A wanton mother seduces her daughter into an extremely erotic incestuous affair

The following is a work of fiction depicting 
entirely fictional characters.

I have been married to Jim for seventeen years and I
feel I have the best marriage in the entire world. We
are best friends, have a wonderful sixteen year old
daughter, Kimberly, and have a fabulous family life. We
share all the happiness and stability of a suburbanite
family. Love, happiness and harmony are the foundation
of our life together.

I believe an important ingredient to our successful
marriage is the fact that Jim and I have always enjoyed
a very active and imaginative sex life. Most people
would call it kinky, or even deviant, but that’s not the
way we look at it. We celebrate our erotic side and
revel in exploring our deepest secret desires. I
approach sex as a serious art form. My canvass is
emotion and desire.

During our many years together, I can honestly say I
have never been bored. I wonder how many women can say
that! It takes a little imagination and effort to insure
that the coals of desire are continually glowing.
Despite having to find privacy or time away from our
demanding routines, our love life has never suffered.
But with us, it’s a labor of love. Or should I say lust.

We’ve developed some interesting traditions in this
regard. One of which is our monthly weekend apart. On
the third friday of every month, Jim leaves from his
office and goes on a mini vacation without me. It is
something of an extended boys night out. He might go
fishing with friends, or to see a football game, or some
such harmless fun. The only stipulation for his weekend
is that he is not to have sex of any type during his
time away. When he returns, we both benefit from the
build up of his sexual tension.

To add to the anticipation of our reunion, he knows that
I will be videoing my sexual adventures. I’ve taped a
wide variety of really hot encounters over the years.
Some of my favorites were being with another couple at a
swingers club, being a kinky dominatrix for an older
man, having sex with big Freddy (that’s our well hung
dog who’s an 80 lbs. mastiff!). All the time he’s away I
know he’s thinking of me and what I’m doing.

It was one such friday when I was sorting through our
video collection trying to come up with a creative idea
for my weekend sex tape. Jim had already left and was en
route to a golfing weekend with coworkers. I was
extremely horny as I watched myself on the various
tapes, but I couldn’t seem to come up with an idea that
was kinky enough for this weekends tape.

I was brought out of my thoughts when I heard the back
door open. It was Kimberly. In a rush I quickly turned
off the television and pushed the tapes under the couch
before she entered the room.

“Hiya mom.” she said over her shoulder as she walked
past me and into the kitchen.

“Aren’t you supposed to be at your friend Julie’s house
for the weekend?” I called into the kitchen.

“We had a fight and I decided to come home.” She
reenters the room and plops beside me on the couch
eating a bowl of ice cream. “What’s up with you? You
look flushed,” she says between licks.

I swallow and look away trying to get composed. I had to
get those tapes back upstairs into my room and not draw
attention. “I’m glad your home sweetheart.” I say
ignoring her question. I try to think of a way to get
her out of the house for a little while. “How about you
drive up to Blockbuster and pick up a movie. We’ll make
some popcorn and relax.”

“Great!” she says while going immediately into the
kitchen to retrieve the keys. I knew that would work as
she just got her drivers license and never passes on an
opportunity to use the car.

I hear the front door close and then the sound of my
Mercedes pulling out of the driveway. I exhale a sigh of
relief and gather the videos from beneath the couch. I
can’t help but think of the horror if Kimberly happened
to find these secrets. I will have to be more careful in
the future.

We were half way into some crappy action movie. I was
smoking a cigarette and drinking a scotch partially to
relieve the boredom of the movie, and partially to
steady my nerves from the close call with the tapes an
hour ago.

“Can I have a drink mom?” she asks without taking her
eyes off the movie.

“You can have a glass of wine if you’re not using the
car to return the video tonight.” I take pride in
teaching her responsibility.

Minutes go by. I watch her as she watches the movie. “Oh
yhea!” she says, as the muscled hero of the movie ready
himself for the obligatory love scene with his big
haired female costar. Kimberly sips her wine and smiles
slightly. Her eyes riveted to the R-rated, mass
produced, homogenized, contrived, cliche, missionary
style sex scene.

