In The Woods With My Boyfriend

Hi. My name is Emi. I’m just finishing up my first year
at a small liberal arts college in southern California.
I’m originally from Japan, but I’ve been to the States
many times with my family, and for the last year and a
half, I have been living here on my own.

I’m not really sure what I’m going to do in the future,
but right now I’m really enjoying living away from my
parents and all. To tell you the truth, I’m not really
sure if I should be sending this letter or not, but well
. you see, there is this guy that I have been going out
with, and this is kind of embarrassing, but he is into .
how should I say this . having me get naked while we are

Now I know this kind of thing is illegal and everything,
so I’ve been trying to get him to stop, but actually, I
really like him a lot, and I don’t want to break up or
anything like that.

Anyway, I’ve wanted to tell someone what has been going
on, but I can’t get the courage to tell my friends. So
well anyway, I just decided to write here and see what
people think. When I first arrived here a year and a half
ago, at first I felt kind of lonely ’cause I didn’t know
anyone in my classes (I was taking a university prep
course and ESL).

Here I was kind of brooding and worrying if I’d done the
right thing in coming, when one day I met Ryosuke –
that’s my boyfriend’s name, but everyone here just calls
him “Joe.” He was a junior in the same college – now he’s
a senior, and he used to show me where everything is and
give me advice, and pretty soon we started going out.

I am pretty shy so I’d never dated much before, but I
find him so easy to talk to ’cause he kind of knows what
I was going through ’cause he’d done the same thing, I
mean, come here from Japan on his own straight out of
high school. Anyway, after we’d been going out for a
while, we began to get more serious, and look around for
a place where we could be alone together.

The problem was that both of us live with American
families. One time, I brought him over and introduced him
to my host mother. She was nice enough, but none of us
felt comfortable so I haven’t had him back since. I don’t
think I could handle going to his place either so we
haven’t tried. I don’t know about here, but in Japan,
couples as young as us don’t really go to each other’s
houses (at least not when there are people there).

Anyway, there didn’t really seem to be any other place
where we could go so we used to go to this park not too
far from the college. Usually, we’d bike to school and
then stop off at the park on the way back. We’d bike into
the park a fair way, and then hide the bikes in the woods
and sit on a bench, and chat about all kinds of things.
One day, school finished early so we had lunch and then
biked down to the park.

It was something like one in the afternoon, and so there
as many people around as there are sometimes. We sat down
on the bench like we always do, but instead of talking we
just kind of sat there and watched the trees blowing in
the wind. I smiled at Ryosuke and looked into his eyes.
He put his arm around me, and we just kind of sat there
for a while. I was so happy.

Then suddenly, he leaned over, and kissed me. I was kind
of surprised and embarrassed, but I really liked him and
all, so I just kind of leaned back and let him kiss me.
His lips were so soft. Before I knew it I was kissing
him, and we went on like that getting more and more into
each other. Then, again kind of all of sudden, he started
touching my breasts through my t-shirt.

Suddenly, I remembered where we were, and almost by
reflex, I pushed his hand away, and looked around the
park to see if anyone had seen us. Off to the right
further on down the path, there were some high school
boys fooling around on their bikes. They didn’t seem to
be paying any attention to us, but I motioned towards
them with my eyes and held Ryosuke’s arm tightly to stop
him. It wasn’t so much that I wanted to stop; it was just
that I didn’t want to be seen.

Apparently understanding what I was feeling, Ryosuke
stood up, took me the hand and led me into the woods
behind the bench. It was still early afternoon, so the
woods were quite bright, and you could see a fair ways so
we kept walking till we came to this hill. We slid down
the hill and at the bottom; there was a little creek.
Ryosuke piled up some leaves on a patch of open earth,
sat down on them and motioned for me to sit down next to

I was pretty shocked. I told him, “I can’t sit there.
I’ll get my skirt all dirty.”

He got up on his knees, and came over to where I was
standing and kneeled there looking up at me. He moved his
gaze down till he was looking directly at my skirt. He
sat there staring at me, and I began to get this really
funny feeling deep down inside, not quite like anything I
had felt before. I could tell what he was planning to do.
He reached up and started undoing my belt. I couldn’t
believe this was happening.

I mean I really liked Ryosuke and I definitely wanted to
get to know him better, but here we were in the middle of
this park not too far from the university in broad
daylight no less. Looking for an excuse to make him stop,
I looked up the hill and all around us, but there didn’t
seem to be anyone around. From the direction of the hill,
though, every once in a while, you could hear the boys
yelling. I began to wonder if they had seen us come down
this way.

As he pulled the belt loose, and started to undo the
zipper at the side of my skirt, all sorts of thoughts
were running through my head. I mean I’d been wanting to
be alone with him for a long time by then, but there
didn’t seem to be any place where we could go. Maybe this
was the only way. I looked down at him. He had this sort
of wild look in his eyes as if he couldn’t hold himself
back anymore.

Most of the time, he is pretty tender, but this time,
once he’d gotten the zipper open, he pulled my skirt and
panties down with a yank. Half panicking, I covered my
pubic hair with my hand, but it was then that I noticed
that I was all wet between my legs. I could feel his hand
on my bum and his middle finger stroking softly on my
most delicate place. I began to feel more and more
excited partly because of what he was doing but also
because of where we were.

Just when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, he pulled
away and started getting a condom out of his bag. He
undid his zipper, pulled out his penis, and started to
put the condom on. Watching him, I kept thinking
“Ohmigod, what am I doing? I must be crazy.”

