A housekeeper finds more than one use for her vacuum

Billie felt the hand slide along her side and across her
warm tummy to cup her breast. The hand played with her
nipple for a few seconds, and then a rough, early
morning, male voice said, “Honey, are you awake?”

“Mmmph,” was all the reply she could manage.

The hand squeezed her breast and the voice said, “How
about a little morning fun?”

Billie didn’t bother to answer. She rolled on her side
and pulled her up her knees. She felt the bed bounce and
heard a drawer open and close. There was the whisper of a
foil pack opening and then the bed trembled once more as
her boyfriend, John, moved into position behind her. She
felt a cool sensation as the lubricated condom nudged
aside her pussy lips and John slipped his diminutive cock
into her pussy. The bed began sway gently as John pumped
his hips. Billie wasn’t sure which came first – John’s
little penis or her return to sleep.

Two hours later Billie shook her flame red hair into
place before a mirror at work. She checked her face and
then stepped back. The western resort where she was
employed used blue jeans and white knit shirts as a work
uniform. At five feet – two inches tall, Billie wore size
four jeans that were molded to her butt. The shirt she
wore was much too large for her tiny waist, but only
barley large enough for her D-cup breasts.

Satisfied with her look, Billie left the locker room and
headed for the employee lounge. She got a cup of coffee
and joined the other maids at a long table. Shortly,
Gloria, their supervisor joined them and handed out
assignments for the day. As the other maids left, Gloria
and Billie got together. They had been best friends in
high school. Gloria had married right out of school and
taken a job at the resort. Now, at twenty-three years of
age she was the resort’s head housekeeper. Billy, on the
other hand, had stayed single. She worked part time at
the resort and attended college.

As they left the lounge, Gloria asked, “How was the big
anniversary dinner last night?”

“John got us reservations at the Deerstalker,” Billie
said, naming an upscale restaurant. “It was good – lots
of wine and dancing.”

“And afterwards?” prompted Gloria.

“You mean in the bedroom?” asked Billy. Gloria nodded.

Billie stopped and turned to her friend. “Oh you won’t
believe it. I had candles lit and champagne ready us.
Then I stepped into the bathroom for like five seconds,
and when I came out he was sound asleep, snoring like
some big old bear.”

Gloria laughed. “See? That’s what happens when you get
involved with an older man.”

“He’s only thirty-five,” said Billie. “You’d think he
could stay awake past midnight for sex.” She was quiet
for a second. “Actually, he did give it the old get it
up, get it in and out this morning.”

“Oh you’re kidding,” said Gloria.

“No. Anyway, I think he did. I’m not sure. I think I
slept through it.”

“It sounds,” said Gloria, “like you two are an old couple
already. You’re going to have to get married or break

“He doesn’t want to get married, and neither do I. When I
graduate in a few months he’ll probably toss me out for
someone younger and prettier,” sighed Billie. John was an
instructor at her college. He was a nice, very
considerate, and attractive guy. He always made sure that
Billie got the classes she needed and at times that were
convenient to her. But their sex life had never been
satisfying. At least to Billie it hadn’t. He was usually
good for one attempt per week to really satisfy Billie,
and he usually failed. The rest of the time, like this
morning, he did a sort of apologetic quickie.

“He might be able to nail a younger co-ed,” said Gloria.
“But prettier or with a better body just isn’t going to

“Thanks,” said Billie with a genuine smile. “You’ve made
my day.”

“Here,” Gloria said. “It gets even better.” She handed
Billie her assignment sheet. “You take the seventh floor.
We’re over staffed today, so take your time and get in
some easy hours. Don’t you let any of these old bitches
talk you into helping them.” Billie was a fast worker and
the other maids often called on her for help when she had
finished her own duties.

Billie laughed. “OK, boss. Anything you say, boss.”

It was early afternoon when Billy came to the last room
on her list. She knocked on the door and when she
received no response, she used her passkey to enter. The
first thing that hit her was the smell. It was a
combination of stale alcoholic drinks and the lingering
aroma of competing feminine fragrances. She looked around
the room, and then smiled and said to herself, “Look’s
like we’ve had a party.”

There were several empty beer cans and wine bottles on
the dresser as well as a couple of mostly empty bags of
chips, and a depleted plastic tub of salsa dip. But the
thing that caught Billie’s eye was a pile of lingerie on
one of the double beds. There must have been fifty pieces
– mostly bras and panties – of different styles and
colors. She imagined two couples in the room, with the
woman trying on various combinations of sexy underwear
and showing off their bodies to their boyfriends or

Now that was something she could do for John, she
thought. Of course he’d probably just nod off as she
changed form one sexy outfit to another.

