Melanie the nymphomaniac

When I was 21 I spent the summer at camp. It was a
series of two-week sessions, so every two weeks there
was a new bunch of kids to get to know. During the last
session of the season, I acquired a girlfriend named
Courtney, whom everyone called Courtneepth because of
her lisp.

She was a hefty if not fat girl, with large tits and big
hips– what I now call a real woman. I don’t remember
how we got together, but I do recall that she was not
madly in love with me as I was with her. She always
seemed a bit aloof, merely tolerating my presence. But
let me hold her hand and she had no problem with French

One day the Rangers (as the 21 to 18 year-olds were
called) got to spend the day at a nearby lake, where
there were various swings, slides, diving boards, etc.
Courtney and I spent the afternoon huddled under a
diving platform, hugging and smooching.

I didn’t own a swimsuit, and so instead wore gym shorts,
the kind with the pin stripes down the sides with no
underwear. This had always worked when I was younger,
but now that I had hit puberty my penis had grown and I
suffered from frequent erections. When it was time to
get out of the water, I realized to my horror that I had
a raging hard-on. I lingered under the platform but
Courtney urged, “C’mon, it’s time to get out.”

I gritted my teeth as we waded to the shore, and as I
emerged my wet shorts were clinging to my dick and
balls, leaving nothing to be guessed. We had no towel
between us, so I stared straight ahead as we walked
together hand in hand, not daring to look down and not
daring to meet anyone’s gaze.

On our way back we were joined by Courtney’s friend
Melanie, who was by far more attractive than Courtney.
She was darker, with long hair and a somewhat fleshy
figure, smaller but rounder tits, more slender at the
hips but with an ass which was more round and inviting.

Her first words were, “Man, what a fuckin’ boner!” as
she stared at my bulge.

I turned beet-red and stammered, “Aw, leave me alone.”
Both girls giggled.

At the end of the two-week session there was always a
dance. Courtney and I were to have gone but she ditched
me for another kid named Chris. That evening I spent in
the shadows, drinking a Coke and feeling like a loser.
Melanie was there, but I was too embarrassed to speak to
her after what she had said to me.
A week or two after returning home, I got a call from

“Melanie’s here, and she wants to talk to you,” she

“Uh, okay,” I replied. Melanie got on the line. I could
hear giggling.

“Hi, lover boy. How’s your boner?” she asked in a
breathy voice.

Adrenaline surged through my body. “I don’t have a
boner,” I gulped.

“I’ll bet I can give you one. If I put my lips around
your cock I’ll bet it’d get real hard.”

This talk confused me. I knew they were just teasing me,
but at the same time I wanted to believe that she really
liked me. No girl had ever spoken to me this way before,
and frankly, it blew my mind. I stayed on the line as
she continued to say all sorts of filthy things, the
filthiest things I had ever heard in my life. She said
she wanted to stick her finger in my butthole, that it
could make me cum harder that way. She said if I came
over she would suck my dick while I ate Courtney’s

I couldn’t believe my ears. “Where’s Courtney’s house?”
I asked, eagerly.

She gave an address which was a good four miles away
from where I lived. I knew where it was and could get
there on bicycle easily enough, but I was babysitting my
younger brother and couldn’t leave him. I told her this
and she said, “That’s too bad, lover, because we were
going to let you fuck us silly. I’ve been thinking about
your big boner ever since that day at camp. I wanna give
those balls a squeeze and see your cum shoot out like a
big volcano. Have you ever fucked a girl before?”

“Not really,” I mumbled.

“Poor baby, poor sweet, innocent baby, never fucked a
pussy before. If you were here I’d fuck the living
daylights out of you. I’d milk you dry, lover.”

I gulped hard. “I can come over,” I stammered.

“You said you had to babysit. Were you lying?” she

“No, I can ride my bike over. My brother’s ten, he’ll be
okay.” Actually, he was seven and I would get in big
trouble if I left him home alone, but I was willing to
risk my life to get fucked by these two wild beauties.
“I’ll be over in about half an hour,” I blurted, and
hung up the phone.

My brother was playing in the backyard with a friend. I
poked my head out the door and shouted, “I’ll be back in
a little while. If Mom comes home I just went to the
store for a Coke.” He looked up, then continued doing
whatever he was doing.

I got on my bike and rode like the wind toward
Courtney’s house. I had not forgotten how she had dumped
me at camp, but I could count on Melanie for some
action. She was hot for me, there was no doubt about it.

After what seemed like an interminable ride, I arrived,
sweating like a pig and out of breath. I rang the
doorbell and waited. No one seemed to be at home. After
ringing the doorbell again several more times, I walked
around the house trying to peek in, but all the curtains
were drawn. I entered a gate and circled around to the
sliding glass back door and knocked. This time I heard
muffled voices.

“Melanie, Courtney, it’s me, Paul.”

After a moment Courtney opened the door, but didn’t say
anything. I walked into the den, which was dark and
quiet. The only sound was the central air conditioning.

She disappeared down a hall and I followed. She seemed
kind of weird, like she wasn’t happy that I had come
over. She led me upstairs to her bedroom. When Melanie
saw me she squealed, “Lover boy!” and put her arms
around my neck. Her breasts were squeezed flat against
my chest; I could feel my heart beating and I was sure
she could feel it, too. She withdrew and looked at my

“What, no boners today? Don’t you like me?” she teased.
She looked up, batting her eyelashes at me with pouting
lips. She was dressed in gym shorts and a t-shirt, and
as I looked down I noticed there were cotton balls
between each of her toes, which she had apparently just

“Do you like my toenails?” she asked.

“Sure, they’re pretty,” I lied. I didn’t care about her
toenails. I just wanted to get laid for the first time.

