Sex Seance

“Are you guys ready for the main event?”

Karen stood in the kitchen doorway looking at her
assembled friends in the living room. Five faces looked
at each other, then back at her in a blend of curiosity
and anticipation.

“Sure,” Tony replied, leaning back on his side of the
sofa. He was dressed in surgical scrubs with a toy
stethoscope hanging from his neck.

Next to him was Susan, his girlfriend and Karen’s
roommate. Her red sequined halter dress with its scooped
back, skin-tight fit and matching horns made her a most
seductive demon. “Same here,” she agreed. “I’m dying to
see what you’ve cooked up this time.”

“You mean you don’t know?” asked Rita, as the top of her
Wonder Woman costume struggled to contain her generous

“Karen loves her little surprises,” Steve reminded her.
Pushing up the horn-rimmed glasses of his Bill Gates
outfit, he added, “I’ve tried everything I know to
wheedle a hint out of her and nothing’s worked.”

“As it should be,” Marco inserted, winking at Karen from
behind his Zorro mask. “Myself, I love Karen’s

Karen smiled knowingly. “I’ll take that as five readies.
Guys, will you pull out the coffee table please? Suz, do
you want to help get out the pillows?”

Tony and Steve rose up and grabbed the round coffee
table. Following Karen’s directions, they lifted the
table and placed it in the center of the living room.
Karen and Susan retrieved six large, overstuffed floor
pillows from the back bedroom and set them around the
table in a circle. While her friends selected pillows and
sat down, Karen removed the final adornments from the
tabletop and placed a single plastic jack-o-lantern in
the center.

“Get comfortable, everyone,” Karen instructed, taking the
final seat for herself. Steve sat directly to Karen’s
right, followed by Rita, then Marco, then Susan and Tony.
Looking around at her friends, Karen saw the excitement
in their faces and felt a small shiver of anticipation.
She had put on shows like this over a dozen times since
learning hypnosis as part of her dental office job, but
the adrenaline rush was just as strong that night as the
first time. She started picturing her friends sitting
around in a circle, their eyes growing heavy and falling
shut, and that picture brought a rush of warmth between
her legs.

Dismissing the image temporarily, Karen shook her head to
clear it. Reaching into one of the many folds of her
flowing, veiled gypsy costume, she pulled out a single
sheet of paper unfolded it slowly. “A few weeks ago I was
goofing around on the Web,” she explained. “I did a
search on this address through a couple of engines just
for laughs, and the most amazing thing came up. This is a
newspaper article from February 14, 1968.” Taking one
last look at her assembled audience, Karen read aloud
from the paper:


According to the official report filed today by the
County Medical Examiner, the three women found dead
recently in an East-side apartment committed suicide

The report, which is signed by Chief Coroner Malcolm
Lindsey, states that each of the women died from an
overdose of Trional, a potent narcotic, coupled with
alcohol. Sources indicate that two of the three women had
legal access to the drug, which is often prescribed for
temporary relief of emotional distress.

Mrs. Barbara Rodman and Mrs. Janice Holder were both
being treated with Trional to combat depressive symptoms
resulting from the recent war-related deaths of their
husbands, Marine Cpl Edward Rodman and US Army Pvt Albert
Holder, Jr, who were killed in action on December 18 and
23 last year. The third victim, Miss Dorothy Keene,
received word that her fiance – US Army Lt Roger Thornton
– was killed in a helicopter crash days before the three
women were found dead in Miss Keene’s apartment.

Police sources say that no suicide note was found in the
apartment, but that the physical evidence strongly
suggests that the women knowingly and willingly took
their own lives out of grief over the loss of their loved
ones. Empty pill bottles and bottles of liquor were
neatly set on the living room table, and pictures of the
deceased men were found within reach of the bodies.


Everyone was silent as Karen finished reading. Making eye
contact with each of them, Karen completed the story.
“Dorothy Keene lived in this apartment,” she said
somberly. “Thirty years ago, she and her two friends
killed themselves right here in this room. I think they
did it so that they could be with the lovers they lost;
tonight, I want to find out if they found them.”

