Dude Looks Like a Lady

I can’t believe I’m writing this. When it first happened
I was so ashamed, I know I could never have told anyone.
I honestly thought I never would. I guess though as I got
older I matured some. I’ve realized that until I get this
out in the open, until I can face what I have done, I’ll
never get over it.

It’s my sister’s fault really. I was 26 when my little
sister came out of the closet. I had always thought we
were close, best friends even. She claims she knew she
was gay since she was 15. That means for over a decade my
little sister has been lying. To me, to our parents, to
the guys I set her up with, to my friends that she
fucked…. to everyone. I have to admit it was hard to

Please understand, I’m not homophobic. I mean, I’m not
gay, and don’t have any gay friends but I don’t hate
fags. They’re just people. Yes they’re different from me,
but so what. There are Blacks and Jews and ***NESE
(Japa/Chi, Vietnam, etc), and ***ICANS (Puerto R, Mex,
Latin Amer–shit they’re all people and have the right to
live. It’s not my place to judge. My problem was not that
my baby sister was a gay, lesbian, alternate, lifestyle,
same sex–whatever. It’s that she made a fool of me; she
lied to me for half of her life. That hurts, and well, to
be honest it makes me pretty fucking angry.

I guess I should explain something here; I sometimes have
a little trouble controlling my temper. I’m a large man
6ft 3in, 240 lbs and in pretty good shape. It’s not like
I go around starting stuff, looking for trouble. But if
you bring it to me, rub my nose in it, if you lie to me,
hurt me, make a fool out of me, well shit, I figure you
just need your ass kicked. If Beth had been anyone but my
baby sister, I would have stomped her lying, bitch ass.

But… well I love her, and I forgave her. In fact I
tried to get to know her lesbo faggot friends. I gotta
tell ya, some of them are pretty fucking hot. They had
this air about them, like they were better than regular
women. Like they didn’t need a man, they were happy
without my dick, and didn’t even want to give me a
chance. I’ve known some of Beth’s “Friends” for years.
She had a tight little group that she was always hanging
out with. They thought it was cool because they had a
Black, a Puerto Rican, a Blonde (Sis) a Brunette (the
Jew), and some Chinese exchange student (Sorry but I
could barely understand what the fuck she was talking

They were all pretty hot, nice firm, fuckable bodies.
Like I said I knew them for years, and like any guy would
I made passes at all of them. I really thought I had a
chance with the little black slut, I mean she was nice to
me. Always smiling and touching my arm, laughing at my
jokes. Somehow we never hooked up.

The Latina was really hot but I knew she was too damn
smart for me, I don’t need a woman whose smarter than me.
The Jew claimed she had a boyfriend, she told me his name
was Mohammed. So it went. I was never really close to
them, but I kinda liked them, and would have fucked any
one of them if they asked.

But they never did. Duh, can you guess why? Cuz they’re
all fucking lying, lesbo, dikes, sluts, bitches. They had
all been laughing at me, helping my sister shame me. I
later found out that at some point most of them had
sucked each other’s pussys.

When Beth finally told the truth, I was so angry I wanted
to hit her. Not because she was gay. She had watched me
flirt with her lesbian friends repeatedly. She had seen
me get hard when one of those sexy, little dikes walked
in the room. I had asked her to fix me up with one of
them more than once. She knew! She fucking knew, and
never helped me. All of them except Beth were still
mostly in the closet. I was just a joke to her, just a
straight man. I began to fantasize about paying them
back. Oh it was harmless at first. I’d hypnotize them,
and make em cluck like a chicken. I could tell their
parents, workmates, ruin their lives.

I secretly overheard them talking one night. About a
tattoo the black girl had just above her clit. I dreamed
of telling her lover that I had fucked her and that was
how I saw it. That she wasn’t gay, she was Bi. That’s how
it started, just silly, innocent stuff like that. The
thing is I knew it would be wrong, that it was just
fantasy. On some level I still kind of liked these girls,
and hoped to fuck them. I did not realize how much they
despised me, until the night of the Christmas party.

“Jaz me for, want you to meet new fiend,” Guansheen said
in her thick accent as she introduced me to Susan.

