Mom’s Secret Stud

His father had taken a job on the other side of the
world leaving Paul and his mother behind to sell the
house and then joined the rest of the family. This was
proving to be a monumental task and it looks like the
separation from the rest of the family was going to be
months rather than weeks.

At 19 years of age Paul already knew what it was that a
girl or woman did for a boy. He was involved in a very
hot but uncomplicated relationship with a young woman
down the street. Their sex was frantic but enjoyable.
They spend hours experimenting with the different
sensations. One evening, after having been to the
movies with his girlfriend, Paul arrived home early.
Opening the front door quietly so as not to wake his
mother, he walked straight through the lounge and
climbed the stairs, going to his room. As he passed the
bathroom he noticed the light on and the door slightly

Not thinking of anything at all other than to turn of
the light he pushed the door partly open, only to be
faced with the most amazingly erotic sight. His mother
Edith was standing with her back to the door, nightgown
pulled up above her waist and rubbing cream onto her
vagina. Up until this time Paul had never thought of
his mother as a sex object. That changed in a flash.

As he stood quietly at the door he felt his erection
rise. Realising for the first time what a great ass and
legs his mother had, he had an almost uncontrollable
desire to take his by now stiff cock in his hand and
masturbate. Even better, step up behind his mother and
push his cock into her glistening pussy. Suddenly his
mother put her leg down, obviously having finished her
ablutions. Paul quickly stepped back from the door and
hurried to his room.

Closing the door firmly behind him he frantically
ripped his pants open, pulled his stiff cock out of his
underpants and with two swift but strong strokes
brought himself to the most amazing orgasm. He seemed
to cum for ages.

For the next few days Paul tried everything that he
could to see his mother in various stages of undress.
The more difficult this proved the hornier he became.
He seemed to spend his whole time masturbating and
thinking about his beautiful mother. The start of the
whole thing this evening had been his mother walking
into the lounge wearing nothing but a semi transparent
nightgown. His mother had not realised how see through
her nightgown was, but Paul could clearly see that she
had no panties on. He couldn’t see anything other than
the outline of his mother’s naked body.

But that was enough. That plus the memory of the
previous week, when his mother had been fingering her
pussy whilst applying cream, had Paul in an absolute
sexual frenzy. Now Paul was lying in his bed with a
cock as hard as an iron rod.

He was thinking of thrusting his cock between his
mother’s legs and was reaching the point of another
orgasm when a thought suddenly came to his head. What
if he crept quietly into her room and masturbated
whilst looking at her? He knew that his mother had gone
to bed early and was now probably asleep. The thought
of his cum spurting over his sleeping mother!

The thought had no sooner entered his mind then he
jumped out of bed. Quickly slipping on a loose pair of
pants that would hide his rampant erection, Paul walked
quietly down the passage separating his room from that
of his mother. His mother’s door was pulled almost
closed and so it was easy for him to quietly push the
door open.

The sight that greeted him was the fruit of every young
mans most erotic dream. His mother had rolled over in
her sleep throwing her blanket off her body. Her
nightgown had pulled up and she was lying on her
stomach with the beautiful ass stuck in the air. Her
legs were slightly apart. Not enough for Paul to see
her cunt but certainly enough for him to get a hint of
the warmth that lay in her secret place. Paul couldn’t
help himself.

Despite the possibility of being caught he frantically
pulled down the front of his tracksuit pants and
started to massage his massive, erection. He had never
been this horny in his whole life. His cock was leaking
pre-cum and had lubricated his whole shaft. Almost on
autopilot, he moved towards the sleeping form of his
mother. He couldn’t resist and reach down with his left
hand and touched the inside of her thigh. Suddenly, his
mother pulled her knee up towards her chest and there,
in all its seductive glory was the object of Paul’s
fantasy. His mother had too his eyes the most beautiful
cunt imaginable.

