Sara At The Center

Alone they could each be considered daring, but together
they were just plain dangerous. The words of a toast and
not his words, he thought, but true enough. Clearly his
best man knew a little something about he and Sara.

This, a second time around for both of them, was a
merging of two who knew exactly what they wanted. The
courtship, for both, began in an already married state,
and lasted for years that seemed like decades until the
financials, the family issues and sheer will finally
brought them together. For better or for worse, he
thought, but for good — for sure.

Reality brought his mind back. He felt the now familiar
pressing of her shoulder blades against his chest. The
contour of his modest belly seemed made to fit with the
elegant bow of her lower back. Her buns pressed lightly
against his lower abdomen, and his cock, as he imagined
it, curved gracefully up between her parted legs, the
tip of it just disappearing inside of her.

His hands were free to hug, fondle and tease her upper
regions, and that they did. Presently each pairing of
thumb and forefinger gently rolled her fine hard-yet-
soft nipples between them. A slight pinch and a modest
tug were rewarded by a slight clasping of ass on cock-
head. God, he loved her.

Bryan, their guest for the evening, was busy on the
frontal side as they often called it. With some degree
of effort, he found he could lift his head and bend his
neck to look over her shoulder and down her wonderfully
textured body at the top of Bryan’s head. As he did, he
saw the shiny, coffee colored skin of Bryan’s scalp,
ringed by tightly trimmed jet-black kinks. The head
bobbed slightly as Bryan pleasured Sara with his mouth.

He could feel waves of breath and sense quivers of
stimulus and response on his cock. Sara had remarked
that Bryan, like he, paid close attention to how she
responded to his touch, and seemed expert at knowing the
perfect direction and rate of erotic progression. Along
with the sensations felt by his cock, he knew from
Sara’s increasingly shallow breathing that Bryan was
getting it just right.

He felt Sara’s legs spread wider, now crossing his
thighs well above his knees, and ending draped at the
outsides of his calves. He felt a tightening around his
cock-head, and soon the reason was apparent as he sensed
one of Bryan’s fingers entering her cunt just over his

He felt a rush of erotic pleasure as her ass tightened
around him. He felt the indirect massaging of Bryan’s
finger on the lower surface of his cock through the rear
wall of her cunt as he explored her. She tightened, and
in response he tensed the muscles in his thighs and
lower abdomen. He knew from experience that the tip of
his cock had just oozed a drop of pre-cum into her ass.
He also knew she would sense it. She did those kinds of
things. She was perfect.

As what felt like Bryan’s forefinger explored and
stroked, he felt Sara’s body setting up a motion in
reply. Her ass rose and fell slightly on him. He again
strained his neck up to look down her body, and saw
Bryan’s eyes looking over her pubic mound as he stared
at her, watching her face as he fondled her clitoris
with long, slow licks geared to the motion of his
fingers. He felt a new motion over his cock. Yes. Bryan
was inserting a second finger.

Sara turned her head toward his ear and moaned softly.
She was about to begin the first of what would seem like
an almost endless series of orgasms. For the first time,
he pushed his cock up into her, burying it just a little
deeper in her ass. In reward, she pushed her ass down
into him. He responded by tugging her nipples. Bryan did
something which he later learned from Sara was a nibble
on her cunt.

As the first waves of orgasm overtook Sara, her ass
pushed hard onto his cock. He heard a soft ‘slurping’
sound as Bryan hungrily enjoyed the resulting juices of
her cunt. Sara shuddered and fought to catch her breath.
He felt a third finger entering. Sara’s ass was now
stretched quite tightly around his cock. It felt
incredible, and he fought to keep his own orgasm at bay.

Bryan didn’t make things easier as he picked up the pace
on her clitoris, licking and nibbling with abandon as
Sara’s orgasms rippled over her in waves. He heard her
weakly whisper ‘fuck me, fuck me, fuck me….’ Later,
she would have no recall of speaking at all during this.
His hands cupped her tits and squeezed. She moaned, and
came. He felt the pressure on his cock subsiding. Bryan
was removing his fingers from her cunt, one by one,

She came with each removal, and groaned with mock
disappointment when the last finger exited. Soon, he
felt Bryan’s arms crossing over his as he offered Sara a
taste of her cunt off of his fingers. Sara licked each
finger thoroughly. She loved how she tasted almost as
much as she loved how he tasted. Most of all, they both
loved what they called ‘the mix.’ Fingers now clean,
Bryan’s hands now rested on the back of his own, as
together they squeezed and fondled Sara. It was time for
the lovemaking to progress.

