Unsafe sex and extreme humiliation

This story depicts minors in unusual conditions that may include unprotected, unsafe sex or extreme humiliation. Obviously, this does not describe real life and should not be taken as such. In the real world, behaviors as described in the story are not acceptable, tolerated, or legal. The reader should never confuse the difference between fiction and real life. This story is fictional.

To celebrate his fourteenth birthday, Tim got to bring his best friend Kevin for a week of camping in their parent’s big RV. On the day before his birthday, he and Kevin, along with Tim’s little brother Ben, left his parents in the RV park and hiked further into the mountains to a primitive backpacking site. The campsite was set in a valley above a good trout stream, and had plenty of everything Tim wanted.

They had arrived at the site about four in the afternoon after a four hour hike, and immediately set up the tent and getting the food supplies they had carried tied off in the trees. There were no bears in the area, but raccoons and mice would make a mess if given a chance. Once all was set up, Tim and Kevin stripped off their clothes and dove into the stream, while Ben, who was a little shy, stripped to his underwear before joining them. They cooled off and rested, then after a few minutes of horseplay returned to their camp to finish setting up.

“We’re going to gather some firewood, you stake down the tent and get our gear inside; I think it will rain tonight. Then get our poles and find some worms and we’ll all go catch some dinner,” Tim yelled to his brother as they finished dressing. He and Kevin headed uphill towards where they saw some old hardwood.

Ben began by emptying the packs of stuff that went in the tent, starting with his own pack and then his brother’s. As he dug around in the bottom of Tim’s pack he came across a flat envelope. Pulling it out and peaking inside, he discovered two Playboys his brother had somehow obtained without Ben knowing about it.

Ben opened both to the centerfolds and compared the two women. At twelve, he and his friends had all bragged about the size of their penis and the number of encounters they had enjoyed, but Ben was smart enough to know that since all of his stories were lies; his friend’s stories probably were too. In fact, other than these two pictures, he had only seen pussy once before. His friend Jason had a Polaroid picture of a girl who appeared to have been about ten. He never did learn where Jason had gotten the picture from, but they had spent a lot of time looking at it.

Ben also knew that girls grew hair, but he hadn’t pictured it like these girls. His penis was stiff and confined, and Ben put the two pictures down on top of his brother’s bedding and unzipped his pants to gain access to it.

In his mind, the two beautiful girls lying were there naked, moving about to show him all that he wanted to see. He was so deep into his fantasy that he didn’t hear Tim and Kevin return.

Noticing that Kevin’s pack was still full and none of the tent stakes had been driven in yet, Tim and Kevin looked in the open flap of the tent, expecting to see Ben taking a nap. But upon seeing Ben kneeling down with the two Playboy’s open in front of him and his hand moving around over his groin, they quickly figured out what was happening. Tim quietly reached in and grabbed his brother under his arms, lifting him up and pulling him out of the tent.

“Caught ya beating off, didn’t we, you little pervert,” Kevin said, laughing. He released his hold on Ben’s arms.

Ben quickly tried to stuff his still hard penis back inside his underpants. “Ah, no, I’m, I mean I was just, ah, I…”

“Oh, quit trying to deny it, we both saw,” said Tim. “It’s okay; we were going to share a magazine with you tonight anyway. I was just hoping to surprise you.”

Kevin, who was three months away from turning fourteen, dug through his pack, finally pulling out another magazine. “Yeah, your brother was taking care of you. I’ve got my own.” He held up another Playboy. “Those two belong to you and Tim.”

“But that comes later,” Tim said to him, folding up the centerfolds. “It’s going to rain tonight and we have to get set up before it does. So put these away, and do the stuff I told you to do before. Kevin and I are going to find some bait and try and catch dinner. Grab your pole and join us as soon as you’re done.”

Kevin erupted in laughter again. “He already grabbed his pole, weren’t you looking?” Both of the older boys were laughing as they headed down by the stream with short poles and hooks.

