Annie and Satan’s Warriors biker gang


Annie kicked the tire in frustration. She knew now that
she would never make the sales appointment on time.
This was one of her top clients and he was a womanizer
who Annie could easily sale as much as she wanted by
showing a little thigh and a little cleavage.

Annie was 35 years old and looked 20 from working out
almost daily. She was proud of her 38D, 23, 36 figure
and knew how to show it off. For this client she had
worn a tight, A-line skirt that was about 6 inches
above her knees, black thigh-hi stockings, and a black
thong to avoid any panty lines. Her blouse was sheer
white, one size too small, to accent her large, firm
breast in her white, lace bra. She had worn her 4 inch
black high heels with the ankle straps to accent her
beautiful long legs.

Now Annie cursed those high heels as she looked up and
down the road with no car in sight. She had traveled
about 50 miles out of town on a country road she was
told was a short cut. Now her care had just quit and
there were no phones, no stores, nothing as far as she
could see. Her only hope was to start walking. It was
already evening with the sun just about to set. As
Annie stepped onto the highway to begin the long walk
she heard the roar of the engines in the background.

Looking at the horizon, Annie saw the motorcycle top
the rise. As they came closer, the volume was deafening
and the motorcycles coming over the hill seemed to
never end. Annie thought there must be at least fifty
riders. Annie began to quickly walk back to her car,
hoping she could reach it before they reached her. In
her heart she knew she was in big trouble as the first
motorcycle pulled between her and the car.

Annie’s heart jumped as she looked at the huge man in
front of her. He was over 6 feet tall and had to weigh
close to 300 pounds. His hair was long and unkempt with
a shaggy beard covering his face. As the other cycles
surrounded her, Annie saw the emblem on their back,
“Satan’s Warriors.” Annie attempted to walk around the
brut in front of her, but he simply stepped from his
cycle and blocked her path. As Annie tried to just say
hello, she stopped in mid-voice when she saw the large
bulge in the crotch of his jeans. Annie heard the
command to “take her,” but could not react as hands
came from everywhere and dragged her off the road and
into the nearby woods.

She began screaming as her blouse was ripped from her
body and her screams were met with a hard punch from
somewhere to her stomach. Annie doubled over and fell
to the ground gasping for air as her bra was cut away
from her body. She was commanded to stand up and Annie
struggled to her feet pleading to be let go. Her
situation was not good. Annie stood in the center of
about 15 men with another 30 or 40 behind them on their

They all had their pants unzipped and were stroking
their cocks. Annie began to cry as she realized each
cock was erect and the men were curly their fingers at
her to come to them. The large brut who had given the
command to take Annie approached her, cock in hand.
Annie tried to cover her breast, but he knocked her
hands down and quickly pinched one her nipples. Annie
cried out and pleaded to be let go. She was informed
that when the group was through with her, if there was
anything left, she would be let go, but for now she
belonged to the Satan’s Warriors and were their

Annie could not believe what she was hearing. The
others yelled out to the man in front of her, calling
him “Suds,” horrible sexual comments. Finally Suds held
up his hand and the shouting stopped. He ordered Annie
to her knees. When she just looked at him, Suds
backhanded her across the face. Annie quickly went to
her knees. Suds told Annie that is she did not
cooperate, they would all fuck her anyway, but it would
be a lot more painful than she could imagine. Suds
asked Annie if she understood and she nodded she did.

With that business settled, Suds ordered Annie to open
her mouth and take his cock inside. He admonished her
to be careful of her teeth. As tears streamed down
Annie’s face she closed her eyes and opened her mouth
wide to receive the leaders smelly cock. Annie had
certainly sucked a few cocks, but on her terms. She
could not shut out the applause as Suds cock slid down
the back of her throat and his pubic hair buried her
nose. As Suds hands grabbed Annie’s hair, he began to
saw in and out of her mouth barely giving her time to
catch her breath.

Annie struggled to remain on her knees, her tight skirt
bunched up around her thighs, topless, and her mouth
being ravaged. She opened her eyes as she felt Suds
cock began to grow. She had never swallowed anyone’s
cum and prayed he would pull out.

But that was not the case and Annie felt the first warm
spurts of cum against the back of her throat. Suds
pushed her cock down the back of her throat and held
her head against him as the cum pumped out into her
throat. Annie had to swallow or drown and she began to
cough from the salty taste. Suds threatened her not to
lose a drop of his cum. Annie’s eye already was swollen
from Suds’ last strike, she struggled to swallow all of
his cum and avoid another.

Finally Suds removed his softening cock and Annie
thought her ordeal was over until she saw the line of
men behind Suds, all with their cocks ready. Suds
instructed her to suck them all as good as she had him
and to swallow them all. Annie fell to the ground and
tried to avoid the torment. The men quickly pounced on
her and this time proceeded to tear off her dress.

Now Annie was only clad in her thong and thigh-high
stockings. She rolled over onto her stomach and buried
her face under her arms to avoid sucking any more
cocks. She felt the many hands pull her thong until it
shredded away. As her ankles were grabbed and her legs
pulled obscenely apart, Annie realized her mistake and
began to struggle to free herself. It was too late and
she almost passed out from the pain of the first blow
from Suds’ belt across her ass.

Before Annie could beg him to stop, Suds had delivered
four more blows, the last striking her across the cunt
and sending waves of pain through her body. Someone
grabbed the hair on the back of her head and pulled
Annie to her knees again. Her ass burned from the blows
from Suds belt, and her cunt lips began to swell. Suds
stood in front of Annie and informed her that if she
resisted any further, he would not stop at four, but
would whip her ass and tits until they were purple from
bruises and she would still be used as their whore.
Annie opened her mouth without resistance and another
cheer went up as the line formed to use Annie’s mouth.

