In Control of My Neighbor’s Mother

This is my first attempt at adult genre writing. In it
I entail the story of a teenage student who in a sense
hypnotizes his beautiful 37-year-old neighbor woman
Christina to have sex with him. Some minor variations
from a regular hypnotism class story that may make it a
little different. This will be part 1 of a series if it
is well accepted.

I like to look back a couple of years at my teenage life
and think about how normal my life used to be. You see
I’ve changed a lot since then. In those years, before the
event occurred that changed my life I was your usual
teenage hornball. I had a few friends and got along with
most of my classmates but I suffered from only average
looks and a shy streak that made it difficult to approach
girls at school. I seemed hard up so I decided that it
was time to change my ways or stay a virgin for the rest
of my life.

During the summer when I was young, I took a physiology
class at the local Junior College for college credit when
I was assigned to do a experiment of my choice for as a
final project for the class. I was allowed access to the
school equipment and was allowed to check out what I
needed for my project. I chose to do a experiment on
whether the thought patterns (EEG) of a individual could
be changed by applying a magnetic field in a controlled

I checked out the equipment I thought I would need and
went home to work on my experiment. I worked in my room
to build a harness for my subject’s head that would apply
the field correctly. Honestly I really didn’t know a lot
about what would happen, but I felt that I might as well
try something. The finished device consisted of a number
of electrodes that would be applied and then a harness
that would attach to the electrodes with leads to my EM

I also had a low end EEG that allowed me to monitor and
record a change in the brainwaves. I went downstairs to
the kitchen and proceeded to attempt to find a subject. I
asked my family members and no one would come near my

I walked outside worried that I would not find anyone to
try my experiment on. I headed over to the community
mailboxes and ran into my neighbor. Her name was
Christina and she was fairly new to the neighborhood. She
was in her late 30’s, 5’5″ and was a very sexy lady with
auburn hair, a light tan from laying out that summer and
a nice about C-cup pair of breasts. She had a son of
around my age, Chris and a daughter, Laura at 18 who was
a young version of her mother.

I told her about my woes of finding a subject for my
class experiment while retrieving my mail from the
mailbox. During the course of our conversation Christina
proffered to be my subject for the experiment. I
excitedly thanked her and made arrangements to go to her
house the following day to do the first experiment.

On that next day, I lugged over my equipment and
Christina met me at the door with a giggle. She was
wearing a red string tank top that showed her marvelous
breasts quite well and a short pair of denim shorts that
clung firmly to her shapely body, and a pair of open heel
sandals. She offered to help me with the equipment and I
accepted. To my delight she bent over and picked up some
of my gear and I got a eyeful of breast in the process.

In the House we unloaded the equipment in the living room
and Christina offered me a glass of lemonade. I accepted
and she went to go get the glass as I set up shop. I
plugged in my EM generating device and the EEG and
organized its leads. When Christina came back I thanked
her for the lemonade. I idly asked her where Chris and
Laura were, as the house seemed quiet. Christina said
Chris was away for two weeks at surf camp, and her
daughter Laura was shopping with a friend that afternoon.

I finished getting my gear ready and let Christina know I
was ready for her. I applied the electrodes and the
harness and told Christina to go ahead and set down on
the nearby recliner. She smiled a smile that said she
didn’t really expect the device to do anything and she
sat. I first set up the EEG to take a baseline so that I
could compare it to when I used my device.

In my class I learned how to interpret EEG’s and when I
saw her baseline I was surprised that her Beta wave
(subconscious) activity did not appear as the normal EEG
waves were supposed to. I discounted it to my limited
experience with the device and started to charge my EM
device to deliver the first mini-pulse. I told her I was
ready and she said to go ahead. I pushed to activation
button and then looked at her EEG again.

I immediately was surprised. Her Alpha wave
(consciousness) was now very strange and her Beta wave
activity seemed to have increased dramatically. I thought
to myself “Oh!” as I came to the belief she had fallen
asleep. I looked over at Christina and she had her eyes
open. I spoke to her and asked her if she was ok. She
didn’t blink or respond.

I became concerned and reached over to her shoulder and
shook her. She moaned but didn’t respond. In the process
one of the straps on her top fell over her shoulder and a
big portion of one of her beautiful breasts was exposed.
When I looked down I was mesmerized. I touched her
shoulder again and still no response. I couldn’t help but
stare at her beautiful breasts, as I was concerned over
why she wouldn’t respond.

