The Dragon’s Breath (rape story)

This is just a story and nothing
else. It is intended for mature and rational adults. If
you can’t separate the difference between fantasy and

I was sitting down enjoying my lunch today with a bunch
of the girls from work. We were talking about the normal
topics like we usually talk about. Denise always likes to
talk about sex or she finds a way to turn the
conversation into some type of sex story. I usually don’t
like to get myself involved in their sexual discussions.
So as the topic turned to sex, I kindly excused myself
like I always do. I don’t like to engage in sexual
conversations because of my lack of experiences. The one
experience I did have was horrible.

I knew the girls at work would tease me after I would
leave the table but I didn’t care. I knew most of them
were phony with me anyway. They were only nice to me
because my Father sat on the board of director’s at the
company. My father was a wonderful man who adopted me
from China when I was just a little girl. I was only 4
years old when I came to America. I don’t have any
memories of my real parents or of China, nor do I have a
desire to go and search for my biological parents.

As I was getting up I heard Denise say, “There she goes
again, every time we talk about sex she runs away.”

I knew she didn’t like me, which was fine. I didn’t like
her anyway. But, I was getting a little sick of her
comments. What really ticked me off was the laughter of
the other girls at the table. I don’t know what possessed
me but I turned around and said,

“I’m not running away from the conversation, its just
that I don’t like to talk about such things.”

Denise then replied sarcastically, “Yeah right. its ok,
you’ve probably never been with a man, you’re probably
still a virgin.”

All the girls started laughing out loud. I was a little
embarrassed, because they weren’t laughing with me, they
were laughing at me. Even though my feelings were hurt, I
smiled and sat back down at the table.

“Look I’m not a virgin. You ladies love talking about
sex, you guys wanna hear about one of my sexual

“Ooooohhh.. Little miss goodie-goodie, is going to tell
us a story, well lets hear it,” said Denise.

All the other girls smiled and sat up. Their eyes light
up.I sat down and smiled and motioned them into a tighter

Then I said, “Are you sure you guys want me to tell you
one of my stories?”

“Hell yeah, tell us, yeah tell us.” they all responded.

Well. if they wanted to her a sex story, I hope they
where prepared for this one.

“Ok Guys here we go, don’t interrupt me or I’ll leave
something out ok.

I took a deep breath and then I began telling my story.

“When I was senior in high school I tried out for the
cheerleading team.”

“You were a cheerleader?” one of the girls said

“Yes, come on, don’t interrupt ok.”

Denise hushed all the girls and gave them a glaring look,
which meant for them to shut up.

Well, anyway I made the team, which really shocked a
lot of people, including myself. It was the first time in
my life that I was ever really part of a team. There was
this one guy on the team who I had a huge crush on. His
name was Drake. He was huge, he was about 6ft tall with
giant muscles and he was really good looking and he was

Drake played offence and defense for the team. He played
fullback on offence. But he was feared throughout the
county for his defensive play. He was the middle
linebacker, which I was told one had to be the meanest
and toughest guys on the team. Drake was all state two
years in a row. Only the teachers called him by his given
name. Everyone else called him Dragon. He was given that
name because of the way he would destroy opposing running
backs. People would say he hit people with great fury.

When I said that he was black, there eyes lit up even
wider and I could see a few of them stirring around in
there seats.

All the other girls on the team loved Drake; he was one
of the most popular boys in the whole school. One day
while I was at my locker he walked up to me and we spoke
for the first time. He came up behind me and said,

“Hey sexy, I heard you made the cheerleading team.

I was shocked. I was shocked because I didn’t even think
he knew I existed. What really got to me was what he
said. It was the first time anyone had ever called me
sexy. I wore glasses back then and I dressed very
conservatively. I was smiling from ear to ear. He smiled
back and as quickly as he appeared he disappeared. Drake
was not only the best athlete in the entire school, he
was also very smart. He wasn’t a dumb jock. He was in
honor roll classes.

We had our home games on Friday nights and after every
game, if the team won there was a big party. During that
week every time I would pass Drake in the school hallway
he would smile at me. I swear I could feel my knees
buckling every time we passed each other. Some of my
girlfriends would tease me after he would pass cause they
knew how he made me feel. Boys never smiled at me or made
eyes at me before. All these feelings were very new to me
and I loved it. Deep down I knew that there was no way in
hell Drake would ever ask me out. Half the girls in
school were drooling over him. I knew he could have
anyone he wanted.

