Edna and the old Chinaman

This is my story of how my girlfriend became the lover of
our landlord; an older Chinese man. Edna has finally
agreed to let me distribute it. She’s added a chapter of
her own at the end.


It’s true; Edna is not my wife. We’ve been living
together for five years now, but we never did get
married. Perhaps I should stop introducing her as “My
girlfriend”, but I don’t know what other title to use,

That’s how I introduced her to Mr. Ho. Possibly that’s
why he thought it was OK to flirt with her the way he

Edna’s a long legged blond, with the kind of breasts that
men long to wallow in.
While we were inspecting the premises of our future
restaurant, the landlord, Mr. Ho, couldn’t seem to keep
his eyes off her cleavage. I don’t begrudge him that, few
men can. But it was funny because his Coke bottle glasses
were only slightly higher than her nipples.

We were sitting in a cafe afterwards, to see if we could
come to an arrangement about the lease. It was close, but
Mr. Ho just wouldn’t come down to a rent that we felt
confident with.

I could see that Edna was doing her best, blasting him
with her irresistible smile, batting her big blue eyes,
and keeping her chest in view. The man wavered, but
didn’t come down far enough.

We shook hands and left, agreeing to think it over.

“It’s exactly the location we need. Even at his price, we
might be able to make it work.” I said.

“No, Matt. We don’t want to start our business and then
have it snowed under by the overhead. If we can’t get his
price down, we’ll just have to wait until another place
comes along.”

Edna was right. She’s a woman with both beauty and
brains. That must be why I love her so much.

“This is the first decent place we’ve seen in six
months.” I said in despair.

“I bet if I had the old guy alone for a few hours, I
could change his mind!” She said, half joking. But only

“He sure couldn’t keep his eyes off you.” I observed.

“Not to mention his hands.” She added.

“You’re kidding!”

“You didn’t notice? He was running his hand up-and-down
my thigh under the table the whole time we were in the
cafe. I thought if I just kept smiling, he’d take our

“I think it’ll take more than a little feel and a smile
for that man to waver.”


Ho phoned the next day. Edna took it. “Yes. Alright. Yes,
that would be nice. I’ll see you tomorrow then. Bye bye.”

“He wants to meet me, tomorrow at six.”

“Do you think he’s dropped his price? We should decide
what we’re going to tell him. How high we can go, I

“Not ‘we’, Matt. Me. He wants to meet me tomorrow at six,
and take me to dinner.”

“You’re kidding. You agreed to that?”

“If we want to break out of this hole we’re in, we’re
going to have to go the extra yard. I’ll get dressed up,
and have dinner with the old guy. What’s the harm in it?”


We went to work. I cooked and she waitressed at the same
restaurant. We lived together in a dingy apartment,
saving all our money for the big push; starting our own

It’s not that we had a terrible boss, or that we were
really suffering. But our dreams were beckoning to us.


Edna looked fabulous as she put the final touches on her
makeup, before going out to meet Mr. Ho.

“Are you sure this is what you want to do?” I asked. She
looked completely cool, but I was almost shaking.

“I’m sure. Are you sure?” She looked at me in the mirror
as she tilted her head to one side, letting her long
blond hair fall out of the way as she brushed it.

“I suppose.” I agreed, not feeling sure at all. “You seem
to be a little excited about it.” I noted.

“It is a bit of an adventure. Our lives have been so
boring for so long. I’m feeling like someone special
tonight, a woman of mystery or something. On a mission.”

“But do you really think that that wiley old Chinaman is
going to be willing to come down to our price just
because you go to dinner with him?”

She gave me a hard look; “Don’t be naive, Matt. There’s
going to be more than dinner. If we want to change our
lives, there’s going to have to be more.”

“Are you telling me that you’re actually willing to go
all the way with that old fart? Is that how badly you
want to get ahead?”

I guess I am naive, as she said. But I truly was shocked.
I guess I just hadn’t had time to think it all through.
Everything was happening so fast.