He watched as Bryan pushed his head and shoulders up and
away from their perch between Sara’s thighs. For the
first time that evening he noticed the muscular details
of Bryan’s shoulders. As his torso achieved a vertical
position, he noticed Bryan’s tight nipples and the shine
of the sweaty skin of his chest muted, in places, by the
kinky black stubble of his body hair His abdomen rippled
with well tended muscles.

Perched on his knees, Bryan gazed down at her, and
without turning his head, he reached for the wrapped
condom on the bed stand. His bright brown eyes glued to
hers, Bryan ripped open the package, removed the flat
circle of black latex, and reached down to his groin.
For the first time he noticed Bryan’s hard cock. He
watched as, first, the soft texture of the dark head,
and later the ridges and veins of the shaft of his cock
disappeared as the latex unrolled.

A slight smile creased Bryan’s lips as he pushed forward
and began to ease his ‘frontals’ down on to them. He
felt his weight through Sara’s body. She was going to be
fucked, he thought, by Bryan while his own cock
stretched her ass. She seemed very ready. He certainly

Bryan stretched his body forward against Sara’s chest.
His hands were briefly squeezed between the two firm
bodies. Bryan paused for a moment to savor the feel of
his hard body on her soft skin. Sara’s breasts were
squished and spread as Bryan pressed his chest on her
and lightly kissed her neck and shoulder just over his
face. He pushed up and settled his cock between her

Bryan’s face evidenced intense concentration as he
slipped his cock deep into her moist cunt. He felt
Bryan’s balls against his own as his lower body pressed
firmly into Sara. He felt Sara’s ass tighten perceptibly
around him as Bryan took her. Soon Sara and Bryan found
a perfect rhythm as he stroked her with his cock and she
matched his movements with her own.

Jointly, their breathing increased, and he noticed beads
of sweat beginning to form on Bryan’s dark, creased
brow. He found Sara’s nipples with his fingers, and
began to roll them firmly. He tugged, and his cock was
rewarded with tight pulses as her cunt and ass came
around the two cocks now filling them.

Bryan moaned with enjoyment and slammed into her,
slapping his scrotum against his shaft and balls. A drop
of sweat fell from Bryan’s nose onto her lips. Almost
imperceptibly, she licked and swallowed. She was
enjoying, and so were the two men.

Bryan’s rhythm gradually increased as the look on his
face became more intense. The vein in his neck bulged
and pulsed as his heat rate increased. He drilled Sara’s
cunt with this thick, hard, black cock.

Sara moaned in appreciation and pushed up into him with
each wave of her orgasms. Becoming part of Bryan and
Sara’s lovemaking, he pushed his cock up into her ass,
briefly withdrew, and then pushed back in a patient
matching rhythm. He felt her ass becoming even more
welcoming and lubricated as juices flowed from her
stretched cunt onto his cock and balls. He felt the hard
outline of Bryan’s cock against the bottom of his
through the wall of her vagina.

With this extra stimulation, is was all he could do to
hold back his orgasm. He clinched his jaw tightly and
concentrated on fondling Sara’s highly sensitive
nipples. Bryan began to pause briefly on the down
strokes, rotating his hips and grinding his cock into
her as his pubic hair groomed hers. He matched Bryan,
rotating his hips and grinding her ass in tandem with

Sara was lost in erotic reverie as the two men enjoyed
her completely. He looked at Bryan. Every muscle in his
face, neck, shoulder and arms was tensed. The vein in
his neck pulsed harder, and the candlelight glistened
off his sweat-coated skin. Bryan would come soon. He
twisted Sara’s nipples tightly and pulled. She came

He, for the first time, noticed the sound of skin
slapping skin as Bryan’s lower abdomen crashed into
Sara’s on each down stroke. Bryan’s face, eyes slightly
glazed and creased at the corners, half closed yet
intent on Sara, revealed the intensity of his lust at
this moment.

