’s cock swelling up as he approached
orgasm, and it was bringing her to another plateau of

As Freddie’s sperm splattered the inside of May’s pussy,
she blessed the man who had invented the birth control
pill. Encasing Freddie’s marvelous, thick, veined cock in
latex was unthinkable. Without her pills, she would have
been limited to oral sex with this delicious boy. She
loved the way he could bring her to orgasm after orgasm
with his tongue and she adored the taste of his rich
spend when she sucked him off, but those pleasures
couldn’t compare to the ecstasy of Freddie’s huge cock
pounding her pussy. Thanks to contraception, she could
let the boy fuck her silly every day, even this week. Her
period had been just a couple of weeks ago, not long
after Freddie came to her door selling magazines and
spent the afternoon turning May’s world upside down. And
sex this week, especially today, had been the best she
had ever had. Getting pregnant with Jill didn’t even come

May briefly wondered what her daughter was doing before
waves of pleasure from the boy’s man-size cock blotted
out all other thoughts.


Jill Finch moaned as the tongue on her clit moved faster
and faster. She was getting close and didn’t care who
heard her. But the tongue was suddenly removed leaving
only the fingers in her pussy to keep her boiling.
Although they were nice, the orgasm that had been
building began to fade. Distantly she heard the voice of
her Sex-Ed teacher speaking.

“Ok everyone gather around. You see she’s almost ready.”
The fingers moved up to circle her clit. “You all know
what a clitoris looks like, so we won’t need to go over
that.” There was a round of chuckles. Then the teacher’s
voice continued, “Boys I want you to get a whiff of her
scent. Does it smell different than pussies do most of
the time?” There was a general murmur of ascent. “Can
anyone tell me why?”

Her teacher’s skilled fingers were driving Jill back
toward orgasm; she concentrated on the sensations and
heard the voices as if from far off. “She’s ready to
accept the spirit today!” a strong young voice replied.
Distantly Jill recognized the voice as belonging to Cliff
Cooper. Jill had a crush on Cliff, but she knew she
didn’t have a chance with him. He had a big-breasted
girlfriend named Mandy, now four or five months along.
The pregnancy had made the girl’ tits absolutely huge.
How Jill envied those tits; all the boys in school stared
at the girls with big tits. Hers had grown from an A to a
C since she moved here, but they were still a lot smaller
than Mandy’s, or most of the other girls in town for that

“That’s right, Cliff” the gym teacher’s voice replied.
“But then you should know from putting the bun in Mandy’s
oven, right?” Again there were chuckles. “Jill is mid way
through her cycle and probably dropped an egg a day or so
ago. Move to where you can see, I’m going to give a
demonstration of how to knock a girl up.”

There was the sound of people moving around and the
fingers left Jill’s pussy. She opened her eyes to watch
the teacher climb on top of her. Mr. Jackson was a good-
looking man in his late twenties. He was thin and
muscular with blond hair and enchanting blue eyes. Jill
liked the idea of him putting a baby in her. “Everyone
move so you can see my cock entering her. See how I
stretch her? Deep vaginal penetration is best, as it puts
the baby juice where it’ll do her the most good”

Again there was the sound of general laughter, but this
time Jill heard a girl give a high moan. Mr. Jackson must
have heard it to because he said, “What’s the matter Miss

Sara Reiley was her friend, one of the other girls whose
fathers moved to the area to work on the big new
hospital. “Ooh nothing, nothing’s WRONG, sir. Ooh God
yes! Jacob was standing behind me and I guess the
demonstration and feeling his cock on my ass got me so
turned on, I had to let him shove it in me.” The girl
then dissolved into a series of low moans and grunts.

The teacher chuckled under his breath. “There are always
a few girls who can’t wait for the demonstration,” he
said to Jill under his breath. Then he began shoving his
massive cock inside Jill, inch after delightful inch
stretching her wider and wider. When she felt his massive
balls slap against her ass, Jill’s world exploded in a
massive orgasm. “Some very fertile women are so ready for
impregnation they orgasm as soon as they’re fully
penetrated.” the teacher commented casually as he began
working his massive tool in and out of Jill’s tight
cleft. “Always see that the woman comes as hard and as
many time as possible. The more she orgasms the more
easily she’ll be impregnated, so take your time, boys,
and make her enjoy it. Some times all it takes to make
her cum again is to point out what is happening to her.”

