My husband and I are avid BBsers and enjoy some of the
Adult stories we read on a local Adult Board we have
here in Tucson. We’ve lived in Arizona for 12 years now
ever since Bill (My Hubby) got transferred here. We have
two kids ages 7 & 9, we’ve been married for 13 years.
I’m 34 and Bill is 38. Our sex life has been great, but
last year it got even better than ever! And that is what
I am going to tell you about.

First off, I am 5″7″ tall, weigh 120 Lbs, and have
reddish brown hair, on my head and my pussy. I am
considered attractive, but I’m not the Marilyn Monroe of
the 90’s. I keep myself physically fit with aerobics and
diet when necessary. Bill is also slim and muscular and
we look good together.

We’ve read a lot about guys who want to see thier wives
have sex with another guy or another woman. We hadn’t
really discussed it in length, just kind of had it in
mind and talked about it some. The other woman thing is
completely out as far as I am concerned anyway! blah!

We do enjoy the outdoors and quite often go hiking way
out into the desert or up in the mountains. Bill’s hobby
is photography so he loves to take nude shots of me when
we are alone. We often strip completely bare and hike
that way and make love out in the wilderness. Bill loves
the reddish tint to my brown pussy hair and prefers that
I don’t trim it. So going to the beach or pools is out.
We have our own swimming pool, which makes it easier,
for me not to trim it.

Anyway, on this particular occasion Bill not only
brought along his regular camera, but also brought his
camcorder and tripod. It was on a nice and warm summer
day, Saturday. The kids were at camp with the kids next
door. We decided to go out on one of our naked hikes and
photography sessions. We drove out to one of our
favorite places, parked the car and struck out for parts

Once out far enough, we both stripped completely nude
except for our hiking boots and kept hiking. Bill had
the equipment and a blanket in a backpack he brought
with some wine and water for us to enjoy later. We came
to a nice rocky area that was very nicely sandy like a

We spread the blanket and I took off my boots and socks
and lay on the blanket doing a series of sexy poses for
Bill and his camera. They were having an effect as I
watched his cock begin to harden as he kept shooting
pictures. He had set up the camcorder on a tripod, and
was going to save that for when we made love.

I was lying on the blanket with my one leg raised so he
could get a good shot of my pussy, when I thought I saw
someone behind one of the rocks nearby. I told Bill
about what I thought I had seen and he dismissed it as
me seeing things because we were way out in the middle
of nowhere. But I swore I had seen someone. Bill finally
put the cameras down and went over and behind the rocks
where I had seen the movement. After a couple of
minutes, to my surprise, he came back around the rocks
with another guy. I quickly got up and was going for my
clothes, when Bill told me to relax and stay put.

I sat up and crossed my legs Indian style and held my
hands in front of my pussy. My breasts were in full view
of the stranger though. He turned out to be a collage
student aged 24 who was doing research on old mines in
the area. He had a metal detector with him and a knap
sack on his back. Bill introduced us. His name was Carl.
Bill explained what we were doing and we kind of chatted
for a while. A glance at Carl’s crotch of his cutoffs
showed that he was at least glad to see me naked. He had
a big bulge sticking out.

Bill began taking some more pictures of me with the
still camera. But
I wouldn’t pose with Carl there. Then Bill handed Carl
the camera and said,
“Here you take a few of us together.”

I couldn’t believe He was doing this. Bill got on the
blanket with me and at first just sat next to me, then
his arm around my shoulders. Then he held my right
breast up to the camera and started playing with the
nipple. I must tell you that I have very large and
sensitive nipples. At first I brushed his hands away,
but when he began to suck on of my hard nipples, my hand
went to his head and pulled him close, and my legs

If it weren’t for the clicking of the camera, I would
not have been aware of anyone being there. By now Bill
had me flat on my back, with my legs spread wide and he
was sucking me like crazy. His tongue was tracing my
entire slit. When he began nibbling on my clit, I was
almost ready to cum.