Still uncomfortably hard, Ben waited till he couldn’t hear them anymore and then took a look at the centerfold in Kevin’s magazine. Ben unzipped his pants and started stroking again, and very quickly he felt the feeling he enjoyed more than anything else in the world. Sucking his belly in, he pumped faster, till something happened that had never happened before—he ejaculated, shooting out several globs of semen. Unfortunately though, some of it landed on the picture. He cleaned it up as well as he could and went back to completing the chores his brother had told him to do.

By the time he got down to the river, Tim and Kevin had already caught thee fish. They were standing in the cold stream up to their waists, their pants and boxers thrown on the rocky bank. Ben left his shorts on and came in until the water was just lapping at the legs.

Kevin turned around and looked at him, then laughed and pointed to him, calling to Tim. “I told you he would finish as soon as we left, look at him, he made a mess.”

Ben looked down and noticed the bright spot of cum on the front of his jeans, and tried to wipe it off.

“Boy, Ben, do I really have to show you how to beat off without leaving a trail?” Tim was laughing, but other than the embarrassment, Ben didn’t mind. Tim had always treated Ben more like a friend than a brother. Ben didn’t mind the teasing, especially when none of his friends were around to hear it. And Kevin never got carried away either. Ben knew he was lucky; he had several friends whose older brothers treated them like shit.

After a half an hour or so, Ben’s feet were getting cold and he hadn’t even had a bite yet. He looked back up the trail towards the tent, and saw what looked like a girl setting just at the top of hill. She had long blond hair, and her face looked like she was about his age, but what really caught his attention was she appeared to be topless.

Thinking this must be some kind of illusion from the way the light was filtering through the trees, Ben left the stream to go and investigate. But as he climbed the hill, he saw that it wasn’t a trick of the light, she really was topless. And then as he looked closer he noticed she was bottomless too! She tossed her hair behind her head and smiled at him.

“Hi,” he said as he approached. “I’m Ben.” He could see between her legs that she had just a small amount of hair around her pussy, and he noticed she had small breasts that jutted straight out from her chest.

“Are you okay?” he asked, wondering how she came to be here. He wanted to look around and see if there was anyone else, but he couldn’t take his eyes off her body.

Suddenly she rose up to her knees too and leaned forward and kissed Ben full on the lips. He started to pull back, but she put her hands behind his head and held him close until the kiss was done.

Ben was dumbfounded, he had never been kissed before (at least not by someone who wasn’t a relative) and he found he enjoyed it, but his penis was rapidly getting stiff again.

The girl stood up, and pulled Ben up too. She reached out with both hands, rubbing one across the front of his jeans, feeling his hardness, while the other reached up inside his shirt and gently pinched each of his nipples in turn.

Ben didn’t know what to do with his hands, but his penis was as hard as it had ever been. Then she reached with both hands under his shirt and lifted it up over his face.

It took him a few seconds to pull it off and drop it on the ground, and when he looked she was gone. “Hey, hello,” he called out to her, “Naked girl, where’d you go?”

“Who are you talking to?” Tim asked, coming up behind him.

“There was a naked girl here,” Ben said with excitement.

“Yeah, right!” both Kevin and Tim said at the same time. “A naked girl, just standing on the trail waiting for you.”

“She was here. Actually, she was sitting, but then she kissed me.” Seeing the looks of disbelief on their faces, he went on. “She kissed me, then she touched my, uh, well she touched me, and then she pulled my shirt up and she was gone. But she was here! I swear!”

“It’s too bad we came along when we did or she might have gone all the way with you,” Kevin said as he walked past, shaking his head.

Tim held back till Kevin was further up the trail. “Look, Ben, I thought you were old enough for the playboy. But you’ve got to keep the fantasies in your head. Look around us; there isn’t another camp site anywhere around here, no houses, no nothing. And there isn’t any naked girl hanging around.”

“It’s not because I looked at the playboys Tim. I swear, she was here. She touched my dick. She kissed me! And I know it was real, please believe me, I wasn’t dreaming.”