Mr. Jackson brought his face close to Jill’s right breast
and his tongue snaked out to tease her nipple. “If I come
in you, Jill honey, pretty soon my baby will be doing
this,” he whispered. Jill exploded in another orgasm at
the thought. “You are a little hottie, aren’t you
sweetheart?” he remarked in genuine admiration for the
squirming girl. “The way you enjoy having a big, thick,
babymaking cock in that fertile little pussy of yours,
girl, you’re going to have a baby in your tummy in no
time,” he said, sending the delirious girl over the edge
yet again. Smiling, the teacher pulled his face from back
and continued pumping as Jill recovered from her back to
back orgasms.

After a minute catching his breath the teacher continued,
“Another good way to ensure repeated orgasm is to change
position.” With that he pulled Jill’s legs from around
his waist up to his shoulders and began pumping
furiously. Within seconds Jill was cumming with a
delighted yell. As she came down Mr. Jackson casually
asked, “I’m about to pump your cute little cunny full of
my babyjuice and give you your first young’en, honey. How
do you want it?” Jill hadn’t thought about that, she’d
only found out she was getting a first baby when she
arrived at school that morning. Looking at Sara bent over
a desk, writhing as Jacob pounded her from behind, Jill
cried, “Doggy style sir. I want you to put a baby in me
doggy style!”

“Good choice, my dear,” Mr. Jackson grinned as he flipped
the rutting youngster over and sank his man meat into her
again. Soon Jill was groaning again as she felt her
teacher’s cock swell within her. She joined him in his
orgasm, squirming and panting as sperm filled her cervix.
It was the hardest cum in the young girl’s life.

She wondered if this was how other women felt as they had
new life poured into them.


Annie Lynn squealed as John’s cock pulsed in her. It was
sooo good, but then it would be. This was the day the
minister had marked on her calendar, the day she would
get the outlander to plant a young one in her. Normally
Annie Lynn wasn’t a devious girl. She wouldn’t have
concealed the fact that she already had six children and
why not tell Johnny she wanted HIM to give her the next
one? But she was following the minister’s instructions.
The Reverend Daniels had sat her down and explained that
people like John and May Finch didn’t understand how they
did things in the valley. He’d asked if she wanted to
help spread the word. Well of course she did!

It was then that he had explained the plan to her. Her
mother, Dora May, would take the kids every day just
before lunchtime. Then she’d meet the newcomer and seduce
him; not that it took much. And she’d made sure that John
drank plenty of the Spirit Springs water. She’d been more
than pleased as his cock had gotten larger and larger;
after the first week she no longer had to fake the
orgasms. And this week, as she approached the day her egg
dropped, the sex had been better than ever.

Not that she’d been getting as MUCH of it as she would
have liked. Lunchtime sex was nice, but she really needed
to get it several times a night, as she was used to from
her little brother. But the Reverend had made her promise
not to have sex with Freddie or anyone except John until
she was safely knocked up. Freddie was busy, anyway,
doing some missionary work for the Reverend with several
of the new wives in town. So she had been making do with
the talented boy eating her to distraction every night as
she periodically drank from his sperm fountain.

As jets of cum erupted out of John’s cock into her
writhing womb Annie Lynn burst into her own orgasm. It
was a searingly hard cum, just as it had been every other
time she got knocked up. As she lay in the afterglow,
still plugged with Johnny’s improving cock, Annie Lynn
could almost feel the little sperm swimming up to her
waiting egg. The thought made her so horny she pleaded
with John to do it to her one more time. Of course he


As he pounded his cock into the buxom housewife, Freddie
decided he was the luckiest twelve-year old boy in the
world. The women in Cutters Creek had big tits and were
more than friendly. The climate was just right for
fucking under the stars year around; and now he was
getting to give babies to the unsuspecting wives of the
workers who came to the area to build the ever-expanding
hospitals and schools. Not that he was nailing May Finch
purely for his own enjoyment, her tits were still pretty
small by local standards, though with all the Spirit
Springs water she was drinking, they were expanding
nicely. He’d rather be fucking one of his aunts – now
those women had BREASTS – or his insatiable older sister,
Annie Lynn. But the Reverend had explained that outside
women had strange notions about limiting how often they
had sex. May Finch lost that notion soon enough the first
time he made her come four times on his cock before
shooting her full of semen.