“How do you propose to do that?” Steve asked, shadows of
disbelief crossing his face.

“By holding a seance,” Karen answered.

“Wait a minute,” Tony jumped in. “When did you become a

“It’s Halloween, silly – anybody can be a medium

“Are you serious?” Rita asked, disappointed. She was
especially fond of Karen’s hypnotic stunts, but this was
not sounding like one of them.

“Totally. Trust me, you’ll love it.”

“Okay,” she grudgingly agreed. One by one the others
nodded in agreement. Karen noted that their faces were
less than enthusiastic, but was inwardly surprised that
they had agreed so easily to such a bizarre request.

“Good,” she said in a tone meant to close off discussion.
“Everyone join hands and get comfortable, please. Once we
form the circle, it’s critical that you hold onto each
other’s hands. Don’t let anything break the circle. Does
everyone understand?” Five heads nodded. They shuffled
around on the pillows for a minute or so, establishing
comfortable positions that they could sustain while
holding hands. When everyone seemed settled, Karen stood
up and dimmed the lights. The ghostly glow of the plastic
jack-o-lantern cast an eerie light on the people’s faces.
“Everyone take a deep breath and relax,” Karen instructed
as she rejoined them at the table. As her friends inhaled
together, Karen reached out and grabbed the jack-o-
lantern, lifting it straight up off the table to reveal a
large burning candle.

Her friends were taken completely by surprise. By the
time Karen had sat back down and joined hands with Steve
and Tony, all five of her friends were staring blankly
into the candle flame. Their shoulders began to drop as
their bodies relaxed; over time, each had been
conditioned to drop quickly into a deep trance upon
seeing that candle burning. Even Susan, who had been part
of the group only a few months, felt the irresistible
pull of the candle’s flame.

Karen watched in satisfied silence as her friends dropped
into trance. Once the last pair of eyes had fallen shut,
she began giving suggestions to deepen their hypnotic
states. Karen had planned a highly complex, vivid
hypnotic illusion for them and needed them as deep as
possible to pull it off. For twenty minutes she quietly
commanded her friends to relax, go deeper, let go, feel
themselves sinking deeper and deeper. One by one their
bodies went limp, their hands letting go of each other as
they slumped to the floor.

Karen was half entranced herself as she watched them all
succumb to her talents. When she judged they were deep
enough, she turned to Tony and began whispering softly
into his ear. She spoke to him at length, pausing now and
again to see his lips mutter a sleepy word of consent.

She finished with Tony, crept over to where Susan lay
oblivious to her surroundings and began the process with
her. One by one she whispered secret instructions to each
of her friends, getting a whispered agreement before
going on to the next. Finally, after finishing with
Steve, Karen replaced the jack-o-lantern, returned to her
position and commanded all of her friends to sit up and


Susan opened her eyes to find them fixed on the plastic
jack-o-lantern. Had she dozed off? No, she decided,
probably not – she still had a firm grip on Tony and
Marco’s hands, so she must have just been woolgathering.
A quick look around the room confirmed that everyone
else was still awake as well. Most were staring at the
jack-o-lantern. Karen’s head was tilted toward the
ceiling, her eyes closed, a look of concentration on
her face.

“Remember,” Karen reminded everyone, “No matter what
happens, don’t break the circle. Hold those hands until I
tell you to let go.” Susan felt Tony and Marco squeeze
her hands a little tighter and returned the pressure.

“Spirits of the dead,” Karen intoned, “we call out to
you. On this, the darkest of all nights, we summon you
back to the place of your demise. Come forth and show us
the proof of your undying love.

“Barbara Rodman, we summon you. Janice Holder, we summon
you. Dorothy Keene, we summon you. Friends in life,
friends in death, we beckon you here by the power of our
living friendship.”

The jack-o-lantern seemed to grow brighter as Karen
spoke. She repeated the incantation twice more; as she
finished the third iteration, everyone was surprised to
see a stream of white smoke rising from the center of the
plastic ornament. The smoke curled and hung like no
natural smoke, rising to the ceiling but not dissipating.
As the friends watched, spellbound, the smoke cloud grew
and divided into three parts. The parts shifted and
stretched until each had taken on a vaguely human shape.