Then it struck her that there were no masculine
accoutrements in the room. So it must have been a group
of ladies doing the partying, she deducted. Now Billie
imagined women dressing up for other women. Throw in the
liberal use of alcohol, and you either had something
hilarious, or something very sensual. Her mind went back
to her young teen years when she and her girlfriends had
practiced kissing one another at pajama parties. A couple
of those kisses had left her breathless and with a wildly
beating heart. But kisses were as far as she’d gone with
another girl.

Billie snapped out of her daydream and went back to work.
In a few minutes the room was clean and there were fresh
towels in the bathroom. She had only to vacuum the rug
and she would be finished. Billie lifted the upright
vacuum from her maid’s cart and plugged it in. When she
hit the switch, there was a loud pop and then the motor
began to hiss and crackle. Billie jumped back as a wisp
of smoke appeared from the machine. She wasted no time in
jerking the vacuum’s plug from the wall socket.

Billie took a deep breath to calm herself. She walked
over to the vacuum and gave it a soft kick. “You scared
the shit out of me,” she fussed at the now quiet

Billie frowned. She couldn’t leave the floor undone.
There were too many crumbs from the party on the carpet.
She could take the broken vacuum down eight floors to the
maintenance shop in the basement of the resort, but there
was a good chance that they wouldn’t be able to fix it
immediately or have a replacement available. Then she
remembered that she might have one quick alternative.

Billie left the room and headed for the maid’s closet. In
there, under a shelf in the back she found what she had
hoped would be there, the Branson 500 vacuum cleaner. The
big silver cylinder must have been fifty years old. It
looked as if the Branson Company had stopped making
military equipment – possibly jet engines – and entered
the market for industrial strength appliances. The
machine was almost four feet long, and more than a foot
in diameter. The body was cylindrical with indentations
for the various attachments which were securely clipped
to into place. The whole assembly was made of shiny steel
and thick, black rubber; there wasn’t a bit of plastic in

The vacuum didn’t have any wheels; it sat on a couple of
skids. Billie grabbed its thick metal handle with both
hands and heaved it up against her thigh. As she
struggled back down the hallway, she realized why the
vacuum was in perfect condition. Not only was it built
like a tank; it was almost as heavy as one. The thing was
probably used only in an emergency.

With a grunt, Billie lowered the Branson 500 to the floor
of the room. She locked the heavy braided fabric hose
onto the snout of the vacuum, and then she unclipped one
of the wands from its storage place. The wand was about
three feet long. It was curved at one end to accommodate
a thick rubber handle, and just behind that there was a
metal ring that a person could use to regulate the amount
of suction that was produced down at the business end.
Billie ran her hand up and down the substantial metal
tube that ran straight from the handle. The thing was as
thick as her arm and phallic as hell.

Billie giggled. Maybe if John’s cock was as broad and
long as this metal tube, their sex life might be more
exciting. She shook her head at her weird thoughts and
fixed the wand onto the hose, and then she tossed the
assembly onto the bed. She pulled the vacuum’s cord from
its storage and plugged it into a wall socket.

There was a low, whirring hum from the vacuum that grew
in intensity by the second. Hearing the noise, Billie
glanced at the machine, and then realized that the switch
must have been left on. She heard a snuffling and
whooshing noise from the bed. When she looked, she saw
that she had thrown the end of the wand into the pile of
lingerie, and one by one the pieces of sexy under-things
were disappearing into the tube. She ran to the vacuum
and stomped on the metal push-switch in order to turn the
thing off. Billie picked up the wand and giggled at the
sight of a matched set of bra and panties that had
stopped only halfway into the tube.

Now that, she thought, would be a fantasy come true – a
giant dick that could suck the clothing right off a girl.
In her mind’s eye she saw John stride into their bedroom
and haul out an immense cock. It would be so long and
thick that he could hold it with both hands and still not
grasp all of it. She would be there with her tits playing
peek-a-boo in sexy, black lingerie. He would instantly
become as hard and straight as the wand in her hand. Then
he would wave it in her direction and her peignoir would
be whisked away from her body, and then her bra would be
drawn off her heavy breasts, tickling and stiffening her
nipples in the process. Finally, her panties would
disappear just before the immense cock would jerk itself
into her eager pussy.