I shake my head slightly and smile to myself. This is
all new ground to Kimberly and I suspect it’s
titillating to her despite the disneyfication of the

“She’s never going to come. That guy didn’t even make an
attempt at foreplay.” I say softly as my eyes drift back
to the screen.

From my peripheral vision I see my daughters head whip
around to face me. I keep the sheepish smile on my face
and meet her astonished look. “Well, it’s true.” I say
raising an eyebrow. She giggles and redirects her
attention back to the TV.

“I would come just by french kissing that stud muffin.”
she says’s softly, trying to one up me in shock factor
game. Her eyes don’t come back to meet me though, but
remain on the TV. I see she’s blushing a little. I
wonder to myself about her future boyfriends, and the
passions she will experience. What great kinky
adventures are in store for her?

My eyes drift to her bare legs and I imagine them
wrapped around the back of some college stud,
frantically fucking and moaning. The beginning of her
erotic adventures are only a few years away now, and if
she’s anything like her mom and dad, she’ll be fucking
like a bunny.

“Do you use protection?” I ask her nonchalantly.

“Yes mom. We’ve had this talk a million times, and I’m
safe and responsible. Just like I told you a million
times before.” she dismisses me with an exasperated tilt
of the head.

A minute goes by. “Did you make love with that boy you
took to the prom?” I ask. This time she loses interest
in the movie and looks at me with a curious expression.
It seems she can’t make up her mind on the appropriate
response. “I don’t think that’s any of your business
young lady” she finally responds, wagging a finger in
playful mock authority.

I giggle and take another sip of my scotch. “Seriously.
Do you mind sharing some girl talk with your mom? You
don’t have to, but I thought it would be fun. Ya know,
besides being your mom, I’m also a woman.”

Kimberly contemplates this briefly and then smiles.
“Yhea, I guess you are. Well ok…” she launches into
her description of prom night, oblivious to the ending
credits of the movie rolling on the television. I sit
listening to her for minutes, enjoying this bonding
moment of girl talk between us. We’re pals!

“…and when we finally get to the hotel and we’re like
totally buzzed, but it’s ok ’cause no one is driving and
we aren’t going out anywhere, and like Donna says she
wants to really make this a night to remember…” she
sips her wine and launches back into her staccato
speech,”…and she asks if like the four of us should
you know, all have some fun, like, together…”

I put a finger to Kimberly’s lips, hushing her. I
contemplate the words I’m going to use to phrase my next
question. I look deep into my daughters smiling eyes and
the playful expression on her face. It seems as if she’s
barely holding back a wave of exuberant giggling. I wink
and smile at her as a fellow conspirator sharing a

“Are you about to tell me…” I try to make my words
slow and clear “…you had an orgg ….umm

She shakes her head up and down in the affirmative and
lets a small giggle escape.

“O K that’s a little tooo much girl talk. Now it’s back
to mommy mode for me.
I’m going to call it a night and go to bed. Good night
sweetheart.” I kiss my daughters forehead and get up
from the couch.

“I knew I’d shock ya!” she laughs. If she only knew.

I made my way upstairs and to my room, took a quick
shower and dressed in my favorite silk robe. I stood
before the full length mirror and examined myself in the
dim lights. I looked pretty damn good for 39. Firm
stomach, perky breasts, smooth skin. Occasionally, men
would mistake Kimberly and I for sisters. I knew they
were faking the mistake for flattery sake, but it wasn’t
that far of a stretch.

I let my hand slide over my silk clad nipples and find
it’s way between the folds of the smooth garment. The
image of my daughter getting fucked voraciously by the
college stud flashes through my mind. I start to work my
clit while staring at my reflection in the mirror.
Memories of my early sexual experiences meld with
thoughts of my daughter with her prom friends.

