Student’s Dirty Landlady

A young student begins to suspect that his mature
landlady has been sneaking a look at his pornography
collection. So he sets in motion a plan to find out if
she really is a dirty old lady.

Kevin rang the bell of the house in West London. He had
been looking for a place to live for weeks, and with a
new term at university just about to starting in days he
was getting desperate. He had read an ad in the paper
that morning, placed by a Mrs. Haywood, advertising a
room to rent at this address, and had rung the number
straight away. Mrs. Haywood had gone on to give some
details of the accommodation – explaining that she lived
in the house and wanted a lodger for the spare room – and
invited Kevin over to take a look.

Kevin had really been looking for his own flat, where he
would have complete independence. However with the new
term around the corner he was happy to take any room at a
reasonable price. Additionally the wording of the advert
had intrigued him somewhat. It had specified “male only –
preferably student”. This in itself was not unheard of.

Many women living alone wanted a man around the house for
extra security, and students were often favoured because
they were generally polite and responsible. Yet Kevin
could not help but imagine a sexual element to the
wording. Like many men of his age (he was 21) he had
bored of the emotional game-playing and sexual
conservatism of girls his own age, and fantasized
frequently about sex with a mature woman. On the train
over to the house he had found himself wondering what
Mrs. Haywood looked like, and wondering whether she had
motives beyond just wanting to make money out of a spare

So Kevin’s heart was thumping fast when the door was
finally opened. Standing there was a woman in her late
forties, of medium height, and slightly plump. Her brown
hair was shortish but neat, and her eyes a deep brown.
She was wearing surprisingly smart clothes, including a
long skirt with a slit in it that offered glimpses of her
legs, and had put on a little make-up.

Kevin immediately pictured her naked, but recovered his
composure enough to greet her. “Hello. I rang earlier.
About the room?”

“Of course. You must be Kevin. I’m Sandra Haywood. Please
call me Sandra.”

Mrs. Haywood – or Sandra as Kevin now was to call her –
extended her hand, and Kevin shook it. She then invited
Kevin inside and made light conversation as she led him
up the stairs to the room.

In truth it was quite a small and dull little room, but
Kevin was now imagining seducing Sandra and wouldn’t have
cared if the room were a dark cupboard. As she chatted
away about the view and the rent and the fact that she
hadn’t seen her husband for three years, Kevin admired
her full breasts and plump arse and hoped his erection
wasn’t too obvious.

“Well it’s yours if you want it,” said Sandra eventually,
and Kevin gulped before replying.

“Yes, I’ll take it,” he said with a nervous smile, and
Sandra seemed genuinely delighted.

They discussed a few more of the details on the way out
and it was agreed that Kevin would move in the following

“Oh, one more thing,” said Sandra as she opened the front
door to let him out. “Do you have a girlfriend, Kevin?”

Kevin was both embarrassed and pleased at this personal
question. “Er…no.
Well not at the moment. I mean…”

“Sorry to ask,” said Sandra with a smile. “It’s just that
I must insist that no girls stay the night in your room.
You can hear everything in this house and it would make
me feel very uncomfortable. Not that I mind that kind of
thing in itself I hasten to add! It’s just that I’m
lonely and deprived enough without handsome young men
having it away with pretty girls under my own roof!”
Sandra then laughed in such a casual and offhand manner
that Kevin almost didn’t notice what an enormously
ambiguous and provocative statement it was that she had
just made.

It wasn’t until Kevin was on the train back to the hostel
where he had been staying that he started to think that
Sandra had been dropping hints. He also felt sure that
she had noticed him eyeing her figure and had enjoyed the
attention. That night he could not get Sandra out of his
mind, and he masturbated several times thinking about all
the dirty things he wanted to do to her.

He moved in the next day without much fuss and quickly
settled into his new home. When university restarted his
mind became more occupied with his studies, although he
looked forward to coming home each evening to the
friendly meal and chat he would have with Sandra, who was
sensitive and intelligent company. He particularly
enjoyed coming down to the kitchen for breakfast each
morning, when Sandra would invariably be dressed in only
a white dressing gown that offered him numerous glimpses
of her legs and cleavage. On one occasion he came down to
find her wearing no more than bath-towel, her pale flesh
coated with a thin layer of moisture after a bath. She
always appeared at ease around Kevin, and he consequently
felt at ease around her. Nevertheless the first two weeks
of term passed relatively uneventfully and Kevin wondered
if his fantasies would stay just that.

