Home a Day Early

I married my high school sweetheart the summer after we
graduated. Ten months later we had a baby girl, and for
the next seven years, ours was a fairy tale life. Then
my wife died in a car wreck. For the next five years, I
raised my daughter as a single parent and managed with
the help of friends and relatives.

By the nature of my career, I travel all the time and
can spend several days away from home, so my daughter
got used to having baby sitters and part-time nannies.
Her favorite sitter was the daughter of one of my
clients, who happened to be a prominent attorney in
town. She was young and only seven years older than my
daughter Ellie, but very reliable and trustworthy. Her
name was Linda, and Ellie soon fell in love with her and
wanted nobody else to take care of her.

By the time Ellie was twelve, she was old enough to
start thinking that I should get remarried. I hadn’t
dated much at all and really hadn’t even thought of
bringing another woman into our lives. One night at
dinner, Ellie looked at me very seriously and said
“daddy, I proposed to Linda today.” I looked at her and
asked her what she meant by that. “I asked her to marry
you and be my new mommy.”

I chuckled a little bit and replied, “Ellie, I’m thirty-
one years old and Linda is nineteen. I doubt I’m the guy
whom she has in mind to marry.”

That week as I was leaving on a trip, Linda showed up
with her suitcase for the week as a nanny and asked me
with a smile on her face, “Well David, when are you
going to give me the engagement ring?” I laughed and
remarked that I bet she’d had a good laugh when Ellie
proposed. As I sipped my coffee, she looked at me with a
serious expression and said that she’d been flattered,
and after giving it some thought, felt it wasn’t such a
bad idea.

When I noticed she was serious, I just stared at her and
heard Ellie say from behind me, “See dad, Linda doesn’t
think you’re too old.”

My taxi pulled up and I kissed Ellie goodbye, walking
out the door and glancing over my shoulder at Linda.
“I’ll call when I get to New York,” I said and hopped in
the cab.

“Nice looking family you’ve got there,” the cabby said
as we drove off.

I called home that evening and chatted with Ellie, then
talked for over two hours with Linda. When she’d first
started sitting for Ellie, she’d been just a freckled-
faced little kid. Now, at nineteen, she was a gorgeous
redhead with a knockout face and a body to die for.
Admittedly I had noticed the change over the years, and
had caught myself taking closer looks on occasions when
she and Ellie would be at the pool. But I had never
given thought to romance. Of more concern yet with this
idea, would be to convince her parents that I’d not been
poking their little girl all these years. How could they
not think that if I started seeing her romantically?

Fate ran its course though, and six months later we were
married. Ellie loved it. Not only did she get a mother,
but also her mother was her best friend. And, since I
was in excellent condition and really didn’t look my
age, nobody seemed to notice the age gap between us, or
the closeness of age between Linda and Ellie. Of course,
some of my friends warned me that I’d die at an early
age with such a young wife, but oh, what a death I’d

A couple of weeks before Ellie’s fourteenth birthday, I
got an assignment to travel to Mexico for a big deal
that could lead to a lot of money for the company. I had
never missed one of her birthdays, and spent the days
before I had to leave trying to soften up my absence
with her. She was disappointed, but understood, and
besides she said, she was growing up. Birthdays weren’t
that big of deal any longer, she said.

As the two women in my life dropped me off at the
airport, I promised I’d bring Ellie something special
for her birthday from Mexico when I came home the
following Sunday.

The trip was full of meetings, and negotiations were
taking forever. Then on Friday night we worked late and
ended up at 2:30 in the AM wringing our hands over some
contract language. Out of nowhere, the Mexican
businessman who had been the stumbling block for days
agreed to terms, and we signed the contracts and toasted
the new partnership at 4:00 AM on Saturday morning. I
slept a couple of hours and called to get my flight
changed to a day earlier.

Phone service to the states was bad and I didn’t get a
chance to call before I got to the airport. In flight,
the airlines I’d chosen to save money, didn’t have
airborne phone service, so when my plane landed I just
took a cab home, getting there in the early evening a
day early and in time for Ellie’s birthday.

I noticed a couple of cars in the driveway as I stepped
out of the taxi. Once inside the house, I heard people
in the back yard at the pool, so I set my bag down and
walked through the den to the glass doors leading onto
the patio. I was about to step outside when I noticed
Ellie stepping out of the pool stark naked.