Billie shook herself back to reality. “I need to get
laid, but good,” she said to herself. She opened the
vault like cover of the vacuum cleaner and sighed with
relief. There was a fresh bag in there and the lingerie
that had been trapped was none the worse for wear. She
piled the lingerie loosely on the bed, and grabbed up the
wand. She felt like she had been wasting time, but then
she stopped and checked her watch. If she was going to
follow Gloria’s admonition not to hurry, then she
actually had time to kill. She looked at the cleaning
wand in her hand and an image popped into her mind.
Suddenly she was blushing and her heart was pounding. She
couldn’t do that. Could she?

Billie rang down to the front desk and talked to one of
the desk clerks. “Hi Barbara, are the guests in seven
fourteen scheduled for any outings?”

She could hear the rattle of computer keys and then
Barbara said, “They’re on the day trail ride.”

“Thanks,” said Billie and hung up. She smiled. She had
the room to herself. The guests were off on a horseback
ride that included a packed lunch and wouldn’t be back
until late in the afternoon. Before she could lose her
nerve, she took a clean washcloth and scrubbed the wand.
She kicked off her shoes and stripped off her jeans and
panties, and lay down on the edge of the bed, propping
herself up on a couple of pillows. She drew up her legs
and then spread them wide. OK, she thought, here we go.
She spread her lips wide and eased the end of the wand
into her pussy.

Billie shivered deliciously as the cool metal met her
hot, pink pussy. She loved the sensation as the wand
stretched her vaginal muscles. She had at least nine
inches in her pussy before she stopped pushing. Billie
carefully set the suction control on the wand to its
lowest setting, and then she leaned over to start the
vacuum. The machine whirred into life.

Billie froze in place, ready to snap the machine off if
something went wrong. But things couldn’t have gone more
right. The light suction of the vacuum drew every last
molecule of her pussy onto the vibrating wand. It was
much better than any dildo. It was as if the wand were
running a bit of electric current straight through her
pussy and right to the pleasure center of her brain.

“Holy shit,” said Billie softly as the blissful
sensations took over her body. She wanted to writhe about
on the bed and pump her hips as if she was being
thoroughly fucked, but the wand and its attached hose
forced her to lie in one place. She was in sexual agony.
The vibrating wand brought her to the edge of an orgasm
that just wouldn’t start. The vibrations in her pussy
stayed at a relentlessly steady frequency as her stomach
and thigh muscles quivered in anticipation.

Billie’s eyes were shut tight and sweat popped out on her
brow as she whispered to the empty room, “Oh please,
please, please.” And then she was over the edge. The
first wave of her orgasm was fantastic, but things only
built from there. Billie’s pussy contracted even more
fiercely around the metal tube. She wondered if she could
possibly put a dent in the thing.

After a small eternity her orgasm finally ebbed. Billie
knew that she could easily await another cum, but she
also knew that she had to get back to work. With the
vacuum still running she slowly worked the wand from her
sloppy wet pussy. The end of the wand was just outside
her body when some blood-engorged flesh was partially
sucked back into the metal tube. There was a fluttering
sound as the skin around Billie’s clit was drawn into the
opening and then released several times a second.

“Oh wow,” cried Billie. The wand vibrating in her pussy
had felt as if she was being fucked by some magical
prick. But this felt like a tongue flicking at her clit
twenty times a second. She had an orgasm almost
instantly, and the next one came just as quickly. She
forgot about her job and everything else as one cum piled
on another.


Billie awoke when she heard the door open. She looked up
just in time to see a tall blonde woman enter the room.
Oh Lord, thought Billie, as she grabbed at the bed sheet
to cover her lower half, she’s some sort of Amazon who’s
going to kill me. The woman had to be at least six feet
tall with sharp features and well-defined muscles. She
was carrying several plastic shopping bags that clinked
as she walked.

The Amazon didn’t even break stride when she saw Billie.
She laid her parcels on the dresser and said, “Well hello
there, we seem to have a guest.” The last half of the
remark was made to the three women who had followed the
Amazon through the door. The first woman was nearly as
tall as the Amazon, but she had short black hair. She
looked at Billie curiously and then gave her a shy smile.

The next two women came through the door carrying a
cooler between them. One was a sandy blonde of average
size. The other woman was almost angelic in appearance.
She was slim with delicate features and pale blonde hair
that fell to her waist.

The angel took one look at Billie and said, “Who the fuck
are you?”

Billie tucked the sheet tighter to her legs. She said,
“I’m so sorry. I was cleaning your room and I.I stopped
for a nap. I didn’t think that anyone would be in here
until much later.”