“Come here and let me paint your toenails, lover boy.”
She beckoned to me with her finger to a stool next to a
vanity, where I sat down. She kneeled before me and
began to remove my shoes and socks. I was mesmerized. I
didn’t care if she put makeup on me.

“Ooh, your feet stink! We’d better get you into the
shower. Courtney, help me take his clothes off.”

Courtney hesitated, then joined Melanie and they removed
my shirt from over my head.

Melanie unbuttoned my cut-offs then unzipped them while
Courtney pulled them down from behind. My dick stirred
from under my white briefs but was not yet erect.
Melanie pulled my underwear off in one quick motion.

I stood before them, naked, as they looked me over
carefully. “His muscles aren’t very big,” remarked
Melanie, squeezing my biceps. Courtney began to relax
and join the fun (if you want to call it fun, I was
still too scared to be having fun, yet), raising my arms
above my head, putting them down again, and poking me in
the ribs.

“Not much meat on him,” added Courtney.

Melanie kneeled before me again and stared intently at
my dick, I could feel her breath upon it. “What happened
to your boner?

Aren’t you glad to see me?”

“I’m glad,” I mumbled feebly.

“Not glad enough. How do we make you more glad?” She
raised her t-shirt to show me her tits. She wasn’t
wearing a bra. “Do these make you glad?” she asked.

“Yes!” I stared at her marvelous tits, the first ones I
had ever seen in real life.

She had what I later learned are called “puffy” nipples,
big and soft they were, slightly bullet-shaped. She
pushed them together with her hands to accentuate her
cleavage. “I don’t think they do. You aren’t a fairy,
are you?”

“No!” I cried, embarrassed. I figured the reason my dick
wasn’t getting hard was because I was too scared, still.
I focused on her tits and imagined grabbing them. As if
she had read my mind, she took my hands and placed them
on her tits. “Here,” she said.

I squeezed them gently, then weighed them in my palms.
They were softer than I had ever imagined. Courtney
watched from the corner of the room.

“Aaaaaahhhhhh,” she exclaimed. “You are glad to see me!”

To my relief, my cock was now growing quickly, at last
pointing straight up to the ceiling as if at attention.
Melanie stood up and taking my hand, led me into the
bathroom where she turned on the shower. She then
undressed. I stared at her as she wriggled out of her
shorts. She had not been wearing any panties, either, I
saw. Her bush was full and fluffy.

She took my hand and placed in on her crotch, then
kissed me full on the mouth, thrusting her tongue deep
into my throat. I almost fell down, and it was a few
moments before I regained my composure enough to kiss
her back. My fingers dug into her pussy, which was to my
surprise hot and sopping wet.

She groped for my penis and began jacking me off
violently while still jamming her tongue down my throat.
She was wild with lust, which in turn drove me wild. I
soon took charge of the situation and pushed her against
the wall, where I tried unsuccessfully to penetrate her.
I was too tall and was unable to position myself
correctly. She moaned, “Not yet, lover boy,” pulling me
into the shower with her and closing the glass door.

We kissed some more under the blast of hot water which
rained down upon our heads. I took in more than a
mouthful on one occasion, which caused me to choke and
cough. Melanie had once again put my hand on her pussy,
moaning, “Fuck me with your fingers,” while grabbing my
dick once again and pumping it crazily. Soon I felt like
I was going to cum, and I told her so.

At once she dropped to her knees and took my penis
deeply into her mouth, holding the base of it with one
hand while cupping my balls in the other. I gritted my
teeth and held on to the railing as I felt spasms of
pleasure ripple through my body. As I came, I could hear
Melanie actually gulping it down, sucking and swallowing
for all she was worth until the spasms finally subsided.

She stood up and kissed me again, and her mouth was hot
and slippery from having been filled with my cum moments
before. Once again I tried clumsily to penetrate her,
but couldn’t. I was just too tall.

She took my hand and said, “Let’s go,” leading me into
Courtney’s room and pulling me on top of her onto the
bed. Courtney squealed, “What are you doing?”

Melanie and I were both dripping wet and making out
wildly while Courtney watched in disbelief. Melanie
whispered urgently, “Fuck me, god damn it, fuck me!”
grabbing my dick and roughly forcing it into her pussy.
“Aaahhhhh!” I moaned, and began bucking wildly like a
horse that has gone mad. Melanie sucked in air with a
hissing sound then screamed, “Fuck me fuck me fuck me
fuck me motherfucker! Aw, god!”

I grew afraid. I looked up and my eyes met Courtney’s
and I could see she was afraid, too. She was watching me
fuck Melanie. Soon, I came a second time, just as
explosively as the first time, while staring into
Courtney’s eyes. Melanie howled, “Ooohhh, I’m coming,
I’m coming, I’m coming, OH… OH… GOD DAMN IT!” She
dug her nails into my back, drawing blood. I cried out
in pain, “Ouch! Shit!” I tore myself from Melanie’s
grasp and stood up, quivering. Melanie clutched at me,
sobbing, “Don’t stop, lover, don’t stop… come back to
me, please!”

Melanie appeared to be freaking out. She cling to me
desperately as I dressed, and I practically dragged her
naked and bawling down the stairs while Courtney
followed in astonishment. At the back door I held her,
whispering, “I’m sorry… I’m sorry. I’ve gotta go.”

I rode home, weak with exhaustion, all the way wondering
what had come over the girl. To this day I still wonder
what her deal was.

It was as if she had gone insane or something.

It has been nearly twenty years since our wild afternoon
of lovemaking. This morning I found her name on the
internet, but I am afraid to call her. I’m happily
married now, and have no business calling up old
girlfriends. But still, I can’t help getting a boner
when I think of Melanie.