I froze in my tracks for two reasons. Number one, I’d
never seen my daughter naked since she was quite young,
and number two there were two guys climbing out of the
pool who were also naked. I recognized them both as
being high school boys from Ellie’s school. One’s father
worked for Linda’s dad. Both these young strapping young
men had hard-ons as they followed Ellie to a lounge

The taller kid sat in the chair with his erection
sticking straight up, and my little fourteen year old
grabbed his shoulders and sat down on his lap, taking
his hard cock right up inside her as if there was
nothing to it.

My jaw must have been on my chest as she did this. But
to make matters worse, the other kid moved closer to her
and she grabbed hold of his cock and gobbled half the
length into her mouth and started giving him a blowjob.
He held on to her head and started pumping with his ass
as the guy she was sitting on grabbed her waist and
starting thrusting up with his body. I was too stunned
to feel anything, I tried to move, but my legs wouldn’t
respond, and as I went to yell at them, my mouth was to
dry to make sound.

My eyes caught movement at the Jacuzzi, and I turned to
see my young wife in the tub with three more high school
kids. I recognized two of them immediately, and after
looking back at the two with Ellie, I realized the
entire starting five for the high school basketball team
was in my back yard with my wife and daughter.

I turned back to see one of the kids in the Jacuzzi pull
himself up to sit on the edge. He had an erection and my
Linda moved over and took the whole thing in her mouth.
One of the other guys was a black kid who stood up,
grabbed Linda and pulled her up on her feet with her
butt out of the water as she sucked on the cock in her

The black kid was about six feet eight inches tall, and
he had an enormous boner sticking out in front of him
that looked as big around as a beer can from where I was
standing. He put it between Linda’s legs and I watched
it disappear up my wife’s pussy. She didn’t miss a
stroke on the cock in her mouth as that giant black cock
slid into her cunt.

Both the guys working on my daughter were moaning when I
looked back, and the one she was sucking had taken his
prick out of her mouth and started jacking himself off.
I watched as he shot cum all over her face and tits.

The kid she was riding must have liked that because I
saw him tense up and could tell that he was coming too.
I felt my dick pushing against my pants as these two
kids ravaged my little girl. I stepped back as both of
them headed for the kitchen door and Ellie got up and
jumped in the Jacuzzi.

I heard the two in the kitchen talking as I hid from
sight, “man can she suck cock, or what?”

“Yea, I know. This is a lot more fun than last time.”

“Yea, there were too many guys here last month. I only
got my nuts off twice that time, but I did get to fuck
her stepmother up the ass.”

“I know man, she loves it up the ass. I wish her old man
wasn’t coming back tomorrow, but this has been a fun
four days…”

As they walked back outside with fresh beers from my
fridge, I looked back out the window to see Ellie
sucking on the cock of the third guy in the Jacuzzi. I
took my dick out and jacked-off, shooting my cum on the
drapes and floor. I didn’t know whether to get my gun
and shoot everybody or take my clothes off and join in.

I decided to leave and try to get a handle on what
obviously had been going on for some time. I called a
cab and watched a few more minutes before sneaking back
out the front door. I spent the night in a hotel bar,
leaving only at closing time and wandering up to my room
shit-faced drunk.

The next morning I left just before checkout time and
took a cab to the airport. I sat there in a mental daze
until thirty minutes before my original flight was
supposed to land, then walked to the boarding gate. I
still had my ticket stub and folder from the previous
day to get me past the checkpoint, and when the plane
landed, I fell in with the departing passengers and
walked back to the greeting area.

There stood my wife and daughter with smiles on their
faces waving at me and jumping up and down as if I’d
been gone for a month. Ellie jumped into my arms to give
me a big kiss and Linda grabbed my arm and kissed me,
rubbing her hand across my crotch and whispering that
she couldn’t wait to get me home. I was amazed at how
both these young women could act this way after gang-
fucking five guys for the past four days. We walked to
the parking area and I listened as they went on and on
about how they missed me.

