It Started Innocently

Son goes home to Mother’s for a visit and becomes
involved with her and the next door neighbor.


It started out innocently enough. I was coming home to my
mother’s house for two weeks. Mom needed some repairs
done around the place and I had time off before I started
my new job.

It was always nice to see my mom. She looks a little like
Ann Margaret with very large d cup breasts, a tiny waist
and a big round behind. Since her last husband died she
has not had any worries financially as he had planned
ahead. The last few times I talked to her she sounded
like she had nothing to do.

Once I arrived Mom greeted me outside with a big hug and
a kiss on the cheek. As I was walking on to the porch mom
commented on the fact that I had taken a little weight
off. Little was not the half of it. Tired of carrying a
truck tire around my middle I had started roller-blading
every day on one of the trails they have in my area.

After a couple of months of that I had more energy than I
knew what to do with, so I joined a kickboxing class and
toned up the upper body as well. Since I always was
sturdy around the shoulders I didn’t change shirt sizes
although I did drop 4 inches off my waist. It just wasn’t
real noticeable if my shirt wasn’t tucked in.

Mom said she had made my favorite – chicken cacciatore,
and there was time for me to grab a shower if I wanted
to. So I went up and stripped down and got in the shower.

I had been dating a couple different women at the time
and a fantasy of me with the both of them went through my
mind as I was soaping up my cock. Not all that horny
after the long trip I didn’t finish myself off and just
rinsed off my body.

As I was turning off the water the door opened and Mom
said, “I’m leaving you a fresh… wow you really have
gotten in shape!” She was looking at me through the glass
shower door. Not embarrassed or modest at all I opened
the door and turned around so she could see all of me.
She was starting to turn red and all she said after that
was, “Like I Said, WOW!”

As she left the room I looked down and my cock wasn’t
hard but was hanging very heavy from the attention I had
been giving it. Was Mom getting embarrassed from seeing
me like that? I felt a little foolish showing myself off
like that and decided to watch out for things like that
while I was staying here.

When I got downstairs for dinner Mom had poured herself
a glass of wine and had fixed me a large gin and tonic.
Through dinner we caught up and she told me she had
started exercising with Wanda the lady from next door.
After dinner as we were doing the dishes Mom got dizzy
all of a sudden and when I went to steady her she fell
against me. When I felt her big titties crushed against
my chest my cock went rock hard instantly. I thought for
a second that she grinded against me as she was standing
back up but put that away as active imagination.

That night as I lay in bed sliding my hand over my shaft
I couldn’t help but picture mom naked in front of me. I
had a huge orgasm thinking about that and after I cleaned
myself up fell into a dead sleep.

The few days later I was doing some roof repair and I saw
Wanda from next door come by. She looked incredible. I
had remembered her being a chunky little woman with
glasses but now I was looking at a curvy little sexpot
that was making my soldier stand at attention.

Mom came out and said that they would be doing their tae-
bo and to yell if I needed any thing. After about forty-
five minutes I went in through the attic window to get
something to drink and I heard voices coming up through
the vent from Mom’s room.

“Oh my god you should have seen the size of his cock. It
was larger than any I have ever seen and I had to rub
myself off in the kitchen while he was getting dressed
after I saw it.”

“Anita, (that’s my mom’s name) you could have called over
here. I would have gladly taken care of things for you.”

“Wanda, sweetie, I know you would have but right now just
shut up and lick my pussy.”

I could not believe my ears. My mom had got off on seeing
my cock. And right now the hottie from next door was
eating her pussy. I snuck down stairs to watch but my
mom’s door was shut. As I stood outside her door
listening to her moans I had to take my cock out of my
shorts and stroke it. When my mom cried out from her
orgasm I shot a huge load in to my tee shirt. After that
I snuck back up the stairs and made a big racket coming

Wanda met me at the bottom of the stairs. “Your mom is in
the shower Dave.
We had a pretty intense workout today.”

“You must have a lot of intense workouts Wanda. I hardly
recognized you when you came by. Don’t take this wrong
but you don’t look anything like you used to. I was
hoping you were someone coming by to see me.”

“Why thank you Dave. You’re so sweet. You seem to have
acquired a hard body yourself.” As she said this she ran
her hand down my bare chest lingering on my abs. “What do
you do to stay in such great shape.”

So I told her about my roller-blading and kickboxing and
she said she wanted to go blading the next day while my
mom was at the dentist. She said that there were some
great bike paths that wander through the woods and with
school being in session they were pretty deserted during
the day.

After making plans for the next day Wanda leaned in and
gave me a soft kiss on my lips. “and Dave that was such a
sweet thing to say about my looks. You really know how to
make a woman feel good about herself.”

I could taste my mother’s pussy from the kiss that Wanda
gave me and it was making my cock start to get hard
again. I decided to get back to work.

That evening Mom and me decided to just order a pizza and
have a couple of beers. After a while I ended up falling
asleep on the couch in front of the TV.

I was dreaming about Wanda sucking on my cock when
suddenly I realized that I was awake and someone was
sucking me off. I cracked my eyes open just enough to see
and nearly came right there. My mom was sucking all over
my cock gently while she worked a small dildo in and out
of her pussy. Pretending I was still asleep I started
quietly moaning out things like “oh yeah suck it baby”
and “so good”. Right as I started cumming in her mouth I
said “I’m coming Mom, I’m coming in your throat.” She
started coming then. I could see it running down her legs
and some even dripped on to my hand.

Mom then put my cock back in my shorts and backed out of
the room. I fell back to sleep wondering what was going
to happen next.


The next morning I woke up looking up at my mom’s tits.
Her silk nightgown wasn’t revealing but the material was
hugging her breasts and her nipples were sticking
straight out. If I hadn’t already had my morning hard-on
I would have gotten one right then.

