Mom Teaching the Tomboy

Toni is more interested in cars than guys. Maybe
someday, when she is finished with university and is
established in her engineering career, she may have
time for men and having babies. But her mother has
different ideas.


Toni had just finished fixing the neighbor’s car
sitting in the family driveway when she heard her
mother call her.

“Toni hurry up and take a shower before you go”

Toni winced. She had dreaded this day. She was going
to be stuck all summer helping her mother’s friends at
some kind of day care center. She much preferred
working on cars for people though it didn’t pay much.
Even though the job would mostly be landscaping, Toni
was sure just being around a horde of little brats
wold drive her nuts. As she walked into the house her
mom looked at her grease-stained clothes in disdain
“Oh God! Please, dear, go change. I don’t want Lynn
to see you like that!”

Reluctantly, Toni climbed the stairs, showered and
pulled on clean clothes. As she came down, her mother
took one look at her and exclaimed, “Oh Toni! T-shirt
and jeans, again?”

This was a sore point between Toni and her mother who
kept telling her she could be every guy’s dream if she
just dolled herself up. “You’re short and slim, but
with nice full breasts that men go ape over. You have
your father’s beautiful black hair and a button nose
like me,” her mother never tired of repeating proudly.
Toni was well aware of her effect on boys and hated
it. She had no use for them at this stage of her life
or maybe ever. They were so immature. All they
thought about was sex and none could believe that “a
babe like you” could be planning a career as an
engineer. So Toni steered clear of boys,
concentrating on fixing cars and getting good grades
in school, trying rather unsuccessfully to hide her
figure under baggy clothes that her mother disliked.

“Please at least wear a blouse so people can
appreciate your lovely breasts, dear. I do want you
to make a good impression.”

“I don’t even want this job, Mom.”

“But you want the money for college, don’t you. You
know it pays more than anything you could find around
here does. Besides, It could do you good. Who knows,
maybe being around a lot of sweet little babies all
summer will rub off on you,” her mother grinned. “You
could even change your mind about college. It’s
certainly not too soon for you to start having

“Not likely! I’m not the ‘mommy’ type,” she retorted.
Fifteen minutes later a sullen Toni, in a blouse,
headed out the door with her mother. Forty-five
minutes afterwards, they pulled up to a large complex
of buildings on the outskirts of town. It looked
somewhat like a hospital or clinic and was set well
back from the main road. As Toni walked in and looked
around, she could not help but be dismayed. The rooms
were filled with cribs and playpens and the dining
area, with rows of high chairs. A tall shapely woman
about her mom’s age came up to them.

“So good to see you, Barbara,” the woman exclaimed,
kissing Toni’s mom on the cheek.”

“Toni, this is Miss Lynn, the owner of The Nursery,”
her mother explained.

“Oh thank you for coming, Barbara and bringing your
daughter. My, I see little Toni has gotten to be a
BIG girl… up here.” Toni blushed as the woman eyed
her breasts, ill concealed by the blouse her mother
made her wear. “Won’t be long ’till you’re having
babies, will it, dear?”

Toni rolled her eyes.

“Business looks good, Lynn,” Toni’s mom remarked.

“Oh yes! With so many working women, divorced single
mommies, and high-school girls having babies now,” she
looked at Toni, “we get plenty of babies to take care
of,” the woman laughed. “I’m so glad you brought Toni
to help us.”

“Thank you for taking her on. Well, I’ve got to be
going if I don’t want to be late,” Barbara grinned

“Eager to get home so Jack can take good care of you
tonight?” Lynn smirked. “I know what you mean, honey.
I can’t go a night without getting it a couple of
times, either.” Lynn agreed, kissing her good bye.
Toni blushed to hear the two women talking about sex,
at their ages! And Lynn wasn’t wearing a wedding
ring; it was disgusting.

“And you take care of MY baby. I know you have work
to do,” she winked mysteriously before she kissed Toni
goodbye and hurried off.

“Miss Lynn” as she insisted Toni call her, showed Toni
to her room and helped her unpack, frowning as she saw
the collection of jeans and sweatshirts the girl had
brought. Then she took her around and introduced her
to the other girls on the staff. Toni was not
impressed. They all looked like high-school dropouts
and airheads. What was worse, Miss Lynn had them all
dressed in the most ridiculous uniform: pink lacy
blouses, which barely covered their breasts and
extremely short smocks. Them Teri noticed something
else. Most of the girls seemed to be pregnant!

“My, she’s a tough-looking one, a real tomboy, I see,”
a woman’s voice boomed.

Toni looked around at a large woman dressed in a size
12 version of the girls’ uniform.

