Mistress Of The Realm

It’s a BDSM Story set in the year 2525. The United States
now extends north to Canada and down all the way to South
America. The country has elected its first woman
president and capital punishment and outright on-the-spot
executions are prevalent.

This story contains scenes of a brutal and violent
nature. I strongly not recommend not engaging in any of
these activities UNLESS it is done in a proper BDSM
setting complete with proper BDSM etiquette. I also very
strongly urge that no minors have access to this story or
that any minors be given access to it.

And lastly, if this type of action bothers you, or you
believe it could have an effect on you psychologically,
then I suggest you don’t proceed any further and leave
this alone. Otherwise, have fun!


The year is 2525. All of the United States is now
stateless, where all have been combined into one big
landmass. Canada no longer exists and is made part of the
U.S. It extends down into Mexico about halfway. The
United States has elected it’s first woman President and
is presided by a Council Of Ministers who also happen to
Answer to the World Council based in Geneva, Switzerland.
Criminal punishment has also evolved, whereas executions
are now mandatory for all felony crimes and lesser crimes
are beatings and imprisonment.

Our story begins in the Council Chamber where a meeting
is taking place. The story is told by the Minister of
Internal Security, Minister Brandon Weslo Haldren.


It had been a long, legislative day. The whole Council
was there, including Madame President Stephanie McMagron
Chadonay. Madame President Stephanie was elected on a
landslide due to her honest actions and earned herself
the distinction of being the only honest politician in
world history. Anyways, we were deliberating on the use
of certain television events and the debate was very
intense. “I do not see why we can’t do this properly!”
Minister of Communications and Television, Soukatamar
Konslin argued.

Madame President Stephanie looked out at him through her
beautiful brown eyes. The type of eyes any man in his
right mind would stare at for hours on end. Even starve
to death if necessary. “Minister Konslin!” She began,
“Just because my father owned the largest pro wrestling
conglomerate in the world does not mean we are gonna take
advantage of it by having a ‘Peace Treaty Match’! It’s
ludicrous! I do not want you to entertain any more of it
ever!” Her decision was final.

We discussed some more items when one of my aides came
into the chamber looking very flushed. Minister for
Intelligence Katoumi Vesage looked up from his papers.
“Why is he in here! Madame President! This meeting was
supposed to be closed!” He boomed. Madame Stephanie
looked across the room ruefully. “You will remain silent
this instant!” She bellowed. The room was deafeningly
quiet. The aide looked at Madame President in absolute
fear. “Continue with your business.” She stated simply
and quietly. The aide turned to me and handed me a small
piece of paper. On it was a message saying that one of
our most classified documents had been taken. Called an
Intelligence Impact Statement, it was used as an approval
or disapproval of any intelligence collection operation
and the impact it might have on any treaties or alliances
with our friendly allies. Its security was most

Madame Stephanie looked at the agenda. “Since there is no
other business before this council—”

She was interrupted by the Justice Minister Mograv
Kannahan, “Madame President, there is one last item. A

She looked down a bit on the agenda. “Ah yes! Here it is.
Bring her in.” A short, unseemly plain woman was escorted
into the Council Chamber. “Bring the implements!” Madame
President Stephanie commanded.

A tray containing many odd implements was wheeled into
the chamber including what looked like a small generator.
The woman looked at the implements and seemed
unimpressed. “Miss Sherry Clanahan O’Shaughnessy. You are
brought before this closed session of the Council Of
Ministers on a charge of embezzling 750,000 credits from
the World Treasury. We know you pleaded not guilty before
the World Court. However, new evidence shows you have
perjured yourself before that court. Therefore, we are
authorized and commanded to make an investigation to
determine the extent of that perjure. You will answer
truthfully and to your complete knowledge. Failure to do
so will result in the implements being used. Get the
video camera ready. I want a tape of this.” I looked at
her briefly. Her very beautiful oval face was absolutely
beaming. I wondered what she had in mind.

The camera was set up. “Now, disrobe her completely.” She
commanded. She was completely and utterly stripped naked.
All the Ministers’ eyes became as big as saucers. I
gulped as she indeed had a perfect body with a pussy nice
and untrimmed. I turned to glance at the Madame
President, and I noticed her pink little tongue caress
her upper lip slowly. She snapped out of it, turned, and
glared at me only briefly. “Did you embezzle the money?”
She asked.