Then one night he came home late after an evening out
with friends and quietly let himself into the darkened
house. The door to Sandra’s bedroom was closed but the
light was on and he heard the sound of her television
inside. He was surprised to find that his own door was
unlocked, even though he always made a point of locking
it on his way out. He thought nothing more of it and was
undressing for bed when he noticed that one the drawers
of the desk was slightly open. In one of the drawers he
kept his textbooks and writing materials but in most he
kept his pornographic magazines and videos.

Normally he locked the drawers but he remembered that he
didn’t bother to lock one of them that morning and it was
that drawer that was open. Opening it more fully he
examined the arrangement of the magazines inside and felt
sure that they were in a different order than he had left
them. Kevin knew that Sandra had a key to his room, but
surely she wouldn’t have let herself in and rummaged
through the unlocked drawer? And what would she have
thought if she had found this selection of porno mags,
which depicted only vanilla sex, but were still fully

Sandra said nothing at breakfast the next morning and
acted no differently than normal, but Kevin decided to
conduct an experiment. Over the following few days he
deliberately left the drawer open and memorized the exact
position and order of the magazines inside. Sure enough
they moved. Only slightly, but they definitely moved.
There was no doubt about it. His landlady was coming into
his room and looking at his porno magazines. It turned
him on big-time, the thought of Sandra coming in and
thumbing through the images of hardcore sex.

Now feeling daring, Kevin decided to up the stakes still
further. Up until now he had kept the kinkiest and most
extreme material locked away. But one morning he decided
to leave all the drawers unlocked. This meant that if
Sandra checked all the drawers, as Kevin suspected she
would, she would find dirty magazines and videos
specifically dedicated to anal sex, golden showers, and
cum-swallowing, as well as plain old vaginal sex. Kevin
also owned magazines and videos dedicated to older and
mature women, and Sandra would see those also. For Kevin
it was an ideal situation. He got to lay all of his cards
on the table without having to say a word.

That evening he almost ran home, so anxious was he to see
if Sandra had discovered the full extent of his
pornography collection. Sandra greeted him normally, and
offered to make him a cup of tea while he put his study
materials away in his room. He got into his room and
checked the drawers. Sure enough all of the magazines had
been tampered with, and he noticed that a couple of the
videotapes had actually been played and not properly
rewound. Of course it was quite conceivable that Sandra
had seen the material and been disgusted by it, so Kevin
repeated the experiment the next day. Again the extreme
magazines and videos had been used. Kevin was now certain
that his landlady was a dirty slut, and he felt sure she
was ripe for seduction.

The following Friday Kevin came home to find Sandra
watching television in the lounge as usual. She was
wearing a nightgown and was curled up on the sofa.

“Hello Kevin,” she said pleasantly as Kevin entered.
“Want to watch a little television with me?”

“Sure,” said Kevin and sat down on the sofa next to her.

They watched television and made conversation as they had
several times since Kevin had moved in, but this time
Kevin made his lustful glances at her body a little more
obvious than usual. Sandra seemed to notice and her
complexion became visibly flushed. Her bare feet were
tucked up alongside her and she squeezed her toes
nervously. Sandra had once or twice complained of aching
feet, and Kevin had suspected that she might have been
fishing for a foot massage. Perhaps now was the time to
offer her one.

“Feet aching again, Sandra?” he asked casually.

“Oh, yes,” said Sandra with a faint smile. “They do ache
a little.”

“Would you like a foot massage?” enquired Kevin
carelessly. “I’ve been told I have good hands.”

Sandra seemed to catch her breath, but nodded shyly. “Yes
please. That would be nice.”

She flicked off the television with the remote control
and stretched her bare legs out towards Kevin, leaning
back into the corner of the sofa for complete comfort.
Kevin sat up and faced her, and gently lifted her right
foot onto his lap. He then began massaging it slowly and
luxuriously, kneading the sole of her foot with his
thumbs. Sandra’s breathing became a little heavier as she
watched him rub her foot erotically.

“You know,” said Kevin softly, “they say that every foot
massage has a sexual undertone.” As soon as he said it
Kevin wondered if he had gone too far, particularly when
he saw Sandra blush at his words. But then he was glad
that he had said it. Now Sandra would either end it now
or play along for good. To his delight she moved her left
foot against his leg and began slowly rubbing her toes
across his thigh. That was the green light as far as
Kevin was concerned.

Still gripping her right foot, he lifted it to his mouth
and gently kissed her big toe. He kissed each of her
other toes and then sent a trail of kisses down her sole
and back up to her toes again. He looked at Sandra’s face
and her eyes were closed, a look of breathless pleasure
on her face. Kevin then took her big toe into his mouth.