Well.we won the game that Friday night. Everyone was
excited and jumping up and down. The players were running
off the field smiling and screaming like crazy. We were
doing our victory cheers and stuff. Everyone was talking
about going to the big keg party that they were going to
have at Josh’s house. My friend Ashton asked me if I was
going to go to the party. I told her I didn’t think so. I
had never been to a keg party.

While I was talking to Ashton, she smiled and winked her
eye. When I turned around Drake was standing behind me

“Hey Mia… are you coming to the party tonight.”

I thought I had gone to heaven. I didn’t even know he
knew my name. I was speechless and didn’t know what to

“Oh umm… I would go, but I wasn’t invited.”

I was so nervous; it was the only thing I could think of.
Drake started laughing.

“Girl you’re part of the team, you don’t need an
invitation, but if you need an invitation, I’m inviting
you personally.”

I didn’t know what to say. Covered in dirt, mud, and
sweat, Drake looked good. He just looked massive in his
football uniform.

“So.I’ll see yeah there,” he said smiling.

“Oh… yeah.” And as soon as I said that he took off for
the locker room.

I called home and asked my mother if it was ok If I hung
out with some of the girls after the game. She was
actually excited because I rarely went out. My mother had
been trying to get me to go out a long time. She told me
to have fun and to call her if I needed a ride home.

I was going to change out of my cheerleading uniform when
one of the other cheerleaders asked me if I was going to
the party. I told her that I was gonna go. She then told
me that cheerleaders have to wear their uniforms to the
parties after the game. She said it was tradition.

I got a ride with some of the other girls to the party.
When we got to Josh’s house it seemed like the party was
well under way. Josh was Jewish and his parents where
loaded. Josh’s house was more like an estate. His father
was a CEO of some large computer software company. His
parents where divorced and his father traveled a lot.
Josh basically lived in that giant house by himself with
the maid and butler.

He paid them off to keep quiet about the parties. Josh’s
house was spectacular. One of the girls told me that the
house had 14 bedrooms. When we pulled into driveway,
which looked like a parking lot, I was stunned. There
were two houses on the property. The main house was three
stories tall. The guesthouse, which was just off to the
right was bigger then my house.

There were kids everywhere, drinking and smoking
cigarettes. The music sounded like thunder coming from
the house. I was excited, all the popular kids where
there. I never thought I would ever be part of anything
like this. As soon as I entered the house I could smell

After about five minutes, the girls I got a ride with
from the game drifted off into their cliques. There must
have been a hundred people in that house. The music was
fast and so was the pace of the party. Then I heard a lot
of noise and the sound of girls screaming. Then I heard
what I thought was water splashing. I was curious. I
walked through the door, and once again I was amazed.
Josh had an indoor swimming pool. There were at least
another 40 kids in the pool.

I saw Drake in the pool picking up girls and throwing
them around. When he noticed me by the door he quickly
stopped what he was doing and came out of the pool. I
could feel my knees shaking as we walked over to me.

“What’s up girl? I knew you’d make it, did you bring a

“Um…no…I…I didn’t know Josh had a pool.” I replied.

It seemed like whenever I opened my mouth around Drake I
would stutter. Then he said, “This is some house. If I
ever make it to the pros I’m going to buy a house just
like this one.”

With every word that came out of his mouth he got closer
to me. Before I knew it I was staring up at his muscular
chest. His body was a work of art. His black skin
complemented and accentuated his physique. We started
talking but is was very difficult to hear what he was
saying. The whole scene was like a zoo. Drake gently
reached for my hand, and then he whispered in my ear.

“Come on, let’s go somewhere quiet.”

We walked pass the bar, Drake grabbed a couple of beers
and grabbed my hand again. We walked down a long hallway.
There were a couple of the guys on the team standing in
front of the stairs. There was another couple in front of
us. When they got to the front of the stairs, one of the
guys said,

“Sorry homeboy. Only players are allowed upstairs.”

Drake started laughing, I got a little nervous. Drake
whispered in my ear.

“Don’t worry, Josh only lets guys on the team upstairs.”