What was more, she had virtually no hair at all on her
lower body and her glorious pussy was completely
exposed to his lustful gaze. By now Paul was completely
beyond control. He knelt down on the floor by the side
of her bed and slowly inched forward until his cock was
only inches away from his mother’s pussy. He slowly
extended his left hand and ran his thumb down his
mother’s vagina lips. Not able to pull away he
continued to stroke gently up and down her cunt.
Without warning his mother groaned slightly and opened
her legs even wider. Paul realised that, despite being
asleep, his mother was enjoying his attentions.

Getting bolder he licked his middle finger and slowly
worked the end of it between the lips of his mother’s
cunt. His mother moved her pelvis and his finger
slipped further into the warmth of her cunt. Now Paul
started to feel a change in his mother’s body. To his
surprise her pussy was starting to get wet. Taking
advantage of the situation he started to increase the
pressure of his fingers on her warm and wet fuck-slit.
Beyond the point of return Paul decided that he was
going to cum all over his mothers cunt.

His heart was pounding, his mouth was dry. He could
feel a trembling throughout his body as he slowly
worked his cock closer and closer to his mother’s cunt.
By now his finger was deep inside his mothers hole and
he was on the point of shooting all over her sweet ass.
Without warning the pressure built-up in his balls.
Frantically he thrust forward and the head of his cock
touched the lips of his mother’s cunt.

The cum boiled its way from his balls and squirted hard
against the lips of her cunt. The second squirt landed
on the sweet brown ring of her ass and obscenely ran
down to her cunt. As Paul was still finger-fucking his
mother he was working his hot sperm deep into his
mothers body. Paul’s passion began to subside and he
realised what a dangerous predicament he was in.
Between his mothers legs had landed what seemed to be a
liter of cum. It had run down into the crack of her ass
and had created a puddle on the sheet directly below
her body. Quietly Paul stood up and went to the

Grabbing a small hand towel he quietly went back into
the bedroom and wiped the evidence of his passion from
between her legs. Paul knew that his mother, from this
moment on, would always be the major object of his
lust. Even now, after having deposited the biggest load
of cum in his young life, Paul was thinking how nice it
would be to have thrust his cock deep into his mother’s
cunt where his finger had been only moments before.

He found himself standing still and staring at her
body. He reaches down with his hand and pushed gently
against the back of her knee and her legs opened even
further. It was clear to Paul by this stage that his
mother, despite being fast asleep, was very definitely
aroused. He leaned forward and pushed his face closer
and closer towards his mother’s ass and cunt. The smell
of female arousal came clearly to his nostrils.

Without thinking he reached forward with his right-hand
and pushed his thumb slowly into her very wet pussy.
With the other fingers of his hand he cupped her mound
and then, with his middle finger began to gently stroke
her clit. As his finger moved round and round the
little protrusion began to get hard, her cunt secreted
more and more hot wet fluid and his mother was now
slowly grinding herself onto her son’s fingers. Keeping
up the pressure with his fingers he pulled her cheeks
apart with his other hand and looked fascinated at the
brown rose of her ass.

He had read in many pornographic books of men playing
with the back passage of the women they were fucking
and Paul now decided that he wanted to touch what until
now had only been thought. Dropping his head closer he
stuck out his tongue and gently licked the ring of his
mother’s ass. This seemed to be more than his sleeping
mother could cope with.

She slowly pushed her ass up into the air and started
to grind her very wet cunt harder and harder against
his hand. At this point Paul realised that he was going
to fuck his mother. It she woke up now it would be just
too bad because whether she liked to not her sweet cunt
was going to get filled with the very, very hard cock
of her young son.

Using both hands now Paul opened his mothers legs and
knelt between them on her bed. Taking his hard cock in
his hand he slowly lowered his hips until the head
touched her sweet lips. Pushing forward he felt the
head of his cock slipped between the lips of her cunt.
By this stage Paul’s heart was beating at 1000 miles an
hour. Regardless of the consequences he was now going
to cum inside the hole from whence he had come. Pushing
his hips down Paul felt his cock slide into the tight,
wet warmth of his mother’s fuck-slit.

