Wife finds out if its true that once you go black you never go back

Let me start by telling you about my wife she is 5`8
120lbs. I would say she looks like Melissa Joan Hart but
with a nice plump pair of tits. Her blond hair reaches
the small of her back. And she has nice long athletic
legs that look sexy in thigh high boots.

My wife and I had always talked about inviting a 3rd
person into our bedroom. We would fantasize about how my
wife would pick up a guy at a bar while wearing a low cut
shirt that showed her tits nicely. The stories normally
end up with her on her back getting her pussy stretched

About a month ago we were watching the porno station and
there was a real big black guy pounding a little petite
white chick. Her legs were wrapped around the muscular
black guy’s waist. You could see that the woman was
enjoying the pounding her pussy was taking. My wife said
to me, “If that was me getting plowed like that how would
you feel?

“I’m cumming in my pants just thinking about it. I would
stand there and watch him fuck you hard.”

We kept watching and finally he pulled out and blew his
load all over her face and in her mouth. Alison was
amazed to see how much cum poured from his dick onto the
sexy girls face.

That night the conversation in bed turned to the black
stud that lived next door to us. His name is Nelson and
is about 24 years old. He works out at our local gym we
thought he certainly fit the bill for our fantasy fuck.
My wife was real into the fantasy and came hard that
night. About a week later my wife bumped into him at the
gym he walked over to her and said, “So this is how you
keep your sexy figure?”

She blushed at his compliment. And told him he looked
pretty damn good in that tank top himself.

Her panties where getting wet while talking to him just
thinking about him in our fantasy. She asked him if he
wanted to come over the house so they could have a drink
to cool off. On the drive home he kept running his hand
up and down her leg while she drove. A few times his
pinky brushed over her clit.

She liked the way his big hand felt rubbing on her inner
thigh so she didn’t stop him. Once home the conversation
turned quickly to sex. He told me that I was one lucky
man and commented on how good she looked in her spandex.
He told her she made him get hard while he was working
out. She giggled, “I noticed that you where having a
problem from across the gym.”

With that he came closer to her and grabbed her hand and
placed over his sweats so she could feel his throbbing
cock. He lowered his head and started to suck on her neck
gently as she stoked him trough his pants. Then slowly
his mouth worked lower to her cleavage.

Her head was spinning as she always talked about making
out with him and here he was licking the sides of her
tits and feeling the biggest dick in her hands. His hand
quickly went down in between her pants and panties. It
felt like he was fingering her pussy right trough her
underwear. He knew how to drive her crazy and soon she
was tearing at his sweats.

She began to untie the sting on his pants as she slid
them down his dick bounced up and smacked her right in
her face. It was at least 9-1/2 inches long and very
thick. He lay down and got her into a 69-position.

Alison started to lick his tip while he went crazy on her
pussy. His mouth was making her hole soaking wet. She
finally got most of his dick into her mouth and started
to bob her head up and down on it. She blew him to the
point that he was precumming. She tried to make him cum
but he just keep precumming to the point she looked like
she was eating a sloppy glazed doughnut. After about 20
min of foreplay he carried her to our bedroom and laid
her on the bed. He told her to grab her ankles and spread
her legs for him.

She did just that and slowly he started to place his dick
into her pink silky vagina. She felt her pussy stretch
around his manhood as he sunk in ball deep.

I almost never hit the top of my wife’s pussy once inside
but he bottomed out with no problem. She let out a
whimper as he kept hitting her spot hard and bottoming
out. They were shaking the bed so much that the headboard
kept hitting the wall every time he thrust into her. Then
he flipped her over as if she weighed 90 pounds and put
her into a doggy style position and told her I’m going to
fuck you like the bitch you are. He grabbed her by her
hips and slammed her from behind. He could see his big
black cock getting even more wet each time he entered
her. This time he got deeper.

She could feel a deepness she never knew before. She
started yelling, “Don’t stop please! I’m cumming! Oohhhhh
I’m cumming all over your fat black dick.”

She climaxed about 3 times before he said to her, “I’m
gonna bust a nut.”

Here it was time for Alison to make a decision do I let
him cum in me at my most fertile time? Or do I make him
pull out? Too late she could feel a warm wet feeling deep
in her be.

As he came in her fertile belly he let out a deep
agghhhh!! Her legs turned to jelly at the thought of
having a black baby. She knew at that moment that
millions of sperm were attacking her egg. He finally
pulled out of her with a plop and left the house as I was
coming home from work. He gave me a shoulder bump as I
walked up the stairs. I walked into the bedroom she was
still on the bed panting. Her pussy hair was matted with
sweat and sperm.

That’s when she asked me if I could clean her up with my
mouth. I smiled and knelt down between her legs. Her
pussy hole was red and swollen. It was gaping wet and
smelled like pussy and sperm. I went down and cleaned her
hot pussy out. To this day he still comes over our house
and makes me wait in the living room all night while he
stretches out my wife’s silky hole.

Sometimes I wake up to her yelling ‘oh god I love it!
Yeah baby cum in me!’ I don’t mind because we both know
when he comes to spend the night he is the better man.