First Lover(s)

I live in a pretty normal suburban neighborhood,
with pretty normal neighbors. It’s difficult being a
single, 29-year-old lesbian in such a close-knit com-
munity. I hadn’t had a relationship since I moved in
three years ago, so on all accounts no one in the
neighborhood thought or knew I was gay. Just a hard
worker, married to her job – which lately was the

Right next door to me lived a single mom,
Rebecca, and her three daughters. Susan is 21 and away
at college. I’d seen her a couple times since I moved
in, I think I said “hi” to her once.

Rebecca was quite a woman. 42 and widowed five
years ago, her husband luckily left her financially
well enough off to pay for the house, and educate her

She had gone back to work a couple years ago
once Ashley turned 19. She carried maybe an extra 15
or 20 pounds on her 5’4″ frame, but was a very full-
figured woman. Besides being a wonderful person,
Rebecca was also my best friend in the neighborhood.

Kristen always hung out with her high school
friends, so I didn’t see much of her. What I did see
of the young blonde was outstanding. She would wear
just the right clothing to show off her growing,
perfectly shaped tits, slim waist, and bubble of an
ass, and I’ll admit it made me sigh with lust whenever
I saw her cute, fresh young body in something new and

Ashley, on the other hand, was still a bit of
a tomboy, kind of chunky, just starting to develop
the same tremendous chest her mom had, while still
fighting off her baby fat. And of course, she was a
bit of a pain in the ass. She always knew when to
come over and bother me. It was her greatest talent.

One very hot Saturday morning, I came out to
the garage to do an oil change on my car that I had
been putting off for too long. It was very hot, and
humid, too. But I’d decided to get the job done fast,
before it got any hotter.

When I opened the garage door, who else did I
see? Oh, perfect, it’s Ashley. Ashley was dressed in
a white one piece bathing suit and was pulling my
garden hose out into the yard with a sprinkler on the

“Our hose got flattened on the end, Mom ran
over it, can I use yours?’ she asked. She was going
to play in the sprinkler to cool off.

“Go ahead,” I said, and tried to get busy real

The next voice I heard was Rebecca’s. “I have
to go out for a while. Would you keep an eye on things
here for me?’

“Sure,” I answered. We looked after each other
pretty well in the neighborhood, and Rebecca and I
always watched out for each other. With that, she left,
and I continued my oil change.

I was having some trouble with the old oil
filter and was doing what any good mechanic would do,
I used foul language on it. It didn’t work.

Next thing I knew, something was dripping on
my stomach.

And then the voice, “Whatsamatter?” It was
Ashley. I slid out from under the car and standing
over me with on leg on either side of my face was the

What’s more, the white bathing suit was now
wet, and basically transparent, so I was looking at
a  pussy.

After I got over the initial surprise, I
explained to Ashley that the oil filter was stuck,
and she crouched down over me and tried to look
under the car.

“Maybe you haven’t noticed,” I said, “but you’re
dripping on me.”

“Oh, sorry,” she responded, and stepped back.

I could now see a perfect head-to-toe view of
Ashley in the almost-see-through bathing suit she was
wearing. She easily was approaching a B cup, I
thought, with a nice round pair of hips and buttocks.
A few extra pounds of baby fat in the middle… but
wow, I thought, who was looking at her middle…

To get my mind off her, I went back to work on
the car, and found that I now had the strength to get
the filter off.

But, I kept sneaking peaks at Ashley. Her cute
little pink pussy and her tits (which were a LOT bigger
than the last time I’d noticed) were actually getting
me aroused.

Finally, when I had finished, I announced that
I was heading for the showers (a cold one), and went

Once in my bedroom, I stripped down and started
the shower. Then I decided to turn the jets on in the
hot tub in my bedroom courtyard, which was full of
cool water for the summer, and soak for awhile.

Before I got into the tub, I decided to go to
the kitchen for some ice water. So I went treading,
naked, to the kitchen.

As I was putting the water in the glass, I
heard the door from the garage to the kitchen open,
and turned around to find Ashley walking in as if
going into her own home, hmmm…

I don’t know who was more surprised, because
both of us just stood there and looked at each other.

About that time, I realized that the door was
wide open, so I pointed to it.

I rather expected Ashley to go out and close
the door as she left. Instead, though, she closed it
and stayed inside, and went back to staring at me.

My exit from the room was filled with a girl with a see-through bathing suit. I wanted to
get control of things and get her to leave, but my
libido had other ideas, even as I fought internally
with myself.