We stopped for dinner on the way home and Linda sat
close to me, with her hand wrapped around my cock, all
through dinner. Of course I got an erection, partly
because of her hand and partly because of the memory of
her Jacuzzi gangbang. During dessert, I handed a small
package to Ellie and she unwrapped her birthday present
that I’d had handcrafted in Mexico. It was a gold chain
and locket, with “Daddy’s Girl” inscribed on the outside
and a miniature picture of the two of us taken at Disney
World the year before. I’d also had a gold bracelet
inscribed for Linda, but thought I’d wait to see what
happened when I figured out how to let her know what I’d
witnessed yesterday.

We got home late but all talked for a while, then
decided it was time for bed. Ellie kissed me goodnight
and fingered the locket saying that she loved it. As
Linda and I slipped into bed, I remembered the kid in
the kitchen talking about how she liked it up the ass.
I’d never fucked her that way; never even tried. My cock
was throbbing and standing straight out even before I
rolled over to caress her breasts and kiss her neck.

I spent lots of extra time with foreplay as my mind
remembered how she looked yesterday with two young studs
attached to her mouth and cunt. It was twenty minutes of
licking and kissing all over her body before I allowed
myself to touch her pussy. She was soaking wet as my
fingers slipped inside her pussy lips and started
rubbing her clitoris.

As she moaned with pleasure, I rolled her over in a
doggy position, a way she was used to getting it from
me. As I continued to massage her pussy, I used my other
hand to rub her butt and move some of her pussy juice
with my thumb up to her tight little ass hole.

She moaned louder and pushed back against my thumb as I
did this, saying only “David, what are you doing?” I
didn’t respond, but I did slip my thumb inside her up to
the knuckle. She pushed even harder and I felt her relax
her sphincter.

In a quick and direct movement, I lifted my cock head to
the small hole my thumb was in and exchanged them. I
grabbed her hips with both hands and pulled her hard
against me as I pushed against her with my own hips. She
cried out and raised up to grab the headboard as I
started a fast, hard fucking action with a not-so-small
cock of my own. I let go of her hip with my right hand
and pulled her head back to me and said gruffly in her
ear, “I know it’s not like having five basketball
players, but I hope it’s good for you.”

She tried to turn and speak, but I pushed her shoulders
back down and increased my rhythm trying my best to
stick my balls inside her ass as well. With each of my
pushes, she grunted and I could hear her gasping out of
her mouth “Da–vid—sor-r-ry,” over and over again. I
pulled my cock out of her ass hole and finished myself
by jacking-off on her back and her ass cheeks. Without a
word, I stepped off the bed and jumped into the shower
to wash what I figured was the cum of five young studs
off my cock.

After several minutes in the shower, she pulled the
curtain back and stepped in behind me. I felt her hands
on my shoulders and her head leaning against me. “Can we
talk?” she asked, and I turned and looked down at her
teary eyes. “Not now,” I said stepping out of the shower
to grab a towel.

She followed me out and put her arms around me, but I
did not return the hug. I put my hands on the top of her
head and pushed her down to her knees on the floor. She
looked up at me and smiled, taking my cock in her mouth,
starting what she thought was a blowjob.

But as soon as she had me hard again, I stepped back and
told her to go back to bed and we’d talk in the morning.
She asked where I was going, and over my shoulder I
responded, “I’m going to tuck-in my sweet little virgin
daughter. I’ll be sleeping with her tonight.” I walked
down the hall and opened the door to Ellie’s room.

Ellie was asleep, laying on her back with her legs
slightly spread apart and only a sheet partly covering
her firm young body. I closed the door and walked over
to sit on the bed beside. The moon shining through her
window provided me a spectacular view of her young
breasts, which were much too well developed to belong to
a fourteen year old. I brushed the dark brown hair from
her lovely face and let my hand softly caress her
shoulders and move to her tits. As I held one of her
boobs in each hand, I leaned down and circled my tongue
around the nipples, feeling them harden to my sensual

Sitting up, I pulled the sheet off her lower body and
lightly ran my fingertips down her stomach and touched
the insides of her thighs. She unconsciously moved her
legs farther apart and I delicately rubbed her pussy
lips staring at me from underneath a batch of dark fine
pubic hair. As I ran my finger back and forth between
the lips of her cunt, Ellie moaned in her sleep and
opened her legs further yet.

The more I rubbed, the wetter she got and soon I had my
finger at the opening of her teenage hole while my thumb
massaged her clit. As I inserted one finger then two,
she slowly opened her eyes and looked at me. Startled,
she closed her legs and reached for the sheet, but I
grabbed her arm with my free hand and leaned closer and
whispered, “It’s okay baby, I’m just here to enjoy the
same treats that your basketball players had yesterday.”