When he whispered in my ear I felt his warm hot breath go
through my entire body. As we passed the boys on the
stairs, something told me that tonight was going to be a
night that I would never forget.

As we walked passed some of the doors, you could hear
people in some of the rooms. I thought I heard some
moaning but I wasn’t sure. Drake was so nice he put his
arm around me and told me how cute I looked in my
uniform. I was not used to any type of compliments,
especially coming from the hottest guy at our school. We
talked all the way down to the last room on the right.
When Drake opened the door it was dark.

I thought for sure it was going to be a bedroom. When he
flicked the light switch on, I was relived to see that
this was a recreation room. The room was all white and
was flooded with lights. It was so bright in there it
hurt my eyes at first. There was a pool table in the
middle of the room. There was also some work out
equipment in the back of the room. To the left was a
giant black leather couch.

We sat down on the couch and started talking, Drake
popped open the beers and handed me one. I had never had
a beer in my life. I said,

“No thanks, I don’t drink.”

“Oh, well that’s cool… I don’t like it when girls are
all drunk any way,” he said to my surprise.

I would have never expected that from him. I thought guys
loved to get girls drunk. As we talked he seemed to be
getting closer and closer. I was doing my best to remain
cool. Then while I was in mid sentence rambling on, he
kissed me. It was my first kiss from a boy. I smiled and
so did he. Then he put his beer down and kissed me again.

Each kiss lasted a little longer and before I knew it he
was sticking his tongue in my mouth. His lips where soft
and just totally engulfed mine. I couldn’t believe I was
kissing the hottest boy in the school. We kissed like
that for a few minutes. I was basically learning how to
french-kiss as we progressed.

Suddenly I felt him moving around and then I felt one of
his giant hands palm my breast. It was incredible, He was
such a massive man but his touch was tender and gentle. I
knew I should push his hand away but it felt so good, and
I didn’t him to know that he was the first guy to ever
touch my breast.

Then he slipped his hand under my sweater and started
palming my breast over my bra. He was real smooth. I know
he’s probably done this to a lot of girls. And again I
didn’t stop him. He started kissing me along my neck. The
thing I remember at that moment was how his hot breath
felt on my neck. I was feeling things that I never felt
before. He was so nice and gentle with me. His hands
massaged my breasts causing my nipples to get nice and

I was so focused on how his hot breath felt, that I
didn’t realize that his hand was on my bare thigh. I only
had on my cheerleader outfit. Then I felt a hand slowly
gliding up my thigh toward my pussy. When his fingers
touched my pussy, I immediately closed my legs locking
his hand from going any further.

“Ah, No… Drake… Stop.” I moaned into his ear.

I knew what he wanted to do. But I just wanted to kiss.
I didn’t want him to finger me like that.

He whispered into my ear. “What’s the matter Mia, You
don’t like me baby?”

“No Drake…I like you, but…but…I just can’t.” I
whispered back.

“Come On Mia, let me touch it, you got me going baby, let
me just touch it.”

At this point I started to get nervous. I put my hand on
his hand that was still trapped between my legs and tried
to move his hand. I pushed gently at first, then I pushed
his hand with all of my might and it didn’t move an inch.
He smiled and laughed. But this time his smile was
accompanied by an evil little grin.

“C’mon Drake. Stop it, I think we better stop now ok?
I don’t want to do it. Ok?”

Then his forearm tensed up and he pushed his hand a
little further. When I felt his fingertips touch my
panties and split my pussy lips I got scared.

“Come On Mia, Why are you acting like a baby. Look how
hot your pussy is.”

I knew he was telling the truth, from the time I had
enter the room I could feel something going on down

“Stop it Drake please, I’m a virgin. And I don’t want
to do it.” I pleaded with him while trying to remove his
hand from between my legs.

“Well how about sucking my dick, I need it bad.”

“WHAT!?!” I shouted.

I couldn’t believe he just asked me to suck his dick. I
was no longer scared I was angry.

“No dare you ask me to do that, I’m not a slut
you know… I think I better leave.”

I pushed his hand from between my legs and stood up.
Before I could take one step forward. I felt my hair
being yanked at the top of my head.

“Where the fuck do you think you’re going? Sit your sorry
ass down Bitch,” he shouted.

