My First Evening Home

I am an over the road driver and have very little time at home so we try and make the most of the time we have. So my wife try,s to come up with some very different ways of having sex when I am home so I will remember it when I am gone on the road. This is what I got the last time I was home.

I got home just as my son and grand children were leaving for the weekend for a visit with there other grand parents. So after a short visit with them they were gone and we had the house to our self’s YES! Not knowing what she may have been planning is sometimes the best part. Anyway as the car went out the driveway she looked at me and said go back to your truck and get your large butt plug and your panty’s, then with a smile she said maybe a couple pairs of them and your nipple clips and come back inside the house and see me and hurry up I have to pee. Now knowing what that means I took my time getting the things she wanted from the truck.

Now just to let you know I do like kinky sex I have a very large butt plug with several balls on it getting ever larger when you get to the end it is about 7 plus inches around and 8 inches long there is 3 inches after the last ball to help keep it in place so when it is all the way in it will stay there until you take it out without any fear of it falling or slipping out by it self. The nipple clips came with little rubber ends but when you take them of there is sharp little teeth that bite into the skin! They have screws so you can keep on changing the pressure on your nipples and when there is enough pressure they will not come off. Then you can pull or hang things from the chain without fear of them coming off. Now about the panties I have several pairs of them the ones I like the most are the ones with the frilly tops and lace around the edges. If I am feeling kinky or if my wife tells me to I will wear them when I use the rest areas or truck stops where I could get caught using the bathroom by other guys. She will sometimes tell me to make sure other guys see my panties and or my nipple clips as you can understand being an over the road truck driver there is not much sex out there so lots of times I have guys asking for blow jobs when they see my panties thinking I am gay! Now a long time ago I would and have sucked a lot of cocks. I like the feel of something sliding down my throat and the taste of come and the feeling when someone is coming in my mouth. I liked the thin but very long cocks for sucking so when I swallowed them they could go down my throat the longer the better. Anyway back to the evening home.

When I came back into the house she was waiting for me at the door and told me to lay down on the floor right there at the door she scolded me for taking so long she had to go as I laid down she dropped her panties and squatted over my face and told me not to miss a drop or else and she started to pee. As she was peeing she was holding my cock through my jeans and I was rock hard when she finished I had to swallow 4 times to get it all then she told me to lick her clean. As I was doing as she asked she told me about the rest of the evening! She told me to go take a shower and then to put my butt plug in and then with a smile she said to take my time and be careful not hurt my little butt as she planned on using her fist up there later. Also she told me to put the clips on as tight as I could and then she would fix them when I came out. And to wear my blue panties to start with for the evening I would be changing later. And she smiled and walk away. When I came out about 45 minutes later she wanted to know what took so long and I told her I had not had anything in my butt in a couple of weeks and it was tight she smile again and said not after tonight. She then told me for the rest of the afternoon and evening when she needs to pee she will be using my mouth and whatever else she wants I am to do! She told me no matter what happens this afternoon and evening the only thing I could wear are panties. Then she said if a salesman comes to the door that’s my problem because I would be answering the door in my panties and nipple clips, do you understand she asked? She said I could call off the whole deal now or I had to go all the way one way or the other it was up to me. Now here I stand with a huge plug up my ass and clips pinching my nipples and panties on and huge hard on and she asks if I want to stop NOT FAIR. Of course I said yes I want to keep going, hoping no one would come to the door. She then told me to get her a drink a bottle of water a large bottle of water with a smile she said she needed to keep up her water diet. As the afternoon went on I did some laundry for her and started dinner when she call me to the back porch and said she had to pee and wanted to pee in the back yard. Now we do have a fence but its a field fence and it was still day light so I look around and then asked where? She walked me out about 30 feet into the back yard and told me to lay down and get ready. She then squatted over my face looking away from me and out came the large bottle of water I was hard as a rock just from being outside in the day light with panties and the clips on where some may see me but when she started peeing in my mouth in the back yard I almost came right there. Now she had several times tighten the screws on the clips and had hung clothes pins on the chain so as I was cleaning her up she reached back and pull several times on the chain and said Thank You now go finish dinner.