Slowly he pushed the length of his young cock into her
pussy. Her cunt started to squeeze on his hot cock and
carefully at first, he started to slide his hot member
in and out of his mother’s wonderfully wet pussy.
Faster, faster he thrust his hips. He felt again the
cum building deep inside his balls, pushing deep inside
the heat of his mothers sweet cunt, he took hold of her
hips with both hands and thrust hard. As he did so he
felt his sperm fill to overflowing his mother’s body.
He pulled his wet cock from her cunt and his incestuous
seed spilled onto the sheets.

He couldn’t understand how he had got away with fucking
his mother. “It’s not like I took it easy” he thought.
And then he saw them —- his mothers sleeping tablets.
She must have taken one.

The following weekend Paul and his mother traveled out
of town to visit his grandfather. Her father had always
dominated Edith but felt she needed to see him before
leaving the country for what could be a considerable
time. After a long chat and dinner Edith’s father told
her she could sleep in the spare room and he would have
a bed made up for Paul in the lounge. Paul went off to
the bathroom.

Edith, concerned that Paul would be cold sleeping in a
makeshift bed in winter, told her father he could sleep
with her. This didn’t impress her father at all. “He is
much too old to sleep in your bed,” her father said.
But Edith was adamant and her father relented.

When Paul got back to the lounge his mother told him to
go and get into the bed and sleep. She was going to
watch some TV before retiring. Paul could not believe
his luck. He was going to share a bed with his gorgeous
mother. She was unaware of her son’s lust for her. With
luck she would come to bed and get to sleep quickly.
Perhaps he could touch her with his cock as he
masturbated? The thought of being so close to his sexy
mother’s body immediately gave Paul a huge erection. If
his grandfather had seen the look on Paul’s face as he
went to bed he would have definitely vetoed the
sleeping arrangements.

Paul lay in bed, desperately trying not to touch his
throbbing cock. He wanted to cum with his mother in his
bed. It seemed like hours before she finally came into
the room. “Paul, are you awake?” Although he was VERY
much awake Paul pretended sleep. Without putting on the
light Edith undressed. “She is one horny looking
bitch,” thought Paul as he watched his mother strip by
the light from the street. “I have just got to fuck her
again.” His mother got into bed and then to his
consternation, put on her bedside light and started to
read. A very horny young man gradually fell asleep. His
dreams full of erotic fantasy —- and all involving
his beautiful mother. He snuggled up to his mother’s
back; Edith reached over her hip and gave him a pat on
the butt.

Soon, both Paul and his mother were asleep. Snuggled up
against his mother, he hugged her to him in his sleep,
his arm thrown over her side to encircle her waist.

Edith slept soundly and her dreams filled her sleeping
mind. She was a girl again and her boyfriend was trying
to feel her breasts. She was a good girl and although
she liked him she was nervous about letting him go this
far. His hand was almost on her bra-covered mound. She
could feel his manhood as it pressed against her ass.
He was hard. His cock pressed against her round ass.
She involuntarily pressed aback at his erection. His
hand closed over her tit. Her ass moved in tiny circles
against his erect cock. She could feel it slipping
between her ass cheeks.

She woke up. Frozen, she could not voluntarily move.
Was she still dreaming, or was she awake? She still
felt a hand on her breast. The cock she felt in her
dreams was still hard and it was pressing between her
ass cheeks. Edith was puzzled. If she was still
dreaming, why was she wondering if she was awake? If
she was awake, why was she still feeling the hand on
her tit and the cock between her ass cheeks? Very
puzzling, indeed. Unless…

The sudden crack of thunder snapped her out of her
There was only one answer. Paul! Her mind churned at
the thought. It had to be. She was certain she was
awake, now. She lay still, collecting her thoughts.
Yes, a hand was on her tit. Yes, a cock was rubbing
against her ass and she now could feel the familiar
softness of cotton. Underwear. It was a feeling she
knew very well.

The hand on her tit was warm as it held her gently. It
softly squeezed the firm mound. Her ass cheeks felt the
hardness of the cloth-covered cock as it pushed into
her cleft. She noticed herself pushing back at the hard
rod of flesh. What the hell was her son doing with his
hand on her tit and a hardon? She realized immediately
that he was asleep. He snored gently into her neck. She
had to do something about this.