Tim stared at him for a few seconds. “Look Ben, what if it was me who tried to tell you this story. Would you believe it?” He saw the answer in Ben’s eyes. “Look, the playboy is yours, at least until we leave, but you’ve got to admit, it’s a pretty difficult story to believe. How about we agree that I don’t think you’re lying, I just don’t know what happened. Okay if we leave it like that?”

“I guess. But it still really happened.”

“Okay, then that’s cool. And maybe it is too bad we came up when we did. Who knows, maybe she would have gone all the way. But until she comes back, let’s go make dinner before it rains.”

They headed up the trail together, Ben keeping a close watch all around them for signs of the girl. When they were almost at the camp he asked, “Has a girl ever gone all the way with you?”

“Well, I tell my friends that of course I’ve done it. But between us, I’ve been kissed a couple of times, and got to cop a feel of a girl’s tits once. And I saw Beth Kindor’s tits that time I played strip poker with her, but I already told you about that. But that’s all.”

“Yeah, I remember, you said you lost and had to show her everything. How did you do that, strip naked in front of a girl? I get embarrassed just being seen by you and Kevin.”

Tim stopped walking even though they were nearly to the campsite. “There was a part of that story I never told you, and Kevin doesn’t know it either. I found I was too embarrassed to strip, but there were three other boys there and a couple of girls. They gave me a choice; either I could strip on my own, and they would only tease me for a little while, or they would strip me and send me home naked when they were done with me. I was scared, because I believed they’d do it, but when I got down to just my underpants I chickened out and couldn’t take them off.”

Ben looked confused. “But that’s not like you, you’ve never been shy. What finally happened?”

“I was your age, and I was just as shy as you. They counted to ten, but I was frozen, so they held me down and finished stripping me, then tied me to a chair and teased me. They even put me out on the front porch for a while. They kept saying they were going to make me go home naked, but in the end they just put all my clothes under a street light half way down the block. But they taped my arms together behind my back, and stuck a knife into the pole. I had to stand there under the light until I could cut through the tape.”

“I could never do anything like that,” Ben said. “If it happened again now, could you strip in front of girls now if you had to?”

“I think so, but it’s hard to say. So I’ll leave you with two pieces of advice. First, don’t make a bet you can’t pay if you lose, and second, when given a choice between modesty and humiliation, stop thinking of the now and consider the final result. These were kids I knew, and they had played bets before and never did anything like what they did to me. If I had just had the guts to pull off my underpants, all the other embarrassing stuff they did to me would never have happened. But enough of this, I’m hungry. Come on, let’s get up there.” They resumed walking to the tent. “I know you’re embarrassed about your body, but try to loosen up some. Next year you have to shower after gym class; by the end of the first two weeks it won’t feel as strange.”

After dinner, the boys cleaned their dishes and had time to just get a fire going when the storm that had been threatening started moving over the mountain. They scrambled into the tent just as the first bolt of lightning hit nearby, followed immediately by large raindrops.

Ben was nervous about the lightning. “Is it going to be okay here?” he asked, and Tim assured him they had picked a good spot. With the tent zipped up tight, it was hot and stuffy inside, and Tim and Kevin stripped down to their boxers and lay on top of their beds. Ben decided to try and get used to it, so he took off his shirt and pulled started undoing his pants.

Tim looked at his brother and said, “You know, Ben, I think it’s time for you to change from whity-tighty’s to boxers. I have a few extra pairs if you want to see what you think of them while we’re out here.”

Ben thought about it, and then nodded his head. Tim pulled out his underwear sack and handed an old pair to Ben. “These are almost too small for me. They’ll be a bit big for you still, but not too bad. Try them on.”

Ben started to climb under his blanket, then stopped and shrugged his shoulders, pulling his briefs off. He quickly grabbed the boxers and slid them on.

“Can I say something?” Kevin asked.

“Yeah, go ahead,” Tim said.