The couples’ mouths dropped open in wonder as they
watched the human shapes take form above them. Even
Steve, a skeptic by nature, had no doubts he was seeing
genuine ghosts. The figures floated down toward the group
and gathered closely around Karen, who looked at their
unshaped faces in triumph.

“Where are your lovers?” she demanded of the spirits. One
of them moved in a way that suggested a shake of the

“Weren’t you reunited with them in death?” Karen followed
up. Again, one of the apparitions indicated negative.

“Will you help us summon them now?” The apparitions
remained still, but gathered more closely around Karen
than before. Taking this for agreement, Karen took
another deep breath and continued.

“Edward Rodman, husband of Barbara, we summon you here to
rejoin your lost love. Albert Holder, husband of Janice,
we summon you here to rejoin your lost love. Roger
Thornton, fiance of Dorothy Keene, we summon you here to
rejoin your lost love. By the power of your love for
these women, we beckon you here to join them once more
who gave their lives to be with you in the beyond.”

As before, Karen repeated the incantation twice. The
jack-o-lantern grew brighter as she spoke; at the third
summons another stream of smoke began to rise from the
center of the ornament. The cloud grew and divided again
into three, each part taking on an approximation of human

“Star-crossed lovers,” Karen intoned, “We have summoned
you here that you may be reunited at last. Go now in
friendship and enjoy the fruits of your love.”

Everyone watched in wonder as the first three apparitions
joined with the new ones. The smoky figures seemed to
embrace as they floated above the group of humans, the
thicker, darker smoke of the men enveloping the lighter
essences of the women. Karen repeated her command to
depart, but the spirits showed no sign of any desire to
leave. Instead, they joined appendages in a circle of
their own and spread out, each hovering above one of the
people in the group. Susan thought she could just make
out the outlines of a woman’s face in the spirit above
her. It was a haunting face, full of longing and sadness
at the same time.

“Spirits,” Karen commanded, “your business here is done.
Your time is over; be gone now.” The spirit faces seemed
to turn toward Karen briefly, then toward each other. The
humans watched as the ghostly figures rose up higher,
then dove down with blinding speed. Six humans gasped in
shock as the spirits descended on them, smothering them
with their vaporous essence.

Susan felt a sudden deep chill as the spirit enveloped
her body. For a long moment she felt as thought her heart
stopped. A bitter, aching cold crept through her entire
body. She looked around at her friends and saw that each
of them was enveloped in a cloud of the phantasmal smoke.
As she watched, it seemed as though the vapors were
thinning, being absorbed into her friends’ bodies as a
sponge absorbs moisture. In a few moments there was no
sign that the clouds had ever existed.

Susan became aware of another strange feeling, one of
detachment. She could still see and hear, but felt as if
she was no longer directly in control of her body. As if
to test the feeling, she tried to turn her head to look
at Tony only to discover that it wouldn’t move. Fear
began to take hold of her mind, but a strange voice came
to her from within. Relax, the voice said. There is
nothing to fear.

As Susan calmed a little, she felt her hands letting go
of the men on either side of her. No, she cried silently,
don’t break the circle! She willed herself to take at
least Tony’s hand again, but her body completely ignored
her. Instead, Susan felt her hands press flat against her
body and begin to rub up and down over her chest and
abdomen. Tentatively at first, then with increasing
urgency, they caressed her stomach, her breasts, and her
groin. Soon Susan’s body began to respond to the gentle,
loving touch. The bitter cold within Susan’s body began
to give way to a growing internal warmth – the warmth of

She couldn’t turn her head, but Susan was still able to
see that she was not alone in this experience. Karen and
Steve were also fondling themselves, a vapid expression
on their faces as their hands probed and caressed their
bodies. Susan imagined that same look on her own face,
and the image caused a tingle in her core in spite of

Susan felt herself begin to move. As if by itself, her
body rose up to a kneeling position and turned to face
Tony. His face too looked blank as his hands wandered
over his body. Tony moved toward her as Susan felt her
own hands lifting up on the hem of her dress. Tony leaned
forward and Susan felt another hand start to stroke the
inside of her thigh.