Paul’s hand was softly holding his mother’s tit as he
slept. In her position on her side, her breast was
exposed under her nightgown. His hand slipped under the
gown and cupped her bare tit. Edith held her breath.
His fingers stroked over her nipple. It stood up
instantly under the gentle fondling. She bit her lip as
his hand held her tit. Her ass pushed back against his
cock. She realized he had a big cock for a boy. Her

The nightgown Edith wore was short and it had managed
to work its way up slightly as her ass pushed back
against her son’s cock. She could feel the hard shaft
as it lay against her ass, snuggling into the crack of
her ass. Paul shifted slightly in his sleep and his
erect cock slipped between her cheeks. She tried, but
she couldn’t keep from wiggling her hips back onto his
cock. The cloth covered penis of her son rubbed the
underside of her cunt. Edith gasped as she felt it side
over her sensitive pussy to rest against her lips.

Edith wriggled her ass in circles against her son’s
cock. Then she felt him shift his hips. He pushed his
cock back at her. She reached behind her and her hand
slipped between them. She felt for the opening of his
shorts with her fingers and finding it she managed to
hold the cloth apart. Her son’s erect cock sprang out
of the opening to slap against her bare, wet pussy. She
held the hot, hard bar of boy cock in her motherly hand
for an instant then she did something mothers don’t do
with their son’s cocks.

She pushed his cock up the cleft of her ass and nestled
the head at the entrance to her pussy. Paul slept on,
unaware of his mother’s actions.

Edith had always been a hot piece of ass and the long
separation from her husband had made her even hornier
than usual. Something her father had noticed earlier in
the evening. At one stage Edith had thought her widower
father was going to make a move on her, but he had
obviously thought better of it. That casual encounter
with all it’s forbidden possibilities had left Edith
with a very wet pussy. Without conscious thought she
decided she was way too horny not to take advantage of
the situation she found herself in. The fact that the
hot, hard cock belonged to her son only made the act
more exciting than ever. She had never thought of
fucking her son. Till now.

Edith took a deep breath and pushing her ass back she
felt Paul’s cock slide into her cunt. Paul’s hand
closed firmly on her tit, squeezing it softly as his
mother pushed her cunt onto his cock. She shivered at
the feel of the boy’s penis entering her pussy. It had
been a long time since a man had put his cock in her.
Groaning, Edith wriggled her hips onto the shaft of her
son’s cock. She began to hunch her hips back at the
sleeping boy. Her hips started to jiggle in a slow
motion as she fucked herself on her sleeping son’s
cock. She felt the walls of her pussy close on his cock
as they gripped him tightly in their wet, slick
embrace. Paul moved slightly. Edith stopped her
movements with her son’s cock buried deeply in her
pussy. Paul humped against his mother’s ass.

Edith began to mover her ass in time with her sleeping
son’s instinctive movements. She fucked back as he
thrust into her vagina. She began to push harder
against him. Her hips made small, regular jerking
circular movements. She was breathing raggedly as she
concentrated on fucking her sleeping son. The bed began
to move with the steady tempo of fucking. Edith felt
the boy’s cock growING harder inside her. She wondered
for the first time if he would cum. She moved faster at
that thought.

Paul’s hand on her tit closed tightly around the firm
globe and he humped his cock deep into his mother’s
pussy. Edith picked up the pace as she began to slap
her ass back onto his cock. She felt his cock pulsing
as her pussy stroked up and down the length of the
invading boy prick. Her clit throbbed and she reached
down to stroke the hard nub. Her fingers found the
timing of her strokes and she began to pull her pussy
almost off the boys cock then slam her ass back at him.

Paul held his mother tightly as she fucked him. The bed
rocked and creaked with her efforts. Again and again
she slid her pussy up and down his shaft. She sank the
full length of it into her pussy and her hips churned
against the throbbing of his erect prick. With a few
quick thrusts she was near orgasm. She slammed her
clasping pussy on her son’s cock. It began to throb
hard inside the slick, hot tunnel of her vagina.