I opened my eyes and gasped at what I saw. Carl had
stopped shooting and had taken off his cutoffs. He was
slowly stroking his cock as he watched us! He had a
little bit bigger one and thicker than Bill’s from what
I could see. But the thought of lying there in front of
a total stranger, jerking his cock while watching us,
put me over the top and I came very hard.

Bill got up from between my legs and sat up on a rock,
by the blanket. His cock was sticking straight up, I
could tell he was also excited at being in front of a
stranger. I knew what he wanted and got up and walked
over to him. I leaned over and took his cock into my
mouth. Carl came around to the side of us and snapped a
few pictures of me sucking Bill.

Then I heard them say something but I didn’t know what
it was. Until I felt Carl’s tongue slide between my
pussy lips from behind! GOD what a feeling that was! As
I sucked Bill, Carl wildly tongued my pussy, with Bill
asking me if it felt good and did I like it with two
guys. I could only mumble around his cock.

I was getting close to cumming when I felt Carl move up
to my asshole and begin tonguing me there! Bill never
even had done that, it felt great. I had to pull off of
Bill’s cock to let out a little scream of pleasure as I
felt Carl penetrate my anus with his tongue. Then he
stopped to my dismay! I wanted him to make me cum like
that, I was Soooooo close.

But shortly after he left, I felt the head of his cock
against my pussy lips. Then he slid in a couple of
inches. I lost it as he plunged into me fully. I pulled
off of Bill’s cock and screamed out my pleasure. Bill
erupted into my face with his first spurt, but I took
him back in and drank him down as Carl pumped me from

The feeling of having one guy fuck you while you suck
the other, is one that words cannot describe. You have
to experience it to know how wonderful it is. You ladies
who have tried it know what I am talking about!

After Bill went soft in my mouth, I laid my head against
his chest and pumped my ass back to Carl as he fucked me
good. He let out a groan and I could tell he was getting
close, so was I. He asked me if I wanted him to cum
inside of me. I looked up at Bill and asked him. He told
me if I wanted him to it was up to me.

I screamed, “Yessssss Carl fill my pussy with your hot
cum.” I looked into my husband’s eyes and held his hand
tight as another cock was shooting into my pussy. The
sensation was so great that I almost passed out from the
orgasm. It was the best orgasm of my life!

Bill set up the camcorder, and I sucked Carl off as my
husband shot into me this time. Then we lay in the sun
for a while before, I squatted onto Carl and fucked him
for the camera. It was the sexiest time I’ve ever had.
Since then Carl has come over to our house and we have
repeated our three-way many times with many variations.

We even saw a porn movie where the woman got on top of
one guy and took him into her pussy, then the other guy
put his into her ass at the same time. It was tricky but
we managed to do that! You gals will not believe the
violent climax that can create! I did pass out the first
time from sheer pleasure. A cock shooting into your ass
and one in your pussy is a rare feeling!

I love lying on the bed with one guy on his back as I
kneel between his legs and suck his cock, while the
other guy puts his deep into my pussy from behind. But
it is hard on my knees and I can’t take too much of it.
So my next favorite is to have one guy sit in a chair,
and I sit on his cock with my back to him, as the other
guy is in front for me to blow him.

Since this happened, Carl has brought over a friend with
our permission, and he and his friend did me while Bill
watched and filmed. I tried doing it with all three
also. One in my ass, one in my pussy, sucking one, that
is a trip also. But best of all I like just 2 at a time.
I love it when bill is watching and then slides his cock
into me right after me and the guys cum, it never fails
to bring me to another strong cum!

As a matter of fact, writing this and telling you about
it has made wet, as hell. I’ll have to get one of the
videos out and play with myself until Bill gets home and
can give me some cock. It never fails to arouse him when
he walks into the bedroom and one of the videos is on
the TV. And my finger or vibrator is deep in my pussy!
He is harder than when we first met, and I love it!