He was giving her his best, and she was reciprocating.
Juices flowed from her full cunt, and her ass tightened
around the cock it surrounded. Bryan pushed his upper
body up fully, and with neck bent and face gazing upward
for the first time he began to groan. His lower body
pushed hard into her, and her ass felt tightly squeezed
as each man sought to fill her completely.

Bryan, without warning, pulled quickly out of her and
rapidly pulled the condom off. He rose to his knees,
exposing his fine body to the full view of Sara and him.
Taking his cock in his hand, he positioned himself over
Sara’s midsection presenting his erection to her. He
squeezed his shaft with one hand and began to stroke
himself vigorously. His other hand reached below his
cock and lightly squeezed his tight scrotum.

As he and Sara watched this formidable man pleasuring
himself, he continued fucking her ass in the rhythm set
by Bryan. Sara pushed down on him, her ass pulsing and
squeezing around his hard and excited cock. Bryan picked
up his rhythm. The knuckles on both of his hands paled
in tone as he squeezed his cock and balls even harder.

He bowed his back, and looked up at the ceiling. Beads
of sweat dripped off his chin onto Sara’s belly. Sweat
trails ran down his muscular arms and chest as he worked
his cock in frenzy. Suddenly and without warning, he
moaned loudly and began to ejaculate heavily onto Sara’s
breasts, the first spurt almost reaching her face and
landing on her neck. The cock in her ass began to bury
itself completely as the stretched tension added by
Bryan’s cock had been released.

Sara came uncontrollably as Bryan showered her with his
thick white cum. She felt the cock in her ass begin to
twitch. The man under her no longer held back.

Soon, she felt his hot liquid enter her as it seeped
between the wall of her ass and his cock further
lubricating his every stroke. He groaned loudly and
pushed hard into her, causing her cunt to bump lightly
against Bryan’s hand. She rode his rising and falling
cock for what seemed like hours. As she did, she watched
Bryan’s hands as they expertly extracted every drop of
his white cum onto her welcoming body.

Eventually, both men sighed as their breathing began to
subside and their bodies began to relax. Bryan’s shower
ended leaving her with pools of white on her flushed
skin, one droplet totally covering her right nipple. He
lifted her slightly as he eased his body from under her.
She felt herself laid gently on to the warm soft sheets.
He rose to his knees and, along with Bryan, surveyed the
intensely erotic scene.

They both reached down to her chest and began to massage
the cum into her lovely soft skin. She smiled as she
felt four masculine hands caressing her tits and
nipples, using Bryan’s cum as a wonderful lotion. Soon,
she felt her skin tightening slightly as the cum dried
on her. She loved how it felt.

She watched as Bryan and her man exchanged whispers, and
she vaguely wondered what they were saying. Before she
could ask, her uncertainty about this was removed as
they each grasped her behind her knees and lifted her
still spread legs up and over her belly. Her cunt and
ass were now tilted slightly upward and open to the view
of the two men.

He then spoke to her for the first time since the
lovemaking began. “Sweetie, we can see my cum seeping
out of your ass.”

Soon, Bryan’s finger began to massage her asshole
gently, using the natural lubrication his cum provided.
Sara quickly began another orgasm, this one taking her
breath away completely for a few seconds. Her mild gasps
led Bryan to gently finger fuck her ass until the orgasm

Then, somewhat unexpectedly she felt something new. Her
man’s head was invisible between her legs, and she felt
his warm wet tongue begin to tease her around her
asshole. He began to lap up his own cum, gently sucking
some of it from her ass. His tongue teased, caressed,
probed and danced around her recently stretched asshole.
He pretended to clean her with his tongue bath. All the
while, Bryan held her legs in place, reaching down with
his free hand to fondle one, than the other breast and
nipple. She came repeatedly.

Soon, Bryan’s lips found a nipple. He licked, kissed and
nibbled as the other man pleasured her bottom with his
mouth, now extending his ministrations all the way up to
her clitoris. Bryan’s face slowly ventured up her body
to her neck and face. He pressed his lips on hers as his
tongue slipped nimbly between her yielding lips and met
her welcoming tongue.

Later, after he finished bathing her cunt and ass with
his lips and tongue, and Bryan dressed and prepared to
leave, she would taste their familiar sweet ‘mix’ from
her lover’s lips, but for now, she was enjoying his
intimate attentions between her legs.

Quietly, she smiled, and came in his face.