The woman stood there quietly. No answer. “Attach the
electrodes to their proper places!” She commanded. The
assistants applied electrodes to her breasts, buttocks,
and pussy lips. She remained silent.

“I will repeat the question. Did you in fact embezzle the
money?” The woman, knowing the electrodes were in place,
spoke finally. “No ma’am. The Terrorist Group Grandalar
did it.” Silence again.

Madame President Stephanie’s eyes squinted as she glared
at the woman.

“Evidence indicates otherwise. Gentlemen, activate the
electrodes.” They were snapped on and electricity shot
through them, wracking the woman’s body with complete and
utter pain. She screamed deafeningly, and it echoed all
about the chamber. Madame President Stephanie seemed to
be a little aroused by it as I saw her shuffle in her
chair slightly.

The electrodes went off. “Don’t get glib with me woman.”
the President said. She turned and looked directly at me.
In her kindest, softest voice she asked me to pull out
the evidence file we had. I pulled out a thick folder
from my briefcase and passed it to her. A smile actually
crossed her face as I handed it to her.

She cocked her head, caressed my hand and said a pleasant
thank you. The woman’s eyes went wide and she shrieked.
“This is all a setup! The stupid bitch gets her diseased
cunt filled with his fucking cock!”

Madame President Stephanie’s face changed expression
extremely quickly. “Under the provisions of the Global
Law, I do hereby proclaim that the generator be set to
100 and the amplifier set to 100%! No one will make such
accusations in my Council Chamber! Now shock the stupid
bitch!” She screamed.

The generator was properly set and activated. The
President was just squirming and grinning sharply as the
woman was in extreme pain as the electricity slammed into
her body. Then the meeting was over.


I exited and spotted another of my aides. I signaled him
to come over. “Do we have a suspect in the theft of the
IIS?” I asked him.

He handed me a picture of a blond 18-year-old girl. “This
is the one. She snuck into our secured facility due to
her connections with one of the installation commanders.
We caught her about 20 minutes ago in one of the old
abandoned Federal Office Buildings.”

I thought for a moment. “Make sure she is prepared for
transfer.” I told him and he left. At that instant,
Madame President Stephanie walked into the outer hall.

My heart skipped a beat. You see, she was the hottest
babe ever in this Universe. Her figure was perfect. She
had the most beautiful breasts ever. They were a handful,
but all natural. No silicone like all the others. She
also had the most perfect ass ever. Specially when
dressed in her usual short black leather skirt and her
boob-enhancing top. Her bountiful brown hair was bundled
up, which I didn’t prefer, but still made her look sexy.
And yes, the full lips. Mmmm. She was a knockout! My huge
dick was slowly stirring from its deep slumber. I wanted
her and I wanted her bad.

She walked down the corridor as the Council Guards were
bringing up the suspect. My heart leaped. She was even
more stunning than before! Her face was exquisite, just
like a fifteen-year-old babe. Her chest was amply
developed, boobs not quite as big as Steph’s, but
developed enough. My pecker was now massively fucking
rock hard. And I wanted it buried deep into her little
furry hole and to fuck her mercilessly all night long.
“Let’s get her to the Area, immediately.” I said. She was
escorted down a long, dimly lit hall.


She was led down another hall, and onto an elegant
crushed-rock path surrounded by fragrant flowers,
chirping birds and an elegant blue sky, which seemed to
rotate. “Where am I being led?” She asked. “Oh, we are
going to ask you a few questions, nothing more, nothing
less.” I lied. She seemed to be at ease as the sounds of
the area caressed her mind. It was meant to be this way.
Usually, the shock of seeing the interior of the
Interrogation Room after this eeks out a confession
quicker than light speed. But this time, I wanted her
badly. Very badly.

We walked past the area and stopped for a moment. Just
then, Madame President’s security team of the Secret
Service approached. They both seemingly glared at me for
a moment, then made like they were reaching for their
weapons. The girl whirled around as they left. “What was
that all about?” She asked rather innocently. “Nothing.
They are just on edge. Now keep moving.” I walked forward
and nudged her on the ass, intentionally. Her ass was
perfect. She then walked forward.