I fell back onto the couch. I was going to scream. He
quickly coved my mouth. I was terrified. My whole body
started shaking. His hand quickly went up my skirt and
covered my entire pussy. The beautiful smile that once
dawned his face was gone.

“You little fucking cunt. Why the fuck did you come up
here with know I don’t play that shit.”

The tears were rolling down my eyes at this point and I
didn’t know what to do. I didn’t come up there to have
sex. I just wanted to hang out with him.

“Are you going to scream? Are you going make any
noise?. If you make a sound I swear to god, I’ll slap
the shit out of you, ok, ok,” he growled.

His hand covered my face and my mouth. I couldn’t breathe
so I quickly nodded my head and he moved his hand.

“Do you know how many of those little cunt’s downstairs
would love to be up here with me.”

“Drake please, I’m sorry. I didn’t know that’s what you
wanted.please let me go. I just want to go home.”

Never in my life did I ever think I would find myself in
this position with a boy.

“Ok I’ll let you go. I’ll let you go, after you suck my
fucking dick, stupid ass bitch, you suck my dick and I’ll
let you go.”

“Please Drake, don’t do this to me. I’m sorry, I’m really
sorry. Please. I don’t want to suck it.” I begged.”

I was scared and confused. I have never sucked a boy’s
cock before. What if I did it wrong? What if he didn’t
like it? What was he going to do to me if I didn’t do it?

The “what ifs” raced through my mind. I was not prepared
for an event like this. Then I felt Drake rubbing my
pussy. I tried to squeeze my legs together but he was way
to strong. All I had on was a pair of white cotton
panties under my cheerleader skirt. Drake was lying on
top of me crushing me into the couch. I felt his finger
digging into my crotch.

“Please Drake don’t. Please stop.” I begged.

He tried to kiss me but I moved my head away. His face
was close to mine. He was breathing heavy. Then he moaned
when his finger found the edge of the crotch of my

“Agggghhhh, aggggghhhhh,” he moaned when his fingers
touched my bare pussy lips. Then I felt his finger part
my pussy lips. Then I felt one of his thick fingers
trying to enter my pussy. In my attempt to move his
massive body off me, my legs spread slightly and then I
felt it. His finger just sunk right into my virgin pussy.
Then I felt something that was even more frightening. It
was his breath. As his finger sunk into my pussy he
exhaled and I swear his breath burned the side of my

“Mmmmmm, yeah baby.that’s what I’m talking about.your
pussy feels so fucking good. You know you wanna fuck me.
Stop front’in.”

He started sliding his finger in and out of my pussy. I
prayed to God that he would regain his senses and stop
what he was doing. I started crying while he fingered me.
I hoped he could feel my tears on his bare chest and
realize that I was truly scared and that I didn’t want to
do this.

While I shed my tears I couldn’t ignore what was going on
between my legs. Each time he sunk his finger in my cunt
he brushed his thumb past my clit. He started fingering
me faster and faster, the more he fingered me the more
relaxed my legs seemed to get. I don’t know if I was
getting tired of fighting him or what. But I relaxed my
legs and let him do what he wanted. I was hopeful that he
would get tired of this and let me go.

“That’s it baby just relax.. Let Dragon, take care of
you,” he moaned into my ear.

“Drake please stop… I… I…I wanna go home, please
stop,” I cried into his chest.

“Come On Mia, look how wet your pussy is girl.”

Then he pulled his hand out of my pussy and brought it up
to my face. His fingers were all shiny and coated with my
pussy juice. I was so embarrassed.

“See what I’m talk’in about, look at that shit girl, you
really need to stop front’n.”

Then he put his fingers in his mouth and started licking
my cunt juice off the tips of his fingers. I was just
disgusted. I put my head down cause I didn’t want to look
at him anymore. Then he rammed his finger in my cunt.
This time the pain was intense. I screamed and he quickly
covered my mouth. He started plunging his fingers in and
out of my pussy.

“You see, I tried to be nice to you.why you acting up!
Fuck this bullshit. I know how to shut your fucking ass

He stepped back and closed his fist. I thought he was
going to punch.

“NO Drake. Please I…I…I’ll be quiet. Don’t hit me
please.” I cried.