Edith could feel her climax at the core of her pussy.
She held his cock deep in her and her vagina massaged
it with rippling motions of her muscles. Paul clung to
her his cock buried in her pussy. She held him deeply
and made little humping movements. Then she felt his
cock jerk once, twice, then his body stiffened. She
gasped as she felt the boy shoot jet after jet of hot
sperm deep into her clenching cunt. Her fingers rubbed
her clit and her pussy held his cock like a fist.

Bucking back on his cock she felt his cum splash
against the walls of her milking pussy. He groaned and
held his dick inside her. She continued to massage his
cock with her cunt as he shot load upon load of boy-cum
into his mother’s cunt. Edith shuddered as her orgasm
took her. Her hips moved spastically on his rock hard
cock. The cum leaked out of her pussy and ran down her
ass. She finally stopped, out of breath. Her sons cock
was still hard inside her. She remembered that young
boys could stay hard for some time, even after they

A flash of lightning froze the image of the two, the
boy clinging to his mother, the woman panting for
breath, her fingers buried in her cunt. There would be
another night.

They had decided to stay another night with her father.
She had caught her father looking at her in ways that a
father shouldn’t look at a daughter but he had still
not made a move. Not that Edith expected him to, after
all incest was illegal. Never the less, she enjoyed the
day, mildly flirting with her father and letting him
see glimpses of panty or tit from time to time. At one
stage she bent over the coffee table giving him a full
view of her stocking clad legs and tiny panties.
Carefully glancing his way she was sure her dad had a
very painful erection. What a waste .. and she was now
so horny she could scream.
She clicked off the television and made her own way
upstairs to her room. She passed the bathroom and
glancing in she saw her son at the sink brushing his
teeth. She stopped and her eyes fastened on his form.
She could see the outline of his prick and balls in his
shorts. They jiggled with the motions of his upper body
as he brushed.

Her nipples hardened at the sight and her cunt began to
shed moisture from the swollen lips of her pussy. She
brushed her hand across her breasts, lingering on the
swollen nipples. Paul glanced at her as he bent over
the sink to rinse his mouth and smiled at her. She drew
her hand away from her tits and turned to her bedroom.
She removed her nightgown and admired herself in her
mirror. She saw a shapely and beautiful woman staring
back at her.

Edith was not tall, about average for a woman, but she
had magnificent tits, which required a 37C bra. Her ass
was full and rounded with tapering thighs and shapely
calves. She prided herself on keeping in shape and for
a woman of thirty-eight.

Running her hands over her tits she played with the
nipples and rolled them in her fingers. Her tits
throbbed with the attention. She crawled into her bed
and switched off the dim light. In an hour she would be
fucking her young son. She smiled in the darkness and
settled herself in for the wait.

He opened the door and crossed to her bed. He could see
she was asleep and he made no sound as he slipped under
the covers. She turned over, facing the boy. Paul saw
that she was nude. He wasn’t sure why. A sudden flash
of lightning and the view of his naked mother gave Paul
the hardest erection of his young life. Regardless of
the consequences, tonight I am going to fuck you, he

His young face nestled in her breasts. She placed her
arm over him, holding him closely, motherly instinct
working even whilst asleep. A nipple brushed against
his lips. He held her tightly as the storm continued.
Slowly and gently he started to arouse his mother.
Wanting her cunt sopping wet before he fucked her he
started to tease her nipple with his teeth. Edith felt
something vaguely familiar. Something exciting, yet she
could not place the feeling. Her sleepy mind slowly
stirred and she felt the sensation strongly. Paul was
sucking her tit!

She lay still, her arm across her son as he sucked on
her swollen breast. She shivered at the strong suckling
on her sensitive nipple. She opened her eyes and as
they adjusted to the darkness Edith felt the slickness
of her pussy. She adjusted her position so her son
could suck even more of her tit into his mouth. She lay
still, her son sucking her breast like a baby. Her head
was thrown back and her breath was ragged. She moved
her hand down between them to the boy’s hips. She
cupped her hand over his penis and balls and began to
softly caress them.