I unlocked and unbarred the door and opened it. “Inside.”
I commanded. She walked inside and gasped. It was a fully
functional dungeon complete with all sorts of neat little
BDSM implements. “Now, you are gonna strip completely
naked or else I will rip them off. No complaints, comply
or be stripped.” She looked at me for a moment. She
contemplated running. I saw it in her face. “Do not think
of running. Strip or be stripped.” I walked behind her.
“Very well.” I said and grabbed and forced her to the
ground. I ripped off her shirt and cut off her bra. She
started fight me, so I tied her hands behind her back and
forced her pants and her panties down. “Now you are
stripped, little bitch.” I told her.

I forced her to stand up and walk over to a rather
interesting machine. “Lie down on your back with your
hands outstretched.” I commanded. She complied and now
she was tied pretty much spread-eagled on the machine. I
walked over to the cabinet and pulled out a bag of
special clothespins. “Ok, little bitch.” I said, walking
to her, “let’s see how long you can last.” I took out a
clothespin and held it to her face. “Since you are
nothing but a little cockteasing, pussyeating, mother’s
pussy licking cuntface, you will have the honor of
feeling massive amounts of pain. And I don’t give a fuck
if you yell, bitch. I might also just fuck you hard.” I
said. She looked at me eyes wide.

I leaned in closely and licked her left nipple. “NO!

STOP IT YOU ASSHOLE! RAPE! RAPE!” She screamed into my
ear. I shot up straight and grabbed her by the hair and
jerked hard, seemingly trying to pull the hair out by the
roots. She wailed long and hard as I did this. I then
smacked her in the forehead with the heel of my hand. I
then tightly and painfully gagged her then applied two
clothespins to each nipple. I then tied two strings to
the clothespins and fed the string through two pulleys on
the sides of the machine.

Once done, I looked at her cunt. Ahh. It was really nice
and furry, like the shocked woman’s, but seemed fresh and
untouched. Taking the two strings in my hand, I lowered
my face down to it, just touching my nose to her puss
hairs. Her female scent was exquisite! I then let my
tongue do some exploring, snaking around her puss hairs
for a while. I heard her give muffled screams so I tugged
on the string, pulling it taut.

She was really letting out the screams now as her face
went red and tears were streaming down her face. I then
slipped a finger inside and explored her delicious wet
pussy while listening to her shriek and cry under the
gag. I then explored her snatch with my tongue. Finished,
mouth glistening with her juices, I put four clothespins
down there. Two on her outer lips and two on her inner
lips. The same amount of string was put on and run
through two more pulleys. Now she was fully pinned so to

I then switched the machine on and lifted her up and
turned her over, the bottom opening to reveal a steel
mesh below. “This mesh will cut through your skin if I do
not get a confession out of you.” I told her. I lowered
her down to where her ass was about level.

As I walked over to kiss and spank it, I barely heard the
ASSHOLE?” boomed across the room. I involuntarily jerked,
bringing both strings taut unintentionally, causing
extreme pain for the girl. I slowly looked over my
shoulder. There she was, decked out in leathers, without
her skirt and without panties. Madame President
Stephanie. She also had on a garter belt and stockings,
which she knew I hated. I froze there immediately with
the string still taut.

She walked over to where I was. “DROP THE FUCKING STRING,
NOW SLAVE!” She bellowed. I let go of it immediately.
Before I could react, she nailed me in the forehead with
her studded leather fist. I staggered backwards. “PAY
She bellowed again.

I got down on my knees and kissed her shoes. Before I
even thought of asking her something, she immediately
kicked me in the forehead.

“Now stand.” She said, quieter, but still menacingly. I
stood up. She then nailed me in the ribs. “What you are
doing is absolutely illegal slave!” She said, her eyes
burning into me. “Stand next to me and you can watch.
Don’t you dare move or touch me or her!” She growled.

She activated the machine and rolled her back over, then
lowered it to where the girl’s face was even with her
pussy. She then walked a bit forward, spread her legs and
raised it up slightly until the girl’s face was one inch
from it. “See this little bitch? This is prime
Presidential Pussy. The best in Washington. And I can
make you eat this Presidential Pussy if I so damn wanted.
I would also make you clean my Presidential Asshole with
your tongue if I wanted to. Now, where is the IIS?” She


She removed the gag then she felt a small tongue touch
PUSSY?” she bellowed and jerked hard on the string. The
girl let out a deafening high-pitched shriek. “Mistress,”
I asked, “how about fishhooks in tit meat?” She let go of
the string and whirled on me. “WHAT?” She bellowed and
knocked me down hard with a left hook.