This was a, you can’t do this,
I thought. But the more I looked, the more I thought,
yes I should. My only question was, would she be able
to understand what was happening…

Suddenly, I became bold, and asked, “Haven’t
you ever seen a naked woman before… I mean, with
your sisters and your mom?”

“I’ve seen Kristen naked,” she responded quick-
ly, “but she doesn’t look like… um…”

I jumped in. “Like what?”

“She’s not as big as you are,” Ashley replied,
still staring. I wasn’t by any means huge, being a
C cup on my 5’5″, 140-lb frame. But yes, I could say
I was bigger than her 15-year old sister (although…
probably not for long, I thought in the back of my

Then I said it. I couldn’t hold back. “You
know, I can see you too, your bathing suit is see
through when it’s wet,” I boldly proclaimed.

Believe it or not, this was news to her. She
hadn’t known her suit was close to see-through until
I told her.

She started to cover up, but I was feeling
really bold and told her not to cover herself.

With that, she unfolded her arms, and let me
see her chest and her privates again.

I told her I was going to cool off in the hot
tub, and asked her if she wanted to join me.

After a brief stuttering pause, she said okay.
I noticed that her face was slightly red.

By now I was feeling really bold, and very
nervous. I knew that this wasn’t really going anywhere,
after all she was a preteen girl, but I was still
excited to be with her like this.

I fought with myself some more. Is now the time
I finally let someone here know what I feel and think?
I finally decided, that we’d see where things went, I
liked this child, and felt it was safe. But I also
felt that I had to be careful with this wonderful
little girl.

As Ashley and I got into the tub, I boldly said,
“Since I can see though your suit anyway, why don’t
you just take it off. It feels so much nicer without
clothes on, we’ll go skinny dipping.”

I couldn’t believe what I was saying, but I
didn’t much care at this point. I knew I wanted to
see Ashley naked , and wanted to her to experience
something amazing with me. I wasn’t about to stop.

She didn’t even hesitate – it was like a dream.
Ashley pulled the straps of the bathing suit down her
shoulders, and silently peeled it down to the floor,
and stepped out it.

That was it, I thought I was going to cum with-
out even being touched.

Standing there before me was the wonderful
beginnings of a woman. Ashley still looked a little
boyish, but had the round hips and butt starting to
develop that would make guys chase her all over the
place by the time she hit high school.

And her chest… wow.. easily a B cup, I
thought. Her light pink nipples and areola capped
her baseball-size breasts. It was clear that once
Ashley lost her baby fat, she’d have the same buxom
figure of her mom.

After savoring every inch of her body with my
eyes, I suggested that we get into the tub.

As we got in, she went to the other side, but
I smiled at her and told her to come sit with me. She
looked into my eyes, but did it without saying a word.

As we sat there in silence, I got up the courage
to reach over and put my arm around her shoulders. We
talked, and I could tell that she was nervous, but she
didn’t pull away from me. More nervous because she was
self-conscious because I was looking at her body,
mostly at her chest.

I could tell she was feeling worried about her
looks, so I finally leaned over and whispered in her
ear, “Hey… you’re beautiful, okay? You’re a beautiful
young woman.” I kissed Ashley’s cheek. Once. Then
again. Then I kissed down her neck to her shoulder, and
under her chin. Then back to her shoulder, light
kisses, back and forth.

I could feel Ashley beginning to relax. Her
eyes were closed, and she was leaning back, looking
completely comfortable in the bubbling water. And I was
completely turned on by thinking about the feelings
Ashley must be experiencing for the first time in her
young life, and the thoughts she must be thinking.

I moved my hand down to the top of Ashley’s
milky white thigh, and slowly moved it up and down as
I continued to kiss her neck and slowly work my way up
to her jawbone. Slowly, I caressed my way up Ashley’s
thigh, until my hand started to slowly move toward her
inner thigh.

As my hand made contact, she made a little sigh,
and let her legs spread open a little.

Yes! Ashley was accepting this. Even if she
didn’t know what she was feeling, she wanted it.

I turned to her and looked deeply into her eyes.
She obviously had no idea what was going on, but she
was enjoying it. Then, we joined lips in a deep kiss.

She knew how to kiss, but she didn’t really have
any experience at kissing. She learned fast though. We
started with our mouths closed, but soon they were wide
open and our tongues were interlaced. It seemed to come
naturally to her.

