Public submission

The submissive is terrified yet loving every moment of
what is happening to her.

Lovingly she removed her cloak from the closet after
bathing for her master. Her hair was tied up in a loose
knot, this being the first time she could do it because
she was growing it out, she knew he would love it that

From the closet she pulled a pair of deer skin ankle
boots that she knew would go nicely with her cloak. She
placed the cloak on her naked body feeling really scared
someone would find out she was naked underneath. Someone
would see her and it scared her to death but it was what
Master asked of her.

He asked her to not wear any chokers either he had
something special in mind, but kept her waiting in
anticipation of what it may be, wear no adornments he
requested. She thought this a bit odd since he had given
her so many wonderful pieces of jewelry and he loved to
see her in them.

She slipped her blindfold into a pocket in the cloak as
per his request also and was ready to go. The car arrived
a few minutes later and she went out and got in, the
driver said, “Miss please fasten your seatbelt,” then put
the blindfold on her.

She blushed as she heard what he said, because that meant
that he knew what was going on. But she did as he said
because she knew it was what her Master would want.

The drive was a little long and before long she had
nodded off so when the car came to a stop she awoke and a
little panicked. She knew what it meant that the driver’s
door had opened. Her door opened and she heard him say,

She held out her hand and he took it to assist her out of
the car. He led her to the door of the place and heard it
open, there she heard a familiar voice and it made her

“Ah little one.” He removed her blindfold and gave her a
gentle kiss on her forehead. “Come.” He took her hand and
led her to a dimly lit room she could hear muted voices
all around her but ignored them and focused solely on her

He was her strength and she held her fear deep inside
because she did not want to disappoint him.

He stopped just under a small spotlight and turned to
her. “Look around my pet, I want you to see who is here.”

Doing as she was told she turned slowly looking into the
dark and saw that there were roughly 30 people arranged
comfortably around the room. She turned back to her
Master and suddenly understood what was about to happen.
She drew in her breath, about to speak, but he placed his
finger to her lips, quieting her with his touch.

Then quickly he unclasped her cloak and let it drop to
the floor. Instantly she blushed and tried to cover
herself before she remembered herself. She could feel the
heat of her blush rushing over her. She could also feel
all those eyes on her… but she looked to him for
strength. His satisfied smile was all she needed.

“Turn my pet,” he commanded.

Tears welled up in her eyes, but she turned, pretending
with all her might that the other people were not there,
trying to pretend that they were just playing, as they
had done many times before; just her Master and no one

What seemed to take forever was over in a matter of mere
seconds. “Good girl,” he said when she faced him again.
“Kneel and assume the position.”

She knelt — shaking with fear — putting her hands
behind her head.

“Stay put pet, I will return in a moment.”

Her eyes opened wide and he slid the blindfold back over
her eyes…. she blushed even more now, scared but
wanting to please him. Try as she might she suddenly
could not tune the others out. She heard bits of
conversation and soft laughter.

Then her Master came back into the room and the
conversation died down again. The blindfold was removed
and he held in his hands a collar. It was made from
beautiful deep purple leather with a Celtic knot and a
loop on it. Her eyes filled with tears, she knew what
this meant… he meant to collar her. She swooned with
love, and admiration for him.

His smile confirmed what she was feeling. He fastened the
collar around her neck and tears spilled from her eyes.
She so badly wanted to reach for him, to hug and kiss
him. But she composed herself and stayed her place.

Suddenly everyone was clapping and laughing and there
were a few wolf whistles, and then the lights came on and
she blushed an even deeper red.

He held out his hand to help her up, and she stood. He
wrapped her cloak around her and led her off to introduce
her to everyone….