She was handing me a cup of coffee. “Time to get up,
Davey. At least for the rest of you.” she said looking
down at my erection.

“Sorry Mom” I mumbled as I started on the coffee.

“Oh don’t worry about that honey, it’s nothing I haven’t
seen before.” she replied with a smile. “Do you always
wake up like that or is this a rare occasion?”

“Every morning like clockwork I guess” I replied seeing
Mom licking her lips. “I’m gonna go get ready for the
day.” I said as I stood up. My crotch was even with Mom’s
face and her eyes were glued to it. Then I don’t know
what came over me. “If you don’t mind could you come in
the shower and wash my back for me?” I asked.

“S-sure Davey, anything you want.”

I got stripped down and was soaping up my chest when the
shower door opened and there she stood. Naked and
beautiful. She stepped in to the shower and grabbed the
washcloth. Not a word was said as she scrubbed my back.
We remained silent as she moved down to my ankles and
worked her way up to my ass. I turned around to rinse off
my back and my cock brushed against her lips. She moved
to back away and I grabbed the back of her head.

“Put it in your mouth.” I said.

“David I’m your mother I can’t.” she said and then she
stood up and turned around. Before her hand could open
the door I embraced her to me from behind and started
whispering in her ear.

“You would not believe the thoughts that go through my
head about you Anita. Last night I dreamed you were
sucking my cock and you took it all down your throat. I
want you more than any man has ever wanted a woman. I can
feel that you want me to.” As I was saying this my hands
were running up and down the front of her body, squeezing
her breasts, fondling her pussy, caressing her belly and
thighs. At the same time I was grinding my throbbing cock
against her ass. “Just let yourself go, Mom.”

Then I rubbed right on her clit and she started cumming.
When she leaned forward against the wall I grabbed my
cock and went to put it in her. As soon as she felt it
she moved her hips to avoid it and my cock touched her
asshole. Her juices had run in to her crack making it
very slippery and I said, “If that’s what you want…”

I started pressing forward. “DAVEY, what are you doing?
OOOHH!” She started to come again from the sensations
against her puckered little hole. She moaned loud and
long as the head of my cock suddenly popped through. At
that point she became a sex kitten wanting nothing but
more of the same.

“Oh my god you feel so good. Fuck that ass baby, fuck
momma good and hard. Give me all of that big cock of
yours honey. Fill up mommy’s nice tight ass.”

Her words spurred me on and I crammed my cock all the way
in. I started giving her long steady strokes. My hands
reached around to grab her tits and found her already
pulling and twisting her own nipples. So I reached down
with one hand and started rubbing her clit. This made her
moan even louder.

Soon she started humping against me faster, so I grabbed
both of her ass cheeks and started pounding my dick in
and out. After a couple minutes of this she let out a
scream and started shaking all over. Her ass started
clenching me and I knew it was time, so I speeded up my
pounding and didn’t let up. My cock felt like a fire hose
as I started cumming. I kept expecting the cum to stop
but it just kept flowing. Once it let up I pulled my cock
out and mom started shaking from another orgasm.

She started to fall so I grabbed her and set her down on
the bottom of the tub. Then I took the washcloth and
scrubbed her whole body down. As I was rinsing her off
she stood up. I went to kiss her but she turned her head
away and as she left the shower she told me that we had
to talk later.

I finished washing up and got some shorts and a loose T-
shirt on. I went to talk to her but as I got to her room
I heard her car pulling out of the driveway.

I went to get a glass of juice and thought over what had
just happened. I had just fucked my mom’s ass. And had
the strongest and longest orgasm of my life. I also
couldn’t believe the way mom had orgasm after orgasm like
that. I had been with women that had several smaller
orgasms and then one or two big ones but mom just kept
having these whole body orgasms over and over.

I was interrupted from my thoughts by the doorbell. Wanda
had arrived and was a vision in purple spandex. I slipped
on my roller-blades and my wrist pads and we took off. It
felt good to skate with someone and when we got to the
paved trail we started racing. After a while we slowed
down and Wanda started telling me about how Mom had
helped her lose weight. She had started having coffee
with mom in the mornings and she said they talked about
getting on an exercise program. “But it wasn’t till your
mother took charge that I ever did anything. She set a
schedule up for me and made me stick to it. If I didn’t
keep up she set me straight and it has really paid off.”

“Mom must care for you a lot to show so much interest in
your life like that.”

“Not the way I do for her. I would do anything for her.

Then she pushed me into the grass, took off and yelled,
“Race ya!”

I got up and really poured on the speed. I had lost sight
of her but when I came around a turn I saw her – laying
on the ground with two teenagers trying to force her
clothes off of her.

I yelled out and told them to beat it and one of them
stood up and pulled out a knife. “You better beat it if
you know what’s good for you old man. Me and Mike are
gonna have a little fun with that whore and nobody’s
stopping us.”

I reached down and unhooked the wheel assemblies from the
boots (I love the Roller-blade company) and stood there
waiting for the kid to make a move. He moved in and
lunged with the knife and I started in on him. A kick got
the knife out of his hand and about twenty punch-kick
combinations had him laying on the ground bleeding. I
turned to look at Wanda and a fist connected with my jaw.
I fell down and rolled and came back up ready. A few
seconds later that punk was lying next to the first punk.
I made sure Wanda was OK and turned my attention back to
the would-be rapists. First on the one and then the other
I used a pull in kick down move to dislocate the right
shoulder of each one.

I turned back to Wanda and offered her my shirt as her
spandex was torn and we started skating back home. We got
back to our houses and I told Wanda we needed to call the
cops. So we went into her place and called and fifteen
minutes later we were filling out a complaint with a lady
officer. When everything was just about finished, Officer
Monroe asked, “Why did you do that to their shoulders?
Wasn’t beating them up enough?”

