If I was your LOVER

You comfortable? Do you need anything before we start?

Good, just sit back and relax. Put all your cares out of
your head. That’s it. I’m gonna make you feel real good.

You’re sitting in front of your computer. We’re both
naked already. I’m straddling you right now. Kissing you.
Soft and gently. Then harder with more passion. For a
long time. Grinding against your crotch. I’m moving down
to your neck and your ear gnawing on you. Trying to
devour you.

I work my way down your body. Achingly slow. Finally,
I’ve got my head just above your beautiful cock. You’re
hard, real hard. I flick my tongue around the head of
your cock. Then I slowly, slowly work my mouth down it
until my nose is buried against your body.

I slowly pull my head back. I do this several times going
down slow and coming back up slow. I’m working you into
my throat, getting all that slippery slobber, so I have
lots of lube to work your cock over with.

I start working my hand along your shaft, while my mouth
works on the top half of your big cock.

I love sucking you baby. Does it feel good? Can you feel
my warm mouth on you. Working you over. I love the feel
of your cock in my mouth.

Can you see me looking up at you? I’ve got your cock in
my mouth. Doesn’t my mouth look good stuffed full of your
cock? I can’t speak right now, but you can see the love
in my eyes, can’t you? I wanna’ make you come so good. I
want to really work up a big load. Have you been saving
it for me baby? Good, ’cause I want lots.

I stroke your cock vigorously until I can tell you’re on
the edge, then I slow down. I stroke and suck you into my
mouth with feather soft touches. I do this until I’m sure
you’re back off the edge far enough.

I stop, stand up and turn with my back to you. I grab
your cock and guide it into my pussy. I’m sitting on your
cock. I’m supporting my own weight by leaning forward
with my hands on my thighs. This way I can really work my
pussy up and down on your cock.

You can see my pussy. Split open by your big cock. You’ve
got a full view of it sliding up and down the length of
your wonderful cock. You can see my bountiful pussy juice
glistening on your cock. You start rocking your hips in
time with the stroking I’m doing on your cock. You’re
really fucking me back hard now. I reach down and put my
hands on the floor for better balance. We’re in perfect
sync. You’ve got your hands on my hips slamming me
against you as you ram your cock into me.

You stand up so you can get better leverage. I’ve still
got my hands on the floor. I’m getting a head rush from
being up side down so long, but it’s cool, it makes the
fucking you’re giving me even better.

You are slamming me for all your worth now. You’re like a
crazy man.

“Yeah baby that’s it. That’s what I need. Fuck me hard
baby. Oh yeah baby slap my ass. OOoohhh that hurt so
good. Do it again. Harder. Fuck me harder, give me all
you’ve got. Do it! Don’t be afraid, I won’t break, fuck
me hard baby, please, I need it! I need to feel you
slamming me. Yeah baby, oooohhhh. That’s good baby.”

I can’t take it any more. I have to cum, I have to rub
onmy clit. It doesn’t take anytime at all, I’m cumming
all over your big beautiful cock. Can you feel it baby?
My pussy spasming all over you. Can you see my asshole
opening and closing. You’re fucking me so good. Don’t
stop, please, I’m going to cum again. “OH, baby, you’re
so fucking good.”

Yes, baby you’re close aren’t you? You wanna cum for me
baby? Huh? Where do you wanna put that load? On my face?

I reluctantly pull myself off your cock and kneel in
front of you. You’re stroking yourself hard. I put my
mouth and hand on you and try to keep up the furious
momentum. My pussy tastes so good on your cock. You are
fucking my face now. You’ve got both hands on my head,
trapping me against you. Your hips are ramming your cock
into my throat. I can hardly breath. I’m gasping for air
as you keep up the assault.

I can tell your right there on the edge again, it’s
boiling up. Your talking to me telling me, “Eat my cock,
you fucking slut, eat it all. That’s it, you little
cocksucker, eat Daddy’s cock all up. That’s a good little
girl. Suck that big cock.”

You pull my head back by my hair so I’m looking up at
you. You’ve got your cock in the other hand, jacking it
off right in front of my open mouth.

You grunt to me: “I’m gonna cum. Whooooaaaa. Yes, you
slut, fucking slurp up my cum. OOOHH yes, it’s gonna be a
big one. I can feel it, you little cocksucker, ooohhh eat
it up. Eat all my cum baby. Eat it up you fucking
wonderful little slut. AAAAAAGGGGHHHHHH!!”

You shoot your load all over my open mouth and all over
my face. It’s dripping down on to my tits. It’s so warm
and wonderful. I try to catch it in my mouth, so I can
eat it all but you’re squirting all over the place. It
seems like you’re never going to stop. Your cock just
keeps pumping out more cum. Finally it stops, and you put
your cock back in my mouth and milk out the last few
drops from the base of your cock.

Wow, I’m covered in you. You look down at me and start
laughing you can’t believe you shot out that much. I must
look crazed right now. All freshly fucked and cum soaked.

You grab a towel and clean me up. You take your time, as
you clean one spot off you kiss me there, you keep this
up until it’s all gone.

You lead me over to the bed and crawl in beside me.

“Good night baby, and thank you.”