“Ohhhhhh,” murmured Sandra as she felt Kevin’s wet, warm
mouth engulf her toe. Kevin sucked each toe for a minute
or so before lifting up her other foot and performing the
same ritual again, until the toes on each of her feet
were moist and reddened. Then his mouth began to move
from her feet to her ankles and up her pale legs. As he
reached her thighs he gently untied the belt of her
nightgown and pulled it open. For the first time he saw
her body naked, and it was an incredible sight. Her
breasts were large and full, with ripe, erect nipples,
and clearly visible beneath the dark curls of her public
hair were the pink lips of her pussy.

“I want you, Sandra!” said Kevin huskily. “I want to do
everything to you!”
Sandra’s dark eyes were alight with abandon. “Yes, Kevin!
You can have me! You can do anything you like to me! I
want you to use my body any way you like! I want you to
treat me like a slut and fuck me stupid!”

Sandra pulled Kevin to her and they tongues entwined
violently as they kissed. Kevin’s hand cupped her breast,
and she moaned and made a grab for his crotch, fondling
his erect cock through his jeans.

Sandra then pulled her lips from his. “Let’s go up to my
bedroom,” she whispered, and they almost ran up the
stairs to her room.

Sandra removed her open nightgown, leaving her completely
nude, and began tearing off Kevin clothes too. When he
too was naked she knelt at his feet and took his erect
cock in her hand. She kissed the tip of it gently, then
opened her mouth and took the length of it into her
mouth. Kevin groaned as his landlady sucked voraciously
on his cock. She had probably not sucked any cocks in
years, Kevin guessed, but the way her tongue flitted over
his knob as she sucked suggested that she had been quite
a blowjob queen in her younger days.

Kevin was afraid of cumming before fucking her, so after
a few minutes he pulled her too her feet and kissed her
again, gripping the cheeks of her fat arse with his

“You can suck my cock again later, slut!” he told her.
Then he pushed her onto the bed, which was thankfully a
double, and turned her onto her front, and moved her legs
until she was on her hands and knees. He knelt behind her
and put his head down to face her pussy, which was wetter
than he could have hoped for. He pulled her pussy lips
apart and delved his tongue deep inside her. She groaned
deeply as his tongue explored her soft cunt, withdrawing
occasionally to flick over her clitoris. After a few
minutes he stopped and pulled her plump buttocks apart.
Her arsehole was a reddish-brown and looked like a small

Inhaling the musky smell deeply, Kevin pushed his face
between Sandra’s cheeks and licked her sphincter. She
whimpered slightly as he moistened her soft arsehole, and
then released a deep moan of pleasure as his tongue
pushed past the outer tissue and inside her anus.

“Yesssssss!” she sighed, as she felt the young student’s
wet tongue explore her back passage.

By the time Kevin had finished, both Sandra’s cunt and
arsehole were moist with his ministrations, and she was
more aroused than she could ever remember being her whole

“Now I’m going to fuck you, Sandra,” said Kevin, stroking
his erect cock in readiness, and staring at her.

“Oh yes!” said Sandra, “That’s what I want! I want you to
fuck me hard!”

She was perfectly positioned on her hands and knees,
looking expectantly over her shoulder, and waiting for
Kevin’s thick cock to screw her. Kevin pushed his thick
member against her soft, wet cunt. He paused as the tip
pushed inside, then thrust his torso forward and his
entire length forced its way into her.

“Ooohhhhhhh, baby!” moaned Sandra. “Yeah, that’s so

For almost a full minute Kevin did not move, simply
delighting in the feeling of Sandra’s cunt swallowing his
prick. Then, gripping her by the hips, he slowly began to
fuck her, pushing his length in and out of her with firm,
deliberate movements.

“Oh yeah,” he said as he fucked her. “You’ve got a great
pussy. And you love my cock in your pussy don’t you

“Yes!” replied Sandra urgently. “Your cock feels so good
inside me!”

The fucking went on and gradually Kevin was increasing
the speed and force of his movements. Her plump arse was
wobbling as his body slapped against it, and she was
letting out low moans of pleasure with every thrust.

“Yeah, fuck me!” she muttered. “Fuck me hard!”

Encouraged, Kevin moved up another gear, ramming his cock
inside her with real force. He could sense that she was
approaching orgasm, not least because her breath was
becoming shorter and the pitch of her voice higher.