Even stranger, few wanted more than one or two children!
Rev, Daniels said they thought that by taking a little
white pill every day they could thwart the Spirit’s
command to be fruitful. It was just as well May believed
that, as she didn’t bother insisting he use condoms. Rev
Daniels had explained it to the Fructifiers, the Church’s
boys’ group, before they began their mission. The same
ingredients in the water that made women’s breasts grow,
cinched their waist and widened their hips, also
counteracted the contraceptives. But Freddie hadn’t
wanted to wait in May’s case anyway; one time while the
just-fucked wife was in an orgasmic daze, he had switched
her pills for some look-alike ones the Reverend gave him.
The Reverend said it was necessary to acquaint these
wives of the workers with the blessings of the Spirit,
and had chosen a few of the better-built Fructifiers to
be Instruments of Benediction. He’d said that they should
be especially careful to show the women the “Blessing of
the Spirit” when they were most ready to receive it.

Freddie had eaten May insane every day before he fucked
her out of her mind, just as the Reverend had told him,
and he was sure today was her day. Not only did she taste
better today, but her juices were slicker and thicker and
she came quicker. She was evidently feeling more randy,
too, almost jumping him when he entered her house on
lunch break from school. He could tell she’d been
expecting him. She’d dressed up special for him in long
black stocking, high heels and a really short dress. He
knew even before his hands were lifting its hem, she
wouldn’t have on panties. Freddie didn’t really care what
May had on, he was just going to pull it all off and fuck
her silly, anyway. But if it made HER feel sexier, he was
all for it.

The delirious housewife was moaning and gasping again.
Fred recognized the signs of the Spirit’s Blessing. The
Reverend said it was Providence that made women enjoy sex
more when they were about to be blest. They often prayed
for it without realizing what they were saying. “Oh,
Baby! Give it to me, give it to me, Freddie, Baby. Oh
Baby, yessss.” May was babbling.

Doing the spirit’s work was so satisfying, Fred thought
as his thick cock swelled and spat glob after glob of
hot, potent sperm deep into the spasming fertile pussy of
the beautiful older woman.


Even after his orgasm Ron Jackson kept moving inside the
Finch girl. She was spasming and howling like no other
girl he had ever initiated. It felt so good, he wondered
if she might be special somehow? Anyway, he might as well
keep fucking her; she was sure enjoying it and it was
obvious he wouldn’t be getting the class back under
control any time soon. There wasn’t a girl in the class
who wasn’t on her back or bent over the furniture getting
the daylights fucked out of her. Ron wasn’t surprised, it
was always that way when he initiated a new girl. Still
Jill had been particularly inspiring as she begged him to
make a baby in her.

Most of the girls in the class were recent arrivals in
Cutters Creek. The school always made sure the new girls
were collected into classes together with the most
successful of the local breeders. That way they made sure
the girls were properly introduced to Cutters Creek
society. From the moans and grunts in the room Ron could
tell that the girls were receiving a right proper
initiation. By Thanksgiving he was sure they’d start to
see some swelling bellies.


6 months later

John walked through the door and gave May a big kiss on
the cheek and patted her tight belly. “Is that Ron
Jackson’s car out front?” he asked.

May smiled and swatted John’s hand as it crept toward one
of her swollen boobs. “Yes, he came over to see Jill, so
you’ll have to help me get supper on the table.”

Looking around John asked, “So where are they?”

May turned the radio down so John could hear the rhythmic
bumping and moaning coming from the back of the house.
“They’re at it again?” John asked raising an eyebrow.
“After the way she got him to drill her three times this
morning, and I know they do it at school, I though she’d
be satisfied.”

“And why would you think that, John Finch?” May grinned.
“Her mother certainly isn’t satisfied so easily!” John
could scarcely remember the sexually reserved woman who
had moved to Cutters Creek with him. She’d become eager
for sex even before she got pregnant. Now she wanted it
several times a day and didn’t care who heard her
enjoying it. John made a lustful lunge at his teasing
wife but she swung her hips and he missed.

