Betting on My Wife’s Virtue

I have previously submitted a story entitled wife swap-
consequences. The following story occurred earlier in
our marriage, when my wife and I had been married six
years, and happened when we were also in the Caribbean
on the island of Puerto Rico.

I remember the events that occurred as if it were
yesterday. It seems that the warm islands, with lazy
days and starlit nights contributed to romance. Karen
and I both worked the past six years, but we decided to
start a family at this time, so she stopped her birth
controls pills, and we hoped that she would soon get
pregnant, maybe on this vacation.

My wife and I had rented a condo for a week and had the
option of renting for a second week, or finding another
place to stay as I had two weeks vacations. We both
loved scuba diving and planned to go every day. On the
third day of our diving we met another couple, Dave and
Kim, who had a home on the island.

They were a very charming and attractive couple, and we
soon became friends. They also enjoyed diving, so we had
great fun together, and also enjoyed dinner with them at
one of the island restaurants, as well as acting as our
guides when we went sightseeing.

We so much enjoyed our time spent with our new friends,
and the beauty of the area, and the diving, that we
decided to rent our condo for a second week. Anyway,
Dave and Kim insisted that we spend the second week with
them at their winter home on the island.

We finally agreed and moved to their place. They had a
lovely and spacious home, with a large outdoor pool,
which we immediately enjoyed. They had another guest,
Joan, a friend that was staying with them.

We were having a great time, enjoying all that they had
to offer, good food and lots of rum drinks. About the
fourth day we were sitting around the pool, swimming,
eating, and enjoying rum punches. Dave, Joan and my wife
Karen were floating on rafts in the pool.

While Kim and I were sipping our drinks, she remarked
that my wife was very attractive, and I agreed. She was
tall, five feet seven inches, with an attractive face,
and a gorgeous body, good shoulders, and firm breasts.
Her waist was slim, and she had beautiful hips, and ass,
with long gorgeous legs.

Kim asked me if she had ever made love with another man,
and I said no, that she had always been faithful, and
had been a virgin when we were married. I told Kim that
we had been asked to change partners in the past, but
had declined. Kim smiled and said that under the right
circumstance, any married woman would stray.

I said maybe lots would, but not my Karen, that I knew
she was always faithful. Kim laughed and said that she
bet that even her husband Dave could seduce my wife.

I said, “Well, I know that she finds Dave attractive,
but she would not let him seduce her.”

Kim said that she would bet $200 dollars that Dave could
seduce my wife. I said that I would not bet money on it,
and Kim said have the courage of your conviction. She
finally goaded me into accepting the wager, helped by
rum punches.

I said, “How do you plan to test my wife?”

Kim said, “We will arrange for them to be alone this
evening after dinner, and then we’ll see if Karen will
remain faithful to you. And he will not force her, or be
physically rough with her.”

I wondered how Kim would arrange this, and how would I
know whether or not my wife was seduced. Kim smiled
again, and she said, “I will make sure that you know
whether he is successful or not.”

Well, we had cocktails, a great dinner with wine,
followed by desert and after dinner drink. Then Kim said
to my wife that she would like to borrow me for a couple
of hours to do some work on their sailboat, and that
Dave would entertain my wife till we returned, and Joan
said that she would come with us to be sure that we

We then left through the patio doors, and then quietly
went around to the back of the house, and then entered
through the kitchen, and then by a door into their
bedroom. I did not have to wonder very long what we were

Kim moved a large picture, which was covering a one-way
mirror looking into their large family room where we
could see Dave and Karen. I’d heard about one-way
mirrors, but hadn’t seen one before. Kim then turned a
switch, and we could hear the conversation in the family
room, but Kim said that they couldn’t hear us, but she
said that we had to be quiet.

Dave and my wife were talking, and Dave poured another
drink for the two of them, although my wife was already
mellowed by earlier drinks. Dave then put on some music,
and asked my wife to dance. Karen agreed, so they were
dancing, at which point Dave tried to kiss my wife, but
she turned her head away, but Dave tried again, and was
successful, but my wife broke the kiss, saying “please
don’t Dave.”

But he soon tried again, and this time kissed her
thoroughly. Kim and Joan were beside me, and Joan said,
“He seems to be making some progress,” and I said he
wouldn’t get very far.

The girls smiled, and Kim said we would wait and see.
Karen was returning his kisses, and soon Dave reached up
and pulled the zipper of my wife’s dress all the way
down to below her waist, the dress falling open in
front. My wife gasped, and said, “Please don’t, Dave. I
can’t do anything with you, so please stop.”

My wife was flushed, and it was clear that she was
responding to him. He ignored her protests as he slid
her dress off her shoulders, pulling it down below her
waist and hips till it fell to her ankles. She was just
standing there, in her lacy camisole (she didn’t need a
brazier) and her lacy white half-slip. Again she said,
“Please don’t-I can’t let you do this.” She was trying
to move away, but tripped on her dress.