“Ooooooooooohhhhhhh!” was all Sandra could say as the
student’s thick tool plunged in and out of her hot pussy.

Now Kevin gave it all he had, fucking her so hard her
whole body rocked with each thrust.

“Yeah, take it you bitch!” he yelled. “Take my cock!”

The fucking and Kevin’s dirty language pushed Sandra over
the edge and she let out a scream as the orgasm hit her.

When Sandra’s orgasm died down Kevin withdrew his cock
from her cunt. She seemed to catch her breath, as if in
anticipation of whatever Kevin had in mind for her next.
What Kevin had in mind was anal sex.

“I bet a slut likes you loves it up the arse, don’t you?”
he said, running the tip of his cock between her

“Ohhh yes!” she responded with a low moan. “I want your
cock up my arse! I want it so badly! Please fuck my arse,

That was exactly what Kevin was hoping to hear. Sandra
remained on her hands and knees as Kevin gripped hr hips,
crouched down over her butt and pushed his cock against
her tight ring. His cock was still wet from her cunt, and
her arsehole still moist with his saliva, so there was no
need for lubricant. There was resistance from her
sphincter at first – his cock was after all quite thick –
but then eventually it gave way under the pressure and
his hard member slid into her rectum.

“Ohhhhhhh Jesus!” cried Sandra, as she felt the young
stud’s thick cock filling her tight arse. She looked back
over her shoulder, and expression of sheer lust upon her
face. “Now give it to me darling!” she said. “Fuck my
arse as hard as you can!”

Kevin needed no second invitation. Revelling in the
pressure Sandra’s tight butthole was exerting upon his
cock, he steadied himself. Then he began pumping his cock
in and out of her in steady, rhythmic strokes.

“Fucking hell, slut!” gasped Kevin as he buggered her.
“Your arse is so tight! I bet you just love the feel of a
man’s cock up your butt don’t you, you filthy bitch?”

“Yeah, I love it!” replied Sandra without hesitation. “It
feels so fucking good having a cock up my arse! You can
fuck me harder, baby! You can fuck my arse as hard as you

Kevin grinned as he continued to pump his cock in and out
of her stretched bum-hole. “Are you sure you want it
harder, you filthy slut?”

“Yesss!” Sandra answered urgently. “Give it to me as hard
as you can! That’s how I want it! Show no mercy!”

Kevin tightened his grip on her plump hips and began
ramming his cock up her back passage with renewed vigour.
His balls slapped against her as every inch of his member
was forced in and out of her tight rectum. Sandra was
letting out guttural sounds of passion and roughly
pushing her arse back to meet each thrust.

“God, yes!” screamed Sandra. “Fuck my shitter! Harder!
Use me like the filthy whore I am!”

Kevin was giving it absolutely everything now, the whole
bed shaking as his cock drilled up the arse of a woman
who was older than his mother. The sweat poured off the
both of them as the buggering continued, before Sandra
let out a scream as an orgasm hit her, tears rolling down
her cheeks with the intensity of the pleasure.

This brought Kevin himself to the brink, so after a few
more strokes he pulled his thick cock from her red,
considerably distended arsehole. “I’m gonna cum, bitch!”
he snarled. “Take my cum in your mouth!”

Sandra quickly turned round, and still on her knees,
grabbed his thick, sweaty cock by the root, and plunged
it down her throat. She moaned as she tasted her arse and
cunt juices on the thick member, and began frantically
sucking, bobbing her head back and forth in desperate
need of Kevin’s cum.

“Yeah, I’m cumming!” moaned Kevin. “Swallow it bitch!”

Sandra moaned as an explosion of thick gooey cum filled
her mouth. She swallowed greedily, moaning with bliss, as
spurt after spurt streamed down her throat. Finally
Kevin’s seed had been expended, and Sandra withdrew his
aching cock from her mouth, licking and kissing the tip
of it tenderly.

They fucked again soon afterwards, Kevin again fucking
both her cunt and arsehole before cumming in her mouth.
As they rested naked in bed, Kevin realised he hadn’t had
a chance to have a pee since getting in and with a full
bladder he now badly needed to relieve himself, and
announced he needed to visit the bathroom as he hauled
himself out of bed.

“Can I come with you?” asked Sandra, winking at him

Kevin stared back at her. Was she suggesting what he
thought she was?

“I’ve read your dirty magazines and watched your dirty
videos Kevin,” said Sandra with a confident smile. “I
know all the filthy things you’re into. Don’t tell me you
wouldn’t like to piss on me you naughty boy.”

