The Story of My Wife

An apartment manager gets to electronically watch his
neighbors during their most intimate moments. One of
those neighbors ends up becoming his wife. Why not? He
already knows everything about her.

For those who are new to the story, I met my future wife
when I lived next door to her while we were both in
college. I was a maintenance director at our townhouse
project and I lived rent-free in the apartment set aside
for the maintenance director as part of my salary. Most
of my salary, actually, since it was really a part time
position. When I moved in I was pleasantly surprised to
find out the previous maintenance director had wired the
apartment to peep into the adjoining apartments. Janie,
my future wife, and her roommate Shelly happened to live
in one of those apartments.

I continued to play the voyeur, sneaking peeks at Janie
and her roommate Shelly with good views of the living
room and each bedroom. I was surprised, and somewhat
relieved, to find out the bathroom wasn’t wired in some

Shelly just liked to fuck. And since I managed to use my
“inside information” to buddy up to her I really didn’t
have a problem with that. I’m just a little sleazy, so
what, its not like I’m the only sleaze Janie has met up

As I watched Janie I learned some interesting things. She
was a “binge fucker,” and still is. She would work extra
hard on some project or test and then reward herself with
a night or two on the town. Sometimes all week. Although
she didn’t have any serious boyfriends Janie would have a
couple guys she liked to date more than others at times.
Sometimes it would last a while and sometimes not. Some
were just a little better than others were, but who am I
to judge.

Henry was an energetic young type with a great enthusiasm
for women. And he liked to play games in the bedroom. I
watched them one time when he tied Janie up and
blindfolded her. Not just for pretend, but tied down
tight and blind to the world. The first time I saw them
do this I almost hyperventilated when he told her he was
going to let his friends fuck her too. He went to the
bedroom door and called out to his friends that she was
wet and ready to go. Then he slammed the door shut and
told her his name was Andre and he was ready to go wild
on her.

Janie was eating it up. All in all he pretended to be
about 8 different guys, fucking her and eating her out
and climbing over her face to fuck her in the mouth. And
when she was tied up like that it was real easy to fuck
her in the mouth, he practically choked her once or twice
but didn’t seem to notice. A couple nights later he was
over again and playing the same game. I had grown to like
it myself, but how weird is that? Watching two people
play pretend.

He kept telling her about how many of his friends he was
going to bring over and all that kind of stuff. Meanwhile
he was fingering her and feeling her up and licking her
in assorted spots. Imagine my surprise when he opened the
door this time and some other guy actually came in. I was
absolutely stunned. I think I really was hyperventilating
this time. When the new guy snuck in, it was all the two
of them could do to contain themselves.

Janie even asked him what he was giggling about. He
managed to squeak out he was just excited about the game.
She started giggling herself then. Henry climbed on her
and put his hand between her legs. Since he still had his
pants on he didn’t start fucking her, but his buddy was
quietly taking his pants off while Henry distracted

I was going nuts. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.
Henry jumped up from the bed and told Janie he was going
to really fuck her good tonight. He said he had taken
some extra ginseng and yohimbe bark tonight and planned
to use it all up. Janie just laughed and told him she
sure hoped he took the extra strength variety because he
was going to need it.

Henry and his “teammate” just grinned at one another and
flipped an imaginary coin. The newcomer apparently won
because he began to gingerly climb on the bed and get on
top of Janie. He eased himself between her legs and
placed his cock at the entrance to her cunt. He paused
for just a moment until Janie began to push back at him
and accused “Henry” of being a tease.

That was all it took, the mystery man started pumping
into her cunt and managed to shove himself all the way in
by about the fourth pump. Janie does a good job of
lubricating herself naturally once the action starts and
this wasn’t much different. Henry stood by nervously as
his friend fucked Janie. The guy held himself up with his
arms to keep from getting too close to her face. Maybe
she would have noticed different cologne or something.

Janie was getting into it and the new guy was enjoying
the hell out of his good luck. He pounded away for a few
minutes and then finished strong. His pace quickened and
then he stiffened out and slammed into her pretty hard
about 3 or 4 times in a row. Janie was slamming back at
him and looked real close herself. She was obviously a
little exasperated as “the unknown lover” climbed off.