Dave caught her, lifting her in his arms and carrying
her to the huge sofa where he laid her down Her dress
had fallen off her ankles. She tried to rise up, but
Dave held her in a long kiss. You could see the outline
of her breasts and panties through the sheer camisole
and half-slip.

Again, she pleaded with Dave to stop, but he ignored
this and continued kissing her, and now caressing her
breasts. Even though she was pleading with him to stop,
it was obvious that she was aroused, her face flushed
and her body trembling. Then I said to Kim and Joan that
we needed to stop this, but Kim said you agreed to this
test of your wife, and he is not forcing her.

Soon Dave was tugging her camisole up, pulling it up
over her breasts, then caressing her breasts, and
nipples. She groaned as Dave was stroking her nipples,
then putting his mouth and tongue on her breasts.

Then my wife was pleading with him to stop, but he
ignored her protests as he continues until her nipples
were stiff, then turning his attention to her thighs,
stroking her thighs just above her knees, her slip
advancing upwards, exposing more of her thighs till
finally her naked thighs were exposed above her stocking
tops, where the straps of her garter belt were seen. (My
wife never liked to wear panty hose, preferring garter
belt and stockings, and it certainly made her look more

Now I was worried. I never thought my wife would let it
get this far, even though I still felt that she would
not let him go all the way. The girls were gloating, and
Kim said, “What do you think of your faithful wife now?
I think you’re going to see your lovely wife get
thoroughly fucked tonight.”

I wanted to stop them, but Kim asked, “Do you want your
wife to know that you agreed to this seduction?”

So I could only wait and hope that she would stop him.
Also, I was angry-we had been set up. I was as helpless
as my wife now appeared, and now I was not so sure that
she wouldn’t be fucked, as I could see that Dave was
slowly and expertly seducing my wife. Now Joan said that
Dave appeared to be making a lot of progress.

At this time my wife said, “Please don’t do any more-I
just can’t do this-I’ve never been unfaithful to my

Kim said, “I think that’s going to change very soon. I
think you’re going to see your faithful wife moaning and
helpless as Dave has his way with her. He’s an expert,
and he loves to seduce a faithful wife, especially with
her husband watching-Dave gets a rush out of that.”

And now, in spite of my wife’s protests, and holding her
slip, Dave continued to advance her slip till her naked
thighs were exposed to the edge of her lacy panties, and
then, ignoring her feeble efforts to stop him, he
succeeded in pulling her sheer slip from under her hips
and ass till it was bunched at her waist, exposing her
sheer lacy panties. She looked very erotic exposed like

I couldn’t believe he had gotten this far with her. He
was now caressing her thighs, her abdomen through her
panties, as well as continuing to kiss her and stroke
her breasts. She was flushed and moaning now, her body
trembling. She said “please, please, Dave-please stop-I
can’t do this to my husband!

Joan laughed and said; “I think her husband is going to
be a cuckold as Dave plants some horns on his head.”

Now I was really worried, watching this unfold.

Dave grasped her panties, beginning to tug them down,
pulling them from under her hips and ass, my wife
groaning, still protesting. “Oh, Kim said, once Dave
gets their panties off it is usually all over for their
loyal wives.”

I said, “You have done this before, haven’t you?”

Kim said, “Oh yes, we just love this type of scene,
seeing Dave seduce a faithful wife while her husband
watches-we really get off on it, and Dave nearly always

Seeing Dave tugging at my wife’s panties down her
thighs, below her knees to her ankles, and then pulling
her panties completely off, her shoes coming off as
well. The girl’s eyes were shining with excitement at
this point, and smiling at me as my wife’s cunt was

“Oh, Kim said, I think that soon you’re going to see you
lovely wife spread and thoroughly fucked. Wait till you
see the cock on Dave-it is quite impressive.”

Although Karen held her thighs together, Dave finally
managed to stroke between them, my wife gasping as he
caressed the lips of her cunt. Finally he managed to
spread her thighs enough so that he could get his knee
between her thighs, Karen gasping more as he was
stroking her, his fingers finally invading her cunt, the
lips now swollen and red, and beginning to gape some.

Finally he got my trembling wife to the point where her
thighs were spread more, and then he moved down until he
got between her thighs, and got his mouth and tongue on
her cunt, Karen gasping and groaning–still
unsuccessfully pleading for him to stop, tearful now as
she felt herself responding to the expert caresses and
stroking of his tongue.

Kim said, “Soon now, it’s going to be all over for your
precious wife-it will serve you right too, betting on
her virtue. What do you think of your virtuous wife

At this point Dave quickly stripped off his clothes, and
exposing a very large and thick cock as he removed his

My wife gasped, wide eyed as his cock was exposed,
closing her legs as she said, “N–no, no, please-I’m
begging you.”