He closed his fist and lunged forward. I threw my hands
up and braced myself to be punched. But he didn’t punch
me. He brought his fist close to my face and pressed it
against my jaw. He brought is face close to mine. And
again the dragon’s breath burned my skin as he spoke,
“Look here girl. We’re gonna have a little fun, and I
don’t want to hear a fucking peep.”

“Drake please. I’ll do what you want… just don’t hit
me please.” I said trembling with fear.

“Have you ever sucked a dick before? Huh.. have you ever
sucked on a cock?”

I knew at that moment that he wasn’t going to let me go
unless I sucked his dick.

“No, I’ve never done that.” I replied.

Then he said, “Good, well tonight is as good time to start
learning as any. I’ve never had a Chinese girl suck my
dick, this will be a first for the both of us.. now stop
the crying bullshit… I don’t want to see or hear any
more god damn tears. Come on get on your knees. I’ll
introduce you to my big fat black fucking dick.”

He yanked me off the couch and pushed me down to my
knees. He dropped his shorts to the ground. When he stood
back up, his thick black cock was pointing right at my
face. His cock was black as the nights ski. His cock head
stared at me like a snake about to attack its prey. I
could feel my whole body trembling as I stared at it.

“Like It Mia, Its all yours baby.go ahead touch.”

He grabbed my hand a wrapped it around his cock. He
moaned when my hand touched him. Like the Dragons breath
his cock was hot and hard as steal. He started moving my
hand along the shaft. His cock was so thick. My hands
couldn’t even wrap around it.

“Stroke it baby.yeah that’s it…Just like that.”

He had his head tilted back and his eyes closed. The door
was only about 15 feet away. I thought I could make a
dash for it. I jumped up and took off for the door. I was
about 3 feet away from the door when I was tackled from

“NO!” I screamed.

“You little fucking cunt.Now you done pissed me off!”

Drake dragged me back to the couch kicking and screaming.
He was furious, I looked into his eyes and I saw fury. I
had angered the dragon.

“Please Drake I’m.I’m Soorr—” Before I could finish,

He grabbed me by my hair and slapped me hard across my
face knocking me back into the couch. Then he grabbed my
hair and yanked me off the ground forcing me to my knees.
My face hurt like hell, and the ringing sound in my ear
wouldn’t stop.

“Now you’re gonna pay for that shit, bitch!. Open your
fucking mouth before I bust your fuckin ass! I only
slapped, the next time I hit your Chinese ass. be
prepared to loose some fucking teeth.”

I looked in the dragons eyes and I knew the he meant
business. His cock was jumping and twitching. I didn’t
want to get hit again so I grabbed his cock. As soon as I
grabbed he lunged forward and poked me with it. His cocks
hit my closed mouth and slide across the side of my face.
Then he balled up his fist.

“Open your fucking mouth Mia… I’m warning you,” he

I did as I was told. I opened my mouth and watched the
dragon’s cock enter my mouth. I had to open my mouth as
wide as I could just to get the head in my mouth. As soon
as the head passed my lips he rammed the rest of his cock
into my mouth.

“Ohhhhh! That’s it bitch… Suck my fucking dick.”

His cock filled my mouth completely. I thank good that I
still had my hand wrapped around the base. I’m sure he
would have rammed another 4 inches down my throat. He
started humping my face slowly at first. I felt awful,
his cock smelled and tasted like chlorine.

He grabbed me by my hair and started humping my face a
little faster. With each thrust he tried to force more of
his thick black cock into my throat.

“Use your tongue bitch…”

I didn’t know what he meant. I had never sucked a man’s
dick before. I started swirling my tongue around. I guess
he liked it, cause he released his grip on my head. I
couldn’t believe I was sucking a boy’s cock. I have heard
some of the girls talk about talk doing such things. I
had vowed that the only man I would ever do that with
would be my future husband. But that fantasy seemed far
away at this point. I stared into a thick forest of pubic
hair while a giant black cock pressed against the back of
my throat.

Drake was moaning while he humped my face. He was
grunting and moving his hips around while he stuffed my
mouth with his cock. Then all of a sudden the taste in my
mouth changed.

“Yeah Mia! Make me cum baby! I’m gonna come in your mouth
baby girl!”

He then started thrusting his cock in and out of my
mouth. I did every thing I could to try to keep his cock
from going into my throat. It seemed like his cock was
growing larger in my hand.