The shocked look on her face was priceless then I leaned
over and licked her nipples, gently biting down with my
teeth and tongue on each one. I touched the locket that
she was still wearing around her neck and smiled as I
kissed her gently on the lips.

She didn’t respond to my kiss, so I sat up and asked
her, “You’re daddy’s girl, aren’t you?” My finger was
still inside her pussy even though her legs were holding
my hand tightly in place. I leaned over to suck on her
firm tits again and felt her legs loosen their hold on
my hand. I immediately started finger fucking her again
and moved my face back to hers for another kiss.

This time she responded and slipped her tongue inside my
mouth. I felt her arms wrap around my neck as we
increased the heat in our kiss, so I crawled on top of
her and used my knees to spread her legs back apart.
With her arms still around my neck, I reached down to
guide my cock into her pussy. I pulled her legs up in
the air at the same time I slid my throbbing hard-on
deep inside my daughter’s hot little cunt.

We fucked like that for several minutes never breaking
our kiss. Just before I felt my cum begin to rise, I
pulled myself up and grabbed both nipples and squeezed
as I pulled them away from her. She moved her hands to
the small of my back and pulled me tightly in on each
down stroke, moaning and begging me, “Oh god fuck me
hard daddy, fuck me hard.”

I shot jet after jet of hot cum inside her sweet little
pussy as she bucked beneath me, starting her own climax.
I managed to stay erect long enough for her to scream
through three short multiple orgasms with her
fingernails digging into my lower back and ass. When
she’d finished, I rolled off her and pulled her against
me and wrapped my arms around her. I kissed her under
the chin and ran my tongue down her neck, sucking on the
locket that said “Daddy’s Girl” and pulling the chain
lightly back and forth across her neck.

She reached up and touched my mouth with her fingers and
slipped a finger in along with the locket, saying to me,
“I really am daddy’s girl now, aren’t I?”
We dozed off in each other’s arms, and I slept like a
baby for the first time in two nights.

I woke up at sunrise and surveyed the young beauty
laying next to me. My dried cum had made a mess in her
pubic hair, but other than that she still looked like my
little girl.

I walked naked to the kitchen and put on a pot of
coffee, staring out at the Jacuzzi and remembering my
wife getting fucked by those high school kids. I started
breakfast like I so often did on my days at home, and
about the time I was setting the bacon and eggs on the
table, both my young women appeared at the kitchen
entrance. They looked at me sheepishly as I motioned for
them to sit down.

As the three of us sat there naked eating breakfast,
Linda remarked, “You came home early, obviously.”

I related the story of walking in and catching them in
the back yard and overhearing the two boys talking about
the four-day fuckfest. Ellie and Linda exchanged worried
looks and I continued, “I’ve got to admit, the two of
you surprised me.” After a few more bites to finish my
toast, I leaned back sipping some coffee and told them
my plans I had just formulated a few minutes earlier.

“You two can continue your private lives while I’m away,
but you’ll start video taping the action for me to
watch.” They sat there stunned as I continued “and since
you both are getting lots of strange cock, Ellie, you’re
going to fix me up with some of your horny little girl
friends. And you Linda, are going to fix me up with that
group of sex-pots you play tennis with.”

They both sat there stunned as I walked around and stood
beside Ellie with my erect cock in my hand. “You don’t
mind if I get a blow-job while you finish your eggs do
you, Linda?” I took my daughter’s head with both hands
and pulled her face towards my erection as my young wife

Ellie took about half of my seven inch penis in her
mouth and expertly brought me to the edge of an orgasm
as Linda watched. I shot my cum down my daughter’s
throat as I forced every inch of my cock in with it. She
gagged slightly but continued to pump me with her head.

I pulled my cock out of Ellie’s mouth and walked to the
door leading outside. “I’ll be in the Jacuzzi,” I said.
“After you girls clean up the dishes, why don’t you join
me, Linda. And Ellie, you ought to start calling some of
your girlfriends and find out which ones might like to
fuck your dad.”

As I slipped into the hot aerated water, I leaned back
and smiled, thinking about how good the next few years
of my life were shaping up to be. It had been such a
good idea to come home early!