Tight Jeans – Just lesbian story

Hi everybody! My name’s Kristen, and I want to
share a story with you about an interesting experience
I had last summer while shopping for a new pair of

Before I start, I’ll tell you a little about my-
self. I just turned 20 years old. I’m petite — 5’2″
and about 105 lbs. People tell me I have a baby face,
and I take that as a compliment. In the summer I try
to keep a bit of a tan, but not too much. Being as
small as I am, I’m what most people consider “cute”
rather than “pretty.”

Last summer I was home from college. A guy that I
hadn’t seen since high school called and asked me out.
I was surprised and excited that he remembered me, and
I gladly accepted.

I was eager to look my best for him, so the day
before the date I decided to go buy a new pair of de-
signer jeans to wear. You know the type I’m talking
about — so tight they look like they’re painted on.
On my small frame, my bottom is the only part of my
body that’s shapely, and I like to show it off as best
I can.

I walked into a women’s clothing store and was
greeted by a tall, slender saleswoman who appeared to
be in her late twenties. “May I help you?” she asked
politely. I told her what I was looking for. When I
told her the size (which was obviously smaller than
what I normally wear), she looked me over and grinned
slightly before heading for the designer jeans section.

I followed behind her as she walked. She was
attractive, with long, flowing black hair and dark
skin. She wore a very short, light gray dress and black
stockings that accentuated her long, slim legs. The
woman handed me a pair of jeans and said, “Here, you
can try these on over in the dressing room.”

After entering the dressing room, I quickly kicked
off my tennis shoes and removed my shorts. I sat down
and proceeded to pull the jeans up my legs. For those
of you who have never tried to put on a pair of tight
— I mean really tight — jeans, I can tell you that
there are few tasks in life that are more difficult.

When I got them up to my hips, I pulled and pulled,
trying desperately to get them over my butt. I was
able to get them part of the way up, but no further.

Whenever I go out wearing tight jeans, I carry a
pair of pliers in my purse to help me get the jeans on
and off, like when I go to the bathroom. Unfortunately
I forgot to bring pliers with me that day.

I figured that maybe the saleswoman could help me
somehow. I opened the door of the dressing room
slightly and peeked out. She was right outside. Not
wanting any of the others in the store to hear, I
whispered my predicament to her and asked if she could
give me a hand. She smiled knowingly and replied,

She came into the dressing room and shut the door.
“Oh my, you do have quite a problem here,” she quipped
after examining my situation. “Turn around and hold
your arms straight out in front of you. Lean forward
with your hands against the wall.”

I did as she asked, feeling like I was about to be
frisked. Suddenly, realizing that my thong-panties
left my bottom exposed to the woman, I felt a little

She stepped up behind me, gripped the top of the
jeans, and began tugging them up. I tried to help by
holding my breath.

The woman seemed to know what she was doing. She
would pull one side up a little and then do the same
on another side, and so on and so on. It felt kind of
funny to have her touch my bare skin with her hands.
They even grazed the crotch of my panties a couple of

In less than a minute, she had inched the jeans all
the way up. She gently grabbed me by the hips and
turned me around so that I was facing her. She reached
down and yanked the zipper up. Then she slipped her
finger inside the front of the waist and fastened the
snap. She backed up, as if to admire her work, and
asked me, “Well, how do those feel? Too tight?”

God, they fit like a second skin. I was barely
able to breathe. I tried to crouch down just a little,
and I could hardly move. “They’re perfect,” I gasped.

“Turn around and let me see,” the saleswoman re-
quested. Without saying a word, I did as she asked.
“Mmmm, these look great on you,” she said. I looked
at the reflection of my ass in the mirror. She was
right. I looked pretty hot, if I did say so myself.

“I’ll take them,” I said excitedly.

“Great. Do you want to wear them out of here, or
shall I help you take them off so I can wrap them up?”
she inquired.

It was hot outside, so I told her I wanted to put
my shorts back on.

“OK then. Sit down on the bench,” she told me. I
did and leaned back on my elbows. She knelt in front
of me and snaked her fingers down the front of the
jeans and unfastened the snap. Then she quickly pulled
the zipper back down.