I looked down at this perfect, delicate little woman and
felt myself go hard. She was so pretty, and soft. She was
about 5ft 4inches tall and had these perky little tits
that I just knew were made for sucking. Best of all she
had this shy, humble smile. She was a lady. We talked for
a while, and I danced with her real slow. She rested her
head against my chest, as I held her tight. I wanted to
taste her sweet little mouth, so I led her outside by the
pool and she sat down next to me.

“Susan, can I kiss you, I am really attracted to you.”

“Oh god yes, I thought you’d never ask, she sighed as we
leaned in for a gentle kiss.

It was perfect. We made out for about 10 minutes, and I
could see she was very turned on, but the cold air was

“Honey do you want to go inside to the guest room where
we can be alone?”

She seemed a little nervous at that and I held my breath.

“Jaz…I like you, and I am cold. It’s just that I don’t
want to give you the wrong impression. Nothing is going
to happen tonight. I’m not that kind of girl.”

“Shh baby I just want to be alone with you, get to know
you. I promise we’ll stop when you say stop,” I sad as I
leaned in for a slow tongue suck.

Susan did not say a word when I scooped her tight little
body up and carried her to the guest room. My sister and
her friends saw us and gave me a thumbs up sign.

The party was on the first floor, on the other side of
the large house.
I closed and locked the door to give us even more

Now here’s the thing. I’m alone with a hot girl, and I
wanted to fuck her pussy. She was so soft, so hot. I knew
she wanted me to make love to her. I’m a nice guy and
all, but I know that sometimes women need to be…pushed
a little. Not forced, or raped mind you, just given a
nudge. Bottom line, there was no way I was leaving this
room without fucking Susan, no way. Mouth, tits, pussy,
or ass–I did not care, but my dick was aching.

I laid the little slut on the bed and resumed kissing
her. She seemed very nervous.

“Hold still, stop moving. I want to get your shirt off, I
said as I pinned her beneath me.

That was too much for her.

“John stop.. I’m sorry, I’m not ready for this. Let me
up. John let me up please!”

Fuh-uck that!

“Susan what’s the problem, we don’t have to do anything
else, I just want to see you. God, you’ve got me so hot,
you’re so fucking sexy. I need some relief. Tell you
what…if you want, you can give me a hand job instead.
Just touch me, stroke me. Please baby, I need it.”

Susan seemed very unsure of herself. She was too shy to
grab my cock…but she did not want me to see her naked,
so she agreed.

I rolled her over on the bed and straddled her stomach.
It felt good to feel her underneath me. I unzipped and
laid my half hard dick on her tits.

“Play with it Susan, play with my cock. Rub it, squeeze
it, do anything you want.”

Susan stared at me for a long time but then she blushed a
little and licked her lips. Slowly she wrapped a dainty
hand around my penis and ran it up and down the shaft.
She was so warm. Most girls don’t give good hand jobs, at
least in my experience. They always forget to play with
the balls. Most don’t spend enough time on the head.
Frankly, I do a better job myself. But Susan was amazing,
she kept circling my pee hole, lightly tracing it with
her finger. Then she’d squeeze the shaft tight and build
up friction. When she caressed my balls, I nearly lost
it, purrrfect. Someone had trained her well. What a
sweet, shy, feminine little slut.

The hornier I got the more I wanted to taste her. I made
her stop, and pinned her again. My hard on was pressed
into her stomach, and I could feel her tits. I scooched
up and began kissing her hard, wet and sloppy. Sucking
her mouth passionately, breathing her in. I love her
tongue, tiny, pink and playful. It kept darting in and
rubbing against mine.

I wanted more, it was time to see her tits.

I ran my hands on the hem of her shirt and began pulling
it up.

Susan freaked out, and tried to fight me off with
surprising strength.

“NO! Don’t do that! Get off of me, STOP! You don’t
understand, we can’t do that, I’m a virgin. I don’t know
you well enough. Besides, I’m having my period. You have
to stop. I like you John, I really do, but I can’t have
sex with you tonight.”