After a lot of attempts to get her attention, I shook her
again and a much large portion of her breasts were
exposed. My teenage hormones started to overwhelm me, as
I was able to see one of her nipples, which stood erect.
I thought man, no way she seems to be coming out of this
right now, so I reached for and cupped her breast. In the
instant I touched it, she moaned and I jerked backwards.

I went back to looking at the EEG for a moment and saw
that the Beta wave pattern continued to dominate her
mind. I spoke aloud to myself that Christina was one
beautiful woman and that I would love to fuck such a sexy
thing. Christina moaned again, but I knew she wasn’t with
it. I looked at her EEG and it seemed as if when I spoke
her mind was registering what I was saying, so I said,
what the hell and came up with the idea to experiment and
see if I could program her subconscious with what I said.

“Christina,” I said and Christina moaned, “When you wake
up you will remember none of this. You will however feel
extremely attracted to me when you wake up. You will feel
horny at just the sight of me and you will beg to suck my
dick, and you’ll need me to fuck your cunt and asshole
when I say ‘Slipper eels.’ When I say ‘There’s no time
like now’ you will fall into this subliminal state again.
When your husband or children are there, you will pretend
that everything is normal, but your pussy will become wet
and you will excuse yourself to the bathroom to
masturbate every thirty minutes.”

I watched and the Beta waves seemed to respond to my
commands. Now the real trick was to wake Christina up. I
thought about it and tried a few futile things to wake
her up. I splashed water on her face and I clapped my
hands loudly in front of her face. No response. I began
to panic about Christina either not waking up or
remembering what I said when she was out.

Luckily neither was the case. I came across the idea of
reversing polarity on the EM device. I charged it up and
in a instant Christina was conscious again. Christina
looked at me and smiled a sexy smile. “It doesn’t look
like it worked,” she said. I feigned disappointment when
she said, “Let me make it up to you,” and got up and
hugged me.

When we hugged it was not the platonic type of hug, but
something that was a lot more than that. I became super
aroused at being against her sexy body and said “Slippery

Things got wild from there. We change from hugging to a
deep french-kiss in about two seconds and before I knew
what was happening her hands were tugging desperately at
my belt. Before I knew it her warm lips were wrapping
themselves around my aching member. She began stroking
while avidly sucking on my member. All of this was too
much for me and I moaned out loud and started shooting my
load into her beautiful mouth. Christina quickly
swallowed what she could and the rest dripped onto her
chin. She idly took a finger and scooped up the overflow
back into her mouth.

Being young, I revived quickly and told Christina to
undress. She removed her top and I saw all of her breasts
for the first time. They were perfect. Her areola stuck
out about half and inch and I quickly bent down and
suckled on one. I noticed her distinct lack of tan lines
and I told her how beautiful she was.

After my ministrations to her nipples I quickly removed
my clothes and then began attending to Christina. Off
came her shorts and she had on thong panties underneath.
I made her spread her legs and I immediately could tell
she was very excited. Her panties were soaked! I
tenaciously rubbed her pussy through the panties and felt
I was about to pass out from all the excitement.

The time was now! I quickly removed her panties and her
beautiful cunt was there for my viewing. She was shave
completely save a patch of hair right above her beautiful
cunt. I dove in and although inexperienced,
enthusiastically started licking at her cunny. Christina
re-directed me to the spot she wanted licked and as I
proceeded she let out a moan. We continued this for a
couple of minutes until I could not stand it any longer.

“Christina, I’m gonna fuck you now,” I said.

Christina looked nervous and said “I haven’t ever had sex
with anyone but my husband. In college I did give a few
blow jobs, but it stopped at that.” I told her to bend
over the bed and she complied. I walked up behind her and
rubbed my dick a few times on her dripping cunt and
slammed it home into her beautiful cunt.

Christina moaned as I pounded her. “I’m yours, I’m
yours,” she cried as she experienced her first
extramarital orgasm.

The sensation was too much and I said “I’m gonna cum.”

“Noooo!” she cried, “I could get pregnant! My husband and
I only use condoms!”

I asked, “Do you want me to pull out?”

“Nooo! Don’t stop, I’m going to cum again!”

I grunted and let loose my virgin load in this beautiful

At that moment there was a noise as someone began opening
a lock on the front door. “Oh no, it’s my husband.”
Christina grabbed her clothes and ran to the bathroom
while I hastily robed myself.

In came Mr. Michaels when I was just putting my last shoe
on (socks missing of course). The toilet flushed and
Christina came out and I thanked her for volunteering for
the experiment. I let her know that I would be by again
the next day for more testing.

Mr. Michaels went upstairs to change and I French-kissed
Christina goodbye and made a grab at her beautiful ass.