A double date story. Two young couples learn from and inspire one another

Two young couples, attempting to cap off an evening of
burgers and a movie, found their way to a secluded farm
road. Well away from popular trails, the teen-agers were
ensured privacy. Soon, intimate whispers, breathing, and
moans had replaced small talk.

Annie and Sam had ‘made out’ before, with Sam feeling
more and more of her body each time. Sam’s hands and the
sounds from the front seat were ramming heat through
Annie’s body in ways she had never thought possible. The
sounds of zippers and rustling clothes told the tale from
up front. Annie looked up as her friend lowered her head
into her date’s lap. He promptly threw his head back,
smiling maniacally and breathing heavily.

As Sam opened her blouse and pushed up her bra, Don
turned his head to watch the scene play out in the back
seat. Caught by Don’s stare, Annie pulled Sam to her
breast as he pushed her legs open and grabbed her crotch.
Pulling her legs up and apart, Annie closed her eyes, too
embarrassed to look at Don, yet wanting desperately to
show herself.

Sam pushed her legs together, quickly yanking her panties
down. Panicked, Annie stopped them at her knees. Sam
looked at her with a pleading, desperate expression.
Knowing it was time to take the next step, Annie gently
pushed him back and lowered her face toward his lap. She
momentarily struggled with the zipper of Sam’s jeans,
until her boyfriend quickly assisted her and pushed them
down to his ankles. As his cock emerged from his pants,
it struck her on the cheek.

“Lick it and make it wet first, it’s easier that way” was
the advice Alice offered from the front seat. Don had
pulled her up to show her what Annie was doing. Watching
her friend, Alice continued to offer advice. “Sam, don’t
push her head down, she can only put so much in, and be
sure to let her know when you are going to come. If she
isn’t ready she may choke instead of swallow.”

While Alice was talking, Don had maneuvered her panties
off and placed her in his lap, facing the back seat. In
three fierce thrusts, he had fully planted himself into
her, driving the breath from her. Momentarily immobile,
Alice simply accepted the thrusts, enthralled by the
sight of Annie taking more and more of Sam in her mouth.
Soon, Sam had forgotten the advice offered and began to
push his girlfriend further onto his cock.

Mounting no resistance, Annie accepted the cock into her
mouth as much as physically possible with each push from
Sam. Her thighs were wet and getting wetter, she could
even smell herself. Sam began thrusting faster, and Alice
was keeping up as she rode Don in the front seat. Sensing
the time was near, Annie tried to prepare herself as Sam
warned her he was almost ready.

“Just swallow it, just swallow…” muttered Alice as she
and Don reached the end of their own road. Even with the
warning, Annie wasn’t prepared for what flooded her mouth
and tried to escape the choking liquid. Sam wouldn’t
allow it, gripping her head firmly with both hands he
continued to fuck her mouth, oblivious to her struggle to
get free from his cock. In spite of, or because of, her
fight with Sam’s cock, Annie had almost reached orgasm.
She barely had the energy to lay back, pressing her
thighs together in hopes of finishing it off. Sam wasted
little time or energy as he yanked her panties off,
pressed open her legs, only hesitating briefly as she
nodded compliance, and then entered her with a single

Don and Alice had changed positions again, with Don
entering her from behind she watched in wonder as Annie
began to spasm after about the fourth pounding stroke
from Sam. In less than a minute Sam capped off the
deflowering by pouring himself into her again, this time
in her pussy instead of her mouth.

Building toward another orgasm of her own, she cried out
when Don stopped his thrusts and pulled his cock out. The
sound went from a disappointed whimper to a fearful yelp
as she realized what he wanted to do.

“Not there, not there, no, no, don’t.” Alice was frantic
and it took a moment or two before Annie knew what was
happening to her friend. She was going to get fucked in
the ass!

“OOHHhhhhh, ooohhhh, aaaaaooowwwww!”

Pinning her to the seat back, Don slowly began to use his
girlfriend’s ass. He watched the couple in the back seat
separate, watching him. Annie lay there, stunned, and
sprawled across the back seat. Her pussy hair and thighs
were wet and matted as her stare bore into Alice.

Annie was oblivious to her condition as she watched her
friend struggle to accept the invasion of her ass. Her
expression went from fear, to horror, and she glazed
over as her body surprised her by responding in a very
pleasurable way to this assault.

Later that night, Alice and Annie talked. The boys had
dropped them at Alice’s house and went home.

“How did it feel? You looked like it was OK after he got

“I still feel him in my butt, and I’m afraid I’ll be
feeling him for days. It did hurt, and I can’t honestly
tell you if he was turning me on by doing that or if I
was more turned on by being watched while he did it.
I’ll bet everyone in town knows what happened by Monday

“At least you won’t have a problem getting dates”

“Neither will you, neither will you. I just wish they
hadn’t stole our panties.”