“I’m glad to see you’re becoming one of the guys, but in case your naked girl comes back, I thought you should know that your brother and I normally wear the boxers so the hole is in the front.”

Tim and Kevin both laughed, and Ben’s face burned bright red as he pulled the boxers back off and turned them around, pulling them back up quickly.

They sat around for a while listening to the rain and telling scary stories, till Ben asked, “Uh, can we like, maybe, look at the magazines now?”

“The kid’s a sex machine Tim,” Kevin said with a laugh. “He can’t go an hour without playing with himself.” But he and Tim both pulled out the magazines and Tim tossed one to Ben. Then Kevin tried to open the centerfold, but the pages were stuck together. “What the hell, you spermed my pages?” he said, looking at Ben.

“No, I mean, I, I, well, I guess maybe I did, but it was an accident. Here you can have this one” he said, handing the one his brother gave him to Kevin.

“Don’t sweat it,” Kevin said, separating the pages. “I’ll probably do it myself again anyway.” He smiled at Ben, letting him know it was cool. “Hey,” he suddenly asked, “how long have you been sperming?”

With a mix of embarrassment and pride, Ben answered, “It was my first time ever.”

“Well, not quite the first time,” Tim said. “You’ve been having wet dreams for over a month now.”

“Wet dreams? What are they?”

“It’s where you have dreams like your naked girl and cum while you’re sleeping. Not nearly as much fun as cumming while you’re awake though,” Kevin said.

”But how would you know?” Ben asked, looking at Tim. “You don’t peek, do you?”

“No, you’re the pervert. It’s all over the sheets when I wake you up, that’s how I know.”

“Oh,” Ben said considering this new piece of knowledge. Then suddenly he said, “But mom washes the sheets. That means mom—“

“Mom knows all about boys and their dreams. And if you keep an image of mom in your head when you’re horny, you’ll end up being a fifty-year-old virgin who can’t even beat off.”

As they thumbed through the pictures, both Tim and Kevin were rubbing themselves openly, unconcerned. Ben had a boner too, and finally decided that if his brother could do it, so could he, so he let his dick out and began to rub it. As he continued to look at a picture he particularly enjoyed, he suddenly shot off for the second time; drops of it flying all over his belly and the boxers Tim had given him.

“Whoa there, trigger,” Kevin yelled, reaching behind him. He pulled out two tissues for a box behind his head and handed one to Ben. “Guess it’s too late for this now,” he said, but as Ben was watching he wrapped the second one around his own dick and went back to rubbing until he too came. As soon as he caught it all and cleaned up a little he said, “Lot easier to clean up this way.”

Ben was trying to wipe it off his chest and boxers. Tim leaned over and grabbed one from the same box and shot his load, then looked down at Ben. “Maybe just put the briefs back on for tonight, that way it won’t get all over.”

“Maybe I’ll show you both up and just sleep naked tonight,” Ben said, feeling suddenly bolder.

“Go ahead, if you’re brave enough,” Tim said, almost daring him. “But what if your naked girl shows up again?”

Ben hesitated for a few seconds, and then pulled off the boxers and lay back down. “Then I guess she’ll get to see my big dick.”

Both Tim and Kevin made comments about his size. “Hey, it’s stopped raining,” Kevin said, getting up. “I’ve got to pee.” He dropped his boxers and headed outside naked.

“Feeling suddenly less shy I see,” Tim said to Ben. “What brought about the sudden change?”

“I don’t know. It’s just that you and Kevin just seem to drop your pants anywhere, like it doesn’t matter. And I guess I want to fit in with you two.”

Just then, they heard Kevin yell out something.

“What’s the matter?” Ben asked, frightened.

“I don’t know,” Tim said, searching for a flashlight. “Wait in here.”

“No way am I staying here alone. I’m coming with you,” Ben said, following Tim out of the tent.

“Naked?” Tim asked. Ben paused for a second, then decided he’d rather be naked with his brother than alone so he followed Tim.