“Toni, this is Miss Victoria Price, our head nurse,”
Miss Lynn explained. “I’ll leave you with her.

“Your mother told me you were going to be a challenge.
I see what she meant,” the older nurse smirked.

“What does that mean,” Toni asked.

The older woman came a little closer and replied,
“Well, your mother is worried that with your attitude,
she will never have the houseful of grandchildren she
wants. Lynn promised her two years here and we would
make you into the perfect mommy.”

“‘Two years?’ What are you talking about? I’m just
taking this stupid job for two MONTHS this summer to
earn money for college,” Toni said, stunned.

“Oh, you don’t need to go to college to make your mom,
happy. All she wants to see is a bun in this cute
little oven of yours,” she nurse smiled, patting
Toni’s belly. “And the sooner the better!” With that
the nurse signaled two of the other girls who grabbed
Toni and held her. “You may not like things here at
first,” the nurse said pulling out a needle. “I need
to give you a shot to help you adjust.” Toni’s
struggled frantically to get free from the two girls
holding her. She struggled even more when the older
woman began buttoning her jeans and pulling them down
over Toni’s curvy hips. “Bend her over a little,
girls,” she ordered.

Helpless, Toni felt the nurse pull her panties down
and caress her bottom. The sharp smack of the nurse’s
hand on her bottom stung so Toni didn’t feel the
needle plunge deep into her firm round ass. “That
should do you, dear,” the nurse said as she withdrew
the needle. Almost immediately, Toni felt her efforts
to escape grow sluggish and cease. Confused by the
drug, Toni let the two girls lead her to a couch.
Victoria nodded to the girls who began to fondle her
tits and play with her pussy. Soon Toni was feeling
so good she didn’t want to keep her eyes open and let
a wonderful drowsiness overcome her.

When Toni woke up she was in bed; comfortable, but
effective bands held her arms and legs to the four
corners. Opening her eyes, she saw in horror that she
was clothed in the obscene uniform she had seen the
day before. “Good morning, sleepyhead,” Victoria
beamed as she walked in. “Looks like you will
definitely be staying with us. Lynn told me about
your drug record.

“But, I don’t have a drug record,” Toni protested.

“You do now. The District Attorney is a grateful
client of The Nursery. All we would have to do is
tell him we found drugs on you, and off to prison you

“You wouldn’t do that to me!” Toni cried.

“We won’t have too if you’ll relax and be a good

Still groggy from the shot Toni nodded. “Good girl?
I am a good girl. What do you want?”

“Well, we perform many services here at The nursery.
The women who bring their babies here believe that
they should be breastfed, so all the girls get
hormones in their food, at least until they aren’t
necessary,” Victoria paused and smiled, “To help them
produce lots of nice breast milk for the babies.”

“What are you talking about?” Toni said, the
outlandish revelation spurring her attempt to shake
off the effects of the shot.

“In a few days, you will be spending your days with
babies nursing from those lovely titties of yours,
tough girl,” Victoria smirked. “Of course being
stuffed full of female hormones and the stimulation of
so many hungry little mouths sucking on your tits will
leave you pretty horny at the end of the day. But
we’ll make sure that won’t be a problem for you.
There are more lonely daddies than you’d guess who
love to fuck pregnant young girls. And there are even
more who love to help young girls get that way,” she
gloated “Your nights will be spent on your back with
a nice hard cock where you need it: in this pretty
little pussy,” she explained, placing a hand between
Toni’s legs. “Oh, nice and wet already, just from
hearing me talk about it. You’re going to like it
here, I see.

“You’re all a bunch of perverts!” Toni exclaimed,
trying to free herself from the bonds.

“Not at all. We are strong supporters of healthy
family values. ‘Large’ family values,” the nurse
grinned. “Another service we provide is for the
mothers of difficult young ladies like you, who have
misguided ideas about school and careers when all they
should be thinking about is making babies. In a few
months you will be making a baby for us yourself.”

“Getting underage girls pregnant? That’s sick!” Toni
said, venom in her voice.

“Never!” the nurse replied. “We always make sure the
girl has attained the age of consent, sixteen in this
state. I don’t know why your mother waited so long
about bringing you here; Lord knows you need it,” she
sighed. “Besides, not all of the women are so young.
Our DA friend is a typical case. He left his wife
last year to marry a foxy little prosecutor in his
office. Unfortunately, the silly filly didn’t quite
understand what her role as a trophy wife was to be.
She insisted on continuing to work. Her new husband
discovered that not only did she have no intention of
staying home and giving him six or seven little ones
as he expected, she wasn’t even that keen on fucking
his brains out every night. So he arraigned for her
to visit us one day and we did the rest. When she
left a few months later, she was a pregnant little

Toni tried to laugh. “Do you really think I’m going
to stick around to nurse babies or let some loser
knock me up? Forget it. I do guy things, lady. Now
let me get out of here.”