“Aghhh. Aghhh, here it comes baby. Agggh. Get it.”

He lunged forward and exploded. His cock head slipped
into my throat. I could feel the cum pouring down my
throat. He grunted and moaned while he released himself
down my throat. I had no other choice but to swallow his

He pulled his slimy cock out of my mouth and started
laughing. It looked as disgusting as I felt. It was
covered with saliva and thick globs of cum.

“Lick it up bitch.Clean that shit off my fucking dick.”
He commanded.

At this point I didn’t give a damn. I just wanted this
nightmare to be over. I licked and sucked his cock clean.
I gagged a few times while I swallowed cum. As I licked
his cock clean it started to grow again. That’s when I
got nervous.

“Drake Please let me go… I sucked your dick like you
asked… please I wanna go home.”

“We ain’t done yet baby. That was the worst blow-job I
ever had. Your mouth isn’t worth a damn.”

He had a look in his eye that was pure evil. I didn’t
know what to do or what to say. I just wanted to go home.
I wanted to cry but I couldn’t.

“Drake you promised you’d let me go. Please Drake I
didn’t do anything to you why are you doing this to

“That was what I promised before you tried to play me and
run outta here.”

He then grabbed my sweater and pulled it over my head.
While I tried to hold onto my sweater he popped the clasp
off of my skirt and flung it to the side. Before I knew
it I was in my bra and panties.

“No Drake please. I’m begging you don’t do this to me.
Please.” I cried out.

I don’t know why I kept on trying to appeal to his
humanity. He didn’t give damn about me. He grabbed me by
my hair and spun me around on the couch. His strength and
his speed were incredible. Before I could catch my breath
I was on the couch on my knees. I could feel his hard
black cock at the entrance of my pussy. Only the thin
material from my white panties separated his cock from my
vagina. I knew at that point that I was going to raped.

“Drake please don’t… I’m a virgin, I… I’ll suck your
dick again. I’ll do it real good this time. I swear I’ll
do it good. Please Drake don’t rape me.”

“Shut the fuck up! You should have thought about that
shit before you tried to run.”

My whole life flashed before my eyes. All my plans and
fantasies of how I would lose my virginity to the man I
loved were gone. My dreams of lying in a bed on my
wedding night in a white dress awaiting my new husband
would never happen. Then I felt one of his hands grab the
crotch of my panties and push it. His path had been

There was nothing left for me to say. I had no fight left
in me. The Dragon was about to slay me, and there was
nothing I could do. In fairy tales a handsome prince in
shiny armor always comes and rescues the princess from
the Evil Dragon. When I felt the head of his rock hard
cock at the entrance to my bare cunt, I knew there was
going to be no rescue.

With one mighty thrust Drake, plunged his thick black
cock deep into my body, violently ripping through my

“Agghhh… FUCK!” he grunted when his balls landed flush
against my pussy lips.

I screamed in pain as I felt every inch of his cock sink
into my pussy. The pain was intense. It felt like some
one just shoved a baseball bat in my pussy. Drake yanked
my head back hard. It felt like he was trying to rap my
hair out of my head.

“Shut the fuck up. It only hurts for a second bitch.”

Then he pulled his cock out until just his head was still
inside me. And like before he rammed his cock in me again
and again. I screamed every time his balls slap against
my pussy lips.

“Bitch if you don’t shut the fuck up, I’ll really give
you something to scream about. Shut up Mia, or I’m
going to stick my fucking dick in you ass.”

I immediately shut my mouth. I didn’t want to get fucked
in my ass. The pain in between my legs was enough to shut
me up. Drake was pulling my hair and fucking me like a
dog. That’s what I felt like, I felt like a weak animal.
I felt sub-human. All I could hear was the sound of
laughter and the dragon’s balls slapping against my skin.

“Awe… Fuck girl you got some good ass pussy…” he

I didn’t say I word. I hated him for what he was doing to
me. I remembered how good I felt when he first noticed
me. I remembered how good I felt when he called me sexy.
There was nothing sexy and there weren’t any good
feelings as he rammed his black cock into my pussy.