Unable to do anything else, Susan moaned softly as Tony’s
hand brushed against the satin front of her panties. Her
hands reached back to pull down the zipper in the rear of
the dress, then grabbed the garment at the waist and
stripped it off in one smooth, slow motion. Once the
dress cleared her face, Susan saw that Tony was busy
discarding his surgical scrubs as well. Both naked except
for underpants and shoes, their bodies embraced. Susan
and Tony gave up any remaining ideas of resistance as
their bodies began kissing and caressing each other.

Marco and Rita felt that same coldness, followed by the
detachment, as their bodies responded to the ghostly
possession in the same way that Susan and Tony’s did.
Marco felt his penis harden immediately as he watched
Rita’s hands wandering in and around the openings in her
Wonder Woman outfit; he barely noticed that his own hands
were stroking the front of his pants at the same time.

Soon Marco saw himself reaching forward, taking Rita in
his arms. Their mouths met in an open, passionate kiss
that grew hotter as his hands opened the zipper in the
rear of Rita’s costume. His body drew back sooner than he
wanted it to, but it took the costume with it. Marco’s
eyes locked onto Rita’s liberated breasts and he longed
to put his mouth on them, but the spirit controlling his
body had other ideas. He reached out and gently pushed
Rita’s body down onto a waiting pillow, his face coming
to rest against her mound. Marco stripped off Rita’s hose
and G-string in one motion, then his tongue reached out
and went to work on Rita’s sensitive spots.

Karen stood slowly, turning to face Steve. As if to music
only she could hear, her hips began to sway back and
forth suggestively. Steve watched spellbound as Karen’s
hands moved slowly over her body,
lingering on the breasts and between the legs in a
delicious way. He wanted to stand up with her, to grab
her and kiss her and carry her off to the bedroom, but as
with the others his body was not his to command. So he
watched, his cock stiffening, as Karen slowly began to
remove the veils that made up the bulk of her gypsy

Susan’s body pressed hard against Tony’s, burying his
face between her breasts. She held still while Tony’s
mouth licked, kissed, and sucked her nipples into an
exquisite, tingling state. Just when the she thought she
could stand it no longer, Tony’s body tipped back and she
bore him down to the floor. She felt hands grab onto her
panties and pull them down while her own hands pushed
down on Tony’s boxers. She was so wet she barely felt it
when he first slid into her.

Rita lay back, dazed and confused. Normally an
aggressive, active lover, she urged her body to get up
and grab onto Marco, to start pumping his cock the way he
loved her to do. The spirit controlling her had its own
preferences, though; her body remained heavy and still
while Marco’s tongue probed her slit. After a few
minutes, she found the sense of helplessness strangely
compelling. With nothing to do other than lie passively
while Marco sent sparks of pleasure shooting through her
body, Rita surrendered herself to whatever force was in

Steve felt hands tugging at his shirt as he watched the
last veil fall away from Karen’s shoulders and dimly
realized the hands were his own. His eyes remained fixed
on the breasts that were now exposed to his sight,
nipples erect. Karen leaned over, surrounding his face
with those soft mounds, and stripped the shirt from his
body. She turned and swayed a few more times and the last
pieces of her outfit dropped, leaving her naked. Still
she danced, teasing Steve by moving in and out, brushing
against him and pulling back. Steve felt a hand lock
around his cock and wondered exactly when his pants had
been removed. Then all coherent thought vanished as Karen
moved his hand and sat down in his lap, dropping herself
easily over his cock.

Susan’s body sat up straight, arching the back and
sinking further down onto Tony’s rigid shaft. Once he was
in all the way to the base, their hips began gyrating
together in rhythm. The slow, easy, in-and-out motion
caused the head of Tony’s rod to push up and down against
the sensitive spots inside Susan’s vaginal wall, each
motion bringing her closer and closer to climax. Their
bodies moaned in unison as they pushed each other over
the edge.