I hear Freddy bark outside. I forgot to let him inside
for the night. Damn. I cinch my robe and head down the
stairs once again. I’m about to yell to Kimberly to let
him inside but check myself with the thought that she
may be dozing on the couch. I quietly round the corner
of the living room and I am frozen in my tracks with
what I see. Horror.

On the TV screen I have a man’s cock in my mouth. I look
over at Kimberly on the couch. She’s frozen too. She
stares at me, open mouthed, in shock. I hear my own
voice coming from the television telling the man to come
on my face.

A wave of anger now forces me out of my paralysis, and I
run to the VCR and hit the stop button. Static roars
through the speakers. I make a quick beeline for
Kimberly seated on the couch and slap her hard across
the face. Her head is turned from the blow and is
looking away from me.

I hold my finger directly in front of her eyes and yell
through clenched teeth “It is private! PRIVATE! You had
no right to watch it! I see her shoulders start to heave
with sobs, and new emotions mix with my anger. Regret
for slapping her. Compassion for the confusion she must
feel from what she has just watched. Shame of doing the
acts she witnessed. But mostly I feel angry.

Her shoulders heave more violently now and I hear her
start a low whining cry. Her head remains looking away
in the same position it was moved from the slap. I see
the red marks of my fingers on her face. I lower my hand
and step back. More sobs.

I step forward again and gently cradle her head into my
shoulder. Now a crescendo of crying spews out of my
daughter like a waterfall. I rock her slowly, trying to
calm. “Sorry, sorry I’m so sorry,” she blurts out
between the sobs. “I just found it beside the couch…”

“I’m sorry too, sweetheart.” I say while smoothing her
hair. ” I didn’t mean to slap you. I’m just embarrassed
and upset.”

After a minute her sobs have almost completely subsided.
I continue to hug her into me as she quiets. “When you
get a little older you’ll understand better, sweety.” I

As I look down at my daughter in my arms, I realize that
her shorts are down by her ankles. Instantly,
inexplicably, a new emotion now adds to the mix. I
realize that my daughter was masturbating while watching
the tape. As she watched her slutty mother take a
stranger’s cock into her mouth, she was playing with

“I hope I didn’t look too fat on video.” I say. A short
laugh mixes with her sob at the comic relief.

“I’m embarrassed too.” she says muffled into my
shoulder. Without coming right out and saying it, I know
she is referring to the awkward fact that her pants are

I pull away from the couch and walk across the room to
the bar. “Don’t be.” I pour two large scotches while
keeping my back to her. When I turn around and return to
the couch, her shorts are magically back up where they
belong. I offer her one of the glasses and gently sit
beside her on the couch.

“I thought I could only have one glass of wine tonight,”
she says. We both laugh softly and the tension lessens.
I grab the remote and turn off the static coming from
the speakers and switch on the stereo. I lower the
volume to a soft background level. Sade plays softly,
“never as good as the first time…” I light a cigarette
and inhale deeply.

“Can I have one?” Kimberly asks.

“I didn’t know you took up smoking.” I look at her
quizzically. “I guess there’s a lot we’re discovering
about each other tonight.” she says.

I nod and take another sip from my glass.

We sat without speaking for several long minutes
listening to the music, smoking and drinking. Each of us
lost in our own thoughts. I could see Kimberly wince
every time she took a sip from the strong drink. I was
surprised to notice that she had nearly finished the
entire glass. The tension was stifling and I considered
how I was going to make a graceful exit back to my room.

“You looked great.” she said, finally breaking the
uncomfortable silence. Her speech was every so slightly
slurred from the alcohol. She still couldn’t seem to
muster the courage to make eye contact with me despite
the brave compliment.

“You think so?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

“Yes. You looked sexy.”

I took two unlady like swigs from my drink to catch up
with Kimberly. I felt the warmth of the liquor run
through me. “Would you like another drink?” I asked.

“Yes please” she smiled up at me and offered her empty
glass. I kissed her on top of her head.

I made two more large cocktails and returned to her on
the couch. I picked up the remote and was about to
select another CD when, on an impulse, I hit the VCR
play button. I hit the mute control. The graphic scene
picked up where it had left off, with me ravenously
sucking cock, though this time in silence. My image
wordlessly mouthed it’s slut talk towards the camera.