She then went and grabbed a riding crop. She then took it
and brought it hard down across my leg, causing it to
strike violently. I shrieked at the pain. “Get those
stupid pants off of your worthless body, NOW!” She
barked. Broke the speed record getting them down. “Now,
stand up and come back over to her. NOW.” I obediently
followed. “Now look here,” she said, standing somewhat
behind me, “you see this little mark on the inside of his
thigh? He’s been branded. He’s mine, body and soul. Total
surrender. He is not he any longer. Just wanted to let
you know, bitch.” She then struck her in the face with
the crop. Just as I was about to say something she
whirled on me again. “Where in the hell do you think you
are going, scumbag?” She proclaimed. “Get out of that
stupid uniform and present your worthless, useless,
stupid waste of human flesh body to me. NOW!” She
commanded, shaking the crop to emphasize.

I was now completely naked. My huge cock was now erect,
and she saw it. “Well! Looks like my hung little Internal
Security Minister has a little hard on!” She said,
grinning evilly. She then did something, which I never
thought would happen. She brought down the riding crop
hard right on the shaft of my pecker! I screamed bloody
murder and dropped to my knees. “You know what, worthless
chattel? Guess who I spoke with today?” She asked,
kicking me hard in the ribs. “Why the one you like to
call Code Name: KRAKEN.”

The pain slowly subsiding, I barely got a more
comfortable position when she nailed me again in the
ribs. Yes, the one with the second code name The
Mistress. She told me all you hated, all you cannot
stand. Like me wearing hose. You hate that, don’t you
little loser? Hate the fact that Presidential Leg is all
covered in hose.” She nails me in the ribs again and
continues. “I also know how you hate being cropped in the
dick when that worthless thing is hard. And another thing
you hate too…” She rolls me over then starts to caress
my cock slowly, letting it get hard. Then, without
warning, she slams her fist right onto the head! My body
is wracked with pain and I try hard not to scream out.
She then forces me to stand up.

She walks me over to another part of the room and has me
put my hands behind my head. “I know something else you
hate as I alluded to earlier. Since you a worthless piece
of chattel, not worth anything to anybody in the world
but a place it pisses and shits on, I am going to do
this. And I don’t care what you think. Never have never
will. Asshole.”

She walked over and grabbed a whip from the rack. I hate
whips. I don’t like them and I never wanted to get
whipped. But we are dealing with the President here and
she’ll do whatever she wants. She unfurls the whip and
cracks it once. “You did something illegal! You fucker!
You could have been fired, or executed! Since your
passion for sweet pussy has made you even more of a scum
than you already are, I assume that you are nothing more
than a simple whipping boy. Someone to practice whipping

I didn’t even hear it the first time, only felt it. The
whip cracked me very sharply across the back, leaving a
whelp and causing intense pain. I gritted my teeth and
tried hard to suppress it. I then heard it more clearly
this time. It sailed through the air and cracked. The
pain was a lot sharper this time. I couldn’t help it. I
screamed out.

The girl finally spoke up. “STOP IT! STOP IT PLEASE! I
STOP THE MADNESS!” She shrieked.

Deafening silence fell across the room. Stephanie whirled
around to face her. She walked over with a purpose and
jerked hard on the string. She shrieked even louder than
usual. Then, Stephanie removed the clothespins and
positioned her properly. “You worthless little cunt. You
interrupted me.” She simply stated and whirled the whip
up and cracked it, her aim hitting her right in the sore
left nipple with a loud snap.

We both had to hold our ears as she let out an ear-
piercing scream. She furiously gagged her tightly. She
then whirled the whip in the air and brought it down
sharply on her other nipple with a loud crack. Her scream
was about the same pitch, but muffled by the gag. She
then looked at her furry pussy. She whirled the whip up,
and much to my amazement, brought it down with a
vengeance and struck her right in the pussy with a very
loud snap. Her whole body shook violently as the pain
wracked her very being. Tears were flowing now
constantly. I then merely said ouch.

What came next cannot really be described, since it was
so fast and so sudden. I do remember that the hellfire
raged in her eyes and she was not going to let up. But
when she was done, I was basically striped from head to
toe. She did avoid the face though, but she considered it
as it would seem apparently. She did lean into it, and
was extremely determined. After she was finished, my
entire being was wracked with pain.