The Amazon said, “We were going on that trail ride, but
we got up too late. We had a little party last night. I
guess you saw all the bottles and cans?” Billie nodded.
“And so we decided to just go each lunch.”

“Where we started drinking again,” said the sandy blonde
as she stared at the angel.

The angel gave her an even look and said, “Well I had a
friggin’ headache.”

Billie realized that, except for the black haired woman
who hadn’t spoken, they were all slurring their words.
There must have been a lot of alcohol with lunch, she
decided. She reached under the sheet and tried to put her
panties and jeans back on. As she struggled she said,
“I’m really sorry. I’ll just make up the bed and get out
of your way.”

“Oh hell, stay and have a beer,” said the Amazon as she
pulled a can from the cooler and tossed across the room
to Billie.

Billie barely managed to catch the ice-cold can before it
could smack her in the head. “Thanks,” she mumbled. She
opened the beer and then she had to clamp her mouth over
the opening to keep the liquid from fizzing all over. She
decided that staying put and having a drink was probably
a good idea.

The women talked as they moved around the room. They
visited the bathroom and opened beer cans and bottles of
wine. It turned out that the Amazon was named Sharon. The
black haired woman, who still hadn’t spoken, was Penny;
the sandy haired woman was Judy, and the angel with the
foul mouth was Amy.

Billie finished her beer and was about to attempt to get
back into her pants when Amy brought her another can.
“Here you go,” she said. “How long have you been working

“Part time for several years,” said Billie, taking the
beer. As the two women talked, Amy’s eyes followed the
path of the vacuum hose as it left the vacuum and snaked
under the sheet that covered Billie.

“You’re not lying on that thing, are you?” Amy asked. And
before Billie could say anything or stop her, Amy had
grabbed the sheet and flung it back across the bed.

“Holy shit,” Amy cried. “She’s getting weird with this
vacuum cleaner.”

Penny, who was sitting on the other bed, merely glanced
over at Billie, but Judy and Sharon rushed to the bed to
see the wand lying at the entrance to Billie’s naked

Amy scooped up the metal piece and ran her fingers along
its length. She put her fingers to her nose and
exclaimed, “She’s had this thing in her pussy; I don’t
believe it.”

“Oh don’t act like you wouldn’t try it,” scoffed Judy.
“You’d do anything that gave you an orgasm. My lips are
still chapped from sucking on your clit for so long last
night.” An embarrassing silence filled the room following
that tacit admission. No one spoke for a long second and
then there was a snort of laughter from the bed across
the room. Billie looked over just in time to see Penny
fall over on the bed, her body quivering with suppressed
laughter. That broke the ice and soon all the women were
giggling hysterically.

They all had another round of drinks and Billie was
beginning to wonder if she was going to be able to get
off the bed. She watched as Sharon began pawing through
the pile of lingerie. She picked out a matching bra and
panty set, and then tossed them onto Billie’s lap.
“Here,” she said, “model these for us, you’ve certainly
got the body for it.”

Billie had had just enough beer to take that as a dare.
She struggled to her feet and was fumbling with her
shirt, when Judy came over and started to help her
undress. It turned out that Judy was part owner, designer
and sales representative for the company that produced
all the lingerie that they had been playing with.

Billie got the panties on easily enough. They had string
ties that fastened on her hips. The bra was tougher. The
half-cups were designed to push a woman’s breasts up and
in, something that Billie clearly didn’t need. Judy
fussed with the straps and adjustments as Amy hooted at
them, “Hey Billie, don’t let that bitch feel you up.”
Judy gave her friend a one finger salute.

Finally, Judy pronounced her finished. Billie examined
herself in the mirror. It looked as if her breasts had
erupted out of the bra. She turned and walked from one
end of the room to the other, giving her best imitation
of a high fashion model. The other women clapped and
cheered as she paraded about. She stopped and turned and
threw up arms for a final pose, and when she did the
front clasp on the bra failed with an audible snap. The
women howled with laughter as the bra cups blew sideways
and left her bare breasts quivering in the air.

After another round of drinks, Amy jumped on the bed with
Billie and as she fingered the vacuum cleaner wand she
said, “I’d love for you to show me what you were doing
with this thing.”

“Oh I couldn’t,” said Billie.

“Oh please, do it to her,” said Judy. “You won’t be able
to leave, and we won’t hear the end of it if you don’t.”

Billie looked at all the eager, expectant faces in the
room and felt a tingle of sexual power. “OK,” she said.
“There’s really nothing to it.”