“Oh, with that attitude, it’s going to be so much fun
watching you become a cute little mommy,” the nurse
laughed. “Maybe you need to see just how much fun you
can have here before you decide to leave.” Miss Lynn
pressed a buzzer and one the girls ushered in two
leering men.

“You are going to let them rape me?”

“Toni, Toni!” she smiled condescendingly. Of course
they are not going to rape you. Don’t you remember
what I said about the age of consent? These gentlemen
have helped several of our girls become mommies.
They’re here to help you too. We’ll have a video of
you screaming your consent at the top of your lungs,”
Victoria taunted as she motioned the men closer. Then
she bent down to whisper in Toni’s ear, “I have to
give most girls a shot to get them horny enough for
this, but for a little firecracker like you, it
shouldn’t be necessary.”

“She as pretty and feisty as you said she was, Vicki,”
the taller one said. “And look at those knockers! My
baby’s sure not going hungry with her as the mommy.”

“No, no! Don’t touch me, you bastards,” Toni cried
and pulled against the bands, but what could she do?
She was on her back and Victoria unbuttoned the smock
to expose her completely.

“Isn’t this a beauty?” the big woman gloated and she
patted Toni’s light brown muff.

“These are about to get even bigger,” the short fat
man laughed as he took control of one of her tits and
Victoria started working on the other. Meanwhile the
tall man had pushed open Toni’s legs and began licking
her pussy. At first Toni fought like a wildcat, but
she had never felt a man’s mouth on her pussy and a
woman’s mouth on her tits. Soon the teen was coming
over and over. “Oohhh God, OH, no,” she moaned as the
head nurse smiled.

“She’s getting a little noisy, don’t you think? Maybe
she needs something in that big mouth of hers.”
Taking the cue, the fat man allowed the waiting girl
to take over the tits he had been attending and eased
his dick in her mouth.

“Mmmmp,” Toni moaned, but soon the aroused girl was
sucking like a pro. Taking advantage of the
distraction the tall man stood up and removed his
pants. Victoria beamed as he slipped his cock into
Toni’s moist, waiting pussy.

“It’s so cute when we make tom boys into mommies,”
Victoria said as the man unloaded the first load of
baby-making sperm into the rutting teen.

Toni hardly remembered the night and following the day
she spent blissfully fucking the two men and others
who were brought in to relieve them. By that night,
the happy girl had at least fifteen loads of thick,
baby-making semen in her stretched pussy.

The next day, while her sore pussy recovered from the
pounding, Toni was introduced in to the world of
motherhood, taught to sit in a rocking chair and nurse
new a born at her breast. As Victoria had said,
having her beasts suckled all day did make her
extremely horny, but she found it was easy enough to
sneak off from time to time with one of the other
horny young mothers for some girl-girl relief. Still
she was eager to get back to her room each night for
the men Miss Lynn always brought her.

The next 2 months were filled with nursing infants and
fucking horny daddies. Soon Toni was pleased to learn
she was pregnant herself and no longer needed the
hormones for her milk. Little more than nine months
from her arrival at The Nursery, all thoughts of
engineering forgotten, Toni’s first son was born.

When her mom came to visit her, Toni was surprised to
she was about six months pregnant. “When I heard you
were going to have a baby, it made me so horny, I just
had to let your dad make me one, too,” she explained
as she cooed over her grandson.

Toni spent most of the next few years pregnant as she
worked her way up the ladder at The Nursery. She
started at the bottom, spending her mornings nursing
babies and toddlers and her afternoons pushing them in
their strollers on the grounds and nursing them while
she sat on the bench. Sometimes in those early years
a girl from her old school, now a married professional
woman would bring her baby to The Nursery. They
always had a good laugh when they saw Toni there with
her bulging belly. “I always new they would learn you
the joys of mother hood, Toni,” they would say. Her
nights were spent working on more babies. No other
girl was as popular as Toni because she truly loved

In time, Lynn and Victoria retired and Toni was left
to run the place. It was her idea to make a lucrative
deal with the County Juvenile Offenders Office for The
Nursery to rehabilitate girl gang members. One of her
first charges was a tall, sullen girl, but neither her
scowl nor the loose-fitting detention garb could
disguise a knockout body. Several tattoos proclaimed
her allegiance to her comrades on the street. “I
guess you’re a pretty tough,” Toni remarked as she
appraised the muscular girl

“Yeah, and you ain’t ‘rehabilitatin’ ME,” she snarled.

“Oh?” Toni smiled sweetly, “We’ll see about that.”

The End