Amazed, she found his cock hard and throbbing. It
swelled even more as she massaged it through his
shorts. She felt for the opening and her fingers deftly
fished the hard cock and swollen balls from the
opening. She felt a drop of liquid on the tip of the
boy’s prick and her thumb spread it over the head of
his throbbing cock. He sucked harder on her tit. She
raised her leg and gently laid it over her son’s hips.
She scooted closer and her hand held his hard, hot cock
slowly jacking him off.

Paul realised that his mother thought he was asleep.
How far will she go? “Wow!! My mother wants to fuck me
as much as I want to fuck her.” The possibilities
running through Paul’s mind almost made him shoot his
load all over his mother’s belly.

She positioned herself so his cock was at the entrance
to her cunt. Slowly she rubbed the boys cock through
the damp slit of her swollen pussy. A hiss escaped her
lips as she shivered with the sensations that throbbed
from her quivering cunt. She held his cock against the
opening and with a slight motion of her hips slid her
wet, steaming pussy over the head of her son’s prick.
Paul wiggled his body closer to his mother and his
mouth continued to suckle on her hard nipple.

The storm was starting to abate outside while Edith
began to fuck her son in her bed. She sank her clasping
vagina on the boy’s hard cock and when she had his full
length inside her she began to rock her hips against
the hard rod of boyish cock. She rubbed her clit over
the cock and screwed her pussy onto his erect and
dripping penis. She established a steady humping tempo
that she knew would soon have her soaring over the edge
of orgasm. Her bedroom filled with the soft sounds of a
cock into cunt as she fucked her son.

Soon, Edith was vigorously thrusting the boys cock into
her pussy. She looked down at his lips sealed around
her throbbing tit as he sucked her while he apparently
slept. He reminded her of the times she had nursed him
while he was a baby. Now, she fucked herself on his
cock, buried fully in her cunt. She gasped for breath
as she quickened her pace. She humped her pussy on his
cock faster and faster. The squishing sounds filled her
ears as she drew herself up and down the length of his
boyish cock.

Groaning, the lust crazed mother rolled herself over
the boy and lay atop him, his cock sank deep into her
wanton body from below. She raised herself up on her
elbows and slammed her hips down on his cock. She felt
it harden even more and start to jerk inside her. Her
hips flew up and down on his prick, lubricated by her
flowing juices and the pre-cum that leaked from his
piss hole into her. Looking down at his face she stared
as she saw his eyes were open! He looked into his
mother’s face, contorted by lust and surprise.

His mouth opened around her tit and his hips slammed up
to meet her thrusts. He bit on her nipple as his mother
continued to fuck him savagely. She smiled at the boy
and lowered her lips to his. She kissed her son,
forcing her tongue into his open mouth. He stared into
her lust filled eyes then returned the fiery kiss. His
arms shot around her neck and he held her tightly as
they fucked with a primal energy.

Edith knew she was about to cum and wanted her son to
cum with her. She used the walls of her cunt to massage
his surging prick as he now rammed it into her on his
own. His face screwed into a mask of unbridled lust, he
pounded himself against her belly. He groaned, then his
body lurched.

Edith felt his prick jerk inside her and then she felt
her orgasm welling up from the depths of her incestual
cunt to wash over the both of them. Paul gave a last
thrust and held his cock buried in his mother’s cunt.
The hot, sticky sperm shot from the tip of his prick to
sear the inside of his mother’s pussy with its heat.
Gush after gush of boy spunk flowed into her as she
milked his cock in the throes of her orgasm. Her hips
ground into his and she uttered an animalistic cry as
her pussy clenched around her sons invading cock.

For what seemed to the panting woman like minutes her
son ejaculated into her. His cock seemed to spew jet
upon jet of cum into the depths of her waiting cunt as
they lay still, she on top of her son, weight resting
on her elbows, her head beside his on the pillow. Now
it was in the open, she would have to admit to her son
that she had been fucking him in his sleep. But she
didn’t care. She only knew that she wanted to continue
to fuck him whenever she could. They would have to be
careful not to let anyone even think that they might be
sleeping together. If word got out that she was fucking
her son the world they lived in would be in an uproar.