Kevin had moved downhill from the camp right up to the edge of the trees, just far enough back the smell wouldn’t be noticeable. He had just started peeing when suddenly two hands reached around him and grabbed his dick. He yelled out in surprise, and then noticed he could feel what felt like tits on his back. The hands holding his penis were soft, without a lot of muscle tone. Instead of peeing, his dick was becoming hard again.

Kevin broke free of the encircling hands, and turned to see a very naked girl of about thirteen or so smiling up at him. She leaned over and kissed him, and he could feel his dick rubbing against her. She stopped the kiss and bent over, taking his penis in both her hands, right in front of her mouth and began rubbing it slowly.

Just then, Kevin heard Tim call out for him and saw a flashlight beam from off to the side. Kevin turned to call to him and slipped on the wet grass. “Over, uhh, over here, Tim,” he yelled; then the flashlight bulb hit him in the eyes and blinded him. “She’s here, Ben’s naked girl. Right here.”

Tim and Ben had arrived with the flashlight, but the girl was gone.

“Goddamn it, it’s just like Ben said. She was here, and now she’s gone,” Kevin said. The three of them looked around for a few minutes but didn’t see anything or anyone. When they got back to the tent, none of them felt like sleeping so they built up the fire and found some dry logs to sit on.

“Do you believe me Tim?” Kevin asked, knowing the Ben certainly did.

“Look, if you guys are pulling my leg, you’re both doing a hell of a good job, but level with me, did you both really see a girl or not?”

Both boys were positive, not only did they see her, but she touched them too. Ben and Kevin both told their stories again, and the talk slowly shifted to other topics. After a while, Tim started feeling tired, so he said he was going to go lay down. Ben and Kevin said they were going to stay up until the fire died down some and then join him. Ben got a flashlight out and used it to find the rope for the snack pack, getting a bag of potato chips out.

Sometime later, Tim became half awake, feeling Ben using him as a pillow. He was just about ready to roll over to get out from under his brother when he heard Ben and Kevin laughing outside the tent.

He became completely awake as he realized that it was a girl lying across his chest, not Ben. As soon as he stirred, she sat up, and in the light from the fire Tim saw her smiling at him. He smiled back and asked her, “What’s your name?” as quietly as he could.

She didn’t answer, but leaned over and kissed him, just like Ben had described. He kissed back, and he felt her hand at his boxers, reaching inside. Torn between wanting to stop her and hoping she won’t stop, he stayed still, and she put her thumbs in the waistband of the boxers and began pulling them down. He lifted his backside to allow them to slide down, and she removed them completely.

Now that he was as naked as her, she got on top of him again, only this time she was facing his feet. She knelt over, giving him an excellent view of her slit. Then she took his penis into her mouth.

She slowly slid her lips all the way down his shaft, then tightened her lips and increased the suction while very slowly pulling her mouth back up the shaft. Tim had never felt anything as good as that felt.

Meanwhile, he decided to explore a little with his tongue. Unsure of what to expect, he tentatively penetrated her slit; then, realizing the taste wasn’t bad, reached further inside her. She was just pulling her lips past his glans when he found a little bulb inside her that stiffened as his tongue rolled around it.

She started her second pass down his shaft to the base, increasing the pressure, then began a slow withdrawal. Tim felt his stomach muscles tighten, knowing he was close to shooting, but he tried to hold back. At the same time, he could feel her tighten up and wiggle a little each time he played with the little thing in her.

As she started down the third time, Tim knew he wouldn’t be able to keep from shooting the next time she came up, last time she allowed her teeth to just barely touch the top of his penis and he almost shot then. As her lips tightened, Tim’s balls contracted, and his penis begins to jerk in her mouth. She quickly changed tactics; sliding her mouth up and down his shaft in time with his spurts. She came at the same time, flooding his face with moisture.