I replied quickly, “I don’t go around beating people up
to get my jollies, ma’am. I knocked their shoulders out
of joint so they would be easy to spot when they went to
the emergency room to get them fixed.”

“My apologies, sir. I didn’t think about it that way. But
I know where I’m going from here.”

After she left Wanda started crying. I went to put my arm
around her and she started thanking me and saying things
about ‘if I hadn’t been there’. I told her to just relax
and forget about it.

Then she looked up at me and said, “Oh I can’t forget the
way you looked when all that was happening. David you are
the most wonderful man I have ever met.” Then she was all
over me. Her hand was inside my shorts and wrapped around
my cock as she showered kisses all over my face and neck.

I moved to push her away and said, “Wanda you don’t have
to do this, really.”

She put a finger to my lips and said, “I know I don’t
have to do this, I want to do this. So unless you have an
objection I am going to fuck your lights out.”

Then she slid to the floor, pulled my cock out and
wrapped her wonderful lips around the head. She kept her
mouth on my cock for quite a while. First she would slide
her lips up and down the sides, then tongue the head all
over, then slide her mouth over the top until she
couldn’t get any more in. Over and over she kept this up
until she finally gave it a good long suck, stood up and
started removing her spandex.

She was lovely to look at. About five feet two with short
light brown hair. What used to be fat clinging to her
body were now supple layers of muscle accentuating her
hourglass figure. Nice cantaloupe sized breasts sitting
high on her chest with small nipples sticking out,
invited my mouth to suck on them. I went to move toward
her but she pushed me to the floor on to my back and
moved above me. I wanted to lick that beautiful shaved
pussy but she had other things in mind. She straddled my
waist and rubbed her pussy along the length of my rod.

“I told you, I’m going to fuck you. So just lay back and
enjoy.” And with that she lifted her little body up and
started rubbing my cockhead up and down her slit.

Her pussy was soaking wet. I could see her juices running
down my dick as she positioned it at her hole. She went
to put it in and I couldn’t believe it. It was tighter
than my mom’s ass was. She kept putting more and more in
a little at a time until it was halfway in. Then she
looked down at me and asked, “Can you feel me cumming? I
haven’t had anything in my pussy since my husband ran out
7 years ago. Give me a second to adjust and I’ll keep

I flexed my cock and as she moaned I answered, “You just
take your time. I’m not going anywhere for a while.”

She smiled and said, “Oh David, you are so sweet.” Then
she started lifting off me until just the tip of the head
was still in and she would slide right back down, taking
a little bit more every time. After about twenty strokes
she finally had it all in and was sitting on my crotch.
Then she slid back and forth a couple of times and an
orgasm hit her like a truck. Her pussy was spasming
around my cock and she laid down on me and quivered for a
minute. As she was coming down from it she sat back up
and said, “You have the biggest cock I have ever had
before. I feel absolutely stuffed.”

{At this point I must digress and describe my penis. I
never thought it was all that big. It’s just about eight
inches long and its two inches thick. I’ve never had any
complaints about it but none of the women I have slept
with ever went on about how big it is. So Wanda and my
mom going on about the size was really a surprise to me.
Just wanted to make this point clear.}

Wanda started sliding up and down my shaft again, this
time picking up speed. Her pussy was juicing steadily and
every so often her cunt would clench up around my cock as
she had a little orgasm. After a few minutes of this I
had to take charge. There was just something I had to do.

Lifting her off me I got to my feet and pulled her close
to me. As we joined in a very passionate kiss I lifted
her leg up until I could reach her ass from underneath.
Then I made her lift the other leg up so I was holding
her ass with both hands. Her legs were draped over my
arms and she was holding on around my neck with her
hands. Then I lifted her up to my cock and slid back in
to that heavenly pussy. I spread my legs for leverage and
started slamming her up and down on my cock.

It felt too good, I wanted to keep doing that forever,
but around the same time my arms starting getting tired
my balls got that tightening feeling and the head of my
dick started tingling. I speeded up my movements and as
my first blast shot in to her pussy she started screaming
in my ear and her pussy clamped down tight on my shaft.

I shot a nice healthy load in her pussy but it was
nothing like what I had shot into mom’s ass. I backed up
to the couch and sat down and Wanda started to come again
from the change of position. After a minute or so she
lifted off me and moved down to lick our juices off of
me. I thought that was sexy but then she reached down
between her legs and started squeezing out my come into
her palm.

Then she would rub it all over my cock and suck it all
off. She kept this up until her pussy was empty and then
I was ready to come again. She felt me tense up and
started bobbing her head faster and sucking harder. I
grabbed the back of her head and shut my eyes. A picture
of mom went through my head and then I unloaded again.

She swallowed everything and then moved up to cuddle
against me. All of a sudden she started crying. I was
trying to calm her down when she said that if my mom ever
found out she would be crushed. I reassured her that the
only thing we would tell my mom about would be the
problem with the two punks and the report to the cops.
This could be our secret. Then we kissed and fondled each
other some more and I went home.

I grabbed a shower and started doing some wall repair and
spackling in the dining room. The whole day’s events had
me wondering what could be next. I had been working for a
couple of hours when I heard my mom’s car pull up.

I went to the door to greet her and she was looped.
Whatever it was the dentist gave her she was still
affected. I got her inside and laid her down on the
couch. The whole time she was muttering things like,
“Oh I’d better watch out or you’ll have me tied up and
sucking you off.” And, “thanks for being such a helpful
rapist, SON!”

I felt like a heel. I left her there to sleep it off and
I went to finish the dining room. I worked quickly and
had it ready so I could paint the next day. Then I went
outside and got started on the back porch. About two
hours later I was finishing putting the last boards on
the new steps and mom came out the back door. She seemed
cheerful enough and said the steps looked great. I was
kind of silent and muttered that I would finish the
dining room in the morning and that would finish the to
do list. I was thinking that mom would be playing golf
then and I could finish up and leave. I just didn’t want
to face her after forcing myself on her that morning.

