Moving Day

Pam was on cloud nine. It was hard for her to believe
that three days from now she would be a married woman.
She had had to watch so many of her college friends
walk down the aisle, knowing that there was no one
waiting to say their vows with her.

It wasn’t as if she was bad looking. Quite the
contrary. Pam was an attractive, 26 year old young
woman whose best features were her clear, rosy white
skin, heart-shaped face and darkred, shoulder length
hair. And, many men would have added, her delectable,
size ‘C’ breasts.

Not that any man had ever seen her breasts other than
from the outside of her usual modest attire. She
“wasn’t that kind of girl.” Pam had received many
solicitations over the years, but had always been
steadfast in her resolve to save herself for her even-
tual husband. Pam, at 26 years old, was still a
virgin — the only virgin she knew.

Then, at last, six months ago, Steve came into her
life. After a whirlwind courtship, he had finally
popped the question, and three days hence, they were
to be married. Pam could still hardly believe it, it
was like a dream come true.

“Enough daydreaming” Pam thought to herself, breaking
out of her reverie, “I still have two more boxes to
get to the car.” The apartment where she had lived for
most of her adult life was already about empty, most of
the furniture and articles having already gone over to
the new house where she and Steve would begin their new
life together as man and wife. Once the remaining few
boxes, still scattered about in the now empty bedroom
were carted out to the car, she would be able to lock
up, turn the key in at the rental office and drive over
to her friend Sally’s apartment where she would be
spending the last few remaining days of her single life
before the wedding.


“OK, I’m full!” Sally’s cheery voice came in to her
from the living room, followed by Sally herself. “I
don’t think I could get so much as another broomstick
into my car. I’m going to head back to my place. Do
you need a hand with what’s left here?”

“Oh, no” replied Pam, “I’ll manage it just fine. See
you in ten minutes!”

As Sally disappeared through the front door, Pam de-
posited her remaining two boxes in the living room and
then started to make a final round of the apartment,
checking that the lights were turned off and the
windows closed. The spring night outside was warm
enough that she didn’t have to worry about turning off
the heat.

Her tour done, Pam had just picked up the boxes to
leave when she thought she heard a noise from the bed-
room. It sounded like the window curtains blowing in
the breeze. “Funny”, she thought, “I could have sworn
I’d closed the bedroom window.” Depositing the boxes
back on the floor, she walked back down the hall to
the darkened bedroom, there to see that the window was
indeed open.

She had taken three steps into the room to close it
when she suddenly felt a hand whip itself quick as a
snake around her head and face, covering her mouth.
“Stop right there,” she heard a voice hiss at her ear.
Pam froze, too paralyzed with fear to move. “Just stay
quiet,” the voice continued, “I don’t want to have to
use this.” She felt the point of a knife softly press
against the small of her back. The man slowly removed
his hand from her mouth, reaching downwards to wrap it
and his arm around her waist. “Now, just tell me
nicely, lady, where is your pocketbook?”

“The living room,” Pam managed to croak, petrified at
the thought of the knife at her back.

“OK, let’s both go out there together, real slow,”
rasped the voice.

Still holding her around the waist and with a knife at
her back, the two of them proceeded to the darkened
livingroom. “Where is it?” hissed the voice.”

“Over here, on the floor,” whispered Pam.

“Reach down and pick it up,” he demanded.

Carefully, Pam went down on her knees, feeling about
on the floor for the pocketbook. Her assailant bent
down with her. Finally, she found it. Standing up,
she almost screamed as her attacker’s hand brushed
against her right breast.

Pam wasn’t the only one who seemed to notice the con-
tact. She could almost sense her attacker’s heart
start to hammer as he asked, “How old are you?”

“Twenty six,” she managed to reply.

Her compnion seemed lost in thought for a moment.
Then, very softly, she heard, “Drop your pants.”

Pam froze, absolutely petrified as the thought of what
this new command implied sunk in. “I… I can’t do
that”, she finally managed to stammer.

His reply was an increase in pressure in the knife
against her back.

“No, no!” Pam wailed, “You don’t understand…I’m
getting married in a few days…Please!”

“Too bad,” said her assailant, “but hubby won’t mind
if you get a little extra experience now, will he?”
The hand around her waist suddenly ripped at her
terrycloth shorts, bringing them and her panties to
her knees. “Now,” said her attacker, “nice and slow,
get down on the floor. On your back.”

“No, please…” wailed Pam. Suddenly she felt herself
tripped and fell down on her back. Instantly, he was
on top of her, fumbling with his pants with one hand
while continuing to hold his knife to her throat with
the other.

Pam started to sob. Then … oh, horrible … Pam
felt his hand on her breasts and then on her bush,
where no man’s hand had ever been. Her legs were
wrenched apart, and then Pam felt something enter her,
the place where nothing, not even a tampon, had ever
been inserted before. An instant of searing pain, and
then she was aware of this man bucking back and forth
on top of her, pushing and then pulling in and out of
her freshly deflowered pussy.

Between the fear and the pain and the shame, Pam also
sensed something else…a new wetness in her virginia
and the start of a pleasure that could become over-

Suddenly, the man stiffened, let out a groan and lay
still. Pam at first didn’t understand what had hap-
pened. Then, as she felt her attacker’s cock start to
shrink and fall out of her violated pussy, with a shock
of dismay, she knew. She felt the gooey wetness seep-
ing out of her, running down the inside of her thighs
His seed. His seed filling her aching, soaked insides,
reaching up and entering her womb, perhaps already
starting a new life there that was to have been for
Steve alone. Now Pam cried…

The man heaved himself back up onto his feet, pulled
up his pants and stood looking down at the shadowy,
sobbing form on the floor. “Nice fuck, lady,” he said.
“Tell hubby I think you’ll pass.” With that he stooped
down, picked up the purse from the floor beside Pam’s
sobbing form, and stalked out of the apartment into the