“Oh, what’s the big deal? It’s just our upbringing that’s
taught us we shouldn’t do these things. People have sex
all the time, it’s not like I’m a virgin or something.
And even if I was, this might be worth it. Get real, I’m
a waitress and you’re a cook. We can’t afford that kind
of highbrow morality.”
“I thought we had agreed to be faithful to each other.”

“I am being faithful. I’m doing this for us.”

“But, Jesus Edna, he’s like, 60 years old or something.”

“That’s why you don’t need to get jealous, honey. You
know I could’ve had my choice of men, and I chose you.”

That was true. We were the hot couple in high school, the
girls were all after me, and the boys were all after
Edna. Who would’ve thought that we’d still be stuck in
place five years after graduation?

“He’s got nice shoulders though.” Edna said.

“Nice shoulders? That guy looks like a little cube, he’s
only about five feet tall!”

“Come on, Matt! Help me out here. I want to go and do
this, and I just won’t be able to go through with it
unless I can find a way to think of Mr. Ho as at least a
little bit attractive. Now I say he has nice shoulders,
and nice thick black hair.”

“But Edna, what if he gets… well, violent or

“I thought about that and I went to the electronics shop
and bought a little bug I can carry in my handbag. You
can drive along after us, and listen in. How do you feel
about that?”


I kept my distance as I followed Edna to Mr. Ho’s office
at their arranged meeting time; 6 PM.

They came out of the office together, and got into his
car. They were a funny couple, the way she towered over

Mr. Ho was wearing a crisp gray suit, and elevated shoes
that didn’t help him reach Edna’s height.

They went to a restaurant some distance from town. She
stayed in the car as he walked around and opened her

The innocent little ritual made me feel strange; I never
walked around and opened Edna’s door.

They went inside, holding hands.

I parked around the corner from the restaurant, and
relaxed into my seat, listening on my headphones. The bug
broadcasted a weak FM signal; I had to stay close. I
wondered what the odds were of someone else accidentally
receiving the signal.


The scraping of chairs; the rustling of fabrics.

“Thank you, Mr. Ho. You’re so gracious!”

Gracious. Hmmpf.

“I’m so glad I could meet you again. And without your

“Yes. I felt there were some things you would’ve liked to
say if he wasn’t there.”


“I like the way you touch me.” Softly, barely
They ordered. They ate. They chatted. There’s something
disgusting about listening to the sounds of people

Edna made coy little remarks regarding rent prices. Mr.
Ho made coy little remarks regarding Edna’s physical

Ho kept quoting silly little Chinese proverbs.

They left. I followed.


“I’d better slide over here. If you keep reaching across
like that, we might have an accident.” Edna laughed.

“Yes, this is much more comfy. You like when I touch you

“Mmmm, yes. That’s nice. Do you like it when I touch you
like this?”

“Oh yes. Yes, yes. Very nice, very nice.”

I felt a burning in my heart as I pictured where they
were touching each other.


They pulled into a motel. I drove around behind it,
parking behind a chain link fence that marked the rear of
the motel property.

I listened to their car door open and close.

“I don’t know if you can hear me baby. He’s gone into the
office of the sunshine motel to get us a room. I’m
feeling good, and I’m sure this is going to work.” Edna
said into the bug.

The car door opened and closed again after some minutes.

“Room 6.” Edna said. “It six a good number?”

“Very good number. After tonight, maybe my favorite
number!” Mr. Ho giggled.
I saw the curtains move at one of the Windows behind the
motel. I could see Edna’s voluptuous shape; her wide
shoulders supporting her large breasts above a
wonderfully slim waste that tapered out into the generous
hips I’d always hoped would someday bear our children.
She closed the drapes again, but not all the way. I got
out of the car; I had to walk all the way around to the
front of the motel, through the main gate, and then sneak
back behind the building again on the inside of the

Zippers. Fabrics. The sound quality was excellent.

“Do you like them?” Edna asked.

“Very nice. I like, I like very much.”

I could actually hear him kissing and slurping.

“I like the way you kiss me.” Edna said.

“I like also.” Said Ho.

“Would you like me to suck your cock?” She asked.