I don’t think there was a nerve ending in my whole body
that was transmitting pain signals to the brain. And she
was not finished. Not by a long shot. She immediately
went to the cabinet and pulled out two paddles. She
walked back over to me and laid one of them down. Without
warning, she laid into my already striped and bleeding
body with the paddle, cracking it hard on my flesh and
causing pain so exquisite, so extreme, that I was about
to black out because of it.

She took the paddle all over my striped body. No place
was unopposed by it. If there was a lash, it got popped.
But, she sensed I was about to black out and stopped. She
let me lie there on the floor to somehow rest. As the
pain slowly and finally subsided and I was able to regain
my senses somewhat, what I saw her do next is completely
burned into my mind. She picked up the second paddle,
which had been overlaid with pyramid-shaped studs.

“You know,” she said, grinning evilly, “This is also what
Kraken told me you hated also. No, not hated, but feared.
She told me that you despise it. Well, you are nothing to
me. I don’t care what you like and don’t like. You are
not you. So, guess what? ASSUME THE POSITION, ASSHOLE!”
She bellowed across the room.

I did my best of arching my striped ass in the air,
knowing what was to come next. At this point, tears were
flowing openly. the pain was getting to me. But, I also
sensed she was going all the way to the wall. I then
heard her charge forward very rapidly, and then it
happened. THWACK! She swung at it with all her might. The
pain was extremely intense. I let out a wail that
possibly could be heard from space. The next thing I
remember, I am at the opposite side of the room, laying
down screaming and crying intensely.

Stephanie stood there for a moment, looking at the paddle
and then down the room at me, hunched down on the floor,
screaming and crying. She walked down to me carrying a
thing of salt and some rubbing alcohol and cotton
padding. She looked at my sore butt and laughed. A very
evil determined laugh. “P…please no more.” I said
shakily between sobs. “Mistress! Please. No more. I may
be nothing, a simple piece of chattel, but no more.
Please I beg you mistress!” I then rolled over and wailed
some more.

She stood up, grinning again. “Stay there until the pain
subsides. When we are finished, you will be attended to.
Just lie there. When the pain subsides enough, come back
to the other end of the room.” She said and walked back

The pain had subsided enough for me to move. I still
hurt, mind you, but it became bearable. I slowly made it
back down to where she was. “Now, start your
interrogation.” she said simply.

I didn’t know how I was gonna manage it, but with her and
that salt, I had no choice. She looked at me pleadingly.
I was completely naked and striped, looking somewhat like
a zebra. My body ached and my lashes hurt. Stephanie took
a step forward.

“All right, Penelope. What did you do with the document
that you took from the facility?” I asked.

Stephanie stepped back, grinning sharply, “IT’S IN MY
immediately confessed. “Did I tell you to–”

I was immediately cut off by Stephanie grabbing my arm.
The pain was sharp. “Let her be now. She confessed. You
need now to do the honorable thing. And I know you’re in
pain, but it needs to be done.” She said. I looked down
at my now hard cock. She needed a good fucking.

Penelope was removed from the machine and made to lie
down on her stomach and arch her ass. “You will not do
her pussy, that is for me. You will slam that cock into
her ass. I mean ram it in deep and fuck her good there.
Then I will jam her with one of my special dildos. Then I
will allow to jam it in her mouth and cum in it. After
that, she gets me off. Not you. Understand, slave?” She
asked, looking intently at me.

“I understand.” I said slowly.

She handed me a jar of Anal Lube and told me to get her
ready. I then proceeded to grease her ass up, moving my
finger all around making sure her hole was nice and
completely ready for the attack. Then, I got my cock all
greased up. My cock was nearly a foot long and about 2-
inches wide. I placed it at the entrance of her little
asshole. Pushing forward, I slipped the head about
halfway in. A yelp confirmed I had her. Then, grinning as
best I could, I lunged forward, driving it deep in her.
She wailed and wailed as I rammed in further.

“STUPID FUCKING BITCH!” I yelled at the top of my lungs
and plowed into her, my cock sliding mercilessly up to my

Stephanie grinned in approval, “My, my. You are nailing
her good. Ooo!! All the way in up to your balls! Damn! I
bet that has got to hurt. How do you like your
Presidential Ordered buttfuck?” She asked.

She tried to answer but Stephanie slapped her across the
face. “Shut up.” She fell silent. I slowly pulled out,
but as the head was getting close, I quickly rammed it
back in, making her howl with pain.