She swapped positions so that she was facing him again, still smiling at him as some of his semen leaked out of her mouth and landed on his belly. She picked up the discarded boxers Tim had loaned to Ben earlier that evening and used them to wipe his face clean. She moved to one side of him and suddenly pulled Ben’s bedding over Tim’s face.

He pulled the bedding off as quickly as he could, but she was already gone. On wobbly legs, he went outside to join Ben and Kevin.

“Wow, Tim, sure looks like you’ve been keeping your hand busy in there,” Kevin said.

“You can’t seriously tell me you didn’t see her leave,” Tim said, staring at them.

Ben stood up. “You saw her? Out here?”

“Not out here, inside the tent with me. You really didn’t see her leave?”

Tim told them the whole story, leaving nothing out, becoming hard again at the memory. Once he’d told the story, retelling some parts that Ben wanted to hear twice, he finished by saying, “I don’t know if she’s real or not, but now I finally believe you guys saw her.”

When Ben opened his eyes, the sun was already high in the sky. Tim and Kevin were both still sound asleep. He thought about getting dressed, but remembered that every time he pictured the story his brother had told he ended up hard again. He knew he must have beat off at least three times. He heard Kevin and Tim doing it several times as well. Now he had spunk all over his groin and chest, so he headed out in his underwear. Once outside the tent, he checked the fire pit. Finding several hot coals, he piled some tinder on top and then added some larger sticks. Once it was smoking, getting ready to pop into flame, he dropped the briefs and walked down to the stream to wash off.

Freezing from the water, he quickly climbed the hill back to the tent, only to find the girl setting there with his blanket around her shoulders. She looked up as he approached, then smiled brightly as she ran to him and began to dry him with the blanket. He tried asking her several questions, but she would only smile at him and keep drying him, paying a lot of attention to his groin.

As he grew hard again, she put the blanket down on a dry spot of grass that was in full sun and lay down. Ben knelt next to her, using his hands to explore her body. She never offered any resistance as he felt the curve of her breasts or played with her tight nipples, or when he went lower and investigated her more completely, playing with the hairs that grew alongside the slit, finally reaching a finger inside.

The heat surprised him, and he quickly found the little bulb his brother had described. As he played with it, he could feel her tighten up, then her stomach stiffened, and he realized that he was bringing her to orgasm.

As the hot fluid flowed across his finger, she gently pushed him back and went to work on his penis. The upstroke was exactly like Tim had described, but Ben hadn’t expected how good it felt. He only lasted two cycles before his balls exploded, shooting sperm just as her lips cleared the head. It shot out hitting her in the face, where it dripped back down onto him, but he saw her smile as she used his chest to wipe most of it off.

“You have to go now, don’t you?” he asked, hoping he was wrong. She used a finger to softly pull his eye lids closed, then gave him a quick kiss. He felt her get up, and kept his eyes closed until he counted to five. By the time he opened them, she was gone again.

Once again covered in cum, he headed back down to the stream for another bath. When he climbed out for the second time, he first saw someone with his blanket coming down the hill. At first he though she had come back, but then as he shielded the sun from his eyes with his hand he saw it was Tim. “She came back,” he said through chattering teeth, “And we did it right outside the tent. It was just like you said, only better. I’ve never felt anything that good before.”

Ben stood there shivering while Tim dived in. After a few wipes to clean himself, he stood up and they both headed towards where he dropped the blanket.

“I’ll bet I jacked off five times last night. Every time I was almost asleep I pictured her, and got horny again. I didn’t even know I could do it that many times in one night. There must be a gallon of cum in the tent. We really need to air it out before going back to the RV park with mom and dad tomorrow.” They stood on shore in the sun, sharing the blanket until they were dry.

“I’d forgotten about going back,” Ben said. “We aren’t going to be able to jack off at night in the camper.” He hesitated a moment before saying, “Maybe we can set up the tent behind them, tell them they snore too loud. What if she follows us?”

Tim laughed. “It would be awfully hard to explain to mom a naked girl who gives the best blow job I’ve ever heard of, wouldn’t it.” He gave Ben a playful punch in the arm. “Come on, let’s go wake Kevin up and have something to eat. I’m starved.”

