Oral Camping

Try to imagine this:

For some reason you’re out in the woods and its
drizzling rain everywhere. Then it begins to come down
very very heavy, and you’re running around looking for
cover. The sky is grey, you’re cold you’re wet and the
wind is chilling your face.

Then you see a light just up ahead, a small lantern and
the wisps of smoke from a campers burnt out fire.

There’s a big tent in the clearing and a light on inside
— you see silhouette of a woman. She’s running from
behind the tent, scurrying to get back in her tent. She
must have been out walking and got caught in the rain
just like you.

You couldn’t see her face, she had a coat and hood on.
But she had a nice ass. You watched her enter that tent
on her hands and knees.

You yell something to her, you yell out for her
attention! (Say what YOU would say! say HELLO or OIE
BITCH), whatever comes to mind.

You see her poke her head out in surprise, she doesn’t
have the hood on now, what does she look like? She’s
your dream girl! (You tell me what she looks like, you
pick her hair color, her eyes, her face, nose, body,
tits, ass, legs, every thing.)

She’s looking at you, she’s panting from her run back to
the tent, she also looks a little frightened, scared of
you. After all she doesn’t know you, (Say something to
her, say what you would say, tell her you’re wet from
the rain, may you come in to dry off? anything, its
cold! Fuck yeah, say what you need to, to get in that

She agrees and lets you in. You notice she’s sniffling
as she speaks in a tiny high-pitched voice, she must
have a cold. (Imagine what her tent looks like, as you
enter crawling over her sleeping bag and smelling her
sweet perfume.) Tell her your name fuckwit, do I have to
tell you everything? Introduce yourself, she’ll reply
with her name, you pick her name, tell me her name?

She’s soaking wet and says that she must change cloths.
You should too. She opens a bag lying near her and pulls
out some thick blankets, the wind is howling outside
against the tent and the trees are blowing in the wind
hard, the rain is splatting against the tent, but its
firm enough to hold. You can’t help but watch her
undress. She takes off her coat and tosses it aside and
shows you what she’s wearing underneath. (What is she
wearing? Is she wearing anything?)

She wants you to take yours off clothes too. She says,
“You’re wet. You must be cold. Here, get out of those
wet clothes and wrap this blanket around yourself.”

Who gives a shit what you’re wearing, but imagine she’s
taking your clothes off you, she stripped you to your
underwear, and she wraps a blanket round you. You feel
warmer, and she offers you a hot drink. Whatever the
fuck it is you want to drink it, you take a sip of the
hot drink but it’s a little too hot, it burns your
mouth. You try not to spit it out, but it’s burning your
mouth so you finally spit it back in the cup. You say
that it was burning mouth.

She quickly tries to hand you a cold drink but she
panics and accidentally spills the cold drink over your
lap. The cold liquid quickly soaks into your under
shorts, making your cock stand up with the shock.

She keeps saying, “I’m sorry, sorry, so sorry!”

You take a little sip of the cold drink and relax,
everything calms down, and she’s sorry for making the
drink so hot. And she’s sorry for spilling the cold
drink in your lap. As you watch her eyes looking at your
crotch, looking at the transparent cotton of your
shorts, looking at your stiff rod, you say, “Its ok,
don’t worry, no harm done.” Your mouth is a little
blistery and your balls have shrunk, and you’re
painfully hard now, but you still tell her its ok.

Then she says, “How about taking that wet underwear

What thoughts go through your mind at that request? Tell
me, think about it, what would you think if a pretty
stranger asked you that question?

She slowly reaches over and pulls at your underwear,
gently starting to feel around your crotch. She starts
rolling her hand over your testicles and then to stroke
you. She looks deeply into your eyes and you know she
means business!

You can see her eyes look a little misty, almost dreamy,
and her nose is a little red, she’s still sniffing but
smiling. Then she moves closer to you, and keeps moving
her hand over your nuts, her other hand is moving now
too. Towards your chest, she’s massaging you all over
and feeling you everywhere it feels so nice.

She tucks her fingers behind the elastic of your
underwear and slowly pulls them off down your naked
legs. She clinches the bottom off your cock in her
dainty little fingers and squeezes a little.

Then without saying anything more, she lies between your
legs and moves her mouth over your now painfully erected
cock. The heat of her breath feels wonderful, she’s
going to fix that cold feeling for you. She’s going to
make everything better for you.

She starts off slowly, until it’s moist and wet with her
saliva, and something else, then she starts bobbing her
pretty head up and down, and up and down. She’s blowing
you!! Just the way YOU wanna be blown! (Think how you
like it, she’s doing that! Imagine its been going on for
a couple of minutes and you know you’re about to blow!
You can feel it, you do what you do when you’re about to

She’s not going to let go of your cock, not this girl.
You know that she’ll drink every drop that you have to
give. You’re cumming — in 3,2,1 you blow!

A the same time you blow your load, she swallows and
then she sneezes. Then she coughs and chokes, then

You gather your thoughts and recover for a second. Then
you look down at her. She’s kneeling in front of you,
naked and shivering. A face full of boogers and cum
running down from her nose.

Bet you didn’t imagine that while you were cumming?