She’d never asked me like that. She had done it once or
twice, but never come right out and talked about it.

“Oh yes. Please.” He said.

“You have a very nice penis.”

“Oh! Very nice, you have a very nice mouth, Edna!”

Laughter, from both of them.


“Oh Mr. Ho! I like that! Your tongue feels so good
against me. Yes, yes.”

I got to the window and peered in. I could see the gray
head bobbing up and down between my woman’s thighs. I
could see her bright smile, and her hand on the back of
his head. Her hips bucked up and down, meeting the
Oriental’s tongue.

Edna had often hinted that she liked this. I’d only ever
done it to her once; I didn’t like the taste, or the
hairs that got stuck in my teeth.

Old Ho didn’t seem to mind. He just kept right on going,
and Edna appeared to climax.

Then finally he crawled up and laid down next to Edna,
his back to me, and she rolled over and kissed him. They
kissed and stroked each other for a long time. She
stroked his cock, and he couldn’t get enough of her big
young tits.

I could see his dick. She was holding and stroking it; I
realized that she must have seen me at the window, and
was showing it to me intentionally. It was slightly
smaller than mine, but appeared to be no less potent.

Then he got on top of her, she spread her legs wide. I
could see her reaching down, guiding him into her.

His little ass began to bob up and down comically as he
buried his head between her great white Caucasian
breasts. She stroked his head, neck, and shoulders.
I was sure it would be over soon.

I was wrong.

Edna started to cry softly, and she wrapped her long
shapely legs around him. She started to buck her hips
again, and I saw her embrace tighten on his body.
He kept right on fucking her at a steady pace while she
appeared to have a powerful orgasm.

She lifted his head up from between her breasts, to look
into his eyes. She lifted herself up and forward, to
press her lips to his. I saw her tongue moving across the
cavity formed by their lips.

He kept fucking her.

It didn’t take long before Edna was coming again. I have
to admit that I’ve never been able to hold out when Edna
comes. The way she squeezes me, the way she pushes her
tongue into my mouth when she comes always makes me pop.
Old Ho’s ass just kept bobbing up and down, though. I
guess it was his age. Libido decreases with age, they

“Oh baby, that’s good!” I heard Edna say.

“Maybe you thought because I am old man I don’t have
power anymore?”
Ho said with a grin.

“You still have it baby. If you keep giving it to me like
that, I think I’m going to.”

Once more I heard Edna’s low orgasmic moans. Again she
leaned forward, licking out his mouth like an ice cream
bowl while she came.

I saw her reach under the place where they were joined
together, to stroke his balls.

“You have to come now, baby. I don’t think I can take
anymore, please come.” Edna begged.

And he did. His face contorted with concentration and
pleasure as he shot his load into my woman, while Edna
gripped his ass in her hands, smiling at him in that
wonderful way she has, obviously truly enjoying his

Then they lay silent and still, enjoying the moment.
Edna’s fingertips lightly traced across Ho’s short, wide
back and shoulders.

It was cold where I was, and I was getting cramps in my
feet. I went back to the car, and went home to wait for
Edna. She came in about an hour later.
We didn’t talk much about it; it was late, and we went to


I was woken in the morning by Edna’s body against mine,
her lips on my mouth.
Despite the fact that all she had done had been with my
consent, I couldn’t shake the feeling of being betrayed.
I know I had no right to feel that way, but logic has
nothing to do with feelings.

I wrapped my arms around her slender waist, pulling her
body to mine, my stiffening penis against her belly. I
slipped my left thigh between her legs, pushing it
against her groin. I started to feel better. She was
still mine.

“We got it, baby.” Edna said.

“At our price?”

“At our first price.”

We kissed, saying nothing for a short time.

“There is, one other thing though.” Edna said quietly. “I
have to spend one night a week with Quinn…”


Edna adds:

I’ve read the story that Matt wrote, and while it’s
technically accurate, I feel that I should add a few

The first time I met Quinn, I thought there was something
special about him. A certain strength.

Still, it was the property that Matt and I needed so
desperately that drove me to do what I did.