As we kissed, I tentatively rubbed her pussy
with one hand, and reached around her back with the
other and grabbed hold of her big round ass. For a
twelve year old, even though she was a mix of baby fat
and young womanhood, Ashley was very ample.

I then couldn’t keep my hands still. I had to
touch every inch of her, and every part was perfect.
Her skin was soft and smooth, and she was so perfect.
I was making love to this beautiful, budding woman,
and shaping her life at the same time I was satisfying
my own urges that I’d kept under wraps for so long.

As our lips parted, my eyes met hers and I
asked her if she wanted me to stop. She just shook her
head, no.

I told her that if she ever told anyone about
us, that I would get into terrible trouble. I asked
her if she could keep this secret. And she just moaned
and nodded her agreement. “I know,” she said. “I don’t
know why I want to kiss you. You’re… a girl. But I
want to. This just feels really good. I won’t tell…”
she said in broken sentences, still trying to come to
grips with what she was doing and what she was feeling.

All the time she was talking, my left hand was
rubbing up and down the slit of her sweet young pussy.
She quickly became so turned on that she couldn’t even
talk. She just let out little girlish moans and was
breathing deep and fast.

After another deep kiss, I said “come with me,”
and led her by the hand inside to my bedroom.

When we got to my bed, I turned to her and
looked at her standing in front of me. Ashley was
quickly growing into womanhood. She stood probably
a hair more than five feet tall, only three or four
inches shorter than me.

I reached out and brought Ashley close to me.
I stood there kissing her as she clung to me, our wet
bodies melting together. My breasts pushed into her
shoulder blades, and her budding melons pressed
against me sensuously in the most ticklish part of my
ribcage, just below my breasts.

Without drying off, we fell onto my bed, and
we continued to kiss and started rubbing our pussies
against each other. Then, slowly, I moved down and
began to lick and suck on her breasts and hard, pink
nipples as I continued to rub my pussy up against
hers rhythmically. She definitely liked that. So did
I of course…

Sucking her breasts and nipples was a dream
come true for me. I’d noticed Ashley starting to
develop maybe before Ashley herself realized it.
Overnight, I’d watched the beginnings of her nipples
grow into the beginnings of breasts… then into the
wonderful breasts I was kissing and sucking on now.

I glanced up at Ashley’s face as I fastened my
mouth to one nipple, then the other. Her eyes were
tightly closed, and if I weren’t afraid of interrupt-
ing the moment, I would have loved to have asked her
about the thoughts she was having, and the feelings
that were coursing through her young body just then.

“I love your breasts, Ashley,” I almost
whispered to her. “You’re so big…. Do you like
what I’m doing?” Ashley nodded quickly, her eyes
closed, her young forehead wrinkled in thought.

“Just keep enjoying this… ” I whispered to
her. I could feel her breathing start to flutter,
and her heart beating stronger, both of which turned
me on as I alternated from sucking and kissing one
breast, then the other.

As we continued this for what seemed like
hours, the bed sheets and her little pussy got wetter.

Finally I couldn’t contain myself any longer
and I made my way down to her pussy and put my face
just inches away.

Wow, what a sight. Only a light fluff of brown
hair, and two puffy mounds with a now soaking wet slit.

I gently spread the lips of her sweet pussy,
and put my right forefinger into her canal.

It was tight, but my finger went in quite
easily. Maybe the gymnastics classes she took made
her more pliable. I had figured that it would be hard
to get even a finger inside such a young child, but
it went in pretty easily.

As I worked my finger slowly in and out of her
little slit, it got wetter and more slippery. I slipped
a second finger into Ashley. After a while, I slipped
a third in. I kept moving in and out of her, as I
lowered my mouth to her, and kissed her stiff little

Ashley was on fire now. I could feel her begin-
ning to rhythmically tense and relax, tense and relax,
even though she didn’t know what she was doing or

I slowly moved my mouth down to her slit, and
slipped my fingers slowly out of her. I quickly
replaced my fingers with my tongue, sliding it up into
her, then renewing the in-and-out rhythm.

Ashley spoke. “What are you doing….Oh…”
She was lost in what she was feeling, even if she
didn’t know what it was.

I thought to myself for a second, and decided
that I wanted to satisfy Ashley in the same erotic,
exciting way that I’d been pleased the first time I
was with a woman. There was so much I wanted to try
with this wonderful girl, but I remembered my first
time, and how exciting it had been for me. I wanted
her to feel nothing less than the best.