She asked if I could take care of myself for dinner as
she and Wanda were going to catch dinner and a movie out
that night. I mumbled sure and started painting the

That night I decided to get out of the house and go see
how the town had changed since I had moved away. I ended
up meeting up with some of the guys I had hung around
with in high school and they had already heard about my
adventures on the bike trail that morning. Around
midnight I headed back to my mom’s and figured she would
be asleep so I wouldn’t have to face her. I was wrong
when I entered the house she was waiting up for me.

She started saying, “We need to talk, David. Why didn’t
you tell me what happened with Wanda today. I felt so
proud as she was telling me about you saving her from
those hooligans and getting her home to safety. But I
also felt a little hurt that you didn’t mention it this

“Well Mom, I didn’t mean to hurt you – this morning or
this afternoon. After you let me know how you felt about
what I did to you, I just didn’t feel much like talking
about anything. Tomorrow after I finish the dining room
I’m going to head back to Chicago. I really am sorry. I
know that can’t mean too much after what happened but I

I hurried upstairs after that and went straight to bed. I
remember waking up and seeing my mom standing in my
doorway but I fell right back to sleep. The next morning
I got up and got most of my stuff packed so I would be
ready to leave when I got through. I went downstairs and
mom had already left for her golf game. After a quick
breakfast I got started on painting. Two hours later I
was picking up the drop cloths and getting everything put
away. I felt pretty good about the work I had gotten done
around here. It had only been five days but I had
finished everything Mom needed done around the place.

I was starting the water for my shower when my plans
suddenly changed. The hot water valve broke off in my
hand. Water was spraying everywhere so I got the main
valve turned off and headed for the hardware store for
everything I needed to fix it.

I got back and mom’s car was in the drive but she wasn’t
in the house. I figured she was over at Wanda’s waiting
for me to leave. After about an hour and a half, I had
the old valves off and the new ones soldered in place.
The shower felt wonderful. By now it was starting to get
late in the day. I wasn’t going to get back to my place
until the wee hours of the morning. I walked in to my
room and mom was sitting there in the chair.

I started out, “Sorry, Mom. I had a problem with the
shower and wasn’t going to leave it broken like that.
I’ll be out of here shortly.”

“I can’t believe you sometimes, Davey. You are thoughtful
enough to fix the shower and at the same time you’re
thoughtless enough to leave me here broken.”

“Mom, I told you I feel terrible about what happened. If
I could go back I wouldn’t have let it happen. But I

“But you could still fix things.”


“You could let me get that wonderful cock in my pussy and
fuck me the way you did Wanda, that’s how.”

“Mom what are you talking about?”

“Davey you are a wonderful man but sometimes you are a
naive little boy. Don’t you think I wanted that to
happen. Do you really think I believed you were asleep
when you were shooting all that cum down my throat.
Couldn’t you feel the way I couldn’t stop coming while
you were hammering that big tool into my ass.

The only reason I was upset was the fact that you made
the first move. I wanted to seduce you David. I wanted to
wake you up while I was riding on your cock.”
Everything she was saying hit me like a brick wall. But
it was a brick wall that was giving me a hard on. “How
did you know about Wanda?”

“Like I said David, naive. Wanda is my bitch. Her reward
for doing so well with her weight loss has been eating my
pussy or strapping on a cock and fucking me. Every so
often if she is really good I let her masturbate in front
of me, but I have never let her put anything more than
one finger inside of her. Last night I knew she was
hiding something from me. She said she wasn’t in the mood
and every time the conversation centered around you she
would get a twinkle in her eye and start blushing.”

“So when I got home today I went straight to her place
and kept on her until she finally fessed up. Then I tied
her up bent over her easy chair and spanked her ass till
it was shiny red. She’s still there right now. I figured
after you gave me a royally hard fucking we would go over
and have some fun with her. Now let me taste that big
beautiful cock I made.”

She walked over to me on her knees and swallowed my cock
on the first try. I could feel her throat muscles around
the head of my cock as she took it all in with every
stroke. After a minute of this I had to eat her pussy. I
went to move to the bed and Mom stood up and said, “I
think we’ll be more comfortable in my room.”

Once we got to her room Mom wasted no time getting naked
and laying down. As I got close to her I could see her
pussy up close for the first time. I bent down and ran my
tongue through the folds of her lips and she began
moaning. A few minutes later she had her first orgasm
when I finally locked my lips around her clit. She
started having her multiple orgasms again so I decided to
do one of my favorite things. I started licking her ass.
As my tongue was pushing in to her nether hole her pussy
literally sprayed my face with her juices. After she had
a couple more orgasms I decided it was time.

I moved above her in the classic missionary position and
she spread her legs wide open to welcome me. As I rubbed
my dickhead at the opening to her cunt she cautioned me
to go slow. “My dildo is only about half the size of your
meat, baby, so be nice and gentle with your mothers

For some reason this brought out the rougher side of me.
I replied, “you mean don’t do this?” and I slammed my
cock all the way in with one thrust. “Don’t want mommy’s
pussy to get hurt but I think you can handle it, you cock
slut. Dave’s little mommy cock slut. You like that cock
slamming in you, don’t you ‘Nita slut? You like feeling
those balls slapping into your ass don’t you, mommy?” The
whole time I was saying this to her I was pulling my cock
all the way out nice and slow and then ramming it back in

Before long mom started shaking and started in on her big
multiple orgasms. I let up and started in on some nice
gentle lovemaking. A little while later I rolled us over
so I could suck on those big titties. This spurred mom on
and she started slamming up and down on me bringing my
orgasm closer. When I couldn’t take it anymore I
hollered, “MOM!” When she opened her eyes I looked
straight at her and said, “I love you.”