Before dinner she had me come into the living room and sit at her feet and paint her toe nails (2 coats) it needed extra color. The plug was still in my butt so sitting on the floor just pushed in deeper and she kept moving to make me move and in turn it just kept moving the plug around Again rock hard. When I was done with her toe nails and rubbing her feet she told me to stand up and then she saw the precome on my panties and she said she felt sorry for me and pulled my cock out of the panties and started to suck and lick my cock holding it with one hand and then she reach around and got hold of the end of the butt plug and started working in and out of my ass she would pull it out the 3 inches till the large ball was opening me up and then she would shove it back in. She kept this up till I was about to come and then she just stopped put my very water cock back in my panties and told me to go change for dinner that I had made a mess of my panties. As she walked away she smiled and said wear the white ones with the frilly tops. She know these are the ones that get the most wear I really like the way they feel and look.

When I got to the kitchen to set up dinner she had already done so, she had a regular plate and regular serving and I had very small plate and small serving she then told me she did not want me to full for after dinner with a big smile. Now I was wondering what she had in mind for after dinner the comment earlier about her fist kept coming to mind but she had not done that in a long time so I was not sure. At this point she said she had to pee so lets go, so out the back door we go again it was a little darker outside this time she told me to take my panties off also and lay down she then slide hers off and flipped her skirt up and rubbed her pussy and then squatted over me and took my cock in her hands as she peed she was jerking me off when she finished peeing and I clean her up then she just stopped again and got up and told me dinner was getting cold and walk back into the house after I got dressed as it was I went back to the dinner table to eat. Now sitting on a kitchen chair with the plug was like sitting on the floor it kept me hard trough out dinner. After dinner she went to the living room to watch tv as I cleaned up the dinner table and the kitchen when I was almost done she said she was going to the bedroom and to come in when the kitchen was done. I got done in record time.

When I got to the bedroom she was on the bed with her vibrator and a large didlo in her pussy she told me she needed to have a large cock for a change and kept on using her toys as she was getting close she told me to to take over using the didlo so she could lay back and feel like she was getting lay by a real man with a really big cock not your little dick. After she came she had to pee so I got to clean up her come and her pee at the same time. Then she said I had been a good boy and now it was my turn so she told me to get up on the bed on my knees and and she then got out the lube, now I was sure she was going to try and use her fist on my asshole. She started by taking off the panties and then covering my ass and cock with lube it was dripping of me! Then she told me to push out the plug as she was pulling and she pulled very slowly to help get me as open as she could for her hand. When the largest of the balls came out she pushed it back in slowly and then out again several times each time I was moaning it felt sooo good. She told not to dare come yet and then she took the plug out all the way I felt empty but not for long. She slide 3 fingers in and then laughed she said she could use all 4 fingers my asshole was so open and then she did just that. Several minutes later she said she was going to use her whole hand she got most of it in but could not get past the knuckles so she told me start using her hand as a cock start fucking her hand with my ass. After several tries her hand slide in to the wrist and she then started to fuck my ass with her hand and to pull on my cock with her other one. After 8 or 10 strokes I told her I was going to come and yes she stop again she told me she wanted to watch my face as she was fucking me so I had to turn over with her whole hand and several inches of her forearm up my ass I told her I was not sure I could and she said if you want to come you will and gigled. She was moving her fingers around inside me and come was dripping from my cock so he had me hold my hand under my cock as she kept moving her fingers to get as much as I could and then she told me to eat my come and roll over like she told me to. Well after several trys I got on my back and she told me to look into her eyes as she started to move her whole arm in and out of my ass there was several inches of her forearm and her hand up my ass I have never been so full before as she was fucking my ass she bent down and started to suck my cock. As I started to move my cock in her mouth it was moving her hand in my ass! The feeling was great and then she told me to come in her mouth as she was looking into my eyes and she swallow my cock again I came like never before. She was forced to swallow my come as she could not get to the bathroom with her forearm still up my ass. The rest of my time home was fun and my sore ass was a constant reminder of my First Evening Home.