“Ashley,” I said, as I lifted my face up, “I
want you to try something. Get on your knees, and put
one knee on either side of my head.”

Ashley got up slowly. She was still feeling
the effects of being so excited for the first time.
Then she moved as I’d said, into a kneeling position,
with a knee on either side of my head.

Then I spoke again. “Ashley, I want you to
close you eyes, relax, and don’t hold back. Let things
happen. Whatever you feel happening, let it happen,

“Okay…” Ashley replied, almost dreamily.

I moved my hands up around Ashley’s ample,
round bottom, and lowered the  down, into
contact with my mouth.

I started plunging my tongue rhythmically in
and out of her, slowly at first, then increasing the
speed as I could feel Ashley getting into it. After
two or three minutes, I started to move my face
downward, further down between the young girl’s
thighs, until my tongue reached her rear entrance.

Slowly, I swirled my tongue around Ashley’s
rectum, and pushed it partway in, drawing a sigh from
the girl, who was totally in the grips of her libido.
I remembered myself being 15, having this done to me
for the first time, and by a girl, no less! I was
remembering what it felt like and what happened next.
And then I was so turned on by the fact that Ashley
was 19, and already feeling these things – and was
about to feel what I felt for the first time.

Now I knew I had to bring Ashley home.

I moved my open mouth slowly back over Ashley’s
pussy, moved my hands up around her round bottom, and
pushed my tongue as far into her as it would go. Then
out, slowly. In and out, slowly picking up speed.

I could hear Ashley breathing harder as I
tongue-pumped her pussy. The “ummm… ummm… ummm…”
rhythmic sounds of her enjoying this only made me want
to bring her home even more.

I slipped one of my hands down off her butt,
and positioned my index finger at the entrance of
Ashley’s still saliva-covered rectum. As I continued
my oral fucking of Ashley, I pushed the tip of my
finger up against her anal opening, then slowly started
to push it in.

“Nnnn… uhhh.. What are you…” Ashley
couldn’t even complete the sentence. Her whole body
was starting to shiver as I continued to tongue-pump
her pussy while pushing my finger all the way up into
her rectum. It was also as if, by putting the finger
up her butt, I was removing the last barrier to her

I felt Ashley’s body start to stiffen, I glanced
up to see the 19-year-old starting to arch her back,
and her breasts and plump middle were jiggling to the
rhythm of my tongue as Ashley ground her wet mound
against my mouth.

I felt the orgasm start to crash over Ashley’s
19-year-old body, and at that very instant, I pushed
my tongue as far up into her as it would go. Ashley
moaned deeply as the orgasm took her, with her pussy
clenching my tongue like a vice, and her ass tightening
around my finger, which was still buried deep inside

“Uuunghh… Unnnghhh… Unnnaaaaaaghhh…
UUuuunnhhhAAAHHGGGHHHH!!!!” Ashley half-moaned, half-
wailed as her whole body seized up in the throes of
her first orgasm.

It felt as if Ashley was being shocked. Her
whole body was rigid in the grips of her orgasm for
what seemed like an eternity. I removed my finger from
her rectum, and moved my hands up to cup and rub her
wonderful round buttocks, holding her as tightly
against my mouth as I could. I wanted Ashley to
experience this for as long as possible, and as many
times in a row as possible. I counted at least three
full orgasms, with a bunch of other smaller tremors.

Finally, Ashley began to tire, and we separated.
She laid down on the bed, on her back, still breathing
hard and recovering. I moved up next to her, Our eyes
met again, and silently we exchanged another kiss.

I held Ashley for quite some time afterwards,
as she bordered on the edge of sleep, her entire body
drained of energy.

My God, I thought… So much I can teach this
girl. What would my vibrator do to her, I wondered…

We talked a little, and Ashley seemed to have
no regrets about anything that we had done. She de-
finitely wanted to try this again with me, she said.
But she agreed with me that no one else could know,
that it was just between us and only us.

After a while we got dressed, it was getting
close to the time that Ashley’s mom and sister would
be coming home. We kissed one last time in the
kitchen before I said goodbye to Ashley for the night.

I watched her walk over into her yard, and
started thinking thoughts that I’d never thought I’d
have. Why stop with Ashley… Kristen had an amazing
body… and Susan and her mom are nice, too. I wanted
to try being with each of them, I decided. It would
take time, but I knew right then and there that I
wanted to try…