The nausea swarmed over Annie as she swallowed her
twelfth load of cum. Her lips were swollen and cracked
from being slammed into the pelvis of each of her
attackers. She had no more tears left and was slowly
loosing consciousness when the cold water splashed onto
her face. Suds stood in front of her and Annie opened
her mouth like a reflex. Suds told her that her mouth
was used up, now they would start on her tits, cunt,
and ass.

With that, Annie was pulled over to one of the
motorcycles and strapped across the seat. Her breast
hung in the air just over the seat. Her hands were
pulled out to the sides and tied, one to the front
wheel, one to the back. As the same time, her ankles
were tied in a similar fashion.

Annie realized she was completely at their mercy with
her cunt, ass, and tits all easily accessible. Suds
announced he was ready again, but other could do as
they wished while he fucked this bitch. Annie tried to
shut out the sounds and the shouting as she felt Suds
cock at the entrance to her cunt. Annie braced herself,
but then, his cock moved to her asshole.

“Noooooooo,” Annie shouted and struggled against her
bonds. Annie had never allowed anyone to fuck her ass
before and she was terrified what would happen to her
as she felt the pressure building on her puckered hole.
Annie thrashed against her bonds as Suds slowly pushed
his cock passed her sphincter ring and it opened and
stretched to accommodate him.

Annie screamed and screamed and Suds ordered someone to
shut her up, which consisted of another large cock
being rammed down Annie’s throat. Annie was beside
herself, strapped over the motorcycle, spread-eagled;
she could not avoid any of the abuse. Suds began to
move his cock out of her ass and the pain shot into her
abdomen as he just as quickly slammed in back in. She
could not believe her ears when she heard that animal
Suds complaining on being rubbed raw by her tight
asshole. Her thoughts were quickly taken back to her
mouth where the cum was beginning to flow into her
throat. Annie had to concentrate to swallow every drop.
She had not forgotten about the belt.

The man in her mouth pulled his cock out and wiped it
in Annie’s hair. Another cock in her mouth quickly
replaced him. Suds pace quickened and Annie felt him
grow in her ass and then felt the warm fluid fill her
intestines as he dumped his seed into her again. Suds
then announced that “open-season” on Annie and she
immediately felt a cock in her cunt working it’s way
into her dry hole deep into her womb. Annie was
thankful that her ass was spared, but cringed as she
felt the cum leaking from her sore asshole down the
crack of her ass.

She had quit struggling and now just groaned with each
thrust. Her tits were not forgotten as they were pulled
and bit. Her nipples had been stretched out from her
body and yanked so much that Annie knew that they must
have been bleeding. Annie had lost count of the number
of times her cunt and ass had been fucked. Her body was
racked with pain from being tied across the motorcycle.
Her stockings were in taters on her legs from the
mistreatment she was subjected to.

At the moment, only her cunt was being used, and she
grunted as she felt this biker spray his seed in her
now, well-used cunt. Annie almost did not realize that
she was no longer being used. She could hear some
talking, recognized Suds voice and strained to hear
what fate awaited her. She turned her head from side to
side trying to see what the bikers behind her were
doing and then she heard the strange buzzing noise and
felt the pain in her ass cheeks. It felt like hundreds
of needles being jammed into her tender flesh and Annie
dared to ask what was happening.

When she heard the answer, Annie just hung her head
defeated. She was being marked, tattooed, as a survivor
of being fucked by 48 of Satan’s Warriors. On her ass
it now read, “A Slut of Satan’s Warriors, 48 times”
with arrows pointing to her ass and cunt. Annie just

As she was being untied, Annie thought that either her
ordeal was over or she would be killed, either way, the
ordeal would be over. Two of the bikers held her up by
her arms, as she was too weak to walk. Annie could feel
the cum running out of her ass and cunt down her
thighs. Suds came and stood in front of her. In his
hands were two loops of rawhide. He took a loop and
placed it around each of Annie’s nipples and tightened
it. Suds explained that although Annie had cooperated,
she had made many of the bikers raw in the process
because of her dry cunt and ass and for that she would
be punished.

Annie had little strength to struggle as she was pulled
by her nipples underneath a large tree. She was pushed
down on her hands and knees and the ends of the rawhide
attached to her nipples were tied to two stakes in the
ground. Annie was puzzled until she felt a rope tied
beneath her breast and another rope passed between her
legs and tied to that one. The rope passed between her
legs was pulled up between Annie’s cunt lips and rubbed
her already raw clit.

At Suds’ command, Annie was pulled by the rope around
her tits and the one between her legs up from the
ground until her tits were stretched to the maximum by
the rawhide attached to her nipples. Annie threw her
head back and wailed at the pain. She could not isolate
where the most pain was localized. Her nipples felt as
if they would be torn from her body, but her clit was
on fire from the rope between her legs. Suds then
proceeded to wide the rope around tightening it
everywhere and pulling Annie’s nipples even further
from her breast.

After three or four turns, Suds released her and Annie
spun feeling momentarily relief in the slack of the
ropes and rawhide but then was horrified as she
realized her momentum would just tightened the ropes
again. Annie begged and pleaded to be released as she
heard the motorcycles start and the roar become faint
as they road away.

Annie is not sure how long she was there before the
highway worker found her. Her nipples were so engorged
that they could not removed the rawhide and her clit
had been rubbed almost away by the friction of the
rope. Annie was not even recognizable. Her eyes were
almost swollen shut, lips so large she could barely
open her mouth. Her asshole was still open and dripping
cum when she was placed on the ambulance gurney.

At the hospital, as she was rolled over, Annie
overheard the comments about the tattoo. A permanent
reminder of her ordeal.