Then he took his left hand and wrapped it around my neck
and yanked my head up. His hot breath sizzled my skin as
he spoke, “How does it feel baby? I knew you wanted to
fuck me. Your pussy is so fucking wet, you like this dick
don’t you? Wanna see how wet your nasty little Asian pussy

He then pulled his cock out of my stretched out pussy. He
twisted my head around and brought his slimy black cock
to my face.

“Suck it Bitch. Taste that shit. Open your mouth.”

I had no choice, I opened my mouth and he rammed his cock
in my mouth again. This time I was tasting and sucking on
my own pussy juices from his cock. All he did was laugh.

While I sucked his cock he pulled my panties down to my
thighs. Then he unfastened my bra and threw it on the
ground. He let go of my hair and quickly placed his hands
on my hips. He placed his cleanly sucked cock between my
swollen pussy lips. I braced myself for another violent
thrust into my body. With his cock wedged between my
pussy lips he had the nerve to say.

“I love you Mia.”

There was a pause and then a loud grunt, I could feel his
hands squeezing my hips, his fingers dug into my pelvic
as he rammed his cock into me again and again. There was
no love. Hatred and disgust filled my veins. His words
should have been “I love raping you Mia.”

He fucked me hard and deep. Driving and twisting his
thick black cock unmercifully into my. I felt like a slab
of meat in his grip. He started fucking me faster and

“I’m gonna cum Mia.I’m gonna cum in your tight little

“NO Drake.NO.Please don’t cum in my pussy .I don’t want
to get pregnant.”

Then I said something I never thought I would ever say in
my life. “Cum in my Mouth… Please cum in my mouth.”

The words flew out of my mouth out of fear. The thought
of being impregnated by this beast forced those words out
of my mouth. That request was the only one the Dragon
would grant me that night.

He drove his cock in me two more times then he pulled it

“Hurry up. turn around.” He grunted as though he was in

Just as I turned around a thick hot blast of cum hit me
in the face. Then another blast of cum rocketed out of
his cock and hit me in the eyes.

“Suck it.. Aggggh.. Agggh.Suck it.” he commanded.

I quickly wrapped my lips around his thick black cock.
And just like he had done a few minutes ago he filled my
mouth with cum. I didn’t need orders any more. I sucked
out every drop. I sucked his cum out of his filthy cock.
I sucked and stroked his cock making sure I milked all of
his cum out of his body. I didn’t do it cause I wanted
to, I did it for myself. I drank the dragon’s seed to
make sure that he was completely satisfied. I did it so
that the dragon would let me be. I did it cause I wanted
to go home.

The dragon collapsed onto the ground breathing heavy with
his deflated cock still twitching. I sat back on the
couch and didn’t say a word. After he caught his breath
he stood up. He put his swim trunks back on and smiled at

“Come on. get dressed.”

I quickly located my clothes and got dressed.

“Fix yourself up girl. you can’t go back to the party
looking like that.”

Then he said, “Look Mia, I’m sorry. I got a little out of
control tonight. You’re not going to tell nobody about
this are ya?

“No Drake. I won’t say anything. I just want to go home.
I promise I won’t say anything to anyone.”

He then walked up to me and gave me a hug and then kissed
me on the forehead. He wrapped his arm around me and we
walked out of that room.

When I raised my head up and looked around the table the
girls looked stunned. Sandra and Maria where crying.
Denise who I thought hated my entire being was

Then the tears started flowing from her eyes. She said,
“Mia, I’m so Sorry.. I’m so sorry that happened to you.”


I have lived with this secret for years. Denise and her
crew only talked about the good and exciting part of sex.
I wanted them to know that sex doesn’t always feel good.
I wanted to remind them that there are thousands of women
like me that have been raped.

As I got up from that table I felt lighter. It was a
strange feeling. By sharing my rape with them I felt
freedom. Yes, I was free from the Dragon physically, but
mentally I was still trapped in his embrace.

I started to walk away from the girls, when Denise stood
up and whispered, “What happened to the Dragon?”

I turned and smiled.

“Oh you mean Drake? Well, he had a good year. A big
college recruited him, but he never made it.”

“What do you mean? He didn’t make it to the Pros?”

I replied, “No girl, he never made it to college. The
night before he was supposed to report to football
camp they found his body on the side of the road. The
police report said he was beaten to death. The one thing
that has kept me going all these years was hope.”

“Hope that his black sss died screaming.”