And I unloaded my strongest orgasm yet. After a couple of
spurts mom hopped off and plastered her mouth over the
head of my dick to get the rest of my sperm. There was
plenty. It started coming out the corners of her mouth in
spite of how fast she was swallowing. She slipped me out
of her mouth and squeezed the last few drops on to her
nipples. Then, letting go of my rod, she lifted her tits
up and started licking my come off.

After making sure they were clean she moved up next to me
and gave me a big kiss. “I love you David. I’m sorry if I
was harsh with you yesterday.”

I said, “Forget about it Mom. I will.” Then I had to ask,
“Do you always come like that? I have never had a woman
come for so long or as intensely as you did.”

“Are you complaining?” she asked with a smile.

“Not at all!”

“Well since you asked, no I have never come like that in
my life. I couldn’t believe I came when you touched my
clit like that in the shower yesterday. It always takes
Wanda a couple of minutes of warming me up before she can
get a little orgasm out of me, but with you I just start
cumming like there is no tomorrow and I don’t stop.”

“I know what you mean. I had a nice time fucking her but
my orgasm was nothing like I have with you. Even when I’m
just jacking myself thinking about you I have huge loads.
Speaking of Wanda, did you really tie her up?”

“Yes, I did. How about, since your cock is starting to
grow again, we slip over there and have a little fun?”

I told her it sounded good to me. We both threw on enough
clothes to cover our naughty parts and went straight over
to Wanda’s. Before we walked in mom told me that Wanda
was blindfolded so she didn’t want me to make a sound
until she signaled me to. I agreed and we stepped inside
and stripped. When we walked into the room where Wanda
was tied up I stopped to admire the view.

Just like mom said, Wanda was bent over the side of her
la-z-boy with her hands and feet tied off to the base of
the chair. She had on one of those sleeping blindfolds
and her juices had covered the insides of her thighs. Her
ass though was what really caught my attention. It was
bright red. Mom and I had been fucking for over an hour
and Wanda’s ass looked like Mom had just gotten done with

Mom walked over to her and became a different person. She
picked up a wooden paddle off the floor and with a
vicious snarl said, “Well you little fucking slut!! Are
you ready for the rest of your punishment for taking
advantage of my baby boy, you nasty fat ass tramp?”

Drawing back her arm, Mom delivered ten whacks to her
asscheeks that had me wincing as each one connected. Then
Mom reached down and touched her pussy. “I do not fucking
believe this,” she hollered, “You’re getting turned on by
this. First you rape my little boy and now you’re getting
off on having your ass whipped? What is the matter with

Wanda replied in just above a whisper, “I’m sorry Anita.
I’m so sorry. Please don’t be mad at me anymore. I just
want things to be OK with us. I’m so sorry.”

I motioned mom to go to the kitchen. She turned and
yelled at Wanda, “When I get back you will really be

We got in the kitchen and made sure the door was shut.
“Mom does she know you’re just playing?”

“Of course she does.”

“Are you sure?”

“David where is this going?”

“OK Mom, do you know why she is doing this?”

“Because it turns her on. Why else?”

“Yeah that’s part of it. How close are you two, Mom?”

“We’re fuck-buddies David. We mess around for fun.”

“Mom, now you’re the naive one. If you will pay attention
to her a little more you’re going to see that she is
completely in love with you. She told me yesterday that
she would do anything for you. She is so turned on
because you’re the one holding the paddle. You said
before that she licks you and she fucks you but you
didn’t say what you do for her. Think hard about where
you’re going with her because it looks to me like she’s
afraid of losing you. And it’s killing her inside.”

Mom was stunned by this revelation. She sat down and
started to cry. “Oh David you must think I’m horrible.
It all seems so clear now but it’s been there all along.
How come I never saw it before?”

“Mom you saw what you wanted to see. After Phil died you
weren’t looking for a lover just a fuck-buddy. Your fuck-
buddy just happened to fall in love with you. Now how are
you going to handle it?”

Mom got in the fridge and came out with a tub of butter.
“Grease up your cock sweetie. Get behind her, and when I
say to, you jam that monster in her ass in one shot.” I
gave her a questioning look and she said, “Trust me
David, I know what I’m doing.” With that she gave me a
kiss and we headed out to Wanda.

“Well bitch, do you have anything to say for yourself?”

“Anita, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for anything to happen.
I couldn’t help myself. I just want things to be OK. I’m
so sorry.” She was almost whimpering now.

Mom had butter on her hands and started rubbing them all
over Wanda’s ass.
While she was talking she started working three fingers
in to her rectum. “Wanda you know how much I love my son.
He is my pride and joy. I just felt cheated that you
would do something like that and then try to keep it from
me. Maybe after I fist fuck your asshole you’ll know

Wanda tensed up. “Anita, no..”

“SHUT UP!” Mom moved around to the front of her and sat
on an ottoman so that her pussy was even with Wanda’s
face. “Start licking my pussy while I explain something
to you. David will always be the most special thing in
the world to me. Oh that feels good. I just want you to
know this,” she pulled Wanda’s blindfold off and pulled
her face up so they were eye to eye, “I don’t mind
sharing him with the woman I love.”

Mom kissed Wanda gently on the lips and pointed at me.
So, without hesitating I shoved my greasy cock straight
up Wanda’s buttery hole in one thrust. Wanda tried to
jump up but her hands were tied. Then she started coming.
Mom kept kissing her and slid a hand down to play with
her tits. After her orgasm died down Wanda turned to look
at me and said, “Oh my god you have a fantastic cock!
Fuck that ass hard.” So being a gentleman I complied with
her wishes.