Before I knew what was happening, we were both down on
the leaves, and he was inside of me. All I can remember
is looking up at the blue sky, and feeling Ryosuke
welling up inside of me. I must have blacked out because
the next thing I knew, I woke up lying on the leaves. I
could feel the leaves on my bum, and the wind was
tickling me between my legs. It was a weird kind of
feeling, but at the same time, it felt pretty nice.
Ryosuke was sitting up a few feet away. His clothes were
on, and he was holding his backpack at his side.

“How do you feel?” he asked.

What a question? As I lay there unsure how to answer, I
suddenly realized that he was looking straight at my open
legs. I sat up and covered myself with my hand. “Uh, OK .
I mean, fine .I mean, great.”

We both broke out laughing. Suddenly remembering the
boys, I took a look up the hill, but couldn’t see or hear
anything. “Where are the rest of my clothes?”

“Oh. Uuh, over there.” He nodded toward the bank of the

I thought of asking him to fetch them, but I was still
feeling pretty high, so I stood up and walked over to
where they were. It felt so weird to walk around outside
with only a shirt on. I tugged at the shirt to try to
cover up, but it wouldn’t reach. I could feel Ryosuke
staring transfixed at my naked bum. I felt so
embarrassed, but at the same time, more than a little
excited. It’s not everyday, you get to walk around
outside in the buff.

I half covered the crack of my bum with my hand, and
said, “Don’t look.” Ryosuke was smiling ear to ear. “Emi,
you’ve got an incredible body.” I looked straight into
his eyes. He clearly wanted to do it again, but I was
getting worried that someone would come into the forest
and see us. “We’d better go.” I leaned down and picked up
my skirt, but my panties weren’t there. A little further
over, I found them. They’d fallen into the creek.

I got down on all fours, and leaned over to fish them
out. Behind me, I heard a clicking sound. Ryosuke had got
his camera out of his bag and was taking pictures.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

“This is one day I want to remember!” he said.

Quickly, before he took too many more shots, I slipped
into my skirt. I went to put my panties on too, but they
were soaked and covered with mud. I wrung them out, but
they were still soaked.

“I’ll take those for you.”

I wondered if I should put them on anyway or wait till
they dried, but Ryosuke came over and took them out of my


“What? You can’t wear them as long as they’re soaked like
that. C’mon. Let’s go.” He put them in his bag and
started to walk up the hill. Horrified, I looked down at
my skirt. Every time I know I’m going to meet Ryosuke I
tend to wear short mini-skirts and that day was no

“What am I supposed to do? I can’t walk around like

“Sure you can. No one will notice.”

Every time I moved, even the slightest little breeze
tickled. Even if no one could see, it was driving me
crazy. Ryosuke had already reached the top of the hill.
“Hey, come back.”

He kept on walking. I had no choice but to follow. As I
came to the top of the hill, I pulled the skirt down as
far as it would go in an effort to hide my pitch-black
pubic hair. There was no sign of the boys. Ryosuke was
pulling our bikes out of the woods.

“You have really got to be kidding.”

“No, c’mon. We’ll see if we can find a laundromat or

“I can’t ride like this.”

“Sure you can. We gotta go. It’s almost supper time.”
Ryosuke got on his bike and started peddling away.

“Hey wait.”

When he’d gone 100 odd feet, he turned and mouthed
something. I’m not sure, but I think it was “I love you.”
That was the first time he had ever said it. I wasn’t
quite sure how I should feel, but anyway, I got on my
bike and started peddling after him.

I managed to catch up to him, but no matter how hard I
tried, I couldn’t convince him to stop. We started
passing people going the other way or sitting on benches.
When we got close I would hold my legs straight down so
they couldn’t see, but the skirt had started to ride up
quite a bit. I stopped and pulled it down again, but as
soon as I started peddling again it rode back up.

“Ryosuke! For heaven’s sake, stop!” We were getting near
there entrance to the park. Riding through the park was
one thing, but out on the busy street was another.

I stopped at the entrance, only to find that Ryosuke had
stopped too, out on the street and was talking to
someone. He motioned for me to come over. I got off my
bike, fixed my skirt and slowly walked over to where they
were. “Emi, this is Seiji. He’s in polio sic in fourth

“Ryo, I heard your girlfriend was a looker, but they
weren’t kidding. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you,

I just kind of nodded. I’m sure my face must have been
beet red. The tingling between my legs was driving me
crazy. I couldn’t believe I was standing there talking to
this stranger with no panties on. The two of them chatted
for a while, until suddenly Ryo asked if there was a
laundromat nearby. I thought for a moment he was going to
take out my panties and explain.

Fortunately, he didn’t, and soon they said goodbye and we
headed towards the place Seiji had recommended. It wasn’t
far so I just walked along beside my bike rather than
suffer the embarrassment of riding again. When we got
there, there was this guy sitting at the back waiting for
his own laundry.

At first, he was ignoring us, but when Ryosuke handed the
panties to me, the guy immediately sat up and started
watching me. In the sink near where he was sitting, I
started rinsing them out. It was clear that he suspected
what was going on because he started staring at my skirt.

After I popped them into the dryer, I didn’t want to
leave because I was afraid he might steal them or
something, so I just stood as far away from him as
possible. He kept staring, but Ryosuke didn’t say
anything too him. If anything, Ryosuke looked like the
cat that had swallowed the canary, obviously reveling in
my embarrassment by the whole situation.

When the panties had finally dried, we found a washroom
and I put them on. I don’t think I have ever been so
relieved in my whole life. Ever since that day, Ryosuke
has been obsessed with putting me into embarrassing

I must admit it is pretty exciting, but I’m worried one
day we may go too far and end up in jail or worse.

So what do you think? What should I do?