“You aren’t done yet,” she moaned out, “I was hoping for
a little more than that.”

Henry stood at the end of the bed and grinned at his
buddy. The new guy quietly took a seat next to the bed
and prepared to watch the show. I was about to cream my
pants just watching the goings on in the next apartment.
I sure hoped Shelly would be in a “fuck the neighbor guy”
mood when she got home. I was sure in a “fuck the
neighbor” mood myself.

“Oh baby,” he said, “we’ve got a long line for you
tonight.” He then proceeded to climb onto the bed and
between her legs. He slammed into her in one thrust, the
way having been well paved by his friend. She arched her
back and fucked back in a frenzy. Henry was pounding into
her so hard I thought he would hurt her, but she kept up
with him and launched into an orgasm that nearly knocked
him onto the floor.

“Let them all in! Let them all fuck me!” She was
seriously into it, and so was I. Henry humped away for a
few more minutes and then pulled out. “Whaa? Where are
you? Who’s next?”

I was wondering that myself. Henry answered the question
by sitting on her chest and pulling her face into his cum
covered crotch. They looked just a little awkward, but
Henry managed to pull her head up enough and leaned over
enough to get his dick into her mouth. After several
strokes Henry tensed up and shoved Janie’s nose right up
to his hairy crotch. She struggled a little but swallowed
enough to keep from gagging and ended up with just a
little bit of semen on her face and over her lips. She
was panting and struggling for breath when Henry rolled
off the bed.

“Oh my,” deep breaths, “I would never had guessed you had
already cum once before. That was a lot.”

The guys were just about able to contain themselves, and
the new guy looked like he was ready to go again.

“Baby, there’s a room full of it for you tonight. I hope
you’re ready.”

The new guy once again climbed on board and started
pumping away. He was just plain fucking this time around
and at first all Janie could do was lay there and grunt
whenever he would give her an extra firm pump. After a
few minutes she began to get back into it, wiggling her
hips and trying to lift her legs up and wrap them around
the man between her legs. All she managed was to loosen
the ties just a little and bring her knees up. In spite
of her restraints, or more likely because of them, she
was soon in the middle of another orgasm of her own. The
new guy was gracious enough to continue pumping as she
rocked and came under him, but when she finished he
pulled out of her cunt and moved around on the bed until
he was able to place his cock in her face. The three of
us held our breath as he placed his dick in her mouth. I
just knew she would figure out the difference for sure

She didn’t. She didn’t really get a chance. Just like
Henry, this guy simply fucked her mouth and managed to
cum all over the place. She got a lot in her mouth, but
the guy lost it just a little and found a way to splatter
her face. Janie was looking a little worn by now.

Henry waited a couple of minutes and then told her to
hang on because they had one guy to go.

“Jeez, Henry, you’re wearing me out. What the hell did
you take?”

“Baby, I get this way every time I see you naked.” He
gave his buddy a big wink and plopped himself back down
between Janie’s legs. He didn’t fit in quite as easily
this time and Janie gave much more of a grunt of protest
than of passion. Nevertheless, she did respond to the
cock in her pussy enough to start her trademark wiggle.
Of course, she may have been just trying to get him to

“I’m getting a little sore Henry, are you really going to
cum again?” She sounded like she was ready to end the

“I’m just about there baby, just about there.” Yes, he
was persistent. You’d never guess he had fucked her three
times already. Oops! He hadn’t done that, had he?

Mr. Persistent pumped away furiously and Janie was
beginning to look a little distressed. She kept repeating
“Unh, unh, unh” with an occasional soft spoken “ow.” Just
in time, Henry unloaded his nuts inside her and eased
himself out. Henry’s partner followed soon followed suit
and eased himself out of the room.

Years later, as Janie was telling me her version of the
story, it was all I could do to keep a straight face and
not spill the beans completely. Especially when she told
me of the time they played the game in his dorm room, and
she said it really felt like other guys were there with