While I started pumping her ass harder mom reached down
and untied her hands and feet then she had me sit back on
the floor (not an easy trick with a sex machine dancing
on the end of your crank). Mom looked Wanda in her eyes
while she was sliding up and down my cock and said, “I’ve
never done this before so I don’t know if I’ll be any
good.” Then she got down and started running her tongue
up and down Wanda’s pussy.

It was too much for Wanda. She started screaming and
shaking from her most intense orgasm yet. Then she passed
out. Mom didn’t even notice. Once she got her first taste
of Wanda’s sweet pussy she was hooked. She was eating
Wanda out like she hadn’t had a meal in weeks. Wanda
started moaning and moving again and asked me to take my
cock out. As soon as my cock popped out of her ass my mom
started eating Wanda’s asshole too. She licked and sucked
like a woman possessed.

I slid out from under Wanda and moved around behind my
mom. My cock was still plenty slick from the butter and
all of Wanda’s pussy juice so I pressed it to Mom’s
beautiful pink rosebud. I went to put it in slow but Mom
pushed back hard and suddenly I was balls deep in my
mother’s hot ass. Right away mom started the mega-
orgasms. After fucking Wanda so hard this was more than I
could take.

I yelled out, “I’m coming!” and suddenly mom pulled off
my cock and both of them had their lips around the head.
When my cum started shooting out, they took turns
shooting it in their mouths and on their faces and tits.
Then when I stopped shooting they started on each other,
each one trying to lick all the come off the other and
then sharing it in a kiss.

After we were done Wanda said, “I’ll be right back.” As
she returned I could smell pot. She handed me a joint.
“Here you’re going to need this if you’re going to keep
up tonight. I am in the mood for more fucking – after a

We passed the joint around and Wanda and Mom started
talking about how things were going to be different
between them from now on and how this was going to be
wonderful, the three of us just fucking up a storm from
now on.

I asked my mom, “So this was the first time you ever
licked her pussy?”

Mom nodded and started telling me how their relationship
had always been one sided. Wanda always took care of
mom’s needs in bed and mom was the strong comforting
presence that Wanda needed to feel better about herself.
“Other than grabbing the back of her head, tonight was
the first time I ever really touched her during sex.”

Mom got down on the floor in front of Wanda and asked
her, “is there any way I can make it up to you?”

Wanda smiled and a tear rolled down her cheek. “There’s
nothing to make up for, Anita. I love you.”

Seeing my mom on her knees like that was making my cock
start to get thick again. “I’ve got an idea for you two.
I don’t want to sound insensitive because I think that
this really is a beautiful moment. But how about Wanda
puts my cock in her mouth while mom starts licking on
that pussy again? Who’s up for it?”

Then I started laughing my ass off. They both started
laughing too.

Wanda must have thought it was a good idea because when
she stopped laughing she started licking the head of my
dick. Mom watched her for a second before she asked,
“Aren’t you going to put it in your throat? All men want
you to deep throat their cock. Let me show you.” Mom
leaned forward and took my whole cock in until my balls
touched her chin.

She turned to Wanda, “Now try that. Just relax your
throat and when his cock bottoms out kind of start to
swallow.” Wanda took her turn and took a little more than
half of it. Mom kept working with her for the next twenty
minutes and needless to say by the end of that time I was
ready to climb the walls. My rod was like a steel bar and
as much as I wanted to keep this going I wanted to cum
even worse. “All right ladies this is too much for me. We
need to get to the grand finale.”

No sooner were the words out of my mouth than my mom
flicked the head of my dick with her middle finger. Talk
about a shock! Talk about painful! Talk about the exact
thing to keep me from coming. Good old mom. Now I had no
worries about coming and I could tend to these two horny
women. I wanted to make sure I did everything with them
and the only thing I hadn’t done was to eat Wanda’s

So I lay down and pulled her on top of me and just
started licking. Wanda let me know right away that she
loved it. She started rocking back and forth and moaning
and her pussy was coating my face with the oil of her

Mom decided she needed more cock and she mounted me
facing away from Wanda. I felt Wanda shift and felt mom’s
pussy start clenching me right away. I looked up and saw
Wanda was licking Mom’s asshole while Mom was sliding her
hot pussy up and down my cock. I shoved my tongue back in
Wanda’s shaved pussy and started rubbing her asshole with
my nose while I was at it. She seemed to like this too as
she was juicing heavier and moaning in to mom’s rectum.
Wanda sat straight up and started cumming. She then slid
off me and moved down to kiss me. Mom was still bouncing
up and down on my prick and I whispered to Wanda, “Go get
your strap-on and let’s double-fuck mom.”

Wand got up and left the room and I told mom to turn
around. Without taking my cock out she spun around on me
and we started kissing while she kept fucking me. Mom had
been coming steadily for a while and she when she buried
her head in my neck during a particularly strong orgasm I
saw Wanda standing behind her with a short black dildo
strapped on and greased up. I nodded to her and she got
behind us while I spread mom’s ass cheeks. Without
hesitation Wanda slid the dildo right up mom’s ass.

Mom freaked out. Her moaning got much louder and her hips
started bucking back and forth harder than ever. I
stopped moving and I let Wanda take over. She began
pumping that fake cock in and out of Mom’s ass hard. I
could feel her pull most of the way out and then pound
back in. Mom was really getting in to this. Suddenly
Wanda grabbed a handful of Mom’s hair and yanked her head
back. “Arch your back, slut! Did you call me fat
earlier?” and she smacked Mom’s ass with her free hand.
“I think this looks like the fattest ass in the room.”
Another smack. “It’s time for me and David to switch. Get

Wanda stood up and pulled Mom off of me. Then she turned
Mom around and sat her down on my hard-on. Wanda grabbed
the base of my shaft and, when it was pressed against her
stretched rosebud, pushed Mom down hard on me. Mom moaned
and laid back on me as another orgasm flooded over her.
While Mom was laid back moaning Wanda got in position and
started fucking the hell out of Mom’s pussy. This went on
for a couple more minutes and Mom couldn’t take any more.
She started screaming louder and with one huge orgasm she
passed out.