But as soon as they got back and looked in the tent, they saw they didn’t need to wake him up. He was laying with his arms behind his head, wet stains on his face and chest, and his penis was still stiff. “She was here,” they all said at once.

After breakfast, they cleaned out the tent while discussing their experiences. Each time one of them said anything about it though, they all got hard again. Finally, they decided to jack off one more time, and then go do some investigating.

They had noticed that she only seemed to show up when one of them was alone, so they tried different combinations to try and get her to come back. When that didn’t work, they took turns alone and naked, but each of them admitted they spent the time playing with themselves again recalling her.

Finally, they were getting hungry and decided it was time to catch some more fish and have supper. Once they had eaten and cleaned up, Tim leaned back and said, “Well, even if she never shows up again, I can still die happy. The only problem is we can never tell anyone because there is no way anyone will ever believe a story like this. If only we had pictures of her; that would be great.”

“Hey, I know what it is,” Ben said. “Today’s your birthday; she must have been your present.”

“If so, then thank you,” said Kevin laughing, “For sharing your present with us. I sure hope you have a lot more happy birthdays. Especially if I’m around.”

As the sun started setting and the talk shifted to more typical boy topics and stories, she suddenly appeared from behind the tent. None of the boys had heard her approach; she just stepped out into the light.

She was still naked, and each boy was getting a good look at her in the fading light as she stood there and smiled. Then she reached in the tent and pulled out two blankets, spreading them on the ground near the fire.

The boys looked at each other, and strangely it was Ben who made the first move, pulling his shirt off and undoing his belt. The shy boy that had started this journey was now leading the way. Soon all three naked boys joined the girl on the blanket.

She used both hands and her mouth with each boy in turn, and once she had done all three she started over. By around midnight, the boys were spent, and the girl put her hands together and held them next to her head.

“I think she just said its bedtime,” Tim said. She nodded and smiled, then got up and helped pull Ben up, who needed the help. As the boys crawled into the tent, she tossed the blankets in on top of them, and then as quietly as she had arrived she was gone.

Ben awoke first the next morning, again feeling the sun heating the tent. He pulled his blanket out with him and went to work coaxing the fire back to life. Once he had a small flame, he sat there watching it thinking about last night. He was slowly rubbing his penis, lost in thought, when he heard a girl’s voice behind him say, “There you are.”

He stood and turned around saying, “So you can talk,” but as he turned he saw not one, but five girls, ranging in age from about ten to fifteen.

“That’s not him, it’s some other boy. But he’s still very cute,” one of the younger girls said. Ben suddenly became aware that he was still naked and slowly jacking off in front of the girls, and he dived for the tent.

But Tim and Kevin had awaked to hear Ben say something about how she could talk and were on their way out of the tent. They collided, knocking Ben over. The girls howled with laughter at the sight of two more naked boys pouring out of the tent.

As Tim and Kevin made the same discovery Ben had just made, they turned back around searching for clothing, but all of their clothes were gone. They grabbed blankets and came out to meet their guests. Ben had already wrapped his blanket around himself.

After some hilarious laughter and comments made by the girls about finding three naked boys, they quieted down and stared at the boys.

“Aren’t you going to get dressed?” one of the girls asked. “Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to, we kind of prefer you the way you are.” More laughter ensued from this comments.

“Um, Ben, where did you put our clothes?” Kevin asked, very aware of his nakedness.

“What do you mean?” Ben asked, confused. “I didn’t do anything with them. Aren’t they in the tent?” Tim and Kevin both shook their heads. “Well, I didn’t take them.”

One of the girls sat down next to Ben and put her arm around him. “What did you mean when you turned and asked me if I could talk?”

“Uh, nothing, I mean, there, it’s just that, there was, uh, it’s a long story I guess,” he stammered out.

