I lost my virginity to a prostitute when I was twenty two

For the first time, I was living on my own, and the
temptation to taste the forbidden fruit easily
overpowered my weak resistance. I leafed through the
yellow pages and started phoning escort services. I
settled for one calling itself Budget Escorts, which
asked for $160.

A hour later Cindy came to my door. She was a tall, slim,
fairly attractive young woman. She sat down in my living
room and we chatted.

It wasn’t much of a chat, we had little in common and
could hardly keep up a conversation. She talked about
rent in the city, her disgust at the agency she worked
for (she only got $60 of the $160 I had paid them), her
life. I, of course, was thinking mostly about sex, but
didn’t know how to start, and she just sat there
contentedly and talked.

Why did she do this work? I asked. For the money, of
course. She hated the job, she said. The escort service
used her like cheap labour. She did nearly all the work
but got less than half the revenue. She didn’t
particularly like or dislike her customers, she felt
neutral, indifferent, towards them. I’m cold, she
admitted, but if they had wanted me to be nice they
should have paid me better.

The time went by. Finally about fifty-five minutes into
the session she finally said, well, I guess we better do
it. We slid out of our clothes. I wanted to take her into
my arms, but she would have none of it. You get just sex
here, buddy, she snapped, nothing else. It soon emerged
that I wasn’t permitted to hug her, kiss her, engage in
any foreplay, or anything else at all other than meat-
and-potatoes intercourse. “I’m here to provide a service,
not to be your girlfriend.”

Too timid to argue, I could only comply. Except I wasn’t
sure where to begin, and finally had to admit I’d never
done this before. What, she exclaimed in disbelief,
you’ve never had sex before? No, I had not. But you said
you were 22!

Yes, I was. Shaking her head, she guided my penis into
her vagina.

Despite the impersonality, despite the rudeness, it was
not enough to stop me in my young naivete from getting
excited. Yes, I thought, this is happening at last…
I’ll actually be inside a woman! It was incredible. The
mere thought of intercourse brought me to such arousal
that I ejaculated within seconds of entering her.

Afterwards she calmly got dressed, used the washroom, and
shook my hand and said goodbye. And I sank into a chair.
I had been inside a woman’s vagina! I knew, with the
certainty of the insane, that it would only be a matter
of time before I did it again. And again. And again.