I could feel an overwhelming uncomfortable tension
descend on the room. I watched the TV impassively. I saw
Kimberly’s glance alternate between me seated next to
her on the couch, and back to the video of my cock
sucking. It seemed as if she was watching a tennis match
the way her head was turning.

“You really don’t think I look fat in that video?” I
asked nonchalantly.

“No” she said. Now her eyes remained on the TV as if
studying it.

“I really love to suck cock.” I said in an even tone as
if discussing cock sucking with your daughter is the
most natural thing in the world. My heart beat started
to ring in my ears.

“Me too.” she said and took a long drink from her glass
and winced. Her stare returns to the action.

Now the scene in the video changed. I was laying on the
floor as another woman went down on me. The woman was a
beautiful red head with her hair piled high. She was
naked except for a diamond necklace and high heels. I
silently mouth something to the camera. I pickup the
remote and flipped the audio to on so we can hear.

“Oooh that’s so good. Put your finger in my ass while
you lick my pussy.” I tell the red head. The camera
zooms in on my face as I moan. My eyes are heavy with
lust. The camera pans down to my bald pussy. My pussy
lips are pulled apart, wet and glistening. The woman’s
tongue is darting on my clit like a hummingbird.

“Have you ever licked another woman’s pussy?” I ask


“Ever think about it?”


“Ever fantasize about it while you touch yourself?”
“Yes” she says while staring straight ahead at the
television. I become light headed with her answer
echoing in my ears.

After another minute I slowly pull my legs up onto the
couch and separate them while continuing to watch the
video. I hike up my silk robe so I’m naked from the
waist down. Slowly, and very deliberately, I begin to
rub my cunt. Kimberly sits motionless with her gaze on
the screen, not acknowledging my actions. I know she
sees what I’m doing as I’m right beside her, but she is

With my free hand I grab the remote and turn off the
VCR. Now she looks at me.

“You do it too.” I tell her as I continue to masturbate.
I see her pull her shorts down. While she is attempting
to postion her legs on the couch, I move to the floor
and quickly nestle my face into her pussy. It’s soaked.

She tightens her leg muscles and it seems like she’s
considering an attempt to free herself from my grasp. I
grab the sides of her butt and attack her clit with my
tongue. She gasps and her legs clamp tightly on my ears.

For several minutes I mercilessly suck, lick, and jab at
my daughters cunt. All the time her legs are stiff and
motionless against my head as if she’s trying to close
them shut. The I feel her hands on the back of my head.
She arches her back and begins to rock her hips
slightly, fucking my face.

Now she’s moaning and thrashing, and I can feel her cunt
lips spasm as she hurdles towards a climax. I stop. I
kiss softly the inside of her thighs and feel the heat
coming from her pussy only inches from my face.

“Oh God don’t stop. I’m so close.” she pleads. She looks
down at me. Her eyes are unfocused and glazed and with

“Let’s go up to my room and 69” I say with a smile.

“I’ve never been so turned on in my whole life.” she
says as she rises shakily to her feet. I follow her
naked ass up the stairs.

My beautiful daughter lays in the center of my canopy
bed. One hand lays languidly across the pile of fluffy
pillows behind her head. I let my robe fall silently to
the floor and climb gently atop the satin sheets, and
make my way towards her. I tenderly embrace her,
entwining one of my legs between hers. Softly, lovingly,
we kiss.

We work up to a deep, and increasingly passionate,
french kiss. “I can taste my pussy juice all over your
face.” she tells me in between tongue fencing. I pull my
head away, breaking the kiss and look into her eyes.
“Would you like it if daddy watched us?”

She catches her breath in her teeth, mouth open, and
looks at me with genuine shock. I repeat the question
very slowly, “Would you like it if daddy watched us?” My
voice is husky and deep with lust. It sounds to me
almost as if another person is saying these words, but I
know they are coming from me. It sounds wicked and
menacing. It turns me on.