“You mean there was someone here who didn’t talk, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

The girls all looked at each other. ‘Then I think you’ll find your clothes down by the stream, washed and now drying. At least that’s where we found our clothes.”

“You mean she was in your tent too?” Ben blurted out.

“No, at least not a she—for us it was a boy. Very much like you, only blond. And only just a little bit cuter than you.”

The oldest girl added, “And a little more naked too.” She whispered something to two of the other girls who scampered down towards the stream.

Tim watched them go and asked, “Are they going to get our clothes for us?”

“Well, not exactly. You see, we all had the best time you could ever imagine with this boy, but today we realized that we had a story nobody would believe because we never bothered to get proof. So, we want some proof, and one of you guys can provide it. And I hope it’s you since you look so much like him,” she said to Ben.

“What do you mean?” Ben asked.

The two girls returned from the stream, and the oldest girl dug around in her pack until she came up with a camera. “It’s simple; we need proof that we had fun with the cutest boy in the world. Now he’s gone, so we’ll have to change the story a little, but the plot is still the same. If you want your clothes, we want pictures of one of you. Naked.”

“You wouldn’t really leave us out here with just our blankets, would you?” Ben asked, but he was sure he already knew the answer.

“No, I think that we are almost to the point where we can take the blankets too, what do you say girls?”

There seemed to be some general nodding and agreement, and Ben said. “So we can all refuse and suffer the consequences, or one of us can cooperate now and get it over with, then we get our clothes back, is that about right?”

“Yes, but just to make sure you can’t catch us, we’ll leave them down the trail a little bit.”

Tim and Kevin were clutching their blankets tight around them, but Tim had figured out what Ben was about to do. “You don’t have to Ben,” he said, loosening his grip on his blanket, “I can do it.”

But Ben had already dropped his blanket. “I guess we just have to trust you. What do I do now?”

They spent a few seconds admiring the view, but in the end all they really wanted was a few pictures of him, clearly naked and hard, hugging each of them in turn. In the end they took ten pictures, and then they were done.

They said their goodbyes, and then the twelve year old girl invited Ben to walk with them for a few minutes. Ben thought about bring the blanket, but decided instead to just go as he was. He told Tim and Kevin he’d be right back.

They followed the trail for about twenty minutes. Then the girl who invited Ben stopped and said, “This is a good spot.” The oldest girl shrugged her shoulders, and then dropped her pack, and they pulled the boy’s clothes out of their bags. “You were brave, so you deserve this,” the girl said as she pulled up her blouse exposing her breasts. The other girls laughed; then they heard the camera snap.

“Hey, you can’t take a picture of my tits, that’s not fair,” she said, pulling her blouse back down.

“Calm down Deb, it’s not for us; I think we’ll give it to him, if that’s okay with you.”

Deb considered it, and said, “Oh, what the hell, we’ve got plenty of him.” She pulled the blouse off completely, and then surprised them all by dropping her jeans and panties. “If you’re going to give him a present to remember me by, do it right.”

The camera snapped a couple of more times, then the next oldest stripped too. “Here, while you’re at it, take some for the other boys too.” Soon the two younger girls stripped too, leaving only the oldest girl clothed.

“Damn, I’d better not ever regret this,” the oldest girl said, passing the camera on to Ben so she could join her friends.

When they were done, someone found a memory stick and copied the ten pictures onto it, giving it to Ben. They separated, Ben heading back the camp site while the girls continued following the path back to civilization. “Hey, maybe we’ll see you again in the RV Park,” Ben yelled after them.

The five girls turned and waved, but the oldest one said, “I doubt it, we’re not going there. But it was nice meeting you.” The girls all turned as one and continued down the path.

Hours later when the three boys got back to the RV, they couldn’t wait for Ben and Tim’s parents to wander off somewhere so they could get on the laptop computer and check out the pictures Ben had described. But when they launched them, instead of pictures of the five girls they had ten pictures of one very pretty, long-haired blond girl. And a story they could never expect anyone to believe were they ever to tell it.