Rita was on the brink of a climax when she finally felt
Tony’s tongue withdraw from between her nether lips. A
flash of disappointment turned to delight when the tongue
was replaced almost immediately by the thick, hard shape
of his cock inserting itself into her. She felt large,
strong hands grasp her buttocks and pull her into him,
seating him even more firmly into her. A steady rocking
motion sent her mind reeling. Soon after she felt Marco
explode within her; it was the last thing she remembered
for a while, as her own climax hit and she faded out into

Karen squeezed Steve’s cock firmly with her pelvic
muscles as she slowly rocked back and forth, holding his
head firmly between her breasts. She heard him start to
moan in rhythm to the movements and put a little extra
sway in her hips. The moans got louder and longer until
at last Karen felt Steve’s cock jerk and fire inside her.
Her eyes closed and her head flew back as she gave in to
the rising tide and let her own orgasm take her away.


Six people lay exhausted on the living room floor, their
bodies loosely intertwined but quite still. As they
stared up, recovering from their exertions, they saw six
small clouds of smoke begin to rise from their bodies and
gather at the ceiling. Slowly, the clouds took on human
form once again. Too spent to say or do anything, the
friends simply watched as the clouds mingled and swirled
together, then slowly faded away. Their eyes became heavy
and their vision blurred as a deep, soothing sleep
overtook them.


It was still dark when Susan stirred and woke. It took
her a few moments to realize that she could move her body
again, and a few moments more to gather the strength to
do it. She lifted her head and looked around the room.

The jack-o-lantern was dark, but there was more light
than there had been during the seance. Susan could see
Marco and Rita asleep in each other’s arms nearby, while
Steve lay prone on another pillow further away. Tony was
underneath her, breathing slowly and evenly. As gently as
possible, Susan rose up off Tony. A little shakily at
first, she stood up and looked around for signs of Karen.
She saw the extra light source – the kitchen lights were
on full – and worked her way over there.

Squinting against the brightness, Susan turned the corner
to the kitchen and saw Karen standing over the stove
dressed in a satiny pink robe. Karen turned to see her
friend approaching and grinned broadly. “Hey, sleepy!”
she hailed. “Ready for some hot chocolate?”

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” the groggy girl replied.
“What the hell happened?”

“We were possessed,” Karen answered matter-of-factly.
“Six horny ghosts took control of our bodies and made up
for 30 years of forced celibacy, taking us along for the
ride. Pretty wild, huh?”

Susan paused long enough to take a sip from the steaming
cup Karen handed her. The hot liquid warmed her core and
started to clear the cobwebs from her brain. “That was
intense,” she agreed. “But what really happened?”

Karen smiled like the Cheshire cat. “Really? After you
all joined hands in the circle, I lifted the pumpkin away
and revealed the hypnotic candle. You all saw the candle
and dropped like stones. I took you as deep as I could,
then went around to each of you and told you what you
would see, feel and do for the rest of the evening.”

Susan shook her head slowly as the realization set in.
“Just like the Quarters game when I first got here,” she
said. “It was all a mind game, an illusion.”

“Not all of it,” Karen corrected. “The sex was real.”

“Better than real,” Susan agreed. “It was incredible. I
really did feel as though someone else was controlling my
body.” A thought struck her. “You made up the newspaper
article too, didn’t you?”

Karen nodded. “Sure. I looked for a real-life story like
that, but didn’t find anything. Then I figured, why not
just make something up? It worked for the Blair Witch

Susan laughed appreciatively while Karen carefully poured
five more mugs of the steaming cocoa and set them on a
tray, then slipped back to her own bedroom to find a robe
for herself. She returned to the living room in time to
watch the rest of the group scramble to find some
clothing. She stood back and watched from the doorway as
Karen explained the illusion to them, then joined in with
their hearty applause.

Karen accepted their praise with exaggerated bows and
waves. Inwardly, she was already starting to think about
her next party trick.