Well shit. No pussy sex. It would have been nice to fuck
her wet little virgin cunt but ok, I don’t want blood on
my dick. Here’s the thing, I like pussy sex, really I
do… but I’m an ass man. No matter how tight the pussy,
the ass is always tighter. Plus you never have to worry
about getting her pregnant. The only problem was some
girls really had to be pressured into anal sex.
Especially the shy, virgin types. It helped if they were
a little drunk, or already asleep. The thing is, after
the hand job, Susan gave me, I needed to fuck.

“Shh, calm down, I understand and respect your virginity.
You should have told me sooner. No wonder you were
nervous before. You don’t have to let me fuck your pussy,
it’s ok. Just suck me off. Let me fuck your mouth honey.
Shh, no don’t speak, just open your fucking mouth.”

I positoned myself over Susan’s body, straddled her head
and grabbed her lower jaw roughly, lovingly.

“John, wait… wait a second nowaimmmmmpff, ” she said
as I forced my 7-incher in her mouth.

I rubbed her throat hard, with both hands and waited
while she got used to me. She seemed to be frightened,
and kept trying to tell me something but…shit, I was
not really interested. I was a little busy getting my
knob polished.

“Lick it baby, suck it good. Breathe through your nose,
don’t choke…that’s it, you’re getting the hang of it.
Don’t stop. Don’t you fucking stop. Suck, lick, breathe.
Keep it up baby. ”

It wasn’t the best blowjob I’ve ever hand. I could tell
she wasn’t that experienced. But she was a bright girl
and did learn. She stopped gagging and started making
these wet, slurpy, sucking sounds. Her hand job mastery
came in to play as Susan gave me a combo “JOB” Sucking me
and milking my balls in her left hand. Seeing her pretty
face, stuffed full of Johncock made me fuck her harder,
seeing the tears stream from the corners of her eye,
excited me a little. Her dainty whimpers and gurgle and
slurps pushed me over the edge.

“Oh shit, that’s it, that’s it! Right there, fuck me, you
slut, I love it, suck me hard. Swallow it, swallow it
all!” I bellowed and spewed my cum in her mouth.

As soon as I climbed off she started bitching.

“Asshole, you fucking asshole. You just raped me,
motherfucker, I told you to stop. NO, Means NO!!”

Susan was really mad. So mad she forgot to speak in the
falsetto voice she had been using all night. His voice
was not deep but it was deep enough. Susan was a man.

We realized her/his mistake at the same time. I felt the
rage begin to build in me. I had been making out with a
guy in a dress all night. I had let a guy fondle my dick,
shit I had just let another man suck my cock! She had
lied to me all fucking night.

As I looked at the woman laying next to me, I could not
believe it. In every way this looked like a hot, sexy
woman. But she wasn’t. She was a lying he-slut who liked
to tease. I realized then that I had been set up, by my
sister and her lesbian friends. Everyone at the party
knew I liked to hit on lesbians. They were all laughing
at me, shit they saw me go upstairs with this faggot.
There were probably a dozen people waiting outside the
door to laugh in my face, to see my humiliation. Fuck,
fuck, FUCK!!

I’d show them. I’d turn the tables on them. You wanna
play games, ok let’s play.

Susan looked pretty scared, she realized that I was well
within my rights to kick her fucking ass. I mean there
are things you just don’t do. No matter what I had done,
her crime was much worse. She tried to get off the bed
but I grabbed her.

“Where the fuck do you think you are going slut. Lie to
me bitch, tease me?!! I don’t think so. I want to hurt
you as bad as you’ve hurt me. I want to hear you scream
you fucking whore. You wanna play dress up, and tempt me.
Fine slut. I’ll treat you the way you deserve, “I said as
I smacked her face hard and flipped her on her stomach.

I crawled on top of Susan and ripped her mini skirt up
and pulled her yellow panties down. Her smooth legs and
tight ass were completely exposed to me and I could not
resist spreading them open and giving the slut a few deep

“Wh, what the fuck are you doing. I’m a guy, I’m not
gay!! I just like to dress up, I’m not gay get off me!. I
have a girlfriend. Your sister paid me to do this? It was
just a practical joke. HELP!! HELP!! ” He screamed in
rising panic.