“Go completely out of her before she starts loving it.”
She said.

I pulled out then slowly, and with a audible “pop” I was
out. Her ass was busted wide open.

I watched Stephanie put on her special strapon. I have
seen her use this before on other women who would not
confess to me. This was an interesting contraption since
the dildo inflates as Stephanie humps her. Really is a
sight to see. She walks behind her and positions the cock
at the entrance to her hole. “Here we go.” She said
simply, and began.

The girl’s tight cunt became spread open as she thrust
into her. The pain of the now inflated cock made her
scream wildly. She then started fucking her hard, the
cock inflating to different sizes, stretching her pussy
and making her again wail in agony. Then, it happened.

She had a massive orgasm. Her body shook violently and
she made weird noises as the orgasm flowed through her,
meandering and making its course throughout. Her very
being was consumed by it. As it subsided, Stephanie took
her (or rather forced) her over to a specially
constructed bed with a neck rest. She forced her down
onto it and placed her neck on the rest where tiny spikes
poked her in the back of the neck.

“Now, little Penelope. You are going to make me cum.
That’s right, you are getting a helping of Presidential
Pussy. Consider yourself honored. Not many women get to
have Presidential Pussy. Now, I had better cum.”

With that, she spread open her lips and lowered her pink
hole over her nose and mouth. She then basically sat down
which forced the tiny spikes to poke her mercilessly in
the back of the neck. Within seconds she was licking
away, fighting for air.

It was a sight to see! Madam President Stephanie McMagron
Chadonay was getting her Presidential twat licked clean
by a traitor! I actually was about to explode without
even touching my cock. Then, when Penelope found her
clit, and sucked on it a bit, she orgasmed. I have made
her orgasm quite a bit in order to get my position, but
never seen anything quite like this. Her entire body
shook and she let out a piercing, deafening primal scream
that could possibly be heard from space. She dumped about
a gallon of pussy juice deep into the young girl’s
throat. She actually asked me to help her off as it had
taken a lot out of her! Penelope was about to rise when
she ordered her not to.

“Slave, do your thing,” she said quietly.

I brought my huge cock up to her lovely face, and
pressing down slightly to cause deep discomfort, I manage
to get her to lick the sensitive part of my cock. She
then stopped licking. Stephanie handed a hammer to me.
“Crack her in the head a little to make her open her
mouth. Don’t nail her hard, just enough to where she
allows you a little more entrance.” I took the hammer and
popped her in the head. She opened her mouth to scream,
and I jammed the head of my cock inside. I then felt her
tongue attack it again, but it only lasted a short while
because the orgasm hit. I swear it felt as if I had
merged with the Universe itself. My body seemingly shook
violently as the orgasmic pulse slammed into my body,
where every fibre of my erotic self was alive to capacity
with the orgasmic energy. And my balls emptied themselves
and it seemed as if I was shooting gallons upon gallons
down her little throat.

Stephanie looked at me with an impressed look on her face
as I pulled my cock from her mouth. I had feared the
young girl would choke to death, but apparently, she
swallowed it all and Penelope seemed fine.

I then turned slowly to Stephanie. “Mistress, she knows
too much.” I stated simply.

“She goes through the exit.” She replied.

Grinning as best I could muster, I untied her and helped
her off the bed. “You have confessed, the interrogation
is over. Since you immediately confessed, you are allowed
to leave. Please walk down to the exit and you will
receive a collar to put on your neck. Then enter the exit
doors and you will be gone and out.” I said.


Penelope slowly exited the room, after being given fresh
clothes to wear. She walked down the lighted hallway and
came before a white door marked simply EXIT. She opened
the door cautiously and walked inside. It was pitch
black. She walked cautiously to the center of the room
and felt what looked like a rope of some kind. A single
like came on and she found it to be something like
headphones. Figuring that she was going to get an exiting
lecture (also compounded by the fact she didn’t see the
other door yet), she slipped the rope with the headphones
on and had to adjust it so the rope was just tight around
her neck.

She lowered her hands to her side. At that exact second,
the floor opened immediately over a vat of hydrochloric
acid. She dropped through and was hanged. Then, silently,
a small door opened and what looked like shears slowly
extended out and cut her loose. The body fell into the
acid and was quickly dissolved. No body, no evidence, no
proof. And that was how this whole incident was covered