“Raise up off the bench a little,” she directed me
next. I had to hold my arms stiff and straight down
so that I could grab the edge of the bench to lift my
rear up. That position was not at all comfortable.

I wondered why she wanted me to sit instead of
stand. She reached underneath me and began tugging the
jeans down over my bottom. Just a before, I felt the
soft touches of her hands on my naked skin. Next, she
pulled the front down a little, gently grazing my
panty-covered pussy.

Steadily, she worked the jeans down, using the same
technique that she had used earlier to get them on me.
Then, she grabbed the waist on both sides.

All at once, she gave a mighty tug and pulled the
jeans completely off my hips and down to my knees. The
force surprised me, and I struggled to keep from losing
my balance.

I looked down and was horrified to see that not
only were the jeans pulled down, but my panties had
gone with them!

There I was, with my pussy completely exposed in
front of a woman I didn’t even know.

Before I could say anything, she spoke. “Oops.
Sorry about that.” She was still on her knees on the
floor in front of me. “I’ll take care of that,” she
said. With that, she quickly grabbed the jeans and
panties and pulled them both completely off!

“What are you doing?” I asked in an alarmed tone,
but quiet enough so no one else in the store could

“Just enjoy it, cutie,” was all she said, and quick
as a cat, she stood up between my legs and was on top
of me. She shoved me backwards and pinned both my
shoulders to the wall.

I tried to push her off, but I couldn’t get any
leverage. Then, she leaned forward and pressed her
lips to mine and began kissing me forcibly.

I tried desperately to turn my face away, but she
was too strong and persistent. She held me firmly and
continued her assault on my mouth.

Needless to say, I was in a panic. There I was in
a dressing room, naked from the waist down, being
kissed heatedly by another woman. I was afraid to
scream because I didn’t really want to create an embar-
rassing scene. I continued to struggle against her,
but I couldn’t escape her strong hold on me.

After several seconds with the woman’s lips locked
to mine, I realized she wasn’t actually hurting me, so
I relaxed a little and tried to gather my thoughts.

She must have felt my resistance wane, because the
next thing I knew her tongue was in my mouth. I
couldn’t believe it. I wondered just how far she
intended to go with me. She certainly showed no signs
of stopping.

Resigned to the situation, I opened my mouth
slightly thinking that the sooner I cooperated the
sooner it would be over.

She responded by hungrily probing her tongue deeper
into my mouth. It almost felt like it was down my
throat. My God, I had never been kissed like that

With our mouths still pressed together, I was
shocked to hear her start moaning. Worried that some-
one might hear her, I tried to find my voice to somehow
tell her to be quiet. It was only then that I realized
*I* was the one moaning!

I was actually enjoying being frenched by another
woman. Surprised at myself, I then made a bold move
(for me anyway) and drove *my* tongue into *her* hot,
wet mouth! She, of course, responded enthusiastically.
We proceeded to kiss each other lustily for several
more seconds.

Recognizing that I had become a willing partici-
pant, the woman removed one of her hands from my
shoulder and began fondling my braless tits through
the thin material of my tank top. Still kissing me,
she then moved her other hand down and began caressing
my naked thighs.

She obviously knew exactly how to touch another
woman. My stomach fluttered and my pussy was instantly
steaming. She then pulled her lips from mine and began
to passionately nuzzle my neck. I put my hand behind
her head and ran my fingers through her long, black
hair. She was amazing. I felt like my entire body was
covered by her soft hands and luscious mouth.

After a minute or so of this touching, she backed
away and knelt in front of me. I licked my lips
nervously in anticipation of what I hoped was about to

She looked up at me inquisitively as if seeking my
approval for her to proceed further. I found her sud-
den hesitation a little amusing, considering that only
a little while earlier she had practically tried to
rape me. I leaned forward, put my hand behind her neck
and pulled her face towards my moist pussy.