Wanda stood up and I rolled to the side and let mom lay
on the floor while I took care of my cock. I stood up and
told Wanda it was time for her to finish me off Wanda
dropped to her knees but I had a better position in mind.
I told her to take the dildo off. After she did that I
picked her up and put her on her dining table with her
head hanging off the edge. I looked her in the eye and
said, “Get ready baby. I am going to fuck your mouth like
you were fucking Mom just now.”

Wanda replied by opening her mouth wide and licking her
lips. I slipped my cock in her mouth gently and let her
lick it all over. Then I started fucking her face. She
was taking it like a pro and I could feel her throat
muscles working the head as I pumped in and out of her.
She had definitely learned from Mom. I grabbed the dildo
and started pumping her pussy with the same rhythm I was
pumping her mouth and she started coming again.

That’s all it took for me and with a yell I started
pumping my cream into her mouth. After a couple of spurts
I pulled out and sprayed her face and tits with the rest
of my jizz.

After that I was drained, literally. I headed in to the
kitchen to get us all a drink. When I came back out Mom
was licking all my come off of Wanda. The sight was
definitely a turn on but my dick needed more time to
recover. I walked over to the table and set their
wineglasses down. Mom poured a little wine on Wanda’s
tummy and licked it all up. They were ready for a rest
too, so we all went in and kicked back on Wanda’s couch.
Wanda sparked up another joint and Mom dropped the big

“So what do we need to do to convince you to move back in
with your mother, son?”


“You heard me. We don’t want to have to go looking for
cock after a week from now. No one is going to care for
us the way you do, and no one is going to be as eager to
please you as we are.”

I was surprised to say the least. I hadn’t given a second
thought to after my visit. Now that I was thinking about
it I still wasn’t sure. I mean I had a career I was
working on. I really didn’t want to throw away all the
opportunities I had been busting my ass for in the 6
years since I had graduated from college. On the other
hand, looking at my mom and Wanda sitting there I didn’t
know how I was going to be able to leave them. She was
right. There was no woman, or women for that matter that
were going to want to please me the way they will. I
needed to be alone to think about this.

As I got up and slipped on my shorts my mom started
getting worried. I told her I just needed time to reflect
on this. I just needed to be alone.

I walked over to Mom’s and grabbed a shower. I truly felt
lost. I decided to take a ride on my blades. I had just
put on a pair of sweatpants when the doorbell rang. I
opened the door to find Officer Monroe standing there
wearing a black miniskirt and a peach colored blouse.
“Good evening officer. What can I do for you tonight?”

When she spoke I could smell that she had been drinking.
“Good Evening Mr. Taylor, I hope I’m not intruding.”

“No, not at all, I was just going out for a late skate.
What brings you by tonight?”

“Well I have been thinking about the way I acted with you
and I really just wanted to apologize again. I was rather
hasty in my judgment of you. I hope there are no hard

“I appreciate the apology but it really isn’t necessary,

“Please call me Shelly. Calling me Officer and Ma’am
makes me feel old and I’m a year younger than you.”

Just then the phone rang. I went in to the den to pick it
up and the first thing I heard was my mom asking, “Are
you going to fuck her?”

“What are you talking about?”

“We are looking into the living room from Wanda’s living
room window son. Right now she’s feeling her breasts and
she looks horny from here. I think she wants to fuck.”

“Mom you are crazy sometimes, you know that?”

“Crazy for your cock sweetie. Now Wanda and me are just
dripping thinking about watching you two go at it. If you
fuck her do it in the living room or in your bedroom. We
can see everything that goes on in both of those rooms.
Now she’s rubbing her pussy. Go take care of business,

I laughed and told her I loved her then hung up the
phone. As I was walking back in to the living room it
suddenly hit me. “Shelly Monroe. We went to high school
together right.”

“Yeah but I didn’t really have any friends. Puberty
didn’t really hit me until I was nineteen. That’s when
Mother Nature decided she would give me boobs and a
figure. I don’t look exactly like I did back then.”

She wasn’t kidding. I could barely remember what she
looked like – mousy, thin, braces, big glasses. Now she
looked like a brunette Jenny McCarthy. Large firm
breasts, a gorgeous smile and a wonderful hourglass

Another body transformation story. “Well you look
absolutely stunning now. I can’t believe your husband
lets you out of the house. I doubt that I would let you
get much farther than the bed.”

She answered quickly, “Oh I’m not married. Never found
the right guy. Never even found the guy who came close.
Listen this conversation is going in the wrong direction.
Could we change the subject? Let’s talk about you. You
look fabulous now compared to back then, too. What was
your secret?”

So for the next twenty minutes we had a glass of wine and
caught up on our lives since high school. She turned out
to be a fantastic listener and fantastic to listen to.
Eleven-o clock rolled around and she stood up and said,
“Well, I guess I had better be going. I have to go on
duty at seven in the morning, and I kind of crimped your
plans enough for one night.”

“You need to back that train up, honey. You have been
absolutely wonderful to spend time with and I can’t think
of anything I would rather be doing than sitting here
with you.” I moved toward her and took her into my arms
to kiss her. As our lips met her arms came around my neck
and she pressed her body to me, grinding her crotch
against my rapidly swelling prick.

Our lips parted and she looked up in to my eyes and said,
“I guess I could stay for a little while.” We kissed
again and I replied to her, “A little while is not going
to be enough time for what I have in mind.”