Rolling off her gasping boy, Edith looked over at him
beside her on the bed.

“Honey, I have to explain something to you…” She
began, as he lay, spent and breathless beside her.

“I have something to say to you too,” he said as he
reached out and gently played with his mother’s nipple.

Bill had been tortured by his daughter’s presence all
day. He had watched as she moved around the house and
had caught glimpses of her great tits and even her
thighs. After lunch she had bent over the coffee table
to get a cup and had exposed her legs and ass to his
hot gaze. He could clearly make out the outline of her
cunt through the little panties she was wearing. “God!”
She was a hell of a horny woman. Bill could feel
Edith’s sexuality and was sure she was as horny as he
was but didn’t know what to do. Oh what to do? He would
love to stick his cock in her hot mouth!!! Bill hadn’t
been with a woman since his wife died five years before
and at sixty he was as horny as ever.

On his way to bed he noticed the door to the room where
Edith and Paul slept was slightly open. Not sure what
he intended he pushed the door open and entered the
darkened room. The only light was from the streetlamp
outside but his eyes soon adjusted. Edith was lying on
her side facing him and Paul was spooned into her back.

“Lucky little bastard. If I were in his place my cock
would be like an iron bar and I would be rubbing her
cunt with the head of it.”

Little did Bill know but that was exactly what Paul was
doing as his grandfather entered the room. After he and
his mother had finished fucking they had drifted off to
sleep, but Paul had wakened. The excitement of the
knowledge that he and his mother were lovers had
awakened in him an insatiable desire for her lush body
and he was intent on sticking his hard cock into his
mother’s receptive and still wet cunt when his
grandfather walked in the room.

“What the hell does he want?” thought Paul. What he
wanted was to stick his cock anywhere in his daughter
and unload the massive load of cum he could feel in his
balls. His cock was harder than it had been for years.
Stepping close to the bed Bill saw Edith was uncovered
to her waist and her beautiful tits were there for him
to see Bill heard himself groan and without thinking
her reached out and stroked Edith’s right breast.

Still sexually aroused, even in sleep, with her son
rubbing her cunt with his cock and now her father
playing with her nipples, Edith started to respond.
“Holy shit, gramps is feeling mum up!” thought Paul.
The sight of his grandfather massaging his mother’s
tits sent Paul’s head into a spin. By now Bill was sure
of one thing only. He had to cum on or in his daughter.

Quietly he removed his pants and released his hard cock
to the night air. He moved back towards his daughters
sleeping form.

Fascinated, Paul watched as his grandfather wiped his
stiff fuck-tool over his mother’s lips. Excited beyond
belief, Paul, without alerting his grandfather that he
was awake, slowly pushed his raging hard-on into his
mother’s cunt. In response to her son’s thrust she
opened her mouth to gasp and her fathers cock slipped
into her mouth. Bill was in heaven. The feel of Edith’s
hot wet mouth on his cock was exquisite. Now not caring
for the consequences he started to thrust into her
mouth. The feelings going through his body were
indescribable and he felt his cum boiling deep in his

Bill looked down at his beautiful daughter’s face and
was amazed but thankful that she was now sucking on his
turgid cock. As he pulled out of her mouth he felt the
pressure of the sucking on the head. He knew he
wouldn’t last long. So great was the feeling of his
daughter sucking his cum out of his body that he didn’t
realise Paul was pounding his mothers cunt with an
equally hard piece of fuckmeat. Bill groaned — far
too loud he knew, as suddenly he filled Edith’s mouth
with her father’s cum.

Thrust after thrust he emptied his balls and Edith
swallowed her fathers load into her belly. As his cock
softened he pulled it out of her mouth. She lay there,
still sleeping. “I should feel guilty but that was the
best fuck of my life.” Bill quietly left the room,
determined to persuade his daughter to spend just one
more night.

As his grandfather closed the door Paul pulled his hard
cock out of her cunt and pulled her over onto her back.
“Fuck mum, that was the horniest thing ever.”

“Just fuck me Paul, I need to cum on my lover son’s
cock. Just fuck me HARD!”