That was all the encouragement she needed. She
began swirling her talented tongue through my blonde
bush. Teasingly, she grabbed a few of my pubes in her
teeth and shook her head gently, pulling my cunt hairs
ever so slightly. She then placed one hand above my
mound and pushed the bottom of my tank top up, reveal-
ing my flat stomach. She began kissing and licking my
tummy. She continued upward, finally pulling my top up
far enough to expose my small boobs.

Not surprisingly, my pink nipples were rock-hard.
She seemed to like what she saw and began sucking my
stiff nubs voraciously. I’m usually pretty loud
during sex, so to keep quiet I had to pull my tank top
up to my mouth and bite down on it to keep from scream-
ing and moaning.

She diligently sucked, licked, and bit my throbbing
nipples while I massaged the back of her neck. Once, I
looked down to see her pull away from one of my tits,
and a string of saliva trailed between her mouth and my
nipple. It was no wonder my boobs were as soaked as my

With both of us breathing heavily, she moved back
down to my stomach, stopping briefly to insert her
tongue in my belly button and give it a good lick. She
continued down and positioned herself so that her face
was only inches away from my glistening pussy.

I watched her intently and marveled at the situa-
tion — a beautiful woman, impeccably- dressed, on her
knees, about to go down on me.

First, she lifted my leg and draped it over her
shoulder. I could see the tendons stick out in my
slender thigh. My pubic hair is pretty sparse, so at
that moment, my most private parts were completely
exposed to that lovely women.

She took her index finger and placed it at the top
of my slit. I moaned softly through my impromptu gag.
She ran her finger down the length of my pussy, gently
stroking my swollen lips. I was in heaven.

Her finger continued on, and she inserted the tip
of it into my asshole. I had never had anything in
*that* hole before, and I gasped at how naughty it
felt. She grinned at me wickedly and removed her

Next, she slid her hand under my ass cheek and
fondled my butt as best she could under the weight of
my body. Her other hand quickly returned to my cunt.
She inserted two fingers, and they quickly found my
erect clitoris. I raised my hips, trying feverishly
to hump her invading fingers.

Meanwhile, she had moved her other hand from under
my cheek and maneuvered it to my ass crack. Before I
knew it, she had worked her entire thumb up my virgin
butthole. It felt so fucking good to have that sexy
woman screwing both of my holes at once. I was close
to a powerful orgasm, and she knew it.

Still working her fingers in and out of my pussy
and ass, she pressed her face into my sopping cunt.
Instantly, her skilled tongue began to work the same
incredible magic on my snatch that it had done earlier
on my mouth and tits. She slowly and sensually licked
my entire valley, up and down, up and down. I was

I started pinching my aching nipples, trying to
speed up my impending climax. Just then, the woman
found my clit with her tongue and began licking it

That pushed me over the edge. My entire body ex-
ploded with intense waves of sexual pleasure! I was
blinded by flashes of white light and stars! It was,
by far, the most incredible orgasm I had ever exper-
ienced in my life.

I just sat there with my eyes closed, unable to
move. I was totally spent. The tank top fell from my
mouth and rested above my tits.

Somewhere far away, I felt the woman remove her
fingers from my two holes. The smell of my juices
wafted up to my nostrils. After a few seconds, I
gathered enough strength to open my eyes.

She was busily licking my juices off her fingers.
She looked up at me lovingly and smiled. “Thank you,”
I managed to whisper breathlessly.

“Oh. I’d better get back to work,” she said with
a start. She quickly stood up, smoothed out her dress
and hair, gave me a peck on the mouth, and vanished
from the dressing room.

With my body still weak, I slowly pulled on my
clothes and tried to make myself look presentable. I
picked up the jeans and left the dressing room to pay
for them.

My saleswoman was at the register. She looked
absolutely perfect — not a hair out of place. “Do
you need anything else today?” she asked me, acting
cool and professional.

There were two other customers and another sales-
woman within earshot. I just grinned and shook my
head. She knew damn well I had already gotten much
more than I had bargained for.

As she handed me back my change, she smiled and
said, “Thank you very much. Please come and see us

*Come* and see us again? That certainly sounded
like a great idea to me.

Someday I’ll have to return to that store. When I
do, I’ll be sure to tell you about it!