I reached down and grabbed a hold of her ass as we kissed
again and she moaned lightly into my mouth. We both
became almost frantic at that point. I started pulling
her clothes off of her and she was groping to get at my
cock. Once she was naked I stood back and looked at her.
“You are gorgeous.” I said, “Your body is like a fine

She smiled a very sexy smile and said, “I want to see
your cock, NOW.” As I lowered my sweats she licked her
lips and said, “I knew it was going to be a big one. I
saw your shorts stretched against it next door the other
day. I have been thinking about putting it in my throat
ever since. Sit down on the couch. I have to suck that

I leaned back on Mom’s leather sofa and she lay down next
to me with her head in my lap. She started licking up and
down the shaft telling me it was nice and big and it was
going to feel good sliding in and out of her pussy. Then
just as she started bobbing her head up and down on it
the light in Wanda’s living room came on. There they
were. Mom had the dildo strapped on and was fucking Wanda
from behind. They both waved and the light went back out.

This was really turning me on. I decided to give them a
nice show. I stroked Shelly’s hair and said, “Oh that
feels so good. You let me know if I get too rough.”
Shelly laughed and slapped my dick against her cheek.
“Don’t worry sexy, I like it rough.” Then she slapped her
face with my cock a couple more times and went to put it
back in her mouth.

At that point I jammed her head down, forcing my cock
deep in to her throat. I held it there for a second and
then started yanking her head up and down on my rod,
pushing to the back of her throat with every down stroke.
I got on my knees on the couch and made her lay on her
back. Her pussy looked too tasty. A few light brown hairs
lay in a patch above an oversized clit. I had never seen
a clit so large. I reached down and smacked it lightly
and as Shelly started moaning I grabbed it and started
jerking it off like a little penis.

That set Shelly off. She was moaning loudly around my
pistoning cock and with every wave of her orgasm I could
feel her clit throb. I leaned back and started slapping
her face with my cock. “I hope you like this piece of
meat baby because you’re about to slide down on it until
your pussy is all filled up.”

She smiled when I said that and quickly got to her feet.
I sat back on the couch looking at the window while she
straddled my thighs. As she lowered herself down on to me
Wanda’s light came on again. This time Mom was riding on
Wanda. They waved and the light went out again. Shelly
sat down hard, impaling herself with my hard shaft. I
couldn’t help but moan. Her pussy wasn’t as tight as
Wanda’s had been but it felt exquisite.

Shelly looked me in the face and asked me, “Do you mind
telling me who is watching us from next door?” My face
registered immediate surprise and Shelly explained, “I
saw in the reflection from the painting (above the couch)
when the light came on and since they waved I figured
you’re in on this too. Now ‘fess up.”

I was floored. She was still humping my rod so I knew she
wasn’t that upset. I told her everything. For the next
few minutes while she slid up and down on my cock I told
her about Mom and Wanda and told her about my evening and
how they had called over and they were watching and
getting off at the same time.

I finished and looked her in the eye. I was half
expecting her to leave after hearing about my mom and me.
Instead she ground down hard and as an orgasm washed over
her she started calling me a motherfucker and saying how
she was going to lick my mom’s pussy while my cock was
sliding in and out of it. She just kept cumming. Almost
the way my mom does. I slid up to the edge of the couch
determined to give the ladies a show they wouldn’t
forget. I then rose to my feet holding Shelly the same
way I had held Wanda the day before. Shelly was a little
heavier than Wanda was but I hardly noticed it as I
turned sideways to the window.

Shelly started moaning really loudly as I began fucking
her up and down on my cock. I would lift her almost
completely off and then drop her back down, bottoming out
in her juicy cunt. I kept it up like that for as long as
I could stand and then I set Shelly on her feet. I was
about to turn her around when she said, “Sit down so they
can see.”

I sat down and Shelly straddled my cock, facing the
window. She began fucking me hard but at the same time
giving the ladies a show by twisting her nipples and
rubbing her clit. She continued this until she had a
violent orgasm collapsing back on me. I took over rubbing
her tits while I gave her short easy strokes.

After she caught her second wind she got up and had me
lay all the way down. She smiled at me and said, ” We
want to make sure they see a good cum shot, don’t we.”
She was really getting in to being watched. I laid back
and for the next five minutes Shelly used her tits, lips
teeth, tongue and hands to bring me to the edge. When I
yelled out that I was going to cum she held her face a
couple of inches away from my cock and tightened her grip
giving me short strokes just under the head.

I came like a cannon. The first blast she took in the
face and then the rest she shot in to the air so it came
back down on my stomach and chest when I was finally done
she slithered up and gave me a hot kiss and said, “I’ll
be right back.” I heard her go in the other room and when
she walked back in she had the cordless phone from the
other room and was saying, “I hope you don’t mind but we
really need a couple of horny bitches to come lick all
this come off of us.”

Then she hung up the phone and started kissing me again.

All of fifteen seconds later my mom and Wanda came
bursting through the back door, naked. They came in the
room and were on us like jackals. Mom started licking all
the cum off of Shelly and Wanda began working on me. In
no time Wanda had me squeaky clean and moved over to help
with Shelly.

“Help” was actually sticking her tongue up Shelly’s ass.
Mom and Shelly were in a hot sixty-nine with Shelly on
top of Mom. I got down and started French kissing Shelly
while we both licked Mom’s pussy. In no time Shelly and
Mom both climaxed and we all sat back for a rest.

Mom and Wanda were a little surprised that I had told
Shelly everything but they trusted my judgment. Shelly
and I seemed to just click with each other. We all went
to bed after that and when I woke up the next morning,
holding her, I knew I wanted to marry that woman.

So I did. It was a beautiful ceremony and has been a
beautiful marriage. Shelly and Mom and Wanda keep me more
satisfied than most men could dream of. Sometimes Mom or
Wanda will want a man to just hold them all night and
Shelly is cool with that too. Shelly really gets off when
Mom straps on a dildo and we double fuck her. Some deep
down incest issues that she lives out through Mom and me.

What can I say? It has turned out to be a wild and sexy
life for all of us. But it all started out innocently