Husband received a copy of Master PC

Chris decided to try the program on his wife first,
instead of some random woman off the street. This should
avoid attracting attention from people. Chris had read
plenty of sex stories on the net about mind control and
Master PC. He didn’t want to his wife to be a sex bimbo.
Rather he wanted an improved Sandy, leaving her mind
largely intact. Bimbo could come later after he had
master the program and its consequences.

He brought up the program and the image of his wife seems
to suggest that she was driving. Sandy must be stuck in
traffic getting home, Chris thought. He first bumped up
Sandy’s clit sensitivity ten times normal, then applied
the same to her nipples. He then remembered how Sandy
cunt only got real wet after lots of foreplay, he made
the change so that her cunt now juices up immediately and
would produce ten times the normal volume. He then sat
back and waited for his wife to get home, hopeful that
she would be so horny she would just want a fuck the
moment she stepped through the door.

On Sandy’s way to home from work she was stuck in a
traffic jam on the motorway when the first stage of the
effect from the program took place. Unknown to Sandy, her
nerves around her nipples and cunt were getting more
sensitive by the minute. All this starting and stopping
due to the traffic jam made Sandy’s black lace panties
rubs against her now hypersensitive cunt lips.

‘What’s happening to me? I’ve never get horny driving,’
Sandy thought. Sandy then turns on the radio and listened
to the music to try to pass time. By this time, her body
had responds to the stimulation from her clit and her
nipples were getting rock hard, straining against her
lace bra.

Every time her car moved forward for a few hundred yards
and stops, her legs’ movement caused her clit to rub
against her lace panties. Pleasure races through her body
and her cunt started to juice up. Sandy’s panties were
getting damp and she could feel her juice had soaked
through her panties, onto her inner thighs and her
pantyhose. Sandy was so confuse by her condition as her
cunt had never gotten this wet in her life.

By the time Sandy made it to her apartment building
underground car park, her panties was completely soaked
and her juice was all over the inside of her thighs. As
she took the seatbelt off it brushes over her silk
blouse, touching her now hard nipples, Sandy felt a jolt
of pleasure went through her body and let out a small

Sandy locked up the car and took the elevator to the 5th
floor. Every step she took makes her clit rubbed against
her panties and her nipples against her bra. Her hard
nipples poked through her blouse for everyone to see in
the elevator. Sandy could smell her juice and was sure
people in the elevator could too. Her face turned a deep
shade of red from embarrassment but that just made her
hornier. Cunt juice continued leaking out of Sandy’s cunt
and by the time she reached her apartment door, all she
could think of was to fuck her husband silly.

While waiting for his wife return, Chris got bored and
decided to play with the program some more. This time he
aimed to improve himself. ‘Think small first,’ he
reminded himself. He decided he was not going to change
his cock size, yet. So he increased his cock sensitivity
to complement his wife’s hypersensitivity clit. Then he
changed it so that he could control his climax to enjoy
his fuck to the full. The Chris remembered that Sandy
rarely let him gave her a facial as she didn’t like the
mess. In fact, Sandy didn’t like to have Chris cum on her
or in her that much. She always ran to the bathroom or
used the tissue to clean up right after sex. So to make
things interesting, Chris changed his body so that he
would produce even more cum than imagine. He played with
the slider bar in the program until it reached 1 pint.
‘That should be more than enough.’ smirked Chris
inwardly. He also adjusted himself to be able to cum
again quickly too so Sandy won’t have a chance to

“Honey, I am home.” shouted Sandy after she shut the
apartment door.

“I am in the study.” was all the reply Sandy got.

Realizing her husband was busy on the computer, Sandy
took off her blouse and her bra. She then put her blouse
back on by tying the bottom of the blouse below her tits,
leaving the blouse unbuttoned. Sandy could see the
outline of her hard nipples on her blouse and brought her
hands to feel her tits. Her nipples rub against the
blouse and waves of pleasure flew to Sandy’s brain.

She hiked up her skirt to pull down her pantyhose. She
could see the pantyhose were soaked with her juice and it
had so far keep the juice from staining her skirt. When
the pantyhose were down to her knee, Sandy notices that
her panties was also saturated with her juice and strings
of her juice hangs between her inner thighs and the
pantyhose. She then decided to take the panties off along
with the pantyhose. With her skirt still up to her waist
and soaked pantyhose and panties on one foot, Sandy
turned to a nearby floor length mirror and had a look at

What she sees was a vision of horniness. Her face was
flush with her nipples were sticking half an inch out
underneath the blouse. Her juice matted her light brown
cunt hairs, her cunt lips were red and swollen Sandy
could almost see her clit protruding out from its hood.

‘No way Chris could resist me,’ thought Sandy. She
smoothed her skirt down and walked toward the direction
of the study room.

