Doctors Orders

Kirti woke up late the next day. She hurriedly brushed her teeth and washed herself. Collecting her stained clothes, she threw them into the washer. She was nervous and afraid that Sandeep may have noticed her clothes.
She stepped out into the yard. The wall clock struck eleven times.
She looked around, Dev was no were to be found. The iPhone buzzed.
‘Hi doll’. Kirti feebly answered with a Hi. ‘I left dad with the doctor for his regular check up. It was taking for ever. Can you please pick him up and bring him back home?’
Kirti smiled. She decided to play it a bit hard. ‘Sandy you always do this to me….. I have a life too , ….’. Sandeep continued to plead and beg. Kirti smiled and relented after a while.
‘You owe me’. Sandeep continued his sweet talk and his promises. Kirti mind wandered to his father’s naked images.
No sooner than Sandeep disconnected the line, Kirti was adjusting herself, she ran back to the house, and pulled her cotton panties down and threw them into the wash. She put on her saree without her innerwear and unstrapped her bra.
She pulled a one piece blouse without over her and looked at her perky nipples pushing the cloth forward. She raced to the healthcare center and Dev was standing at the entrance standing tall in his loose shirt and a well dressed trouser.
Dev stepped into the car and looking at Kirti lovingly ‘You look lovely’. Kirti looked at him ‘I see you differently now Dji’
He smiled and she pulled the car out of the healthcare center. We were silent for a while. The car phone rang and it was sandeep again.
‘Is my dad with you?’. Dev responded ‘Yeah. The appointment went well. The doctor ordered exercise, hralthy food, and relaxation’. Dev looked at Kirti as he spoke these words.
‘He ordered going away to relax’. Kirti kept her calm. Sandeep interrupted ‘No Dad you will be with us. I will be working long hours for the next week or two, Kirt has few things to do too. She will make sure you are relaxed and calm’.
As he said thises words, Kirti placed her hands on Dev’s thighs ‘Yes Devji, please dont worry’.
Sandeep continued ‘Kirt I will be late this evening. Order in or cook, its upto you’.
Kirti replied ‘I got it…. I will make something that we all with enjoy’. She squeezed Dev’s thighs.
‘Doctor’s Orders’
Kirti drove the car directly into the garage and had the shutters automatically close. She shifted the gear to park and Dev reached out for her.
Like college kids, Dev and Kirti began to kiss and neck. Dev’s hands were all over her and pulled up her one piece pink blouse.
His head moved down and his mouth circled her right nipple, sucking it slowly and gently deep into his lips.
Kirti took his hand and placed in between her thighs over her saree. Dev suddenly stopped and quickly stepped out of the car.
He moved towards the driver door and opened it , leading Kirti out of the car. ‘Doctor’s orders were exercise’. He bend down and lifted her in his arms carrying her to the house.
Kirti was wet and wanted Dji in her.
Dev moved quickly and placed Kirti on his bed. He raised her on her hips and pushed her saree down. He saw her bare trimmed wet pussy
Good Girl’. Before Kirti could react to the situation, he moved fast and planted his open mouth on her wet cunt. His tongue flicked like a hungry cat and sucked in her fleshy clit.
Kirti screamed, clutching the pillows , closing her eyes, her body tremble and her hips shook as she raised her hips into Dev’s face.
She felt herself release and then came her deluge. Dev stuck to the job worked her till he no longer had the energy to move.
Dev’s face , her saree and the bed was wet with her orgasmic release. Dev held his face to her cunt and calmed her down with his tongue. Kirti moaned -‘enough, I am sore’.
After a while, Dev sat next to Kirti. Kirti looked at him ‘Wow…. never had I….’ Dev smiled. ‘This is going to be fun’.
And like a gentleman, Dev lowered Kirti’s saree to once again cover her treasures.
Kirti lazed in the bed for a long time, in disbelief that her father-in-law just gave her the best orgasm of her life.
She gazed at Dji as he laid back and settled to watch television. She noticed that he was aware of her gazes and seem to intentionally avoid eye contacts.
Then Kirti softly exclaimed his name for the first time ‘Dji!!’. Dev look at Kirti and raised his eyebrows inquiringly.
Kirti dragged herself out of the bed and crawled to cuddle with her new lover – Dji.
Resting her head against his armpits, she could smell his manly musk. Her fingers toyed with the hair on his chest and gently moved down his belly tracing his crotch.
Dev enjoyed the new attantion his body was receiving. When her fingers tapped his penis’s head, he looked at her with lust. Kirti’s fingers slipped into his underwear and gently pulled it out in the open.
Kirti looked at it like she has never seen a penis before.
‘Oh my, its big and looks delicious’. Dev placed his hand on her head and guided it to his cock. Her lips kissed the hooded cock.
Kirti was in awe of her new found man toy. Dev felt her breath on his cock ‘Take it all in, its my challenge to you’. Hestitantly Kirti placed her lips around his thick head, she rolled her tongue around his good and in one motion
took it in. Her mouth and her throat opened up to feel the length and thickness against her cheeks. Dev gently increased pressure to have his favourite and only daughter-in-law suck it in. Kirti was loosing breath, but she persisted.
The iPhone buzzed again. It was Sandeep. He messaged that he should be home in five minutes.
Kirti held Dev’s cock in her mouth and sucked it with a slurp.
Dev quickly released himself from her oral grasp ‘Later and soon’. Saliva driping from her chin..Kirti with a disappointment on her face….
Back to being a wife I guess’. Light on her feel, Kirti flew out of Dev’s room into hers and quickly washed up to be ready for her romantic hubby.