Kevin was now over his initial shock and more than eager
to give Sandra what she evidently wanted. “Okay you dirty
bitch,” he said, grinning. “Let’s go!”

They walked quickly to the bathroom where Sandra wasted
no time in crouching down in the bath, ready for a hot
golden shower. “Okay baby,” she said breathlessly, “give
me your piss! I want your piss all over me!”

Kevin stood at the side of the bath and pointed his cock
at Sandra’s big soft tits. A smooth, warm jet of urine
ejected from his knob and splattered over Sandra’s

“Ooooh, yeah!” breathed Sandra, rubbing the hot piss into
her erect nipples with one hand and fondling her cunt
with the other. “I want you to piss in my mouth too
darling!” she then said. “Come on baby! I want to drink
your hot piss!”

Kevin just couldn’t get over what a hot, filthy slut this
woman was. She may have been pushing fifty, but she was a
ten times better lover than any girl nearer his own age
he had ever met.

Kevin raised his still pissing cock to Sandra’s waiting,
open mouth, and watched as the urine jetted against her
tongue, filling her mouth quickly. She swallowed deeply,
now rubbing her clit frantically as yet another orgasm

“Yeah, drink my piss you fucking slut!” snarled Kevin.

Piss still streaming into her mouth, Sandra rocked
unsteadily in the bath as the orgasm hit her, swallowing
more hot urine as ecstasy ripped through her body. Her
groans intermingled with gargles as the piss kept coming,
until finally Kevin’s bladder was empty.

Having just had the most intense sexual experience of his
life, Kevin’s cock quickly grew fully erect again. “Okay
bitch,” he said, “get up and out of the bath, because I
want to fuck that arse of yours again.”

Sandra eyes blazing with insatiable lust, she quickly
complied. Still stinking of Kevin’s piss, she rose from
the bath, stepped out, and looked at Kevin for
instruction. “How do you want me baby?” she enquired.

Kevin didn’t answer in words. He simply flipped her round
so she was facing the bath, and parted her big, fleshy
cheeks. Sandra put one foot on the edge of the bath,
thereby both steadying herself and giving her young lover
easier access to her anal passage.

Kevin’s cock almost hurt with the strength of his
erection, despite all the fucking it had already had that
evening, and he was desperate to fuck Sandra’s shit-hole
once more. Pushing it against her dark red anus, his knob
forced its way inside, allowing him to slide his thick
rod deep inside her.

“Ohhhhh,” sighed Sandra, as she felt her backside get
filled with hard cock. “Yeah, baby, that’s great!” she
groaned. “I just love your thick cock up my arse!”

Gripping his mature lover by the hips, Kevin began slowly
pumping his cock in and out of her, glorying in the way
that her arsehole squeezed his hard member. “Fucking
hell, Sandra, you’ve got a fantastic arsehole for
fucking!” he breathed.

“It’s yours to fuck baby!” responded Sandra. “It’s yours
to fuck as hard and deep as often as you like! Come on,
give it to me harder!”

Kevin obliged by ramming his cock up Sandra’s arse with
all his might, their bodies slapping together as Sandra
flung her plump buttocks back to meet each thrust.

“Yeah, fuck!” yelled Sandra. “Yeah, that’s it! Fuck my
shitter! God, I love it!”

“You do love it, don’t you, you slut?” said Kevin as he
relentlessly buggered her.

“God yes!” answered Sandra, her rectum on fire as Kevin’s
cock drilled into her. “I can’t get enough! I can’t get
enough of your cock up my arse!”

The fucking and dirty exchanges continued and Kevin soon
felt cum rising in his balls. “Time to eat my cum, slut!”
he muttered, pulling his cock from Sandra’s bottom.

Sandra turned round and knelt down, gripping Kevin’s cock
and tossing it expertly with her hand, her mouth open and
waiting. Kevin let out a groan as the first jet of thick
cum spurted into Sandra’s waiting mouth. She continued to
jerk he ejaculated, before finally he was spent, at which
point Sandra swallowed greedily, and sucked the last
drops from Kevin’s aching member.

They fucked several more times through the night. Sandra
had a VCR and TV in her bedroom so they watched some of
Kevin’s porn movies as they fucked. And Sandra had
another surprise for Kevin in the morning.

“By the way darling,” she said as they lay together in
bed. “You needn’t bother paying rent anymore. I never
needed the money anyway. From now on you can pay me by
fucking me night and day with that thick cock of yours!”

That was an arrangement that certainly suited Kevin.
Although he did have a feeling he was going to be missing
a few lectures from now on.