A minister, his wife and his son and daughter

As Dean Carter stood at the door of the church shaking
hands with his parishioners he looked so nice in his dark
suit with his wife Jane standing beside him in her light
blue dress.

After the service was over they walked the 100 feet or so
to the house that had been provided for the
congregation’s preacher and his family. Soon they were
home and as they entered the house Kevin, their son and
daughter sally who were fourteen and sally six teen were
dutifully washing the breakfast dishes having arrived
home much sooner than their parents who had to say good
bye to all their congregation.

Dishes done, Kevin was going to his room when his sister
called him to her room. She stood there looking at her
brother, then after a long silence she said, “You want to
watch? Close the door.” Kevin closed the door then sat on
the bed.

Dean had taken his coat off untied his tie took off his
shirt. He was in great shape for a man in his mid-
forties. He unbuckled his belt took his pants off so that
he stood there in his black socks and a pair of black
silk panties. Jane, his dutiful wife came out of the
bathroom in a white man’s shirt and a pair of black

Dean looked at his wife then he went to the closet picked
out a dress and pulled down a box. In the box was a wig
and fake breasts. Dean, in his turn, went to the bathroom
and after a while came back out looking very sexy. His
wife walked up to him and gave him a deep passionate
kiss. She looked at him in his dress and white blouse and
said quietly so that the children wouldn’t hear, “Suck

Dean knelt down unzipped Jane’s pants out came a large
flesh color cock. Dean opened his mouth and took the cock
into his mouth and began to deeptroat it.

Jane had taught her husband well, and she was soon
thrusting the large pink life-like cock into his throat,
fucking his face and moaning as she watched in appear and
disappear between her husband’s lips.

Dean’s throat began to hurt, but he held still and
continued to take the thrusting cock as if her were a
professional whore. Soon Dean was on all fours on the bed
in his bra and panties.

Jane quickly got behind him and began to lick his
asshole. Then she put two fingers into him and began to
fingerfuck him. Then Jane put her cock up to his asshole
and pushed it in.

Dean felt it going in slowly. His bowels were soon full
of cock and while Jane began to thrust she also began
pulling on the nipples of Dean’s fake breasts.

Jane was soon fucking her obedient husband as he crouched
on the bed.

“Yes Dean you like it don’t you?”

“Yea, do me harder.”

Jane was slapping his ass with her thighs as she picked
up the pace. Their breathing was becoming ragged with the
effort. Her small body was humping his faster and faster,
while his larger body began to tremble with passion and
exhaustion from holding them both up.

“Don’t touch your cock baby,” she said. Dean’s cock was
rock hard.

Jane pulled out of Dean’s ass and took her dildo off. The
she laid on her back she opened her legs wide. “C’mon
fuck me stud,” she said panting for breath.

Dean put his fat stiff cock against her moist pussy lips
and began rubbing her clit with the head, then suddenly
he pushed it in his wife’s pussy. “Oh god it’s so hot and
moist in there,” he groaned. Soon Dan was fucking Jane
like a mad man, “Oh fuck yes! Oh god YES!” He screamed.

His pretty wife with legs pointed toward the ceiling
began to moan in hot passion as her husband’s thrust
became faster and more furious. “Oh god yes, oh god yes!

Dean was pounding his wife’s pussy for the longest time,
then suddenly he pulled out of her and commanded, “Now
suck me woman!”

Jane reached up and grabbed his slimy cock and began
sucking his licking her own pussy juice off it, mewling
in pleasure as her husband fingerfucked her into many
little orgasms. But soon Dean wanted more, so he whirled
his pretty little wife around and planed his now cleaned
cock in her ass and shoved.

Dean fucked her magnificently from behind, grunting and
groaning and trying to hold his load in for as long as he

“Oohhh yes,” Jane said, “Your cock feels so good in my
ass,” she moaned.

Dean was rubbing her clit while wildly fucking her ass
and Jane was going crazy and soon began to cum hard,
very, very hard. She screamed in pleasure as her whole
body jerked in uncontrollable pleasure, all the while her
husband continued to pound her with his long straining

Then suddenly Dean felt his nuts tighten and he let out a
groan and was gushing cum deep into his dutiful wife’s
bowels. He soon filled her ass to overflowing and then
when he couldn’t cum any longer he collapsed on her back,
kissing her neck from behind.

Meanwhile, Kevin was watching his sister Sally undress.
His teenage cock was rock hard as usual. Sally had a
great body and she was standing there unbuttoning her
dress, one button at a time. Kevin wasn’t looking at her
pretty face with hooded eyes, watching him watch her. He
had his eyes locked on her full breasts as they came into
view. Her breasts nicely filled her bra as she let the
dress fall to the floor.

Kevin wanted to Sally’s neatly trim pussy hair, her firm
thighs. he jumped when Sally asked, “Come here and take
my panties off,” she said.

Kevin knew the drill, they’d done this many times before,
he walked up to his sister and knelt down in front of
her. Then he pulled her panties down slowly to see her
light brown pubic hair and her large inviting clit.

Kevin reached out almost reverently and touched her slit,
it was so wet and hot, he put his finger into her and
felt her pussy grip his finger. Then he put another into
her, and he was fingerfucking her pussy. Kevin was in
heaven, he enjoyed his sister’s body so much, but she
only ever let him near her on Sundays after church while
their parents were involved in their after church
activities and wouldn’t catch them at it.

Kevin began rubbing Sally’s clit with his thumb as he
continued to fingerfuck her slick wet pussy slit. “Oohhh
Kevin, you really do know how to make a girl feel good,”
she gasped.

Then Kevin pinched her clit and bent down to lick it.
Sally groaned and began to shiver in ecstasy as her body
was pushed into an earthshaking orgasm. He brother
wouldn’t let up and continued to tongue her clit and even
occasionally nipped it with his lips.

But Kevin wanted more than just to make his sister cum,
he wanted to fuck her. As Sally lay on the bedspread out
and gasping from her resent orgasm, Kevin tore off his
clothes and quickly climbed on the bed to cover his
sister with his body.

Sally knew what was coming next, but didn’t seem to mind,
why should she, he was her brother and they had done this
many times before. But she always liked to remain in
control so she teasingly commanded her brother, “So you
want to fuck me do you? Okay, then put these,” and she on
threw her panties to him.

Kevin didn’t care what she asked of him, all he wanted
was to bury his throbbing dick in his sister’s steamy
hole. He put them on so that his swollen cock was
sticking out under a leg hole.

Sally seeing her brother’s stiff cock poking out of her
lacy panties was soon on her knees sucking it. It was so
sexy to she her brother in women’s undies with his manly
cock straining so. Sally sucked her brother until he
began to moan and involuntarily thrust into her mouth.
She took him as deep as she could for a girl.

Soon Kevin pushed his sister down on her back on the bed
and mounted her like a man mounts a woman. It took only
moments to find the appropriate hole and when he did,
Kevin thrust into the hilt and began to hump his sister
crying out in loud gasps, “Oh fuck you feel so good, oh

Within moments Kevin couldn’t hold back any longer and he
shouted, “IM CUMMING,” and made sure to hold his sister
down firmly so that she couldn’t dislodge him. His came
deep inside her grunting and groaning in pleasure as he
continued to hump her.

Afterwards, the two children lay side by side kissing and
hugging each other, and listening to their parents in the
next room still going at it.