I feel my daughters embrace tighten as her mouth reforms
into a smile. “Let daddy watch us?” she asks and tilts
her head pondering. She seems different now. It’s as if
a switch was thrown inside her and she went beyond the
mere physical feelings of our sexual act. It seems that
now she has not only overcome tabooed restrictions, but
she’s actually savoring the luridness and indulging in
the decadence. She might be an artist like me.

“Yes. But only if he likes it.” she says looking truly

“I have a feeling he will, sweety.” I say as I climb
back off the bed and head for the closet where I keep my
special toys. I toss her one of my small pink vibrators.
She catches it and laughs. “You want me to put this in
your ass while I lick your pussy?” she asks.

“You are a quick study.” I wink and smile holding a
vibrator in my other hand. “I’ll return the favor.”

I adjust the video camera sitting atop the dresser and
then return to her. I look back to the blinking light of
the camera in record mode. Kimberly is staring at it
too, dreamily smiling in her hazy sex high.

I cuddle in close to her warm naked body. The scent of
shampoo mixes with my perfume, and the musk of our sex.
“Daddy’s going to watch this when he gets home.” I
whisper, just loud enough to for the benefit of

“Is he going to fuck me after he watches this tape?” she
says as her eyes dart to the cameras and back to me.

“Only if you want him to sweety.”

“I have a feeling I will” she says towards the camera,

It’s more than I can take. I slide my body down the
satin sheets. I push my face firmly against my daughters
cunt and suck her lips into my mouth. Her back arches
sharply and she moans…

Half an hour passes as I expertly keep her on the edge
of a orgasm. Once again, I withdraw my attentions from
her pussy as she nears climax. The marathon has made my
jaw and tongue stiff. Cramps begin to plague my neck.
These effects are only minor annoyances and will not
stop me from my efforts in guiding her to the special

I study her closely, looking up at her face from between
her shaking thighs.
She looks and acts as if she’s afflicted by a high
fever. Her body is glistening with sweat and her hair is
wet and matted. Her eyes closed, her chests heaves
irregularly with jagged breath. She’s not far now. She
is close to that special place in her mind.

“Kimberly?” I call to her. Her eyes open and look down
at me, pleadingly. “Kimberly, honey, I want you to talk
to me. I want you tell me everything that you are
thinking about.” As I speak to her, I move a hand gently
up and down her sopping slit.

“Want to come…” she hisses.

“What else, baby. How do you want to come?”

“Fucking” she says dreamily.

“Good. Fucking who?”

“Daddy” she groans. Her eyes roll slowly.

I can feel the camera’s eye behind me. A shudder of
excitement hits me as I realize the precious scene
that’s being captured. Kimberly’s going to a place in
her mind that few have visited. It’s a place that’s
little scary, overwhelming, but beautiful in it’s power.
I have been there.

I administer a few more licks to bring her back up.
“Tell me more about Daddy fucking you. Tell me every
detail of how you imagine it. Tell me about how it
feels, looks, smells, tastes, to have your daddy in
there.” I slide one finger into her hot furnace as I say
this. Careful not to bring satisfaction.

Her eyes are closed tightly, her brow furrowed as if
under physical effort. A tear runs down her cheek. She
licks her lips and pants. “He’s fucking me doggy style.
You are laying under us. Your face near my cunt, licking
my clit. Then daddy comes in my pussy. It’s dripping
into your mouth.”

Silence. She’s completely still for a long moment then
opens her eyes wide. Then a torrent of obscenities and
pleading pour from her mouth “Please fuck me! I need it!
Fuck me! I want hot come! PLEASE!”

She’s almost at the place. I reach for the vibrator and
ready it before her opening. I curl three fingers with
my free hand readying them near her tight little
asshole, poised to be plunged deep at just the right
moment. I’m about to lead her inside the place but I
just wish it was something more special than a plastic
vibrator. A noise grabs my attention.

Freddy is barking. I forgot to let him inside some hours
ago. I smile wickedly.