“Wait a minute; wait a minute,” said Amy. She eagerly
threw off her clothing, and then hopped onto the bed. She
seized the wand and looked to Billie, awaiting

Billie hit the switch on the vacuum and it hummed into
action. She demonstrated to Amy with her hands how to use
the gentle suction to make the flesh around her clit
flutter. Amy tried, but every time the wand came near her
pussy it would suck itself tight to her skin causing Amy
to squeal, and then there would be a loud flatulent noise
as she pulled the thing away. It was all very funny to
Judy, Penny and Sharon, but Billie was getting

Billie took the wand from Amy and said, “Here, let me
show you.” It took her a couple of tries, but then Billie
hit the magic combination of angle and distance and there
was a fluttering noise from between Amy’s thighs.

“Oh shit, yeah,” moaned Amy. Her eyes opened wide as the
sensation hit her. “This is fucking great.”

Billie moved the wand in small circles causing the
frequency and intensity of the fluttering to vary. Amy
shut her eyes and chewed on a knuckle as an orgasm caused
her thigh muscles to quiver and hips to lift from the
bed. Billie stuck to her job and soon Amy was having a
second and third orgasm. Billie looked up to see that
Sharon had joined Penny on the other bed. The two
Amazons, as Billie still thought of them, had removed
their shorts and panties. Sharon had thrown one of her
long legs over Penny’s and both women were playing with
one another’s pussies. They were taking in the show as
Amy had yet another orgasm.

Judy came over to Billie and put a hand on her shoulder.
She said, “Hell will freeze over before she stops
cumming, why don’t you give someone else a chance?”

“Mind your own fucking business,” said Amy, but she
reluctantly pushed Billie’s hand away from her pussy and
climbed off the bed. She walked over to Judy, and Billie
thought the two women might come to blows considering how
they had been sniping at each other for the past hour. To
her surprise, Amy slid her arms around Judy’s waist and
then gave her a big, sloppy French kiss. When their lips
parted she said, “We’ll have to try this when we get

“Penny’s next,” called out Sharon. Penny look startled
and shook her head, but Sharon removed her leg from atop
Penny’s thigh and gave her a gentle push. “Go ahead, I
think you’ll like it,” she urged her lover.

Penny gave Billie a shy smile as she lay down on the bed.
Billie maneuvered the wand into position – she was
becoming an expert by now – and soon the fluttering sound
was heard again. Like Amy, Penny had a startled look on
her face from the intensity of her arousal. She rolled
her hips and ran the palms of her hands roughly over her

“Uhhh.” Penny moaned. Besides some laughter, it was the
first sound Billie had heard from the woman. Then she
moaned again, louder this time.

“Here she goes,” Sharon said from the other bed.

Billie wondered what Sharon meant, but then she found
out. Penny’s hips began to bounce on the bed and every
time her hips came off the bed she emitted a grunt or
squeal. Her hips bounced higher and the squeals became
louder and louder. Then Penny’s eyes flew open wide and
her head raised off the pillow as she screamed out her

Billie looked over to Sharon, wondering if everything was
alright. But Sharon just smiled at her and waved her hand
in gesture that told Billie to keep going. Billie fought
to keep the wand in place as Penny shrieked from one
orgasm to the next. Billie was beginning to wonder if her
hearing was going to be impaired from all the screams and
wails and gasps when Penny finally pushed her hand away.
The screaming, orgasmic Amazon had had enough. After
recovering for a minute, Penny rolled off the bed and
said, “Thank you,” to Billie in an amazingly soft, little
girl voice.

“This has been fun, girls, but I really have to go,” said
Billie. She began to look around for her clothes.

“But you haven’t shown us how you used that thing in your
pussy,” said Sharon.

“There’s really nothing to it,” said Billie as she
searched the bed for her panties. “You just use the thing
like a big, long dildo.” She found her panties, but when
she tried to put them on she saw that the other four
women had surrounded the bed.

“I’m afraid that you’ll have to demonstrate,” said Sharon
as she gently pushed Billie on her back. In one deft move
she parted Billie’s pussy lips and began to insert the

“I really need to get back to work,” protested Billie,
but then someone turned on the vacuum and she felt that
delicious vibration begin to take hold. “Oh please.”
Billie started to say, but then someone put their lips on
hers and their tongue in her mouth. She felt other lips
on her breasts and hands touching her everywhere at once.
She relaxed and responded with her own lips and tongue
and hands. She figured that she still had time to spare.