He sometimes still couldn’t believe the physical change
that had come over May here in Cutters Creek. Within
weeks of arriving here, her tits had started to swell,
her hips to widen and her waist to shrink. She started to
look like a sex goddess and act like one too. After years
of marriage, she had finally started dressing in the
short skirts John had always wanted her to wear and to
chose blouses that showed off her developing rack. Many
times when he arrived from work he found her without
panties and already wet with anticipation. And she’d
become was a hellcat in bed. He didn’t know where she had
learned to fuck in so many different positions and he
didn’t care! If his ardor failed after several fucks, her
clever tongue and mouth could revive him and if he
accidentally came in her mouth, she drank it like cream.

Best of all, one night she stopped him as he was putting
on a rubber and told him she had decided it was time to
start on the larger family he had always wanted. She sent
their smirking daughter to Sara Reiley’s house for that
weekend and almost didn’t let John out of bed till Monday
morning. Sure enough, almost sooner than he thought
possible, May was sporting a pretty paunch, just like
Suzie Johnson next door.

Most of the wives of his friends from the construction
company had left Cutters Creek with a reminder of the
little town in their wombs when the construction project
was finished. But May was special. Those proud new
breasts exploded and John was already suckling the warm
milk from them so she could “practice” nursing their
baby. May’s belly even more amazing, high and round and
hard. She let him spend hours massaging and kissing it as
he fingered her to soft rolling orgasms. How she loved to
lie with John’s head between her plump thighs and come
over and over on her husband’s tongue both before he
fucked her and afterward as he kissed away her own spend
and the excess semen that he had pumped into her.

“Ron Jackson knows how to show his gratitude to a woman
who is giving him triplets,” May said with a tinge of
envy as she was only having twins. “Jill says he plans to
keep her knocked up until she squirts out ten or twelve
for him and he intends to keep her ‘in practice’ while
she’s pregnant.” May was proud her daughter took after
her, able to bear more than one baby at a time and she
was very glad her daughter had found a man who could take
good advantage of it. Of course she was a little sad that
soon Jill would be moving in with Ron and his other
women, but with Jill’s fertility, May had no doubt who
Ron’s favorite would be.

“If I know Jill, they’ll be at it for some time. Can’t we
have a quickie before supper?” pleaded John.

“What’s the matter, didn’t Annie Lynn take good enough
care of you at lunch?” May liked to tease John about his
liaison with the young woman even though she knew John’s
heart belonged to her and the Lord didn’t mind a horny
man finding comfort where he could. She could hardly
expect a man with normal appetites like John to go from
morning to night without a fuck. Lord knows she couldn’t.
Thankfully, Freddie hadn’t stopped visiting her in the
afternoons when she got pregnant.

John groaned and ground his hips against his wife’s
crotch, “But baby I didn’t even get to visit Annie Lynn
at lunch today. I was busy gathering supplies for the new

May supposed John deserved some compensation for
foregoing his usual visit to Annie Lynn’s bed in favor of
collecting lumber scraps from the site. He was building
an addition so Annie Lynn and her flock of young could
move in with them. May thought it would be nice to have a
houseful of kids before she could produce a houseful of
her own and she wanted another woman to share this and
future pregnancies with. Besides, Annie Lynn was part of
the family now.

She was glad she had “persuaded” John to leave the
construction company so they could stay in Cutters Creek,
not that it was hard to pursued John of anything after
she got astraddle him and had fucked him for a while.
Until John’s cock had finished growing, May didn’t think
she could have lived with out Freddie to fuck her silly
every day. Besides, the Reverend said it was only right
for the boy to get to know the fruit of his loins that
was filling her belly so sexily. Of course May didn’t
know at the time that Freddie’s pretty older sister was
carrying her husband’s child just as John still didn’t
know that it was his lover’s 12 year old brother who had
made his wife’s tummy swell. May really hoped that the
next one would be John’s, though the Reverend had said
something about making a special dedication of one baby
to the Church. Well there was always number three or

Smiling, May dropped a hand to her husband’s crotch and
ran her fingers up the bulge in his pants. She was horny
though she was still full of Freddie’s cum. That didn’t
worry her. John was in such a rut he wouldn’t notice. “We
have ten minutes before the casserole needs to go in,”
she lied, setting the timer for forty five. She knew what
would happen when she and John got going. “How many time
can you make me come by then, stud?”

John growled, already unzipping his pants. It was good to
be a man in Cutters Creek.