Teachers are people too – sex in school

As time went on, the party thinned out and I was really feeling the alcohol. The carpool group had left, as they had a designated driver. Tiffany and Eric demanded my keys, so I couldn’t drive home. They said I could sleep in their guest room. I begrudgingly agreed, though deep down I was excited.

I’ve been in education for a number of years. Before I was married I had some fun swinging experiences as a single male. I’ve always had a thing for women in heels and hose. They’ve always fascinated me.

About ten years our school hired a new teacher, named Tiffany. She walked in during registration day wearing a white pant suit that fit snugly in all the right spots and wearing four inch clear lucite heels. She also happens to be gorgeous, with dirty blonde hair, pretty brown eyes, and a dynamite body.

Anyway, over the years she would mercilessly tease the young men (and us older men) in the building with her short skirts, tight dresses, designer jeans, and of course, her heels – all styles of shoe and boot, varying heights. We would tease each other. There would occasional times where we would go out with staff members, and if she was with, all the men were eyeing her.

A few years ago Tiffany got married and got a job in the school district where she and her husband live – about a half hour from here. They invited a number of us to a holiday party at their house on a Friday night. Her husband is a very successful executive, so he can keep her dressed to the nines and satisfy her hunger for fashionable clothes and shoes.

My wife wasn’t able to attend the party with me and I wasn’t so thrilled with some of the other people from here that were invited, so I drove myself, so I could leave early if I was bored – so I wasn’t stuck waiting for the carpool group.

Most of the people were there when I arrived. They have a gorgeous home, as I expected. The first thing I really noticed though was when Tiffany saw me she rushed over and gave me a big hug. Her breasts pressed hard into me. I had heard that she had gotten a boob job, but I hadn’t seen her to know and let me just say, they are impressive! LOL

Being the holidays Tiff was dressed in a red velour type dress – designed to look like a Santa outfit, with the faux white fur around the hem, deep neckline, and sleeves. She also wore knee high black boots with four or five inch heels. I was immediately glad that I came to the party.

Throughout the course of the night there were plenty of drinks, stories told, flirting, and such. I was getting along well with Tiff’s husband, whom I had only met once before. She saw us and came over and teased us for being anti-social. She brought up the time when we were co-workers and she teased me about being the naughty sister of Mrs. Claus – and that this was the outfit. I laughed, but inside I was very aroused!

At one point I asked where the bathroom was, but the main floor one was busy, so Tiffany pointed me to the master bath, which I had to access through their bedroom. Immaculate is all I can say. She had a row of heels lined up in front of her dresser, and I could see into her walk-in closet that she had plenty more in there with all of her hanging clothes. I locked the bathroom door and when I was finished I started stroking myself, envisioning those heels and Tiffany……. it didn’t take all that long and I shot a load into the sink. I cleaned everything up, including myself and returned the party. Tiff saw me and brought me another drink. She asked if I was okay, as I was up there for a while. I replied that I was just fine and smiled and she seemed to knowingly wink back.

As time went on, the party thinned out and I was really feeling the alcohol. The carpool group had left, as they had a designated driver. Tiffany and Eric demanded my keys, so I couldn’t drive home. They said I could sleep in their guest room. I begrudgingly agreed, though deep down I was excited.

As the last of their local friends left, I was helping clean up drinks, spills, food, etc., carrying loads into the kitchen and loading their dishwasher and such. Eric was really drunk – hammered. He went to bed before the last of their friends had left and was passed out. Tiffany sat down on the leather sofa with a big sigh, put her feet up on the coffee table and told me to sit down too – patting a spot on the sofa by her.

I plopped down on the other end of the sofa and let out a deep breath. She smiled and said, “I patted the spot over here, silly. Come sit by me. Eric’s passed out and besides, he wouldn’t care. I slid over beside Tiff, but not too close. She told me to put my feet up, too, so I did. I admired her cleavage from that angle, her gorgeous legs, and those boots. Mmmmm. I was so aroused. I was trying to think about baseball and football and such so I wouldn’t get a raging erection and be embarrassed. Well, it didn’t work and I had a bit of a tent starting in my pants.

Tiffany made chitchat with me about our years working together. We laughed. She slapped me on the knee. I felt her scoot over closer to me. She asked me if I liked her naughty dress. Unsure of what to say, I was like, “Ummmm. Yeah. It really fit the occasion, with the holidays and all.” She then asked if I thought the boots were too much – if they were too slutty looking for the night. I again replied that I thought they made the outfit come together – I mean Santa wears black boots. LOL

Tiff turned her head to me and looked at me very seriously, and said, “You think the boots are hot don’t you? You really think they are sexy.” I started to blush. I could feel the blood rushing to my face and a panicky feeling in my gut. Unsure of what to say I kind of hemmed and hawed. Tiffany put her hand on the hard lump in my pants and said, “Well, this tells me the truth.” She squeezed me and my cock grew and I let out a soft guttural sound. She then told me that she knew all the time we worked together that I had a thing for her in her heels. I blushed some more and asked how she knew. She just said that she is pretty adept at picking up on things.

With that she leaned in and kissed me, her tongue forcing its way into my mouth as she unzipped my pants and snaked my cock out into the open. I moaned and ran fingers through her hair and grabbed her wrist as she stroked my cock. “Don’t make me cum too fast, Tiff.” I went back to kissing her and groped her breast and then reached behind to unzip her dress.

Tiff stood up and wiggled out of it and showed a red lace bra and g-string. She unhooked the bra and said, “Do you like Eric’s new toys?” She giggled as she straddled me and pushed them into my face. I latched on to a nipple and sucked hard. I nibbled it and pulled on it with my teeth. Tiffany moaned. I caressed her fine ass and pulled the g-string to the side a bit so I could more easily feel her wetness on my hard cock.

Tiffany moved up and then sat down, fully enveloping my raging hard-on in her slick, vise-like pussy. She ground herself on me, making her clit rub on me and she moaned. She leaned back and used the heels of her boots to lean on as I reached down and rubbed her clit hard. She moaned loudly as I felt her shudder. She said, “I’ve masturbated twice tonight in the bathroom.” I blushed and said, “So did I, in your master bath.” Tiffany replied, “I know you did. That’s why I took you to that one and paraded you past those heels. It wasn’t an accident.” As she said the last word she leaned forward and started sliding up and down on my pole, riding me hard. I would switch between clutching her tight bottom with both hands or trying to corral those luscious new D-cups and suck on them while she was bouncing up and down on me.

Tiffany was kissing me as we fucked and she sensed I wasn’t too far from cumming. She asked if I had ever had a footjob. I had, but she said I was going to get a special one. She sat on the coffee table and left her boots on. She rubbed them all over my cock and balls. The stiletto heels poking me occasionally, but the pain was exquisite and added to my erotic sensations. Suddenly I grunted and moaned and stream after stream of thick, white, cum shot out of my cock and onto both of her boots. I laid my head back and was in amazement at this experience and at the amount of cum I had just shot onto this sexy siren’s legs and feet.

Tiffany then unzipped one boot and proceeded to lick my cum off of it and swallow it before kissing me. She then slipped the other one off and rubbed the cum on her body from her breasts to her pussy, rubbing it in like a lotion.

She smiled and asked if I was okay. I smiled and asked what Eric was going to say. She told me that she had planned this – well, except for him passing out, so he knew it was going to happen.

She then said, “It is time for bed.” I stood and followed her upstairs and was going past her to the guest room when she grabbed me by my cock and said, “Oh no. You’re sleeping in here.” She pulled me in to the master bedroom and she climbed in next to Eric and told me to sleep on her other side in their king-sized bed. Who was I to argue?