Women with the looks that I have are hit on by men
constantly. I don’t mind the stares. Young and old, men’s
eyes follow me down the street. I enjoy being admired,
and I don’t mind sharing my beauty with the world.

But some men seem to think that I must be for sale.
Several times wealthy men have offered to keep me. A nice
apartment, a car, and an allowance if I’ll be their
mistress. But I don’t want to be kept. I want to be my
own woman, I want to pay my own way. I don’t want to live
from my looks, and windup as one of those hopeless has-
beens at age 40.

The first time Quinn touched me, in the cafe with Matt
sitting right there, I was surprised to find that I
didn’t mind. I thought it was pretty funny, actually. As
if this short old man would have a chance against Matt;
young, tall, and handsome.

The audacity of it impressed me, though.

I flirted with him then, and did nothing to discourage
him, hoping he would soften his bargaining position.

He didn’t, of course, not then. But somehow, I knew he
would call. And I knew what he would want. If I had felt
repulsed by him, I wouldn’t have done it. But I have to
admit that I also wouldn’t have done it if it weren’t for
Matt and my ambitions. I had thought I would never sell
myself, but I had to do something now. I was tired of
being a waitress.

Having said all of that, I was surprised to find myself
feeling quite excited even before I went to meet Quinn
that first night.

I suppose everyone will think it some kind of father
fascination. Perhaps that’s true, I don’t really care.
What I do know is that I found Quinn inexplicably
attractive. It wasn’t his physical appearance; Quinn is a
rather handsome man, for his age, but it’s difficult for
a woman to be attracted to a man so much shorter than
herself. No, it was something from within, something
about his manner. He exercised a certain power over me
from the beginning, and I succumbed to that power; it
seemed to flow over me, and then I felt it lifting me,
and I felt a strange floating sensation as I gazed into
his wise eyes.

The first time we were together, though, in the motel
with Matt waiting outside, I was mainly with Quinn for
the lease. I didn’t find him unattractive, as I said, but
I had only ever been with Matt, I had never fooled

I never expected to truly enjoy the experience. I never
expected it to be the most satisfying sex I’ve ever had.
Despite his height, Quinn is incredibly strong. His
shoulders are massive, he has a wonderful physical
confidence, and his endurance is amazing.

I love Matt; he always treats me with respect. He’s my
best friend, my partner in life as well as business. He
loves me, he’s devoted to me, and I don’t plan to leave
him. With Matt I’m an equal, and that’s what I want to

But once a week, I surrender myself to Quinn. Quinn is my
master, and it’s my joy to submit to his wishes.

Perhaps it’s because my pleasure is Quinn’s fondest wish.
His pleasure is mine, and mine is his.

Quinn has a wife. She isn’t quite his age, but her hair
is starting to gray. Nonetheless, she is still an
attractive woman. She doesn’t resent sharing her husband
with me, at least not as far as I can tell.

I take off every Monday evening from the restaurant, and
stay at home to prepare myself. Quinn is very particular,
so I always take a bath, and do my hair and nails before
I go to him. I never let Matt come inside me for at least
a day in advance.

Also, Quinn insists that I shave my crotch, and I always
do so on Monday just before I go, so that I’m silky
smooth. Quinn absolutely loves to lick me out; I think he
likes it better than fucking.

Mrs. Ho always greets me with great warmth, and serves
Quinn and I tea.

Then she respectfully leaves us to prepare dinner, which
I would serve to the two of them when it was ready. I
always liked to wear one of Lee’s kimonos. I’m so much
larger than her, that it barely covers me; the hem ends
just below my smooth crotch, and there isn’t quite enough
fabric to completely cover my breasts.

After dinner, Lee would once more leave us alone.

Quinn is very dominant with me. He instructs me when he
wants me to undress, and then tells me whether to lie on
the bed or to kneel down and gave him head, or massage
his feet.

Often, he wants me to massage him for some time before we
have sex.

Quinn is often sore from exercise. He teaches martial
arts part-time. I think that’s the extra something I feel
from him; that charismatic confidence and power, so odd
for such a short man to have. It’s also why he’s in such
good condition.