“That won’t do any good,” Joan said.

And she was right as Dave soon had her legs spread again
and worked his tongue against the moist red lips of her
cunt, wet with her arousal. She was groaning, gasping,
trembling at the invasion. She was becoming more and
more helpless, her legs spreading further.

At this point I knew that I was going to see my wife
fucked by this stud, and incredibly I was beginning to
be aroused at the erotic scene, unable to prevent my
erection. It was as if I was watching another women
being seduced, and not my own wife.

The girls were thrilled at this, and Kim reached over
and stroked me through my trousers, and she said that I
was just like the other husbands who became aroused by
watching John fucking their wives.

At this point, my wife was gasping more, her body
moving. She now was totally helpless, and John sensed
her surrender, and he rose up and mounted her. He
directed his cock against the wet lips of her cunt, and
began to press into her, my wife giving one last
protest, wailing as she felt herself being invaded,
feeling her cunt being stretched by his huge cock. The
head of his cock stretched her further.

Finally, with a hoarse cry from my wife, he entered her.
At the same moment Kim had opened my pants, exposing my
erection, which she grasped, and stroked it as Dave was
slowly pushing into my wife, moving his cock back and
forth, entering her further each time, till finally she
was fully impaled on his cock, her body jerking as she
cried out again.

“Well, Kim said-how does it feel to be a cuckold?”

We watched Dave slowly fucking my wife with long
strokes, pulling almost completely out and then pushing
fully into my wife, hearing her grunting with each
stroke, her legs jerking. I would never have believed
that I would be so aroused watching my own wife getting
fucked by this stud. Joan said, “It looks like he’s
fucking your wife pretty good don’t you think?”

Dave was taking a long time with her, and soon he was
thrusting more powerfully into her, fucking her faster,
as my wife cried out again and again, her body jerking
with his thrusts.

Finally, her legs were lifting, and she clamped them
over his thighs, giving a shrill cry as her orgasm
overtook her, her body spasaming to his thrusts, crying
out again and again, her legs moving. At that point Dave
thrust fully into my wife, and gripping her hips he
began spurting into her again and again as he groaned.
At that moment Kim stroked my cock and I came and came,
spurting on the wall.

Finally Dave lifted off my wife and she just lay there
with her legs spread wide, her cunt lips gaping, red and
swollen, moistness seeping from her. She began weeping,
tears on her cheeks at this violation, at her
surrendering to this stud and being so thoroughly

They lay quietly for some time, then Dave holding and
caressing her, gazing at the window and smiling, knowing
I was watching. I said lets get out of here, and Kim
said, “Wait a minute-Dave may not be through with her

I asked, “What do you mean?”

Joan said, “Watch.”

And then I saw that his cock began to harden again. My
wife felt this and she said no more, but again Dave
ignored her, and rolled her on her stomach, then pulled
her up on her hands and knees, my wife to weak to
resist. He pushed her head and shoulders down to the
sofa, and spread her thighs, as he stood behind her,
pressing the head of his cock against her cunt, and with
a powerful thrust of his fully erect cock he entered
again, as my wife cried out once more, and then a shrill
cry as he fully impaled her again. Holding her hips h e
fucked her steadily for a long time.

We all could see her cunt stretched tightly around his
cock again. Finally my wife cried out again as her
orgasm swept over her, and Dave groaned again as he
emptied his cock into her.

Finally he released her and she fell forward onto the
sofa, her slip still around her waist, her stocking clad
legs spread, tearful again at responding to this stud,
being taken and fucked so thoroughly, unable to resist,
overcome by passion. She rolled over, pulling her
camisole and slip down, and then putting her panties on,
finally getting her dress on, moving slowly. Then she
said that she was going to bed, and left, followed by

While my wife was getting fucked on her hands and knees,
with her beautiful legs spread, her cunt stretched, the
girls had been rubbing themselves under their dresses
till they gasped and came.

Well, Kim said, “How did you like watching you virtuous
and faithful wife getting thoroughly stretched and
fucked by this stud, You can join the list of cuckolds,
and like others, getting extremely aroused watching
their wives getting thoroughly fucked?”

We left the room quietly, and came back in the family
room as if we just got back. I went to bed and my wife
was pretending to sleep. I touched her and she turned
over, then began crying as she confessed and told the
story of her seduction by Dave, and saying she was so
aroused and was unable to stop him.

Well, we left their house the next day, and I never told
my Wife that I had witnessed her seduction. The image of
her lovely stocking clad legs spread widely for him, and
her lacy slip and camisole pulled up erotically, and her
surrender, seeing him working her panties off and seeing
his huge cock entering and stretching her cunt widely as
he thrust into her, and impaled her, and fucking her-
this image remained with me a long time.

After we had been home for a few weeks she told me she
was pregnant, and I wondered who the father was, but I
couldn’t say anything.