Just a joke, just a joke! Well the joke was on her. No,
the joke was IN her.

“You think it’s a game? You think it’s a fucking game!
C’mon! ” I bellowed as I spread her tender ass open and
rammed my dick inside her hard.

Oh shit was she tight, so fucking warm! I slammed her
hard, harder than I had ever fucked a woman’s ass before.
I wanted to hurt her, to break her, to make her cry.

“Please, god I’m sorry, I’m SORRYEEEE! Stop, help!!
RAPE!! You’re RAPING MY ASSS! Oh god, your ripping it
open, it hurts pleassee, it hurts so bad. Somebody help
me!! she shrieked and begged and wailed in utter despair.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

“John are you in there? What’s that noise, is everything
alright? John open up now, ” several voices screamed at
me from the hallway, as they banged on the thick door.”

I ignored them as I continued to rape my naughty little
slut. I was getting close to blowing a nice thick load in
her tight anus.

“Do you like that, UH, do you like it? SLAM. Lie to me
slut? WHAP, I fucking own you cunt, THRUST! I SMACK, own
WHACK this ASS bitch. Take it, take it, take it ALL!” I
screamed as I spanked Susan and came deep down in the
bottom of her sweet, juicy ass.

She was sobbing softly now and I felt pretty good. I
wiped my dick off in her hair, and then made her lick me

“Please don’t hurt me, I’m sorry, I’ll be good,” she
mewled pitifully slowly sucking, licking and gently
kissing me hard again.

She looked pathetic. Her hair was a mess, her makeup had
tear streaks. She was naked from the waist down, and her
top was rumpled and ripped. Her fake tits were lopsided.

As Susan sucked me I felt myself getting rock hard again.
I had an idea. I forced the pitiful young girl in front
of me to walk to the bedroom door. I made her get on her
knees and resume sucking me. She was broken and obedient,
eager to please me. When I was about to come I unlocked
the door and threw it open. My sister, and her friends
were clustered around, banging on it.

“Take my cock, suck it you faggot slut. This is what you
get. Look at them! It’s not my fault, they paid you. They
are the blame! Thanks for a fun date you cheap whore,” I
said as came all over Susan’s face.

My Sister’s mouth was hanging open, her friends were
stunned as they looked down at their friend Susan (I
found out later his name was Ron). I pulled on my pants
and kissed my sister’s cheek as I left the room. When I
passed the Chinese bitch who introduced us, I gave her a
wet kiss and said “Thanks for the joke, it was real
funny, before pinching her round, lesbian ass and
laughing as I walked away.


Obviously the events of that night changed me. Believe me
I felt guilty at first, and scared that I’d go to jail.
Once I calmed down from anger and lust I was mortified by
my actions. I mean, I had raped a man–and thoroughly
enjoyed it at the time. I worried about my sister and our
relationship. In time though I started to heal
emotionally. A part of that is because I got away with

Ron/Susan had never told his girlfriend that he was a
transvestite. She didn’t know that he liked to dress up
and tease other men. He’d kiss them a little, play with
them but that was it. He loved her and knew she would
leave him if she ever found out his secret. Besides that
he did not want his job, parents, and str8 friends to
know he had been raped while posing as a tranny slut.

As far s the girls, my sister was angry sure. But she
also felt guilty at her part in this. None of them had
seen anything. All they could say was that they saw Susan
willingly sucking my dick. If he would not even admit to
it… why bother.

Here’s the thing: once you break the rules, once you fuck
a slut against her will, and get off scott-free… um,
well what’s to stop you from doing it again?

My sister had 5 friends. All hot, all sexy, all lesbian.
Three of them were still completely in the closet. I’ve
wanted to seduce one of Beth’s sexy friends for a long
time. But they would not give me a fair chance.

What’s to stop me from taking one of these sluts by
force, and raping some respect into her. After all, what
could she do? She would not want anyone to know she was a
lez-slut. I’d have to get them alone, be careful but it
cold be done. If I played it right, I could get them all.

Heh, it took me a few years but I did it. There were a
few… complications. But hey that’s another story.