Chris was pretending to be working on the computer when
Sandy walked into the study. Chris could smell her
arousal immediately and realised the program must had
worked. He turned around and almost cum in his pants if
he did not have the control he had now. Sandy was leaning
against the doorframe with her left hand kneading her
right tit through the blouse while her right hand had
hiked up the skirt and playing with her wet cunt. Her
eyes were closed and her face shown she was enjoying
playing with herself while her husband watched.

“Fuck me now, please. Quickly!” whispered Sandy.

Chris grabbed her and took her next door to the bedroom.
Sandy’s hands never stopped when they were doing even
when she fell onto the bed. With Sandy on her back, her
juice flow downward to her ass and her skirt, wetting it.
Chris undressed as quick as he possibly could while
enjoying the view of her wife finger fucking herself with
two fingers. The only thing on Sandy’s mind now was sex
and only sounds came from her were her moans and wet
noises from her slimy cunt.

By now Sandy had worked both of her tits out from the
blouse, which was still tied at the waist. This made her
tits look firmer and bigger. Chris made a mental note to
himself to fix that next time.

Chris could not stand it any longer and got on top of
Sandy, and sucked one of her tit.

“Oh yes, suck my tit! That feels so good!” moaned Sandy.
“But I can’t wait anymore, just fuck me with your cock.”

Never one to disappoint a request like that, Chris parted
Sandy’s legs and slammed his super sensitive cock into
Sandy’s cunt in one stroke.

“Argh! God!” shouted Sandy. “More! Harder!”

With his super sensitive cock, Chris could feel every
bumps and ridges of Sandy’s hot wet cunt. If he didn’t
have his control on his climax, Chris would have cum the
moment he reached bottom such were the amount of
sensations he could feel from his cock.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) for Sandy, she had no such
control and within minutes she was on the edge of
cumming. “Oh God, I am going to cum soon. I can feel
it…” moaned Sandy while using both of her hands on her
tits. Chris picked up his pace and could feel Sandy’s
cunt began contracting.

“Yes, yes… Cumming, cumming, fuck me! Harder!” Sandy’s
cunt exploded into a huge climax, one so intense she had
never experienced before in her life. Her cunt released
even more slimy juice, soaking both Chris and her groins.

Chris never missed a stroke while his wife had her
hardest cum in her life underneath him. Once he noticed
Sandy had come down from her cum, Chris pulled his cock
out and moved up the bed.

Sandy’s eyes snapped open when she felt the emptiness in
her cunt, and all she saw was Chris cock in front of her
face. It was shiny with their combined juices.

“Suck me.” said Chris to his still horny wife.

Sandy crooked her head up and used one hand to guide
Chris’s cock into her mouth, while putting a pillow under
her head with the other. Meanwhile, Chris reached back
with one of his hand and started fingerfucking his wife
cunt. Sandy tried to moan with her mouth full when she
felt the fingers on her clit.

While Chris enjoyed the blowjob his wife was giving him,
it wasn’t as good as her wet cunt. “I am sure I can fix
that!” thought Chris to himself. Soon he could tell Sandy
was tired from performing the blowjob and so he released
the cum control he had on his cock.

Sandy felt the cock in her mouth twitched, and realised
Chris was going to cum real soon. Then suddenly Chris
pulled his cock out and Sandy was totally confused as
Chris always cum in her mouth so that there would less
mess to clean afterwards. Before she could react, Chris
started cumming.

“Oh… Here it comes!” shouted Chris, and the first jet
of white hot cum flow out of his cock. But this was not
one of his cum in his old days. This first jet of cum
already contained more cum than his total cum before the
change. It landed right on Sandy’s right cheek and
travelled up her eye, her forehead and into her hair.

“Wha…” said Sandy before the second jet of cum hit the
back of mouth and stopped her talking. Her mouth went
from empty to full of cum in seconds and she closed her
mouth instinctively before being hit by the third jet.

Jet after jet of cum flow out of Chris cock and onto
Sandy’s face. Chris was having the best orgasm of his
life and didn’t notice the shock expression on his wife
face. By the time Sandy had recovered her composure and
tried to bring her hands to shield from the jets of cum,
Chris had finally finished cumming.

Chris looked down and saw the sluttiest face he could
image. Cum was everywhere. Sandy’s face was literally
completely covered by his cum. Half the pillow was wet
from the cum that had dripped down from her face and the
other half was wet from cum directly from his cock,
turning the navy blue pillow to powder blue.

Sandy did not know what to do with so much cum on her
face. Never in her mind had imagined to be covered in cum
this way. Her eyes were glued shut by cum and she could
feel them sliding over her face down her neck. ‘I must
look like a slut,’ Sandy thought embarrassingly.

“Oh my God, you look so damn hot covered in all of these
cum!” said Chris.

“I do?” replied Sandy through her cum covered lips. “But
where does all these cum come from? You’ve never cum this
much before!”

“I’ve no idea, honey. Probably because I got so worked up
watching you playing with yourself at the door. Why don’t
you go clean up?”

While Sandy was cleaning cum off her face in the
bathroom, Chris went back to the computer and
contemplated his next series of changes for Sandy.