I am a bisexual teen girl, and enjoy making love to people of both sexes

I started my sexual life with another girl when we were
both 17. We both loved what we did, and neither of us
feels any shame because of it. With only one exception, I
only have sex with somebody inside of a relationship.

This occurred during a summer when I was 18. I live in
the Los Angeles area, so the beach is a favorite place to
go. I am short, with long hair so I tend to stand out a
bit. On top of that my dark tan makes me look like some
kind of beach bunny.

This day, I was hanging out near a pier and started to
talk with this girl. We quickly started to laugh and
talk, comparing which guys we thought were cool, and
which were geeks. She had recently moved to the area, and
I told her about the places for girls our age to go.

I was dressed in my new bikini. It was as low-cut as my
father would let me get away with, and not as low as I
wanted. She was in a real tight red one-piece. She was
taller then me (then again, who is not?), and more
rounded. I liked the way she looked, but kept that to
myself, not wanting to freak out my new friend.

We walked up and down the beach all afternoon. Talking
about guys, playing in the water, playing games in the
arcade, the usual stuff. We spent about an hour flirting
with these 2 good-looking guys. They bought us lunch, and
finally left when they realized that neither of us would
do anything more with them on that day. Before they left,
we both told them to look for us another day.

When it was starting to get dark, we went to the lockers
to get our stuff and change back to regular clothes. I
had ridden my bike there, while her mom drove her over.
When we got to the shower building, there was only one
change room/shower unoccupied. My new friend Marti
suggested we share it, and it sounded reasonable to me. I
mean, it was no different from what I did during gym at

Once inside, I stripped down, and moved under the
lukewarm water. My nipples hardened, but that was
strictly involuntary. They got stiffer when I saw Marti
remove her suit. This girl was fine looking. Like me, she
kept her pubic hair closely trimmed, and I moved my hand
down to wash the sand and salt out of my own, running my
fingers through my short cropped hair, and wishing that
it was hers.

She moved next to me, and we brushed against each other a
few times as we washed our hair and bodies. Even though
it should normally take only 2 minutes or so to wash, we
both lingered. I did not want to leave, and she seemed to
be the same way.

I turned my back to her to rinse my face, and I felt her
hands on my back. “Let me make sure all the sand is off,”
she said as she ran her hands up and down my spine,
eliciting chills. After several passes, her hands were at
the small of my back, and lightly caressing my sides. I
shivered, and bit my lip so as not to moan at her touch.
She just about blew my mind when she reached around to my
front and lightly grasped my breasts with her slippery

I moved to press my back against her front, feeling her
large breasts press into me. I turned around, and we
kissed there under the water. Marti continued to caress
my breasts and nipples, as my hands moved up and down her
back. I moaned and grasped her head as she broke the kiss
and ducked down, suckling on my right nipple as I cradled
her head. I started to feel guilty, because I was already
seeing a girl, but the lust could not be denied.

I lowered my hands to caress her breasts. They were
larger than any others I have touched. I was a 34C, and
my girlfriend was only a 34B. She was easily a 36C, with
large nipples, which were very hard. I pinched them
lightly, shuddering as Marti moaned around my own nipple.
I gasped as she moved down, kissing the underside if my
breast, then my belly.

I leaned back against a wall as she knelt between my
legs, and gently parted them with her hands. I ran my
fingers through her hair as she gently licked my vulva,
then kissed my clitoris. I could tell as she started to
suck on it that this was not her first time with another
girl. I was soon shivering, reaching for my climax
quickly as she played with my breasts and alternated
between sucking on my clit, and licking my vulva and

I bit my lip to keep quiet (I am a moaner by nature), and
let the feeling sweep over me as I came, holding her head
to me and moaning her name. I almost collapsed, and she
eased me onto the floor, kissing me when I was sitting.
We kissed for about 10 minutes, tasting myself on her
lips, and caressing each other.

I started to caress more of her, sliding my fingers all
over her wet skin. I licked the water off of her
shoulder, then her neck and ear. She sighed, holding me
close and whispering how good that felt. I moved her onto
her back, and kissed my way down her body. She shivered
as I sucked on her nipples.
Marti’s areola were almost the size of silver dollars,
and her nipples were like erasers. I opened wide to
suckle them as I caressed her legs. I slowly moved my
hand up, and was soon caressing her upper thighs, softly
brushing my hands along her vulva.

I moved my hand up to cup her vulva, running a finger
between her labia. She was hot, wet, and felt real good.
I moaned as I slipped a finger slowly into her, feeling
how tight she was. “I am still a virgin,” she moaned as I
started to caress her clit with my thumb.

As I moved to her other breast, she moaned how she had
wanted me all day, but was afraid to do anything. I
whispered I felt the same as I kissed the underside of
her breast, and moved my body to lie between her legs. I
pressed my belly against her groin as I moved my hands up
to cup and caress her breasts. I moved down, licking her
belly as the water continued to pour down on us.

Soon I reached her mound, and lightly pulled her hair
with my lips. Not causing her pain, but feeling her move
under me. I slipped between her legs, and lightly licked
her slit. She gasped and grabbed my head, like I would
want to be anywhere else. I slowly licked up and down her
vulva, and then slid my tongue between her lips, licking
her opening. I slid my tongue inside her, and Marti
moaned, moving her legs onto my back as she softly called
my name.

I slid my tongue in and out a few times, reaching out to
hold her hands in mine as I moved back up to suck and
lick her clit again. Marti really tightened her grip on
my hands, and was soon moaning that she was about to cum.
Another 3 minutes, and she exploded, tightening her hands
more and moaning as her thighs gripped me, and she
shuddered. Her vulva pulsed as she came, making us both
feel real good.

After she could finally stand, we showered again, and
toweled each other off. We shared a long kiss after we
got dressed, then went out to wait for her mom. She gave
me her phone number, and I promised to call her after I
got home.
The only sad part was that when I went to call her, the
number was not hers. I like to think that it was a
mistake, that she made a mistake. I have looked for her
ever since, but to no luck. I admitted to my girlfriend
what I had done, having to confess to my cheating on her.
She forgave me, saying she probably would have done the
same thing in my place. Even thought that was my only
“one night stand”, I look back on it with fond memories.