He instructed me exactly how he wanted the massage at
first, until I could do it properly. He likes me to be
naked, except for perhaps a push-up bra. He likes to be
able to reach over and stroke my pussy from time to time,
it helps him to relax.

I don’t know why I find it so exciting to be treated like
that. But I do. It’s contrary to what I believe in; I
believe in sexual equality. But I always do exactly as he
tells me, and somehow I just seem to always love it.

He has never been mean to me. Even if he tells me to
kneel down before him and take his old cock in my mouth,
there’s a certain kindness to the order.

His touch is always gentle and sensuous. He loves to lick
me until I come, and often he’ll alternately fuck me and
give me head mercilessly, bringing me to orgasm again and
again, until I beg him to stop.

Perhaps that’s why I’ve learned to enjoy the feel of his
penis in my mouth; I want him to feel as much pleasure as
I do. I love to keep him on edge, stroking his body and
cock, licking his balls, until even he has trouble
keeping control.

We enjoy wonderful conversations; we often argue about
philosophy and politics until 2 AM, and we love to
compare our two cultures. I often think that the meeting
between our brains is as wonderful as the meeting of our


Last week, Quinn wanted to see his wife and I embrace. We
were hesitant, but neither of us would ever deny our
master his wish.

This isn’t some heavy dominance trip; Quinn is very
dominant, and Lee and I always, always, do as he asks. It
is dominance, I suppose. But it’s sweet.

I took the small Chinese woman in my arms. Lee is thin,
almost bony. We have been sharing a man now for several
months. Perhaps that’s why I found the embrace so
natural. I felt great warmth for her; Lee has a truly
generous heart. Even though I could be a great threat to
her, she had welcomed me into her home.

I looked down at her face. She looked serene, so composed
and peaceful. I stroked her head, holding it against my
breasts, and found myself thinking that I hoped that when
I reached her age that I would also have so much
She opened her eyes then. They were deep, brown and deep.

Quinn hadn’t asked us to, and I don’t know if it’s what
he’d wanted.

But I kissed Lee then. So strange to kiss a woman.

At that moment, I didn’t consider this a sexual thing. I
just wanted her to be aware of the regard I had for her.
I’m about a head taller than Lee, but she is the number 1
wife. I never let myself forget that, and I’m always
careful to treat her with respect that she deserves.

That night, for the first time, Lee slept with Quinn and

We all Made love first, of course. I don’t think I’m
bisexual, but it was an incredible experience. I have
never seen Quinn so excited. Between the two of us, Lee
and I were able to take him to heights that I don’t think
he had ever reached before.

I found Lee’s kiss more and more alluring. Her soft sweet
mouth on mine while Quinn screwed me was an amazing
sensation. She was returning to me the love and regard
that I had for her; she was demonstrating that she
accepted me not only as her husband’s concubine, but also
as a partner.

She stroked my face while I came, regarding me with
kindest, most loving face that I’d ever seen.

We then took turns with our man; one of us would kiss his
mouth while the other sucked his cock.

He satisfied us both completely before he came. It takes
a great man to please two women; he blessed the two of us
with his love, sharing out his attentions fairly between
the two of us. He would mount me, and make love with me
until that wonderful melting feeling of ultimate
submission would overcome me; and then do the same to
Lee, while I stroked him and kissed her, stroked her and
kissed him, did anything I could think of to increase the
sensuality of this incredible experience. Finally, Quinn
came inside of me, while his wife caressed his balls and
my ass.

Lee is my partner now, my partner in the quest for
Quinn’s greater pleasure.

I’m very excited by these new developments; I’m looking
forward to taking it further.

I’m a strong independent woman. For seven days and six
nights of the week. And on the seventh night, I belong to
Quinn, and my only purpose is to please him.

I love Matt, and our business is doing well. But I love
Lee and Quinn also.

I’m having a lot of fun, but I’m not sure how long Matt
will be able to handle it. I hope I will run a not have
to choose between my two worlds.